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  1. Fisher

    July AB Approvals

    Thank you for your feedback. Your recommendation actually is our policy. I try and will continue to release ARs on the same day. The four day delay was the result of an unfortunate real life accident where I sprained my back and required medical attention for several days. Also unfortunate, I must not have articulated and explained that reality well enough to you when I answered your several inquiries over TG as to when the approvals would be released. Rest assured, I don’t anticipate any severe rhomboid sprains interfering with the release of approvals in the future and expect ARs will be released uniformly or in quick succession in the future.
  2. Fisher

    Approval Ratings

    Approval Ratings, Republicans (PM me if I overlooked your character) Diego Zamora (Republican - New Mexico) Approval: 51% Disapproval: 40% Undecided: 9% Analysis: When you’re a Republican in a blue-state, what do you have to do to remain relevant? Strike deals and appear reasonable. And Senator Zamora has clearly distinguished himself capable of working with even the most liberal of Senators (Osiris Storm. While he is no longer Senate Majority Leader, Zamora’s stature and respect in his homestate has in fact elevated thanks to his new freedom to negotiate and work across the aisle. George Maynard (Republican - North Dakota) Approval: 54% Disapproval: 39% Undecided: 7% Analysis: Republicans love him, Democrats hate him. Whether it be his bold unabashed defense of North Dakota's fossil fuel industry or his ridicule of the SCOTUS decision to legalize same-sex marriage, George Maynard has clearly made himself into the most prominent conservative right now in the Republican caucus. What's more though, he is catering well to his constituency. The Keystone Pipeline bill is important and well liked by North Dakota voters. However, he does need to do a better job with his press office or it may negatively affect turnout and enthusiasm come the midterms. And it wasn't too long ago that North Dakota, at least in midterm elections, was a blue state. John Saunders (Republican - Texas) Approval: 51% Disapproval: 43% Undecided: 6% Analysis: Saunders is winning over the right wing demographic of Texas politics with ease. However, his popularity among moderates and even some center-right Republicans has slid a bit in light of perceived partisanship. In light of shifting demographics in Texas, it would help Saunders to reach across the aisle once or twice to help keep the more moderate Republicans in his camp. That’s all he really needs to do to guarantee reelection in a state like Texas that remains a red bastion. Grayson Kahuhu (Republican - Idaho) Approval: 49% Disapproval: 32% Undecided: 19% Analysis: Kahuhu has proposed many highly noncontroversial bills. While this definitely establishes goodwill, it does not ultimately shift the heavy chips on the table in your favor. The Senator did propose a bill banning abortion in the second trimester. These are the types of bills that will appeal to the highly important conservative base in Idaho. Kahuhu should make use of the luxury of being able to be boldly conservative, something other Republicans in bluer states like New Mexico can’t quite do. Rick Prescott (Republican - New Hampshire) Approval: 47% Disapproval: 43% Undecided: 10% Analysis: Senator Prescott is a promising young politician, but he needs to keep his voting record updated. Overall, the people of New Hampshire are pleased for the most part with his voting patterns, but do wish he could follow more in the mold of Senator Zamora in delivering on bipartisan legislation designed to better cater to their needs. Overall, a good start.
  3. Fisher

