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  1. Name: Conrad AB Experience: Owner & Chief Administrator of VUSA (and normal Administrator), Deputy Chief Administrator/Chief Administrator of Capitol Hill Playing Experience (VGS only): HML Michael Conrad, SmL Saunders, HmL Marshall, SmL Dotson Ideas: Install a reign of terror and dictatorship here in VGS.
  2. Conrad


    Republicans proved their infrastructure woes are just crocodile tears. Unless you're willing to vote for something that fixes bridges and builds roads, then you should stop saying you want to fix infrastructure.
  3. Mr President The office is being created not as its own dependent branch, but as an undersecretary office within the airforce, therefore I don't believe that it requires the status and such of membership into the joint chiefs etc. I yield.
  4. Dotson slams Republican infrastructure partisanship WASHINGTON DC - Senator Dotson slammed Senate Republicans after the vote on the Consolidated Infrastructure Jobs Creation Act failed. "All these Senate Republicans go to the press and talk about our crumbling infrastructure, offer a few apologies and say they're going to do something about it. When it comes to actually passing policy and money to address our nations dire need for focus on infrastructure, each and every Republican in the Senate voted against bringing it up for debate. That's right, they didn't even allow a debate. The Consolidated Infrastructure Jobs Creation Act would give more money to programs provisioned by a Republican Congress back in 2017, just like every other issue we've seen this session, Republicans have moved away from what I thought pretty decent position back then. Funding infrastructure, building airports, fixing bridges and preventing deaths shouldn't be something that one side can get one up on the other. We see problems right across the country with our infrastructure and I believe the bill that the House passed to start the process in rebuilding America will be necessary. That's why in any future infrastructure talks, I will be drawing the red lines from the Democrats on what the Consolidated Infrastructure Jobs Creation Act contained. They must be part of any future legislation. Thank you."
  5. The House will come to order to debate HR. 15. There will be 48 hours.
  6. House will come to order to debate HR. 14. There will be 48 hours.
  7. Defeat of Internal Threats Act Social Security Protection Act of 2019
  8. Mr President, I move to amend as follows: I yield
  9. Open Society Foundation - Senate Minority Leader Joe Dotson Hello all! Thank you for coming tonight. This caravan coming up to the United States will be welcomed with the barrels of tanks, machine guns and other military hardware. This isn't the America we know, this isn't the America we want to show to the world. Our country was built on the premise of welcoming all, whatever their creed and as long as they want to work to achieve the dream that they want. This rejection of people that need our help - these women and children - that desperately need the aid of the United States, is disgusting. I absolutely implore each and every single one of these people that need help to apply for it, no longer can we continue to embrace the xenophobic policies of the Trump Administration. We need to promote an open, fair and welcoming process for people that wish to come to the United States to live, work and contribute and most of all - get help if they need it. Building walls along our Southern Border won't help advance any "America First" policies. These lawless and unconstitutional acts do nothing but harm the America we've built and been proud of, sadly the Trump Administration and indeed Republicans across the country have saw fit to erode, degrade and set aside our constitution. Remember, these are the same Republicans that time and time again lambasted President Obama for taking actions which don't side with our constitution. My, how the times have turned. What we have in the United States right now is unconstitutionality right from the heart of our government, and it's high time that the country hold the President and Congressional Republicans to account. Let's finally declare these Presidential actions for what they truly are - illegal and un-American. The solemn abuse by the President of his executive power will never be forgotten. This recent deployment of the military and the cutting of aid to some of the poorest people in the world are just some of the simpler tenets in a web of lies, abuse and deceit by this new form Republican Party, led by Trumpian forces. There can be no words to justify or support the type of actions which the Trump Administration and the Republican Party at large have taken to make the US weak on the international stage and domestically in regards to setting aside established laws and our constitution for political gain in Washington DC. There can be no question that we need to scale back this abuse by the President, supported by and large by the entire Republican Party. What we really need to do is keep the fight active against this abusive President. We need to keep letting people know that the flagrant setting aside of our laws, our principles, our values and our constitution will not be tolerated. As one of the leading critics of President Trump in the Senate, I will do all that I can to fight against these actions. But we need your help, we can't do it alone and to defeat the intolerance and extremism of Trump, then we ought to do it together.
  10. Conrad


    The deployment of heavy duty US troops to the Southern Border to enforce the domestic law of the United States is yet another act of unconstitutionality and lawlessness from the President.
  11. Conrad


    Looking forward to making some crucial amendments to the USMCA bill on the floor which will help it on its way to passage - if Republicans agree!
  12. Dotson gets relief back to needy families WASHINGTON DC - Senator Dotson released a statement on the President signing the TANF Reauthorization Act. "I'm glad that we were able to come to a bipartisan consensus on the passage of the TANF Reauthorization Act that was recently signed into law. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a welfare program which helps some of the poorest families in America, the bill sponsored by Dotson would increase the benefits by up to $4bn dollars until 2020. This will help even more families put food on the table and keep a roof over their head and I'm glad that we could pass it. This is just another example of how when the Senate puts forward a piece of legislation with broad bipartisan support, it can pass easily and we can get valuable work done for the American people, especially those that need it most."
  13. @Recks I think you need to add the Senate Majority Whip, whoever that is.
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