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  1. Conrad

    Game Mechanics

    So for the next reset we're moving to ahistorical seats. I know Ironsides has said that people will face IG consequences for being "out of touch" with their seat/state lean, but what happens if AB coverage falls behind and people get a by-ball for say... being in a liberal state and voting against minimum wage hikes. On a further point, what happens if these people (in alternate seats) cause a party to lose a vote on an initiative they would have otherwise passed if people were signed into party-aligned seats?
  2. Press Office of Senator Joe Dotson
  3. Conrad

    Joseph Dotson (D-WA)

    Character Name: Joseph Dotson Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: Washington - Class I Date of Birth: 5/2/1955 Place of Birth: Federal Way, Washington Place of Residence: Tacoma, Washington Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Family Information: Jessica Dotson (Wife), Peter Dotson (Son), Catherine Dotson (Daughter) Educational History: Washington State University (BA in Politics) (1977), Washington State University (MA in Politics) (1979) Occupational History: Teacher (1979-1987), Policy Advisor to Senator Brock Adams (1987-1993), U.S. Representative for Washington's 6th Congressional District (1995-2000), United States Senator from Washington (2001-Present)
  4. Conrad

    GOP SIG #2

    Name: Republican National CommitteeState: NationwideParty: RepublicanSIG Appealed to: Wealthy Individuals, Wealthy Conservatives, Conservative Action Groups, Tax Cut groups3+ Bullet Points of SIG: The Republican Party is committed to lowering taxes across the board for all Americans. Through the Tax Fairness Restoration and Economic Growth Act, introduced by House Minority Leader Marshall, we have established a position of repealing the capital gains tax, extending the research credit and repealing the luxury items excise tax. Now more than ever we need to install a Republican House Majority, the Democrats have shown that through their tax plan, they plan to raid the pockets of every American in the country that wants to make decent money. We are the only party in Washington that wants to keep taxes low for Americans. Whatever their income. Unlike Democrats, we don't believe in raising taxes to grow the economy. We believe in the stock market and giving the people that grow it the freedom to do so. Democrats want to propel a government led boom through raiding the pockets of Americans, we can't let them do this. There is a choice to make, do we choose a low-tax Republican Party or a high-tax Democratic Party. The choice couldn't be clearer for America. We need your help to defeat the Democrats this election. Make a donation today.
  5. Mr President, I rise to express my concern at the amendment made in the House of Representatives. Firstly, the Congressional Budget Office warns that if the retirement earnings test was removed entirely, then we might see a situation where a lot of people opt or seek early retirement simply to collect a social security check and work at the same time. I'm not economist but I don't reckon that has a good long term effect on social security. The bill as it was originally written would have eliminated the test for people who reached the statutory retirement age. We'd be giving our seniors $24bn over 5 years, which is a huge boon and great news to Americans that have worked long and hard to earn their check. These are Americans between the ages of 65 and 69. At this time, I will not move to make an amendment, but I will highlight the real risk as has been pointed out by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office on the matter. I yield.
  6. The Senate will come to order to debate S. 18, debate shall continue until cloture is invoked.
  7. Conrad

    Docket of the Senate Majority

    Older Americans' Freedom to Work Act of 1989
  8. Mr President, The Senate presents the following as confirmed in their respective posts.
  9. Republicans once again prove that they are the party working for America The Republican Party is the party focused on bringing success, relief and paths to grow to all tenets of America. The recently introduced JET Act was introduced by House Minority Leader Michael Marshall would give support to agricultural exports, lift barriers and increase export opportunities for American business. Leader Marshall had this to say: "What we have here between the two parties is a mismanaged multi-directional approach from the Democrats which doesn't strike down into the core of issues facing Americans. On the other hand, we have the Republican Party that has time and time again shown its meddle in supporting the American people and the American Dream with cohesive plans and strategies which help millions of people right across this country. Here on the table is a trade bill which would provide opportunity and support to Americans that want to see their product in stores across the globe. We recognize however that our agriculture is an area which needs that little bit of extra help, that's why our bill places a special focus on it. In the Senate, our colleagues have a passed a bill which would extend vital price supports to our farmers, which often help yields and getting the product off the farm and into meals. Look, its very clear. Democrats will continue to tell the American people that they are working for them, but they aren't. While they focus on seat belts, we will focus on things like the JET Act which would give prosperity to our farmers and business. Our tax plan which would go even further to fuel this economy. It certainly strikes a deaf-tone that a 'key legislative accomplishment' of the Democratic House is something like the seat belt bill, which has proven itself to be chaotic and punitive to millions of Americans. Nothing of substance, nothing which really strikes down to the core that everyday Americans are facing. There is only one party with the plans and the ideas to benefit Americans around the country and that's the Republican Party."
  10. Move for cloture. Free vote. @Reed
  11. Conrad

    Marshall Amendment 1

  12. Name: Michael Marshall Party: Republican District: NC-10 Position: Member

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