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    Joseph Dotson (D-WA)

    Character Name: Joseph Dotson Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: Washington - Class I Date of Birth: 5/2/1955 Place of Birth: Federal Way, Washington Place of Residence: Tacoma, Washington Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Family Information: Jessica Dotson (Wife), Peter Dotson (Son), Catherine Dotson (Daughter) Educational History: Washington State University (BA in Politics) (1977), Washington State University (MA in Politics) (1979) Occupational History: Teacher (1979-1987), Policy Advisor to Senator Brock Adams (1987-1993), U.S. Representative for Washington's 6th Congressional District (1995-2000), United States Senator from Washington (2001-Present)
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    GOP SIG #2

    Name: Republican National CommitteeState: NationwideParty: RepublicanSIG Appealed to: Wealthy Individuals, Wealthy Conservatives, Conservative Action Groups, Tax Cut groups3+ Bullet Points of SIG: The Republican Party is committed to lowering taxes across the board for all Americans. Through the Tax Fairness Restoration and Economic Growth Act, introduced by House Minority Leader Marshall, we have established a position of repealing the capital gains tax, extending the research credit and repealing the luxury items excise tax. Now more than ever we need to install a Republican House Majority, the Democrats have shown that through their tax plan, they plan to raid the pockets of every American in the country that wants to make decent money. We are the only party in Washington that wants to keep taxes low for Americans. Whatever their income. Unlike Democrats, we don't believe in raising taxes to grow the economy. We believe in the stock market and giving the people that grow it the freedom to do so. Democrats want to propel a government led boom through raiding the pockets of Americans, we can't let them do this. There is a choice to make, do we choose a low-tax Republican Party or a high-tax Democratic Party. The choice couldn't be clearer for America. We need your help to defeat the Democrats this election. Make a donation today.
  3. Mr President, I rise to express my concern at the amendment made in the House of Representatives. Firstly, the Congressional Budget Office warns that if the retirement earnings test was removed entirely, then we might see a situation where a lot of people opt or seek early retirement simply to collect a social security check and work at the same time. I'm not economist but I don't reckon that has a good long term effect on social security. The bill as it was originally written would have eliminated the test for people who reached the statutory retirement age. We'd be giving our seniors $24bn over 5 years, which is a huge boon and great news to Americans that have worked long and hard to earn their check. These are Americans between the ages of 65 and 69. At this time, I will not move to make an amendment, but I will highlight the real risk as has been pointed out by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office on the matter. I yield.
  4. The Senate will come to order to debate S. 18, debate shall continue until cloture is invoked.
  5. Conrad

    Docket of the Senate Majority

    Older Americans' Freedom to Work Act of 1989
  6. Mr President, The Senate presents the following as confirmed in their respective posts.
  7. Republicans once again prove that they are the party working for America The Republican Party is the party focused on bringing success, relief and paths to grow to all tenets of America. The recently introduced JET Act was introduced by House Minority Leader Michael Marshall would give support to agricultural exports, lift barriers and increase export opportunities for American business. Leader Marshall had this to say: "What we have here between the two parties is a mismanaged multi-directional approach from the Democrats which doesn't strike down into the core of issues facing Americans. On the other hand, we have the Republican Party that has time and time again shown its meddle in supporting the American people and the American Dream with cohesive plans and strategies which help millions of people right across this country. Here on the table is a trade bill which would provide opportunity and support to Americans that want to see their product in stores across the globe. We recognize however that our agriculture is an area which needs that little bit of extra help, that's why our bill places a special focus on it. In the Senate, our colleagues have a passed a bill which would extend vital price supports to our farmers, which often help yields and getting the product off the farm and into meals. Look, its very clear. Democrats will continue to tell the American people that they are working for them, but they aren't. While they focus on seat belts, we will focus on things like the JET Act which would give prosperity to our farmers and business. Our tax plan which would go even further to fuel this economy. It certainly strikes a deaf-tone that a 'key legislative accomplishment' of the Democratic House is something like the seat belt bill, which has proven itself to be chaotic and punitive to millions of Americans. Nothing of substance, nothing which really strikes down to the core that everyday Americans are facing. There is only one party with the plans and the ideas to benefit Americans around the country and that's the Republican Party."
  8. The Press Office of the Republican National Committee
  9. The Senate will come to order to debate S. 17, debate will continue until such time cloture is invoked.
  10. Move for cloture. Free vote. @Reed
  11. Conrad

