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  1. Avner

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Teddy King Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: LA Times The Chairman of the RNC states, I should stand aside during this investigation, so why did Congresswoman Williams decide to involve me by sending me an illegal subpoena? Under Wilkinson v. United States, a Congressional committee must meet three requirements for its subpoenas to be "legally sufficient." First, the committee's investigation of the broad subject area must be authorized by its chamber. Seeing as the house rules where never voted on, the hearing was never seconded by another member of committee, Congresswoman Williams submitted an illegal subpoena to me and has involved me in a case that her leadership are now telling me to stay out of.
  2. Avner

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Teddy King Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: LA Times Today I was sent an illegal subpoena by Congresswoman Williams, the house rules where never finalized, the hearing was not started legally under the house rules. I have refused to follow or accept said subpeona until an independent congressional ethics hearing that follows the rules of the house is created.
  3. Avner

    Press Office of Teddy King (CA-13)

    Press Release 02# Speaker King deeply concerned over "Flawed hearing process" Washington, D.C: Speaker Teddy King has expressed his dismay over the role of congressional Republicans in leading an invalid hearing into the allegations of nepotism leveled at both the speaker's brothers, Reggie and Augustus King. The speaker made it clear that the house rules had yet to be even voted on, deeming that the hearing started by Congresswoman Jacky Williams to be invalid, while as ranking member of the committee, Mrs Williams broke various house rules concerning the creation of hearings, even if the rules where adopted by time the hearing started. The speaker called on the hearing to be stopped immediately and for an independent ethics committee that included both democrats and republicans, excluding Congresswoman Williams to be created. "This "hearing" violates house rules to begin with, there was no vote for recommendation to hold said committee/hearing, there was no motion to call witnesses or subjects to testify nor was there a vote to confirm a list of potential subjects. Furthermore the hearing is invalid, as the house rules have yet to be even approved yet. This hearing under house rules would be illegal in both ways. As Congresswoman Williams pontificates about observing the laws of this country, she is holding an illegal hearing right now in Congress. She is holding a hearing with no house rules to govern said hearing and she is operating without authority of the house. I call for an immediate end of this hearing until the house rules are voted on and approved so we can appoint an independent ethics committee to go forward."
  4. Avner

    Vote on Cavalieri 2

    There will be 24 hours to vote
  5. Avner

    Vote on Cavalieri 1

    There will be 24 hours for this vote
  6. The amendments have been recognized and seconded, a vote will be held(Whenever I get permissions to post in the Voting thread)
  7. Avner

    Technical Requests

    And I've just discovered I can't post anything in the Voting thread
  8. Avner

    Technical Requests

    Question, is the IVS system completed yet?
  9. Avner

    Morning Remarks

    A space for general speeches and remarks at the beginning of the House's day with no restrictions on subject matter.
  10. The request for unanimous consent has been made, there will be 24 hours for objections.
  11. There will be 48 hours to debate this resolution.
  12. "I don't know how they do things in Compton" Reggie=LA Augustus=LA Teddy= Oakland

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