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  1. I second the motion, there will be 24 hours. The Chair votes Aye
  2. Madam Speaker, This bill creates competition...it is as simple as that. America was built on competition, why shouldn't the American consumer have the choice to pick from different prescription medications. The minority likes to proclaim that they are not given answers to their questions, even though said questions have been answered several times, but for this bill, the minority offered no reason for opposing this bill and they've yet again offered no real substance to their opposition, it is such a shame. I yield.
  3. Dr. Mason, What affect has the AIDS Prevention and Information Act of 1987 had on stemming the spread of HIV? I yield
  4. There will be a 24 hour vote, The Chair votes Aye
  5. Madam Speaker, I second the PES offered by the majority leader. I yield.
  6. Madam Speaker, I move for unanimous consent. I yield.
  7. Avner


  8. Avner

    Leave of Absence

    I've returned
  9. Avner

    Leave of Absence

    In the hospital with significant breathing problems, couldnt breathe last night. Please do not message me asking me to do stuff rn, Im already in an aggravated mood due to being on an oxygen tank. Storm will be in charge of ways and means until I return.
  10. There will be 24 hours to debate this bill.
  11. Avner


    There will be 24 hours to debate this bill.

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