    Marshall Amendment 1

  12. Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican District: NC-10 Position: Member
  13. Conrad

    Committee Assignments

    ASFAJ Dylan Macmillan (R-CA) RM @Macmillan AJ Hatfield (R-FL) @Hatfield Ways and Means Andrew Sutherland - RM @Damien Michael Marshall (R-NC)
  14. Date: 1 February, 2019. Old Funds: $3,675,000 Income: $2,200,000 Remaining Cash on Hand: $5,875,000.
  15. Republicans introduce legislation to increase export opportunities and jobs WASHINGTON DC - House Minority Leader Michael Marshall spoke to members of the press regarding the introduction of the JET Act, which would increase exports and jobs throughout the United States. "The JET Act represents a huge boost to manufacturers, farmers, ranchers and anyone that wants to export their product abroad. The core of the bill is really opening up foreign markets to American business, and this legislation does that with surgical precision. This is a win win for American business. Our bill really targets the agricultural exports of the United States, because overall the agricultural sector represents a net exporter compared to other sectors. First we will help agricultural firms identify markets for exportation, and then this will lead onto helping those firms get their produce onto plates and into stores across the globe, through subsidies and other financial assistance. What we see here is a huge boon to the agricultural sector of America and we are proud to do it. We made a commitment to the hard working farmers during the last election to aid and assist wherever we can. It is time we deliver on that promise and reward our farmers. We want to promote trade, ultimately and this piece of legislation will do that. Through enhanced trade, the United States will see more jobs, more exports and more income for its businesses. That is why the act places such a huge importance on identifying those trade opportunities. We extend and enhance the Export-Import Bank which has existed to assist in financing and facilitating exports of goods and services. This is commonsense and we are happy to present this piece of legislation to the American people. Lets give our business more opportunities to export, grow and be successful. Lets get this bill to the Presidents desk."
  16. Press Office of Michael Marshall Republican for North Carolina
  17. Mr Marshall introduces for himself and the President of the United States... A BILL To increase American exports and grow jobs. Be it enacted by the House of Representatives and the Senate in Congress assembled, TITLE I - Short title Section 101. Short title (a) This act may be cited as the Jobs through Enhanced Trade Act or JET Act. TITLE II - Enhancing the Export Import Bank Section 201. Reauthorization of Bank (a) REAUTHORIZATION - The Export-Import Bank shall be reauthorized to 1995. (b) APPROPRIATIONS - There is to be appropriated $500,000,000 for the next 3 fiscal years to the tied aid credit fund. TITLE III - Agriculture Exports Section 301. Cargo Preference Laws (a) EXEMPTION - The export of agricultural commodities shall be exempt from certain requirements of cargo preference laws under the Merchant Marine Act of 1936. Section 302. Export Market Loan Program (a) ESTABLISHMENT - The Secretary shall establish a program, to be known as the `Export Market Research Loan Program', to make loans to eligible entities to enable such entities to perform research directed at expanding agricultural export markets. Such program shall be administered through the Foreign Agricultural Service. (b) REQUIREMENT - As part of the application submitted under paragraph (a), the applicant shall include the results of a completed market research plan that shall describe the research and activities to be conducted using the funds provided under the Program, the prospects for the profitability of any expanded agricultural export markets that may be identified through such research, the cost of the implementation of such plan including the research cost, and any other information determined appropriate by the Secretary. (c) LOAN AMOUNT - On approval of the application submitted, the Administrator shall make a loan to the applicant in an amount that is equal to 50 percent of the total cost described in the plan included in the application. (d) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS - The Secretary shall make all of the funds available during each fiscal year in the Agricultural Export Credit Revolving Fund established under section 4(d) of the Food for Peace Act of 1966. (e) REAUTHORIZATION - The Agricultural Export Credit Revolving Fund established under section 4(d) of the Food for Peace Act of 1966 shall be extended to 1995. Section 303. Export Credit (a) EXTENSION - The Short-Term Export Credit Program shall be authorized through 1995. (b) REQUIREMENT - Effective for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1990, and each fiscal year thereafter through the fiscal year ending September 30, 1995, the Commodity Credit Corporation shall make available not less than $7,000,000,000 in credit guarantees under its export credit guarantee program for short-term credit extended to finance the export sales of United States agricultural commodities and the products thereof. Section 304. Agricultural Export Promotion Fund (a) ESTABLISHMENT - There is established in the Treasury a fund to be known as the “United States Agricultural Export Promotion Fund”, consisting of such