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  1. Peltier has been a federal inmate for over 41 years Sumter County, Florida: Infamous Native American activist Leonard Peltier is reportedly dying from terminal pancreatic cancer according to prison officials at Coleman Penitentiary in Florida. Peltier is serving two consecutive terms of life imprisonment for first-degree murder in the shooting of two FBI agents during a 1975 conflict on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Peltier became involved in a variety of causes championing Native American civil rights, and eventually joined the American Indian Movement. In the early 1970s, he learned about the factional tensions at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota between supporters of Richard Wilson, elected tribal chairman in 1972, and traditionalist members of the tribe. Wilson had created a private militia, known as the Guardians of the Oglala Nation, whose members were reputed to have attacked political opponents. Protests over a failed impeachment hearing of Wilson contributed to the AIM and Lakota armed takeover of Wounded Knee in February 1973, which resulted in a 71-day siege by federal forces, known as the Wounded Knee incident. On June 26, 1975, Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams of FBI were on the Pine Ridge Reservation searching for a young man named Jimmy Eagle, who was wanted for questioning in connection with the recent assault and robbery of two local ranch hands. Soon after his initial report, Williams radioed into a local dispatch that he and Coler had come under high-powered rifle fire from the occupants of the vehicle and were unable to return fire with their .38 Special revolvers. Williams radioed that they would be killed if reinforcements did not arrive. He next radioed that he was hit. FBI Special Agent Gary Adams was the first to respond to Williams' call for assistance, and he also came under intense gun fire; he was unable to reach Coler and Williams. On December 22, 1975, Peltier was named to the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. Peltier fled to Hinton, Alberta, where he hid in a friend's cabin. On February 6, 1976, he was arrested. In December 1976, he was extradited from Canada based on documents submitted by the FBI that Warren Allmand, Canada's Solicitor General at the time, would later state contained false information. Numerous doubts have been raised over Peltier's guilt and the fairness of his trial, based on allegations and inconsistencies regarding the FBI and prosecution's handling of this case, for example testimony from three witnesses placed Peltier the crime scene. Those three witnesses later recanted, alleging that the FBI, while extracting their testimony, had tied them to chairs, denied them their right to talk to their attorney, and otherwise coerced and threatened them. In recent years, presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama have all denied requests for clemency from Peltier, and while former president Jack Kline reportedly considered granting Peltier clemency he ultimately did not. The Office of the Pardon Attorney has reported they have yet to obtain an official request from Peltier but activists who have campaigned for his release has stated the 73 year old is clearly suffering in the prison environment due to his cancer and that he posed no danger to anyone. However former FBI directors and agents have come out against any clemency for Peltier, with one writing in a Facebook post, that he believed Peltier deserved to die in prison.
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    @BBCBreaking: Farah Pahlavi, the last Empress of Iran has died aged 78 at her home in Potomac, Maryland. @BBCBreaking: Farah was married to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran who was overthrown in 1979 by the Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini. @BBCBreaking: The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement praising her death, calling her a "satanic dog which led Iranians astray with her immoral policies." @BBCBreaking: Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has allegedly warned allied & friendly nations to Iran not to attend the funeral, while reports have indicated the Iranian government is actively lobbying the Egyptian government not to allow Pahlavi's body to be put to rest with the Shah at Al-Rifa'i Mosque.
  3. The following players are officially signed out for inactivity @Rangerboy The following member is given a warning for approaching the edge of activity limits: @Macmillan @Michael @Evan @Jahnson
  4. Avner

    Dutch Savage (I-Illinois)

