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  1. Conrad

    DEBATE: Family and Medical Leave Act

    Mr Speaker I object The house has already passed a bill designed to give family leave. I yield.
  2. Conrad

    Jack Edwards for Senate (R-MT)

    Opening AP: 8 Opening Bank: $4,950,000 Campaign Investments Offices: Yellowstone County, Lewis and Clark County, Flathead County, Gallatin County, Missoula County, Ravali County and Cascade County ($525,000) Targeted Outreach: Veterans, Republicans and Independents (lean hawk) ($225,000) Advertisements Closing Balances 0 AP $2,200,000
  3. Mr Speaker, I second the motion to table. I yield.
  4. Conrad

    Press Office of Michael Marshall

    House reverts to partisan politics; Defense of Marriage as law WASHINGTON DC - Congressman Michael Marshall spoke to members of the press regarding the latest house docket and the signing of the Defense of Marriage Act into law. "As this election is heating up, we see the Democratic Majority in the House rushing to save face by pushing a lot of bills which really are grounded in partisan, party politics and its disheartening. Take the Family and Medical Leave Act, sponsored by none other than their presidential nominee, which is up for debate in the House. Either the planners in the party opposite or the Speaker himself is ignoring the fact that the House just passed, by unanimous consent, a bill which would make for family leave and encourage it through tax credits or they are just passing it to give their presidential nominee a talking point, I'm not sure. And while no piece of legislation is perfect, I'm struggling to see why the house is wasting time considering legislation on the same topic. These are just more signs and evidence that the party opposite are unfit to lead. With regards to the Defense of Marriage Act, I'm happy to see it signed into law. I've fought to get this legislation onto the President's desk for quite some time, and I was proud to see it become the law of the land. A job well done. The protection of our social values is crucially important as we look to preserve the promise of America, for many generations to come."
  5. Conrad

    Jack Edwards for Senate (R-MT)

    Opening AP: 18 $3,200,000 Campaign Investments Infrastructure: Yellowstone County, Missoula County, Flathead County, Gallatin County and Ravali County ($375,000) Targeted Outreach: Rural Voters, Evangelical Voters and Conservatives ($225,000) GOTV: Conservatives, Rural Voters ($150,000) Closing Balance AP: 10 Bank: $2,450,000
  6. Conrad

    Press Office of Michael Marshall

    Kaine is "reasonable choice" for America's Commander-in-Chief WASHINGTON DC - Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Michael Marshall, spoke to members of the press regarding the presidential race, in particular, the candidates' ability to lead as commander in chief. "There is no question that the President of the United States is the top diplomat of our country and the wielder of awesome power in this area, we must make a calculated and clear choice about who we want as our commander in chief for the next four years. On one hand we have John White, a democrat from Florida with no real experience or policy groundwork in the area of foreign affairs. In these tough times, in the face of mounting Chinese and Soviet aggression, we need a strong and principled commander in chief for the United States. John White doesn't have that. He doesn't even have his own ideas, instead he looked to those of the candidate from the Republican Party, a party which has led our nation proudly in the realm of foreign affairs these last eight years. And on the other, we have Anderson Kaine, who is the reasonable choice for America's commander in chief. With a plan ranging from China, Israel and spreading democracy around the globe, Anderson is our man. Throughout the campaign, I never attacked the reverend on any of these stances, because I believed them too. They are the right ideas for America and would be a proud successor policy to that of the Reagan Administration. That's why this election is going to be important. We will weigh up the ability to be the next commander in chief based on an ability to represent America on the world stage. We don't need a Democrat who can't come up with his own positions. He lacks principle, experience and resolve to be the commander in chief."
  7. Conrad

    Fundraisers of Jack Edwards

    18 AP left Type: Gala Location: Helena, Montana Target: Small Businesses and Community Banks in Montana Topic: Opening America for Business Again "Good evening! Thank you all for attending tonight. You know, there is a sad truth in the United States and that is we are not the great investment vehicle that we used to be. For too long now have we sat idly by and watched other economies like the United Kingdom and France eat up major investment and funding. Our ambition to achieve the American dream has been hampered by Liberal policies to make them achievable and unattainable. As Americans we know this is not acceptable. America was not built on this premise. That is why I have a solid commitment and I will re-affirm it here tonight, I will fight and fight hard to repeal the terrible slew of regulations that currently hold business back. Regulation that was passed at a time when the financial climate was tough, and it gave answers to all the wrong questions. The policy of the Government should not have been to chain American investment but to encourage it and renew it. This is why, sadly, we have fallen behind our fellow nations around the world. I fully support investment into America, I support you. That is why we must repeal these terrible regulations. Giving you guys the chance and opportunity to succeed will mean that millions of Americans will also have the chance and opportunity to succeed. We must look at cutting capital gains and company taxes so that we can make financial investment vehicles more attractive. In turn, this will make America more attractive. America was not built on Government doing everything, it was built on our attractiveness to investors. That is why we are the greatest and richest country on the earth. With your support, I will continue to fight economic regulation and continue to fight burden on investment in our country. Thank you. God bless the United States."
  8. Conrad

    International Financial Security Act

    Bill passes.
  9. Conrad

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: (what local newspaper/radio): Cherryville Tribune The Real Right to Work Act represents a dog whistle to the American people across this country that the Democrats will use, around about election time to get the vote out there and they will do it by pushing policies which hurt American business, place needless restrictions on employers and risk putting economic growth in the trash. The hard fight has been fought in this decade to give workers a bigger paycheck, lower inflation and a sense of financial security, the proper way. They can keep trying, but I sure as hell won't vote for their terrible legislation.
  10. 24 hours vote... AYE
  11. Conrad

    International Financial Security Act

    24 hours vote... AYE

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