amounts as may be transferred to the fund pursuant to subsection (b), to remain available until expended. (b) TRANSFERS - The Secretary of the Treasury shall transfer to the United States Agricultural Export Promotion Fund from the general fund of the Treasury an amount equivalent to the amount of duties collected after the date of the enactment of this Act and imposed pursuant to section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 or section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974. (c) IN GENERAL - Amounts in the United States Agricultural Export Promotion Fund shall be available to the Secretary of Agriculture, without further appropriation, to carry out activities of the Department of Agriculture in promoting exports of products abroad. (d) PRIORITY - In carrying out section (c), the Secretary shall, to the maximum extent practicable, give priority to promoting exports of agricultural commodities and products of United States businesses that are adversely affected by increases in duties imposed on United States exports by foreign countries in response to increases in duties on imports from such foreign countries pursuant to section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 or section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974. Section 305. Biotechnology and Agriculture Trade Program (a) ESTABLISHMENT - There is established in the Department of Agriculture a program to be known as the ‘Biotechnology and Agricultural Trade Program'. (b) PURPOSE - The purpose of the program established under this section shall be to remove, resolve, or mitigate significant regulatory nontariff barriers to the export of United States agricultural commodities into foreign markets. (c) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS - There is authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section $2,000,000 for each of fiscal years 1990 through 1995. TITLE IV - Fairness in Rules for Exports Section 401. Consideration in Federal Rulemaking (a) IN GENERAL - Any agency preparing a regulatory agenda or an analysis of any rule under the provisions of this chapter (Chapter 6 of title 5) shall consider the impact of such rule on the ability of United States small businesses to sell products to other nations and compete in the international marketplace. TITLE V - Export Incentives Section 501. Tax Definitions (a) AMENDMENT - Defining passive foreign investment company with respect to Subsection (d) of section 1296 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 shall be amended to exempt any foreign investment company to which section 1247 applies, any export trade corporation, and any FSC. TITLE VI - Overseas Investment Section 601. Overseas Investment Corporation (a) CREATION - Section 231 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 is amended in the first sentence by striking ‘friendly countries and areas,’ and inserting ‘countries and areas, and countries in transition from nonmarket to market economies,’. (b) WORKERS RIGHTS - Section 231A(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 is amended by adding at the end the following: "The investor agrees not to take actions to prevent employees of the foreign enterprise from lawfully exercising their right of association and their right to organize and bargain collectively. The investor further agrees to observe applicable laws relating to a minimum age for employment of children, acceptable conditions of work with respect to minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational health and safety, and not to use forced labor. The investor is not responsible under this paragraph for the actions of a foreign government." (c) INVESTMENT FUND - Section 234(g)(5) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 is amended to read as follows: "The Corporation is authorized to establish a revolving fund to be available solely for the purposes specified in this subsection and to make transfers to the fund of a total of $10,000,000 from its noncredit account revolving fund. The Corporation shall transfer to the fund in each fiscal year all amounts received by the Corporation during the preceding fiscal year as income on securities acquired under this subsection, and from the proceeds on the disposition of such securities. Purchases of, investments in, and other acquisitions of equity from the fund are authorized for any fiscal year only to the extent or in such amounts as are provided in advance in appropriations Acts or are transferred to the Corporation pursuant to section 632(a) of this Act." (d) INSURANCE - Section 235 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 is amended: The maximum contingent liability outstanding at any one time pursuant to insurance issued under section 234(a) shall not exceed in the aggregate $9,000,000,000. Section 602. Commercial Centers (a) ESTABLISHMENT - The Secretary of Commerce, in his or her role as chairperson of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee, is authorized and encouraged to establish United States Commercial Centers in Asia, in Latin America, and in Africa. (b) PURPOSE OF THE CENTERS - The purpose of the Centers shall be to provide additional resources for the promotion of exports of United States goods and services to the host countries, by familiarizing United States exporters with the industries, markets, and customs of the host countries, thus facilitating commercial ties and