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    Robert Lawson (D-NE 2nd)

    Yeah super not interested any more. Sign me out please
  2. Mr. Speaker, I second the motion. I yield
  3. Representative Lawson, for himself, Mr. Blackstone, Mr. Clay, Mr. King, Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Roberts, submits the following A RESOLUTION To censure Representative Jacky Williams Section 1: Short Title: A. This resolution shall be referred to as the “Censure of Representative Williams” Section 2: Findings A. That Congresswoman Jacky Williams convened a House Select Committee with neither a proper motion nor following proper parliamentary procedure. She also blatantly ruled proper motions out of order, convened hearings without proper authority, and issued potentially illegal subpoenas. She also maliciously maligned and sullied the good character of her fellow Representatives including Augustus King, Reginald King, and Ted O’Brien. B. Per House rules, all motions must be debated and voted upon, all proper motions must be recognized by the Chair, and subpoenas must fit the three guidelines outlined by the Supreme Court. C. None of these actions are becoming of a United States Representative , the United States House of Representatives, or the United States of America. Section 3: Censure A. Be it resolved, Representative Jacky Williamsare hereby censured by the United States House of Representatives. B. Nothing in this censure shall be construed as an act of judicial punishment, nor shall it absolve them of any legal liability for their actions.
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    Leave of Absence

    Yeah I’m on loa until the Admins sort this out.
  5. There is a motion made in proper order with a second in proper order. It must be recognized.
  6. There is a motion to adjourn with a second made in proper order. The motion must be recognized by the chair.
  7. There is a motion to adjourn. That motion is valid. We must vote.
  8. Holson

