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  1. Dotson skeptical of Space Force idea, but open to it if done right WASHINGTON DC - Senator Dotson spoke to members of the press regarding the Department of Defense's recent push on the "Space Force" idea. "Firstly, I want to thank the new Secretary of Defense for finally getting some bare-bones together regarding the Space Force. I want to make it clear that I'm not opposed to a Space Force, to protect American interests in space, but I wonder if we should be focusing on creating another branch of the military when just now we see readiness problems with already established parts of the military. I join with my Republican colleagues such as Lindsey Graham and others who question the immediate need for the creation of another branch. I'd rather direct the resources at the current space efforts in the US Air Force as we've done so for as long as I can remember. If a Space Force is to be created, then we ought to have a sit down regarding the program and work out how we're going to do this. I won't be committing tax-payer dollars to a space force before we can determine need, capability and the technological challenges we will face in setting up such a branch. With space comes higher degrees of cyber security threats to the United States, before we could launch any Space Force, we first have to secure the cyber security of the United States. I'm sure the Secretary of Defense shares this vision."
  2. Confession made by Trump Justice Department WASHINGTON DC - Senator Dotson responded to the Attorney General's press conference regarding the decision to preclear the Mueller Investigation. "There we have it. After months of speculation, the Trump Department of Justice has made its decision to enclose the findings of the Mueller Report and shield it from the public. Just now, the Attorney General of the United States, the top law enforcement officer, has made a decision to protect the President of the United States from the public reaction to the core findings of the Mueller report. This is a disgrace. I quote, "The American people should be rest assured that... significant findings by the special counsel which concern the public will be shared with the public" this investigation is about whether or not the President had ties with a foreign power. The Attorney General will decide, pick and choose what parts of the report the public should see. Each and every aspect of the Mueller report concerns the public, people have a right to know whether or not their President colluded with a foreign power and could have committed criminal acts. Democrats have legislation in the Senate hopper right now designed to protect the transparency and openness of the findings of the investigation surrounding the President. As Republicans attempt to shroud the findings in secrecy and outtakes, I will fight to ensure that this thing is busted right out in the open for the American people to see, whatever the outcome."
  3. Conrad


    The Attorney General confirms that there will be preclearance from the Trump controlled Department of Justice on the Mueller investigation. Watch it here.
  4. Conrad


    See here to watch the Attorney General refuse to answer questions about him preclearing the outcome of the special counsel investigation.
  5. Conrad


    If I had my way, we'd see bipartisanship return to the Senate for nominations. If @RecksAZ is against that, I don't know what to tell him.
  6. Dotson slams one size fits all GOP abortion policy WASHINGTON DC - Senator Dotson spoke to members of the press regarding the Republican policy on abortion, which is widely supported by the Senate GOP. "What we see here by the Senate Republicans is open season on women's rights in this country. This piece of legislation represents a package of plain assault on women's rights. I think its actually quite shameful that the Republicans first major initiative as a party is to curb the right's of women. But at the same, I'm quite happy to see they have grouped this legislation together, so that all at the same time, the entire pro-life legislative proposal can be questioned by the courts and if necessary, struck down. I hate to be the person to remind them, but Roe v. Wade isn't going anywhere - if a woman wants an abortion she will get one and I will fight to ensure that it's safe, legal and without restrictions. I'm rather disappointed in my colleague, Senator Manado for cosponsoring this proposal and the people of Washington will be sure to hold him to account for it. "
  7. What you really mean here is some type of Department preclearance for information related to the investigation? Mister Attorney General, I'm asking really simple questions here.
  8. Conrad


    It's distressing to see that the Senators from New Jersey and Massachusetts are voting against my rules amendment which would allow for a bipartisan confirmation process.
  9. So why are you insisting that prosecution information is withheld from the public? Don't they have a right to know?
  10. Do you accept that the American people need to understand if their President committed crimes and at least deserve to see the outcome of the Mueller investigation without manipulation by the Justice Department? Furthermore you've said previously that you did this without consulting President Trump. Are you aware of anything in the report or the direction which has implicated the President and was this done to protect him either way?
  11. What would you consider a national security interest in an investigation with the scope of the current special counsel investigation?
  12. Follow up, what is deemed appropriate in your view as Attorney General? And also, wouldn't it be best if the report was just simply published unannotated and untouched by the Department of Justice?
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