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  1. Patrick

    USA Today

    Nevada Atom Bomb Test The US Military has today confirmed that they have tested three atom bombs at the Nevada National Security Site around 11AM Pacific Time Zone. The site was established on 11 January 1951 for the testing of nuclear devices, covering approximately 1,360 square miles (3,500 km2) . The tests are part of an ongoing series. The latest test has been dubbed Operation Musketeer and the latest bombs Hazebrook-Apricot (Orange) - 3, Hazebrook-Checkerberry (Red) - 2 and Hazebrook-Emerald (Green) - 1. The tests have drawn a wide range of protesters including renowned scientist Carl Sagan.
  2. Patrick

    USA Today

    Made in America Act Representative Fitzgerald has put forward to the House a Bill that will require all US military equipment to be manufactured within the country. This Bill is set to go down well with patriots and so far has only received Republican co-sponsors. Employee Rights Protection Act In the House Democratic Representative Mr Gravey has submitted a Bill that will ban people and organisations discriminating against employees based on Union membership. It will amend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964. The Bill has received a number of Democrat co-sponsors. Abortion Funding to be ceased under controversial new Bill. In a Bill that has a surprising amount of support from both sides of the House, federal funding for abortions is set to he ceased under plans that will outrage many citizens. There is an exception however in that an abortion is allowed to proceed if the mother's life is in danger. However this has been criticized by women's rights groups for effectively giving the State power over a women's body.
  3. Patrick

    USA Today

    New Bill to Ban Discrimination in the Judiciary and Legislative branches. Representative Douglas Seymour (D-) has today introduced a Bill to make illegal the act of employment discrimination. The Bill will amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to require that decisions affecting applicants or employees of the Judiciary and legislative branch are not determined by color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, or age. Interestingly Members of Congress can take into account a person's domicile or political affiliation. There will also be an Employment Review Board set up in the Judiciary branch to review employment decisions. Members of the board will be drawn from retired Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges. The board will be required to submit written reports to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. Furthermore if a violation is found to have occurred the Employment Review Board can compel the defendant to do one of the following; 1. Employ or reinstate such individual on such terms and conditions as may be appropriate, except that the Board may not compel any committee or Member of Congress to employ or reinstate, or modify the terms and conditions of employment of, any individual; 2. Pay compensatory damages; and 3. Pay fees and allowances of witnesses and reasonable attorneys' fees. We await any developments.
  4. Patrick

    USA Today

    Overdue Veterans Department & Illegal Soviet Imports - Some of the plans included on House Docket. --- The House of Representatives' docket has opened with a Bill to establish a Department for Veteran Affairs. This comes as welcome news to many Americans as for many years some have felt that ex-servicemen have been forgotten and abandoned and not treated with the respect they deserve. The new department will be responsible for delivering and coordinating health services for veterans, legal affairs for veterans as well as funeral arrangements to ensure they and their families are treated with dignity Another piece of legislation which is on the docket is the "Protecting American Textile Manufacturing Act" which will ban textile imports from the Soviet Union. Representative Douglas Seymour has introduced this bill with a number of co-sponsors. The main talking point is the banning of importing textiles and textile products from the USSR and that individuals or firms who import them directly or indirectly will be liable to prosecution.
  5. Patrick

    Patrick Connolly (R-FL-07)

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to playing.
  6. Name: Patrick Connolly State/District: Florida's 7th Congressional District Party: Republican Date of Birth: 21/07/1961 Place of Birth: Orlando, Florida Religion: Protestant Educational History University of Central Florida - Undergraduate in Political Sciences (1979-1985) Occupational History Political Editor for Miami Herald (1985-1990) Foreign Affairs Editor for Tampa Bay Times (1990-1994) Political Science Lecturer at University of Central Florida (1994-1996) Congressman for Florida's 7th Congressional District (1996-Present)

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