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  1. Mr Marshall with thanks to Mr Cunningham introduces... A BILL To amend title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to deny grant funds to States unless law enforcement officers are permitted to carry concealed firearms. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the `National Police and Peace Officer Protection Act'. SEC. 2. DENIAL OF GRANT FUNDS. (a) CONCEALED FIREARMS- Part H of title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 is amended by adding at the end the following: `ELIGIBILITY FOR FUNDS `SEC. 820. (a) No State or unit of local government shall be eligible to receive funds under this title, directly or indirectly, unless such State or unit of local government allows a law enforcement or retired law enforcement officer from any jurisdiction within the United States to carry concealed firearms. `(b) To assist States and units of local government to identify such officers, the Attorney General shall determine procedures for certification of such officers and issue certification cards. `(c) For purposes of this section: `(1) The term `concealed firearm' means a firearm readily accessible to the officer and carried on or about the body. `(2) The term `law enforcement officer' means an individual serving a public agency who is a sworn, full-time employee with powers of arrest and meets certification and training requirements established by such agency to carry a firearm while on duty. `(3) The term `retired law enforcement officer' means a former law enforcement officer who has served a sufficient period of time in such capacity to become vested in the retirement system of a public agency with which the officer was employed and retired from such agency in good standing and includes line of duty disability retirement.'. (b) EFFECTIVE DATE- The amendment made by subsection (a) shall apply on the date that is one year after the date of the enactment of this Act.
  2. Conrad

    DEBATE: Family and Medical Leave Act

    Mr Speaker I object The house has already passed a bill designed to give family leave. I yield.
  3. Conrad

    Jack Edwards for Senate (R-MT)

    Opening AP: 8 Opening Bank: $4,950,000 Campaign Investments Offices: Yellowstone County, Lewis and Clark County, Flathead County, Gallatin County, Missoula County, Ravali County and Cascade County ($525,000) Targeted Outreach: Veterans, Republicans and Independents (lean hawk) ($225,000) Advertisements Closing Balances 0 AP $2,200,000
  4. Mr Speaker, I second the motion to table. I yield.
  5. Conrad

    Press Office of Michael Marshall

    House reverts to partisan politics; Defense of Marriage as law WASHINGTON DC - Congressman Michael Marshall spoke to members of the press regarding the latest house docket and the signing of the Defense of Marriage Act into law. "As this election is heating up, we see the Democratic Majority in the House rushing to save face by pushing a lot of bills which really are grounded in partisan, party politics and its disheartening. Take the Family and Medical Leave Act, sponsored by none other than their presidential nominee, which is up for debate in the House. Either the planners in the party opposite or the Speaker himself is ignoring the fact that the House just passed, by unanimous consent, a bill which would make for family leave and encourage it through tax credits or they are just passing it to give their presidential nominee a talking point, I'm not sure. And while no piece of legislation is perfect, I'm struggling to see why the house is wasting time considering legislation on the same topic. These are just more signs and evidence that the party opposite are unfit to lead. With regards to the Defense of Marriage Act, I'm happy to see it signed into law. I've fought to get this legislation onto the President's desk for quite some time, and I was proud to see it become the law of the land. A job well done. The protection of our social values is crucially important as we look to preserve the promise of America, for many generations to come."
  6. Press Office of Michael Marshall Republican for North Carolina
  7. Conrad

    Jack Edwards for Senate (R-MT)

    Opening AP: 18 $3,200,000 Campaign Investments Infrastructure: Yellowstone County, Missoula County, Flathead County, Gallatin County and Ravali County ($375,000) Targeted Outreach: Rural Voters, Evangelical Voters and Conservatives ($225,000) GOTV: Conservatives, Rural Voters ($150,000) Closing Balance AP: 10 Bank: $2,450,000
  8. Conrad

