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  1. Bluto


    Honored to be elected DNC Chairman.
  2. DNC Newly Elected Chairperson Randy Rivera Speaks Out For Democratic Principals. Randy Rivera Newly Elected DNC Chairman, also Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairman took to the front of the Democratic Headquarters in Washington D.C. today to speak out about defending Democratic Values. Hola y Bienvenidos, Hello and Welcome I'm honored to be standing before you today as the newly elected DNC Chairperson as well as the Congressional Progressive Caucus' Chairperson, while today I will have the honor of addressing you as the Chairperson for the Democratic National Committee I am honored to as always wear both hats proudly as well as the one I wear as the United States Senator to the great state of New Mexico. Let me begin by saying it is my sincere belief that the Democratic Party works best when we have both wings of the party flapping together in unison and that is what makes us the "Big Tent Party" that often gets touted around. I believe we can be the party everyone expects us to be. The party to represent the people and their interests while big money, corporations, Pharmaceutical Companies and many PAC's speak for the Republican Party. I am the son of first-generation immigrants to the United States who crossed the border from Mexico in hopes of a better life, I'm the first in my family to be born as a US citizen and I came to Washington DC because of workers and farmers being disrespected and believing they had rights equal to every other American citizen but because of their immigration status, they have feared reprisals from their employers who constantly threaten ICE detainment and even workers losing their green card status to work inside this country. I also fight for the ranch and agricultural owners who are being screwed around by companies like Monsanto and being threatened to have their farms taken away if they don't do exactly what they say. Not only are the workers being harassed but employers as well. We're talking almost 1 trillion dollars of the United States economy every year and nobody is standing up for the workers or the owners and that is what I hope to improve upon in the near future. The Democratic platform is one of inclusiveness, not exclusivity and we want every American to share in the American dream. We believe in equal rights, we believe in equal pay and we believe nobody should live in fear from their company because of lifestyle choices they choose to make outside of the workforce. I have watched for almost 4 years now the attitude and reflection that Donald Trump's presidency has left on the people. He's dividing the people up and trying to make us afraid of our neighbors because when we focus on only that which divides us we're too consumed to notice that his division effects not only ourselves and our lives but it allows Donald ample opportunity to divide the country up even more so him and his fat cat friends can take larger and larger slices of the American economy for himself while forgetting that America only works when we remain controlled and we keep showing up to our jobs without questioning why workers keep getting shafted while their bosses show up to their jobs with the newest model sports cars each year and we're still driving our same modest mid-sized car we've been making payments on for the last three or four years. Our Leadership shines as a beacon for all to see, we work together in harmony toward one end and that is making the American dream become more of a reality for each and every person. We will continue fighting for issues like healthcare so that eventually nobody has to get sick and die due to improper healthcare in this great country. We will fight to reduce the price of pharmaceutical drugs and reign in out of control price hikes like those we've seen in the past. We will continue fighting for quality education that includes Universal Pre-K and allowing students to go to College without having to go into crippling debt. We will fight for you and the issues you truly care about because when we wage wars on issues and not divisive politics everybody wins. This is my vision for the Democratic Party and I would like to thank the DNC for giving me this opportunity to serve as Chairman and promise you that tomorrow's reality is today's dreams and that we will continue to fight and we will continue to struggle because our vision for America is brighter than ever and we hope you will join us in our vision for a brighter tomorrow. In the coming weeks, I will be releasing a detailed vision for America of where I believe the Democratic Party to be heading that will spell out all our values in a clear and concise manner. I ask you all for your support thank you and may God bless you and may God as always bless America. I will now take any questions anyone may have.
  3. Can we at least remove Fitz from Executive branch? Or be allowed to have the DNC give a private redress of grievances against allowing 'Herr Trump' be allowed as Fitz? This has gone way beyond meta gaming and if this level of meta gaming was done by a player you know they would have been banned well before now.
  4. Can I get an appeal on this one since the former CA is no longer around? @Sweet Daddy
  5. Mr. President, I would like to request if the author or anyone else have a rough estimate of the cost of enacting this legislation? I yield.
  6. Mr. President, I am not in favor of many parts of this bill but I do believe in funding NASA and even a "Space Force" because NASA has had many great practical uses such as the way we pave our roads now or the use of the MRI machine in detecting health issues for millions of Americans. I, therefore, second the motion made by the Senator from Wisconsin and reserve the right to make further amendments to the bill to make this issue a little more bipartisan. I yield.
  7. DNC Chair mods please.
  8. Mr. President, I humbly request an interpretation by the Senate Parlimentarian at this time. I also remind the President I'm from New Mexico. I yield.
  9. Can I get a reason why?
  10. Bluto


    Despite our better Angels sometimes our Demons see the light of day. I forgive @FlorianWood and ask others to join me as to error is human, to forgive is Divine.
  11. Mr. President, If the majority wishes to question the motions legality I move that the parliamentarian is called to give his interpretation to standing Senate rules. I yield.
  12. Has this happened? https://thehill.com/homenews/house/438468-dozens-of-progressive-groups-ask-house-dems-to-investigate-kavanaughs
  13. Mr. Chairman, The current minimum wage of $7.50 is a starvation wage in which nobody could stand a prayer of surviving this legislative body has blocked progress on a new minimum wage for far too long and we are seeing those not in the upper tax brackets get less money every year while the rich just keep getting richer. Can we stop protecting the billionaire class and finally pass a decent minimum wage in this country? Something that I can take back to my state and say "the United States Senate cares about you and your problems getting out of debt. Let me quote Jesus from the book of Matthew 25:45 "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me." I ask for this bill to be amended into something we can show the American people as a shining bastion of bipartisanship if you do not prefer the current form. I yield.
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