    Approval Ratings

    Democratic Approvals, Q4, 2017 Osiris Storm (Democrat - New York) Approval: 54% Disapproval: 40% Undecided: 6% Analysis: Osiris Storm has emerged as the definitive face of numerous factions of the Democratic Party. African-Americans, Latinos, young people, and the progressive activists base of the Democratic Party are all falling in love with the New York Senator. Perhaps most surprising of all, however, is he has demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle to strike and pass bipartisan deals to overhaul the education system and drug laws. However, He has made many enemies already among the Blue Dogs and he has not been without controversy when wielding a gavel. Overall, though, Senator Osiris Storm is quickly positioning himself as one of the major faces of progressive politics for years to come. Kamaka Nikolao (Democrat - Hawaii) Approval: 50% Disapproval: 34% Undecided: 16% Analysis: Nikolao has distinguished himself as a reliable presence for the Democrats and progressives on Capitol Hill. While he lacks the public notoriety of Senator Osiris Storm, he has quietly been able to make forays into key demographics such as minorities. He is representing his state well while also proposing legislation to help clean up the culture of corruption in Washington D.C. HHe is a less controversial progressive than Storm and is undoubtedly positioning himself well as a surrogate and potential party leader for 2018 and 2020. Jackson Clay (Democrat - Indiana) Approval: 50% Disapproval: 43% Undecided: 7% Analysis: Jackson Clay is now, without the question, the most powerful Blue Dog in D.C. With Marc Baudin's nomination barely scrapping by to become vice president, it now leaves the Indiana Senator as the main and lone voice of the moderate Democrats. Senate Minority Leader Clay has voted in line with the party's interests and kept his own position safe. While Indiana remains a right leaning state, they are impressed and cautiously satisfied with Senator Clay for the time being.
  4. Fisher

    Approval Ratings

    NATIONAL APPROVAL RATINGS Presidential Approval Ratings, 4Q 2017 President Harrison LeClavers (Democrat- Wisconsin), Approval: 39% (-5%) Disapproval: 53% (+6%) Undecided: 8% (-1%) Analysis: The LeClavers Administration is not sunk. It is not in a unrecoverable position. But while the administration's handling of the hurricanes down south was effective, the divisions within the party and prolonged spurts of inactivity have dragged President LeClaver's numbers below 40%. Furthermore, the nomination of Marc Baudin and the bombing of Syrian military bases have received negative reactions from the progressive wing of activists and voters in the Democratic Party. President LeClavers can bounce back. But this may be the crossroads or tipping point that determines the direction of his approvals for the next few years. Will he adapt and adjust his strategy to resurrect his numbers like Reagan in 1986, Clinton in 1994, or Nixon in 1971? Or will he become a premature lame-duck like George W. Bush in 2005? Regardless, his approvals will play a major role in the upcoming midterms and likely carry ramifications down the ballot for Democrats in both 2018 and 2020. QUOTABLES: "Finally, President LeClavers is showing some signs of a backbone by bombing the Syrian government and nominating a somewhat respectable man for the vice presidency in Marc Baudin. But let's see how long it takes for him to cave to the far-left socialists within his party," - Sean Hannity, Fox News "Crazy Harrry is bombing Syria to distract from the fact his poll numbers are falling off a cliff. Mark my words, my listeners, this will not bode well for the left in 2018. I, the great El Rushbo, prophecy that this president is going to cost the Democrats the Senate in 2018 and will sink them in 2020. Keep up the good work, sir." - Rush Limbaugh, EIB Network "The president does need to get more active, but I am still on board in light of the fact he's appointed a compromise candidate in Marc Baudin, taken a firm stand against the Assad regime, and worked to help the ailing citizens suffering from disaster both here and abroad. He's given us good leadership in crisis. I just hope and expect he can apply that same leadership to everyday." - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC "I haven't given up on him yet, but what the hell? You're caving to a bunch of Democratic turncoats with the Blue Dogs by appointing Marc Baudin? And now you're puling a Dubya by bombing Arab countries? Harrison LeClavers is an inspiring man, but I'm tired of him bending his knee to the feckless cowards who parade about as Blue Dogs." -Keith Olbermann, The Resistance Generic Congressional Ballot, Q2 2017 Republicans: 41% (-2%) Democrats: 37% (-3%) Undecided: 22 (+5%) Analysis: Had it not been for the country's negative reaction to perceived partisanship from the Republican Party, the Democrats might already be in "shellacking" territory. The Republican Party has so far missed the opportunity to contrast themselves with the Democrats whose Blue Dog-Progressive split is now bordering on a civil war. "I don't think it's necessary to name any specific individuals, but it's beyond apparent Republicans came up short when it comes to portraying themselves as effective leaders and uniters on Capitol Hill," said Johnny Bailey, Pennsylvania Avenue Journal correspondent. The Democrats meanwhile seemed hell bent on sinking their own ship until recently. With the V.P. nomination up for a vote and the party split on Marc Baudin, it is beyond evident that the emergence of the Blue Dog Democrats has been met with an angry mass of progressives who are not that fond of the more moderate influence on the party's politics. The Democrats must find a balance between the traditional liberal supporters and the new Blue Dogs or the new "Blue South" dream that began in 2016 may very well be a fleeting moment.
  5. Fisher