    Press Office of Michael Marshall

    Kaine is "reasonable choice" for America's Commander-in-Chief WASHINGTON DC - Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Michael Marshall, spoke to members of the press regarding the presidential race, in particular, the candidates' ability to lead as commander in chief. "There is no question that the President of the United States is the top diplomat of our country and the wielder of awesome power in this area, we must make a calculated and clear choice about who we want as our commander in chief for the next four years. On one hand we have John White, a democrat from Florida with no real experience or policy groundwork in the area of foreign affairs. In these tough times, in the face of mounting Chinese and Soviet aggression, we need a strong and principled commander in chief for the United States. John White doesn't have that. He doesn't even have his own ideas, instead he looked to those of the candidate from the Republican Party, a party which has led our nation proudly in the realm of foreign affairs these last eight years. And on the other, we have Anderson Kaine, who is the reasonable choice for America's commander in chief. With a plan ranging from China, Israel and spreading democracy around the globe, Anderson is our man. Throughout the campaign, I never attacked the reverend on any of these stances, because I believed them too. They are the right ideas for America and would be a proud successor policy to that of the Reagan Administration. That's why this election is going to be important. We will weigh up the ability to be the next commander in chief based on an ability to represent America on the world stage. We don't need a Democrat who can't come up with his own positions. He lacks principle, experience and resolve to be the commander in chief."
  9. Conrad

    Fundraisers of Jack Edwards

    18 AP left Type: Gala Location: Helena, Montana Target: Small Businesses and Community Banks in Montana Topic: Opening America for Business Again "Good evening! Thank you all for attending tonight. You know, there is a sad truth in the United States and that is we are not the great investment vehicle that we used to be. For too long now have we sat idly by and watched other economies like the United Kingdom and France eat up major investment and funding. Our ambition to achieve the American dream has been hampered by Liberal policies to make them achievable and unattainable. As Americans we know this is not acceptable. America was not built on this premise. That is why I have a solid commitment and I will re-affirm it here tonight, I will fight and fight hard to repeal the terrible slew of regulations that currently hold business back. Regulation that was passed at a time when the financial climate was tough, and it gave answers to all the wrong questions. The policy of the Government should not have been to chain American investment but to encourage it and renew it. This is why, sadly, we have fallen behind our fellow nations around the world. I fully support investment into America, I support you. That is why we must repeal these terrible regulations. Giving you guys the chance and opportunity to succeed will mean that millions of Americans will also have the chance and opportunity to succeed. We must look at cutting capital gains and company taxes so that we can make financial investment vehicles more attractive. In turn, this will make America more attractive. America was not built on Government doing everything, it was built on our attractiveness to investors. That is why we are the greatest and richest country on the earth. With your support, I will continue to fight economic regulation and continue to fight burden on investment in our country. Thank you. God bless the United States."
  10. Conrad

    International Financial Security Act

    Bill passes.
  11. Mr Marshall for himself introduces with thank to Mr Seymour and Mr Hall... A BILL To ensure the United States is protected financially from terrorists and other countries. Be it enacted by the House of Representatives and the Senate in Congress assembled. Section 1. Short title (a) This Act shall be cited as the International Financial Security Act. Section 2. Findings & Policy of the United States (a) Findings - Loans and other transfers of capital to the Soviet Union and its allies increase the ability of those countries to obtain sensitive goods and technology and to more easily divert funds to purposes inimical to U.S. interests. (b) Policy - It shall be the policy of the United States to: (1) restrict the export of capital, the extension of credit, or the transfer of financial resources to destinations or persons abroad in order to promote the national security, including antiterrorism, the foreign policy interests of the United States, the advancement of emigration of Soviet Jews and other ethnic minorities, and human rights policies of the Soviet Union and other East Bloc countries (2) restrict the export of goods and technology where such export will likely support terrorism against U.S. citizens or benefit terrorists or countries supporting international terrorism. Section 3. Presidential Discretion (a) In general - The President shall have the ability to restrict the export or transfer of goods and technology if such export will likely support terrorism against U.S. citizens or benefit terrorists or countries supporting international terrorism. (b) Reports to Congress - Each time the President uses the power granted to him under Section 3(a) of this Act, the head of the federal agency directed to implement the Presidents order will be required to submit a report to Congress no later than 180 days. (c) Negotiation - The President may enter into negotiation with other countries to obtain their cooperation with such export controls on capital, goods, and technology. Section 4. Export Licenses (a) Approval - Export license applications for the export of capital are to be submitted to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall make all determinations with respect to such application. Section 5. Reporting Requirements (a) In general - The Federal Deposit Insurance Act shall be amended to require that any notice of a change in control of an insured bank include the nationality of the person or persons making the acquisition. (b) Penalties - Penalties for willingly and knowingly violating Section 5(a) shall include up to two years in prison and an unlimited fine. (c) Prohibition - Federal banking agencies shall disapprove any proposed acquisition which would result in the ownership or control of an insured bank by a country subject to national security export controls (as in Section 3) or a national agency, or instrumentality of any such country.
  12. Conrad

