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  1. Conrad

    July AB Approvals

    I know this is an old thread, but still a vehicle to offer feedback nontheless. I know @Fisher was out with a back operation this week and I hope he is recovering well. But in future, maybe ARs could be posted together rather than President > DNC > RNC. Just seems like we would eliminate the almost 2 week wait that we had this time around and allow Fisher, or whoever is doing ARs, to relax while they are recovering or busy or whatever.
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  4. Conrad


    I agree that this campaign shouldn't be ran on attacks on anyones person but it should be a campaign of facts and policy, which the people of Missouri deserve to hear.
  5. Conrad

    Fundraisers of Jack Edwards

    Fundraiser #2 - 2AP - 11 AP left. Fundraiser Type: Gala Target: Conservatives, Farmers, Moderates and Independents Topic: Agriculture Location: St. Louis "Good evening St. Louis! Thank you all for coming out here tonight. As you all know, I am running to become the next United States Senator for Missouri. I am looking to bring the hard work and dedication I have shown both in the House of Representatives for the 6th and as a Navy Officer to the United States Senate to fight for and on behalf of the show-me state! However, one of the most important issues that the next United States Senator for Missouri must talk about over on Capitol Hill is the support, protection and representation of our nations farms. Missouri ranks second in the United States for its amount of farms, second only to that of Texas. We have a great farming community here in Missouri and in many ways it represents the backbone of both our state economy and many of our small communities. The very fact that it ranks second in the whole country is one of the reasons why we must work hard to protect the sustainability and livability of Missourian farms. I come here tonight however with a very sad message for the hard-working farmers in Missouri. This Government led by the Democratic Party for the last 10 years has failed you. Farmers have fallen by the way-side and we must now look to protect them. One of the major points of my campaign is agriculture, for all the right reasons. I am a proud supporter of the farming community here in Missouri. Which is why throughout this campaign I will be re-affirming and espousing my support for farmers. It is imperative that we elect someone to the United States Senate that will bring your concerns right to the very heart of Congress and into the United States Senate. My friends, that someone is me. If I am elected the next United States Senator for Missouri, I will fight hard to ensure that the farms of Missouri are protected through the crop insurance and by supporting increased farm subsidies to address farmers which are not earning enough thanks to a dynamic market. We need to also consider the great strategic goal of food supply, which Missouri proudly contributes to, we ought to keep it abundant and secure. As Senator, I will look to reform the food stamp program, now SNAP, to ensure that while we must protect the basic nutrition for families across Missouri and the United States but also ensure that any run-away costs are managed and to make it more accountable to the people of Missouri and to the rest of America. Cutting down waste in certain Agriculture Department will mean that more money will go to investments in rural communities and education programs for agriculture, which I proudly support. However, my friends, I will need your help to secure all of these goals to advance Missourian agricultural interests in the United States Senate. Please consider contributing to the Campaign to Elect Jack Edwards. God bless you and God bless the United States!"
  6. Conrad


    PPT Storm doing work? It is about time. The Senate has been debating the same bills for [insert what two week IRL would be IG here] with motions and bills needing updated. Senator Storm remarks about my name not being on the budget, but no worries, instead we have Senator Storms own words confirming that I was in fact important in cutting out Democratic partisanship from the federal budget.
  7. Conrad


    The Democratic led initiative was the budget put on the floor by Senator Claybourne (which I know Senate Storm would have preferred) with terrible policies on healthcare and other areas. Thankfully, the Republican Party stepped in and said no before Democrats could do damage.
  8. Conrad


    If I remember correctly, it was @SenatorStorm and I who led these bipartisan proposal behind our then leaders' back. It is shameful that now he intends to take credit for it.
  9. Conrad

    Thin Blue Line Act

    Mr President, I move for cloture on the piece of legislation. I yield.
  10. Conrad


    I believe it is terribly foolhardy to come to the Senate floor believing no legislation or bill can be improved, or believing it is perfect. All policy is imperfect, thats why we have the amendment process. The DNC lost a vote on the amendment process and now they will move to table a bill cause they didn't get their way. Shameful.
  11. Conrad


    Don't forget America, the Democratic Budget started with the horrid public option. Republican fighting got it removed (after a close shutdown) thanks to DNC partisanship.
  12. Conrad


    The second time Senator Storm has posted his list. He calls these achievements that of the Democratic Party but forgets none of it would have been accomplished without the commonsense bipartisanship from the Republican Party.
  13. Conrad


    Democratic actions in the Senate have shown why they're incapable of leading the Senate for another two years.

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