trade. (c) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS- There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of Commerce to carry out this section $8,000,000 for fiscal year 1990, and $5,500,000 for fiscal year 1991. Funds made available under this subsection may be used for the acquisition of real property. Section 603. Trade Promotion Expansion (a) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS - In addition to amounts otherwise available, there are authorized to be appropriated $5,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 1990 and 1991 for use by the Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of the United States and Foreign Commercial Service in accordance with subsection (b). (b) USE OF FUNDS - Amounts appropriated pursuant to subsection (a) shall be available only for placing and maintaining 20 additional Commercial Service Officers abroad. Title VI - Rural Exports Section 701. Rural Export Center (a) IN GENERAL - Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Assistant Secretary (of Agriculture) shall establish a Rural Export Center for the purpose of providing businesses located in rural areas in the United States with resources to help those businesses export their products.
  18. Marshall introduces much needed military infrastructure bill WASHINGTON DC - House Minority Leader Michael Marshall spoke to members of the press following his introduction of a bill which would target critical funds at military installations across the country. "You know, I think it is important as a nation we are prepared to fight our enemies and show that we are ready. That is why we must ensure that the places where our troops muster, our planes land and ships dock are well funded, maintained and ready to do this. The bill I have introduced will inject $461,540,200 into military installations across the country, including North Carolina. These funds will be critical in maintaining the crucial Peace through Strength doctrine which the United States has utilized. In North Carolina we have Fort Bragg, the largest military base in the world. It stands as reason as to why it needs to be ready to project American strength across the globe. I have no doubt that each and every member of the House of Representatives will stand behind this bill and see it through to the President's desk. On issues like this, its important that Congress stands together - we need to keep America prepared."
  19. Mr Marshall introduces for himself... A BILL To improve and update military facilities across the United States. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled. Section 1. Short Title (a) This act may be cited as the "Military Construction and Investment Act". Section 2. Navy Construction and Land Acquisition (a) The Secretary of the Navy may acquire real property and may carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for each of the following installations and locations inside the United States: (i) NORTH CAROLINA (i) Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Base, $21,210,000. (ii) Cherry Point, Marine Corps Air Station, $10,750,000. (iii) New River, Marine Corps Air Station, $21,100,000. (ii) CALIFORNIA (1) Bridgeport, Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, California, $8,000,000. (2) Twentynine Palms, Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center, $3,600,000. (3) Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Base, $57,600,000. (iii) VIRGINIA (1) Dam Neck, Marine Environmental Systems Facility, $8,000,000. (2) Little Creek, Naval Amphibious Base, $12,400,000. (iv) NEW YORK (1) New York, Naval Station, $25,640,000. Section 3. Army Construction and Land Acquisition (a) The Secretary of the Army may acquire real property and may carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for each of the following installations and locations inside the United States: (i) TEXAS (1) Corpus Christi Army Depot, $5,200,000. (2) Fort Bliss, $16,600,000. (3) Fort Hood, $21,400,000. (ii) NORTH CAROLINA (1) Fort Bragg, $65,300,000. (iii) NEW YORK (1) Fort Drum, $70,600,000. Section 4. Airforce Construction and Land Acquisition (a) The Secretary of the Air Force may acquire real property and may carry out military construction projects in the amounts shown for each of the installations and locations inside the United States: (i) MASSACHUSETTS (1) Hanscom Air Force Base, $5,600,000. (ii) NEW YORK (1) Griffis Air Force Base, $7,400,000. (2) Plattsburgh Air Force Base, $9,900,000. (iii) NORTH CAROLINA (1) Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, $4,500,000. (iv) TEXAS (1) Bergstrom Air Force Base, $2,400,000. (2) Carswell Air Force Base, $650,000. (3) Goodfellow Air Force Base, $3,300,000. (4) Kelly Air Force Base, $17,930,000. (5) Lackland Air Force Base, $34,250,000. (6) Lackland Training Annex, $1,994,000. (7) Laughlin Air Force Base, $5,350,000. (8) Randolph Air Force Base, $630,000. (9) Reese Air Force Base, $4,630,000. Section 5. Family Housing (a) The Department of Defense is authorized the following amounts to improve existing military family housing units in the following: (i) Long Beach, Naval Station, California, forty-four units, $2,208,200. (ii) Cherry Point, Marine Corps Air Station, North Carolina, two hundred and fourteen units, $13,398,000.
  20. Edwards: Move to amend Section 1(b) by striking 1992 and inserting 31st December 1990 in its place. Thurmond: Recognized... Level 1 Aye. @Ollie

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