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  1. Bluto

    Gabriel Gonzalez (D-IL)

    Giving Dems what they want... signing out (for now...)
  2. (1) So the Democratic Leader pulls his most active member off HELP committee to punish me for informing them well before if they cut social security reform they would lose my vote. (2) So the DNC has chosen to punish me for representing my states values
  3. Bluto

    Budget Proposal FY2018/2019

    Mr. President, Is your current plan to simply ignore my parliamentary inquiry? I still hold the floor and refuse to yield.
  4. Bluto

    Budget Proposal FY2018/2019

    While refusing to yield the floor I humbly request a parliamentary inquiry from my interpretation a motion for cloture supersedes all other amendments to said bill even if recognized first they would be placed on the bnotckburner and only pass provided cloture failed and I gave up the floor which I am unwilling to do.
  5. Some progressive @SenatorStorm is raising the retirement age on Seniors. The #BipartisanMagic is a hoax.
  6. Bluto

    Budget Proposal FY2018/2019

    Mr. President, Due to the GOP and DNC coming to an agreement on the budget and are willing to strike sections 6-11 which deal with key important issues that the people of Illinois desperately want in this budget I hereby announce my intent to filibuster and refuse to yield the floor.
  7. (1/3) Welp, I offered CPC my resignation after their intent to vote on the "compromise budget" a budget mind you that will NO LONGER combat climate change, pass an EITC, not pass the Healthcare reform the majority of Americans want, not give parents the child tax break we promised. (2/3) Not close the stock option loophole, not pass any Education reform our students desperately need and finally, refuses to reform Social Security. I promised people I would fight for Social Security and I will hold to my promise if the budget does not include Social Security reform. (3/3) One that the President and Democrats put in the first budget than the budget will need to pass over my objections. We need leaders who will stand up for the American people even when they stand alone.
  8. Bluto

    Christopher Donnelly (R-TN)

    aww damn and I was hoping you'd go blue

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