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  1. Signing out of this and all other characters. I have too much self-respect to be part of such a toxic community where the kind of abuse I've received from both players and administrators is not only acceptable, it seems to be encouraged.
  2. Abstain (aye for any IVS I might have)
  3. DavidB

    Attorney General Nomination

    Mr. President, I have refrained from comment in the hopes to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest given my marriage to the nominee. However, I must state here and now that it is beyond ludicrous that the Gentleman from Kentucky rises here and now to claim that she is unsuited for the job. He has taken to this floor and to the Twitter platform he seems to prefer to say that Ms. Woods lacks the qualifications and values for the job. This he did while not once asking a question of her when she faced a hearing before the committee on which he has a seat. He has declared her values out of line with his own, but he has not given her the opportunity to answer questions based on values. In fact, from what I can see, the only demonstrable difference in values between them is that Ms. Woods valued the opportunity to participate in the confirmation hearing that the Gentleman from Kentucky was content to ignore. Now if you'll forgive me for being so blunt, a motion has been made and duly seconded - therefore I believe we should be voting on the question of cloture. @Storm
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    Attorney General Nomination

    Senator, I'm sure that you can relate to the near impossibility to name just one inspiring figure. I have the good fortune to be inspired by many giants. There are the trailblazers like Arabella Mansfield, the first woman to practice law in the United States; Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court; Janet Reno, the first woman to hold the office to which I have been nominated. There are the visionaries whose work changed the world like James Madison who while not a lawyer contributed more to liberty through his work on the Bill of Rights than any single person before him; Bobby Kennedy whose tenure both in this office and later in the Senate did much for the cause of civil rights. There are legends such as Clarence Darrow and modern giants like David Boies and Theodore Olson whose tireless work has won rights for millions of Americans. Senator, I come into this job standing on the shoulders of giants and I have been influenced by so many.

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