  5. Michael Fishbein arrives and is put under oath, he waives his right to an opening statement.
  6. Downtown Houston under water this morning Galveston, Texas: In preparation for Hurricane Elizabeth, Texas Governor Rick Perry declared 88 Texas state counties a disaster area in preparation for Hurricane Elizabeth, expected to hit the Texas coast as early as Saturday morning, which included placing 7,500 Texas Military Forces troops on standby. Later, the mandatory evacuation order was extended to the entire island of Galveston, as well as low-lying areas around Houston, Texas. Mandatory evacuations were also ordered for Jefferson, Orange, and Chambers counties located east of Houston. Voluntary evacuations were in effect for Hardin and Tyler as well as Newton and Jasper counties. Residents evacuating ahead of Elizabeth were received by emergency workers in the Dallas/Fort Worth where they were provided a place of refuge, medical treatment, and provisions. More than one million people have been evacuated in advance of Hurricane Elizabeth, but more than 100,000 people did not. The large storm brought high winds across the state, with sustained winds of 189 mph and gusts to 175 mph. The highest storm surge had been noted at Sabine Pass at 27 ft However, Bolivar Peninsula, at the entrance to Galveston Bay, was nearer to the eastern side of the eye. In regional Texas towns, electrical power began failing before 8 p.m. leaving more than 3 million people without power. In addition, grocery store shelves in the Houston area were left empty. Rainfall estimates indicated that 2-day rainfall totals exceeded 20 inches in parts of both northern Harris County and southern Montgomery County, with a multi-county area receiving at least 10 inches of rainfall. Most, if not all the communities previously located on the Bolivar Peninsula, which together with Galveston Island separates Galveston Bay from the Gulf of Mexico, were utterly devastated. An early survey of Galveston Island indicated that the entirety of the Island west of 11 Mile Road was entirely devastated, and that few structures on Galveston's western one-third had survived. Electric power failed in Galveston around 7:45 p.m. Widespread flooding included downtown Galveston such as 6-ft deep inside the Galveston County Courthouse, and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston was flooded. 53 people have died on Galveston Island, 50 of them drowned and three of them were due to natural causes. Many locations in the Houston metropolitan area observed at least 30 in of precipitation, an estimated 25–30 percent of Harris County was submerged. Multiple flash flood emergencies were issued in the Houston area by the National Weather Service. More than 536,000 homes have been affected by Elizabeth throughout the state, including over 120,000 that were destroyed and more than 317,000 that sustained major damage; approximately 99,000 sustained minor damage. Nearly 896 businesses have reportedly been damaged as well. 89 fatalities have been confirmed from flooding in the Houston area.
  7. Nassau, The Bahamas: Thursday morning the long-expected Muriel made landfall over the Bahamas with an immediate punch of 112 mph winds and heavy rain fall, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis had declared a state of emergency on Wednesday and had opened shelters across the islands and asked residents in high risk areas to evacuate but some did not heed the warnings, claiming they had survived other hurricanes. By Thursday morning the hurricane had reached Nassau causing massive electricity outages. Local media have reported that at least 30% of Nassau is under water with flooding washing away houses from their foundations and at least 300 people have been reported missing. As the storm continued to move onto the main land, winds increased to 120 mph, while partially evacuated, towns on the coast of the Bahamas like Andros Town, Staniard Creek, and Nicholls Town had been significantly flooded with heavy damage to Andros Town International Airport. At a press conference Minnis stated at least 90% of the islands had lost electricity and at least 30% of the islands are dealing with flooding, in his statement the prime minister declared rescue operations would commerce right away after photos showed several residents on the roofs of their houses. Only a few hours later, Governor Rick Scott of Florida announced on a televised press conference that he was opening all convention centers and stadiums across Miami and other potential affected areas and has ordered the state to use buses to begin evacuating the elderly from nursing homes and patients at hospitals. A total of 100 members of the Florida National Guard have initially been placed on duty by Governor Scott to assist in preparations, while all 7,000 troops have been required to report for duty. Officials encouraged residents to stock-up on emergency supplies. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for portions of Brevard, Broward, Citrus, Collier, Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Glades, Hendry, Hernando, Indian River, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota, Seminole, St. Lucie, Sumter, and Volusia counties and all of Monroe County. The National Hurricane Center has announced when Muriel hits tomorrow it will be a category 4.
  8. Me watching the bitterness between the DNC and the GOP
  9. Avner


    @C-SPAN: According to a "Senior White House official", President Marc Baudin will be nominating a pro-choice VP.
  10. Avner

    Bill Brink (D-NY)

  11. Avner

    Leave of Absence

    LOA perhaps indefinitely
  12. Avner

    Ironsides Media Network

    Approved, however you will only be able to keep 50% of the funds in your previous player media account.
  13. Mr. President, The following bill has passed in both houses of Congress, and is presented for your signature. /s/ Pete Sessions, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives /s/ Osiris Storm, President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Providing for the Recovery of Hurricane-Damaged States Act
  14. Mr. President, The following bill has passed in both houses of Congress, and is presented for your signature. /s/ Pete Sessions, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives /s/ Osiris Storm, President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Fruit and Veggies Protection Act
  15. Mr. President, The following bill has passed in both houses of Congress, and is presented for your signature. /s/ Pete Sessions, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives /s/ Osiris Storm, President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate Rural Wireless Access Act of 2017
  16. Mr. President, The following bill has passed in both houses of Congress, and is presented for your signature. /s/ Pete Sessions, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives /s/ Osiris Storm, President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate RURAL Broadband Act of 2017
  17. Senate page gives each senator a copy of the autopsy report. Autopsy report
  18. Avner


    @NYTimes: Mr. "X" the whistle-blower on Fort Worth abuse scandal releases autopsy report on inmate 02200-379.
  19. Avner

    July AB Approvals

    The GOP is leading in popular polling concerning this issue, on the prisoner rights issues; that's a debate over which party can spin it better. Can Republicans spin not advancing "prisoner rights but concrete methods to prevent abuse from happening?" Or can Democrats convince voters this abuse scandal is much more than preventing abuse but securing the rights of prisoners. Its up to both parties to decide how they want to spin. I just decide how it works out in the bigger picture.
  20. Avner

    Grayson Kahuhu (R-ID)

  21. Avner

    Grayson Kahuhu (R-ID)

    One more issue, I don't know how a university student with no work experience is immediately elected mayor, like I said earlier occupational history needs to be filled in.
  22. Avner

    Grayson Kahuhu (R-ID)

    Welcome back but I can't approve this bio, 1. What program did you study at BYU and BYU Idaho? The dates provided show you only did three years(not to sure BYU offers three year programs for BAs) and I assume you did a master's with a year? I suggest editing the dates significantly. 2. Being a student is not a job, you will need to significantly alter your occupation history. And also explain how the mayor of two small cities was able to win the governorship. You will not be allowed to say you won the governor's race as a member of the Constitution Party so that needs to be changed as well. 3. There is no class 1 seat in Idaho, please check the senate roster.
  23. Avner

    Did it happen?

    I'd say several GOP-leaning states have begun to move forward with medicaid expansion and that those states that have already are seeing the benefits so yes.

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