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  1. CHINA REPORTS OUTBREAK OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE - SARS Chinese officials have reported that an infectious disease, being called the severe acute respiratory syndrome has gotten to a stage of great importance in some parts of China. The Chinese Government has officially closed all schools to prevent the disease from being spread amongst children. There are around 5,000 diagnosed cases of the virus in China, with around 300 deaths. The spread of the virus has been mostly localised to Asia, with some cases being reported in the United States and Canada, the CDC has been mobilised to assist with preventing a big spread of the disease. Congress will not be expected to respond to the incident as there are little cases reported, although there is no telling if the amount of cases in the nation will increase or stay the same.
  2. I was away for the last two days. Back tonight.
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  5. Each quarter in game will last 12 days, this should allow ample time to pass both policy and build a profile if you wish to seek higher office. We've been sitting on Quarter 2 for a few days, so this quarter will be shorter than the rest. Quarter 2 2004 and Quarter 3 2004 will be 10 days to shorten the waiting time until the election, and to give the primary winners a short break. Quarter 3 2003: July 23 - August 4 Quarter 4 2003: August 4 - August 16 (PRESIDENTIAL REGISTRATION OPEN AUGUST 5 CLOSES AUGUST 14) Quarter 1 2004: August 16 - August 28 (PRIMARY ROUND 1 "IA AND NH" AUGUST 18)(PRIMARY ROUND 2 "SC AND NV" AUGUST 21)(PRIMARY ROUND 3 "SUPER TUESDAY" AUGUST 24) Quarter 2 2004: August 28 - September 7 Quarter 3 2004: September 7 - September 17 Quarter 4 2004: September 17 - September 29 (ROUND 1 SEPTEMBER 18)(ROUND 2 SEPTEMBER 21)(ROUND 3 SEPTEMBER 25) N.B This is subject to change, this was done without any input from you, the players, so please message me or reach out if you think you want it longer or shorter. Thank you.
  6. REPUBLICANS ELECT SEN. ALLEN OF NEVADA AS LEADER; DEMOCRATS ELECT SEN. PROUST OF LOUISIANA What could be considered in some light as an odd selection for the Republicans may turn out to be a good choice, deciding to move away from selecting Senators from 'conservative' states to serve as their Senate leader. Senator Allen (R-NV) follows in the footsteps of Bill Frist (R-TN) and Bob Dole (R-KS), the rancher and former financial executive will be expected to see out the rest of the President's term with relative ease as things in the foreign sphere begin to level out and the focus will return to domestic policy. Many pundits are speculating that Allen will need to lay a strong legislative groundwork for the Republican's come election time next year, although some would say that they already have some strong things to tout. A recent statement by the Senator lays out what may be his intentions for the next months, that is to work with Democrats from time to time. On the other hand, Democrats have decided to elect Senator Proust (D-LA) as their leader for this Congress, he has already shown signs that he will be willing to work with his opposite number on a platitude of issues. In a statement he said, "I have never been the kind of man who takes a “war all the time” approach to life, I believe there are few problems that come before us that can’t be settled with frank discourse and acknowledgement of shared humanity". Pundits have said that Proust will need to devise a strong strategy if he is to become the Senate Majority Leader post 2004-elections, with President Bush sitting at a 65% approval rating. In essence, both parties will need to define themselves. With the PATRIOT Act and the focus being diverted to national security and the like by Republicans, they will look to reap the votes of Americans who have a general concern about national security while Democrats may try and paint themselves as a catch all type of party. The election of what appears to be a progressive firebrand as Senate Minority Whip will perhaps implant a progressive 'check' on the actions of the Democratic Minority this session.
  7. We're still looking for administrators! If you're interested then please contact me
  8. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FILES PIRACY, MURDER, HOSTAGE TAKING CHARGES AGAINST ABBAS In a move which will likely send shock waves through the international community, the United States Department of Justice has filed three charges against Abu Abbas, the mastermind behind the Achille Lauro hijacking. The charges have been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Roscoe C. Howard will represent the United States in the case. It is likely that the case will garner attention from international human rights watch dogs on the applicability of the certain U.S charges against Abbas in this case. Democrats have been notably quiet on the capture of Abbas unlike their Republican colleagues in the Senate who have came out strongly for the prosecution of Abbas in U.S territory, which could have played a part in the decision making of the Bush Administration to pursue charges.
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    USA Today

    Naval Weapons Station Yorktown explosion concluded as accident Federal Investigators from the FBI and NCIS have concluded their main investigation into the explosion reported at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown as an accident and human error. The conclusion comes as a relief to many politicians and citizens alike, with fears aloft that this could have been another terror attack on U.S soil. The Navy says that it will look to "assess the type of error which occurred and look to prosecute for negligence if need be,"
  10. Waiting on all party leaders to be elected before we move things forward
  11. Conrad

    USA Today

    JFK Airport closes due to BA Flight 5678 running of the runway JFK Airport in New York has been temporarily closed due to a British Airways flight overshooting the runway. The aircraft involved was a Boeing 747, which touched down from London Heathrow. National Transportation Safety Board Officials have arrived at the airport and have began looking into what happened. No casualties have been reported as of yet.
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