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Cherryville Tribune The Real Right to Work Act represents a dog whistle to the American people across this country that the Democrats will use, around about election time to get the vote out there and they will do it by pushing policies which hurt American business, place needless restrictions on employers and risk putting economic growth in the trash. The hard fight has been fought in this decade to give workers a bigger paycheck, lower inflation and a sense of financial security, the proper way. They can keep trying, but I sure as hell won't vote for their terrible legislation.
  13. Name: Jack Edwards Date of Birth: 5/4/1943 Place of Birth: Helena, Montana Place of Residence: Billings, Montana Party: Republican Religion: Protestant Family Information: Wife and one daughter Education: United States Naval Academy, Annapolis (1961-1965) Employment History: Ensign, United States Navy (1965-1967), Lieutenant Junior Grade, United States Navy (1967-1969), Lieutenant, United States Navy (1969-1974), Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy (1974-1978), Commander (USS Arkansas CGN-41), United States Navy (1978-1984) Electoral History: Montana's State House Representative (1984-Present)
  14. 24 hours vote... AYE
  15. Conrad

    International Financial Security Act

    24 hours vote... AYE
  16. Conrad

    Jack Edwards for Senate (R-MT)

    PLATFORM A foreword Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read my platform. As you know, I am running to be your next United States Senator and to ensure that the interests of hard-working Montanans, like yourself, are properly represented over on Capitol Hill. For too long have the people of Montana been forgotten about over on the Capitol as policy after policy is passed but does not help families or individuals here. As your next Senator, I pledge to represent the interests of all Montanans over on the Capitol and hold the United States Congress and the President of the United States to account if they can not guarantee to help Montana and its citizens. I will be running for the United States Senate on some key policy areas which I will lay out to you below. These policies are designed and will be pursued to ensure that Montana is put at the forefront of national politics and policy. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tax Reform As a born and bred citizen of Montana, we know only too well that the burden of high taxes and regressive policies from Washington D.C. and the IRS have a negative effect on our state. With a tax code currently larger than the Bible and endless bureaucracy that comes with it, it makes sense to go to the United States Senate with a policy position of cutting taxes and allowing Montanans to keep more of their hard earned paychecks. The people of Montana have not seen a state-wide tax cut in over 100 years. We need to foster an environment where taxes can be cut. As your Senator, I will: Suport legislation which will cut the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to make it easier for hard-working Montanans to invest their pay-checks without penalty. Support legislation which cuts income taxes for the people of Montana and to foster a pro-growth environment. Support legislation that responsibly phases out the estate and death taxes. Support legislation which lowers corporate tax for Montana businesses. Support legislation which makes it easier for Montanans and Americans in general to file their taxes and slim down the bureaucracy. Support legislation which makes it easier for small businesses to operate and turn a profit Restoring Accountability to D.C. The current situation in D.C. stinks. Right across this country and not only in Montana, people are suffering because of the lack of accountability in Washington. We need to fix this problem quickly and re-direct Washingtons interest to states across this country that need it, most of all Montana. The people of Montana have been hit hard by the Washington dysfunction. As your Senator, I will: Support legislation which looks at tougher restrictions on lobbyists. Support legislation which mandates assessment of government waste and requires action to end the waste. Support legislation which requires the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review each Federal Department after a certain amount of years. Support legislation to repeal too big to fail and end tax-payer funded bailouts. Cutting Regulations No other state knows the impact of over-reaching federal regulations than the show-me state. The consequences of over-bearing and unnecessary federal regulation hurt the economy of