    Alternate Presidents Game

    The 2nd Cuomo Term President Mario Cuomo/Vice President Edward Kennedy Speaker of the House William H. Gray III (D) Senate Majority Leader Edmund Muskie (D) Secretary of State Sam Nunn (D) Secretary of Defense Donald McHenry (D) 13 years in power had essentially made the Democratic Party a monolith of political life. In many ways President Cuomo firmly cemented his image upon our national landscape by essentially crafting the Democratic Party in his image. However, as the saying goes "power corrupts" and eventually the Democratic Party, a party of fallible men and women, would fall too. Domestic Front President Cuomo's second term opened him up to be politically more adventurous. Pushed hard by Vice President Kennedy Cuomo decided to take up health care reform. Cuomo and Kennedy blitzed network after network with sit downs and interviews about the real stories of Americans who had been denied health care access or who had declared bankruptcy because of the debt created by going to the hospital. It was all very well managed and raised polling numbers sky high. But then came the bill. Health care was a monstrous sector of the economy to take on and the sausage making of writing a bill for it would essentially doom the bill from the start. Cuomo and Kennedy pushed essentially for a bill that required everyone carry health insurance coverage, with reimbursements for those within 250% of the poverty line. It also required that insurance companies could no longer deny insurance coverage for preexisting conditions and gave states money to expand Medicaid coverage. However, even with 56 votes spread across a narrow political spectrum there was a great deal of debate. Senators in the Northeast fought provisions to include a public buy-in to Medicaid at the urging of insurance companies. Conservatives screamed murder at the price and at the possibility of government take over of health care. They began running "Judy and Paul" ads showing a seeming middle class couple worried about paying much higher taxes towards a health care plan for poor people. The ads were brutally effective and the poll numbers on the "American Health and Security Act of 1993" dipped southward. Speaker Gray was able to muster a bare majority, 219 votes, for the bill, but Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell could not get even 52 from his caucus much less the 60 needed for cloture. Cuomo and Kennedy had suffered a devastating political defeat. In 1994 Cuomo was forced to make another unpopular move when Republicans were able to push forward a bill that would make it illegal for a person of homosexual orientation to serve in the Armed Force. President Cuomo in a primetime interview called the bill, "the single most cruel, thoughtless, and heartless bill that I have ever seen and if it every darkened my door I would veto it then and there". While gay rights organizations applauded the President's stance it energized conservative voters right before the 1994 elections. House Minority Leader Newt Gingrich had already released earlier in the year his "Contract with America" which spelled out a conservative, small government approach. With a massive tailwind Republicans were able in 1994 to win back a majority in both the House and the Senate with their socially and fiscally conservative message. 1994 Congressional elections Senate Majority Leader Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) Senate Majority Whip Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska) Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) Senate Majority Whip Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) 103rd Senate Makeup: 52 Republicans (+9), 48 Democrats (-8), 4 Conservatives (-2) 49th Speaker of the House of Representatives Newton Gingrich (R-Republican) House Majority Leader Dick Cheney (R-Wyoming) House Majority Whip Tom Delay (R-Texas) House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Missouri) House Minority Whip Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecitcut) 104th House Makeup: 230 Republicans (+53), 204 Democrats (-28), 0 Conservatives (-24) The remainder of Cuomo's term was marked by turmoil. In 1995 Timothy McVeigh exploded a truck bomb beneath a federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma killing 236 including children of workers in the daycare center in the building. President Cuomo was able to briefly unify the nation, however, events in Texas soon took the headlines. In Waco, Texas a fundamentalist group led by David Koresh had arrest warrants issued for violating federal gun laws and child endangerment laws. The group holed up in their compound for two weeks before FBI agents attempted to storm the facility. However, a fire, of unknown origin, was set off killing most of the 96 people in the compound including 30 children and David Koresh. Two FBI agents were also killed. Cuomo appeared to hawkish to those on the left and two weak to those on the right. Congress began investigating and holding hearing on Waco and the failure of the Cuomo administration. Congress did pass in 1996 the No Gays in the Military Act as well as the Defense of Marriage act, essentially declaring only marriages of a man and a woman valid. Cuomo vetoed both, but this only rallied conservatives. 1996 Primaries The Democratic primaries in 1996 were a desultory affair. Everyone knew that the nomination was a poisoned chalice and nearly all credible candidates stayed away from the fray. Vice President Kennedy announced that he would not seek the nomination which opened the door a little wider. Eventually Tennessee Senator Al Gore would announce that he would seek the nomination. Other than a few quixotic campaigns from fringe candidates Gore had the nomination sewn up well before the Convention. In an attempt to break the GOP's strangle hold on the South and offer a more moderate vision of the Democratic Party he asked Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton to be his running mate. The duo was officially nominated in Atlanta in July. However, by August a woman by the name of Gennifer Flowers came forward and stated that she had an affair with Governor Clinton. Soon two more women also came forward and Gore was forced to eject an angry Clinton from the second seat. He appeared weak and unprepared and eventually settled on former Majority Leader George Mitchell who had nothing to lose as he had retired in 1994. The Republican primaries were fierce and full. New Texas Governor George W. Bush was widely seen as the front runner, but Illinois Senator Donald Rumsfeld, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector, Kansas Senator Nancy Kassebaum, and New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman all were viable candidates. Surprisingly Nancy Kassebaum was able to use her Midwest roots and small town conservatism to win Iowa and then parlay that into another victory in New Hampshire. Bush would win South Carolina and it became a two person race. However, Kassebaum was able to win a majority of delegates. At the convention she put Bush forward as her Vice Presidential pick. The rest of the campaign was a cakewalk for Kassenbaum. Democrats were disheartened. Gore was seen as incompetent. Really the only question was how big a margin Kassebaum could win. Pretty substantial would be the final verdict. 320-218. Electoral Map President Nancy Kassebaum/Vice President George W. Bush Speaker of the House Newton Gingrich (R) Senate Majority Leader Richard Lugar (R) Secretary of State James Baker (R) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (R)
  9. This committee is out of order. I motion to adjourn. I yield.
  10. This committee will follow the regular order of the House. A motion has been made. 24 hours are required for a second before the motion is voted upon. You cannot rule it out of order. Nor can you not set a time for debate, a time limit to testify, or an overall timeline for this hearing. I again motion to adjourn.
  11. What is the time frame for this hearing? How long are we going go debate? How long is the witness expected to testify? Those subpoenas are illegal and no one, no one is required to submit any documents for an illegal subpoena. I motion to adjourn this hearing.

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