Montana and cost people their jobs and livlihoods. This is not acceptable. As your Senator, I will: Support legislation which authorizes a review of each Federal Regulation which is currently harming our economy. Support a 2 out-1 in rule for any new Federal Regulations. Support legislation which mandates a Congressional vote on regulations that do a certain amount of harm to our economy. Support legislation which mandates the Government Accountability Office to conduct statutory reviews of Federal Rules which are proven to hurt jobs. Agriculture There is no doubt that our state is one of the most prominent in the nation when it comes to farming. Sadly however an absence of proper agricultural policy which has, over the years, been the backbone of many farms right here in Montana. We can no longer allow this to happen. As your Senator, I will: Support legislation which will ensure that the American food supply is safe and abundant. Support legislation which will invest more into rural communities, including farms. Support legislation to increase subsidies for farmers who have been plagued by low prices thanks to an ever-changing market. Support legislation which protects the crop insurance. Support legislation which creates a safety-net for farmers by funding trade promotion and market development strategies. Support legislation which promotes agricultural education to ensure farmers for the future. Healthcare As the debate on healthcare across the nation is heating up, there is no more important time than now to elect a Republican to Congress to restore sanity to the American Healthcare system. As your Senator, I will: Reject any notion of a federal takeover of healthcare. Reject proposals which call for a single-payer or public option system. Support legislation which reduces the costs of prescription drugs for seniors. Support legislation which allows insurance companies to compete across state lines to drive down costs. Support legislation which reforms the medical liability procedures in the United States and cap lawsuits at $200,000. Education Reform needs to come to education to ensure that the children of the United States and right here in Montana are capable to grow up and lead. We must now support policies which promotes the aspect of local-based learning. It is time that the tentacles of the Washington Bureaucrats are cut when it comes to education policy across the United States. The current standard is that no child should be allowed to be create or intuitive. This is wrong and we must put a stop to it. As your Senator, I will: Support policies which place the control of education in the hands of parents and local school districts. Support legislation which promotes learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math then hand the power to local school boards. Support policies which rein in the power of Washington bureaucrats. Make college more affordable by allowing a credit for some higher-education expenses. Defense & Foreign Policy As a former Commander in the United States Navy, I know only too well the importance of a well oiled, funded and efficient military. Throughout my service to the United States, I never stopped believing in the importance of a strong national defense. I also hold a special place in my heart for veterans, as I am one myself. With free trade comes fair trade, we must ensure that we protect Montanan jobs as we gallivant and approve free trade initiatives. As your Senator, I will: Oppose any targeted cuts in defense which could jeopardize the security of the United States. Support legislation which enhances the scope of veterans care. Support legislation which increases the funding for veterans hospitals. Support legislation which increases the chances for veterans to go from war to work; support their reintegration. Support military actions where appropriate to fight terror and keep hostiles at bay. Critically analyze any and all free trade agreement before coming to a final conclusion on my voting intention. Energy The provisions and scope of the Environmental Protection Agency have harmed businesses across Montana. As your Senator, I will: Rein in the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency. Support legislation which authorizes the Keystone XL Pipeline. Support legislation which increases production of natural resources in Montana where available. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your time in reading my plans as your next United States Senator. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.
  17. Conrad

    Jack Edwards for Senate (R-MT)

    BUDGET Balance: $300,000

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