    New York Times

    U.S. Strikes Syria LeClavers Orders Airstrikes against Assad Regime NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- President Harrison LeClavers announced the United States has launched airstrikes against the Syrian government and the Assad regime. In a nationally televised address in the aftermath of reports of explosions at several Syrian military bases, LeClavers declared the U.S. would be increasing its intervention and efforts in the conflict. “The United States has long been involved in the fight in Syria against ISIS, and similar groups. However, we cannot win that fight without addressing the real cause- the instability caused by Bashar Al-Assad remaining in power. He must be shown the door,” said LeClavers. According to sources in the Pentagon, more than a dozen military bases, primarily airfields, were targeted in the airstrikes. The strikes targeted aircraft hangers, runways, radar installations, and Syrian air force personnel. Early reports indicate significant damage was inflicted on the Assad regime’s air force capacity and ability to wage war from the skies. “Numerous hangers were smoked,” said one high-ranking member in the Defense Department. “And several runways smoked. The threat from the air is far from eliminated, but it’s more than fair to say this was a significant blow against the Assad regime.” International reaction to the airstrikes has been mixed. British Prime Minister Theresa May lauded the airstrikes, declaring it to be “a clear message from the free world that people of Syria deserve a choice in their future going forward.” However, while other NATO allies including France and Germany also voiced their support for the airstrikes, the beleaguered Turkish government announced its opposition to the strikes. “These attacks were a dangerous, illegal, and highly destabilizing move by the United States,” declared Turkish President Recep Erdogan. But perhaps most vocal of all was President Vladimir of Russia. “The Russian Federation condemns these attacks on the sovereign state of Syria. There must be severe repercussions on the United States for once again violating international law by waging war in the middle east.” According to public polling, Americans have been divided on intervening in Syria for some time. 39% support the airstrikes while 45% oppose the decision by the LeClavers Administration to intervene with Republicans generally favoring intervention with Democrats opposing. How much that will change in the coming days is yet to be seen as the world reacts to these new developments.
  6. Fisher


    @NYTimes: "President LeClavers address: Assad 'must be shown the door'" @NYTimes: "POTUS announces air strikes against Syrian govt."
  7. Fisher

    The Washington Post

    Democrats Rally in Ohio Rare Show of Party Unity for Healthcare Reform CLEVELAND, OH -- Senate Democrats turned out in Cleveland, Ohio, to push their new healthcare proposal “MediChoice.” After weeks of party infighting over the vice presidential nomination, reproductive rights, and the direction the caucus, an array of top level Democrats spoke at the Forest City. Among notable speakers were Ohio’s own senator and vice presidential nominee Marc Baudin, U.S. Senator Jackson Clay of Indiana, and U.S. Senator Osiris Storm of New York. All three emphasized the party’s new proposal to expand Medicaid and Medicare. Despite being a decidedly liberal proposal, both Baudin and Clay, prominent Blue-Dogs, rallied to praise and push for their agenda. “Health care is a right. It is a human right,” declared Baudin. “With the continued prosperity of a further globalized and capitalistic society, the government finds itself with the responsibility to provide for care.” Senator Clay addressed the concerns of his fellow Blue-Dogs head-on. "There are many out there who are saying, ‘Jackson, isn't it dangerous for you to come out with a policy like this when you're running for re-election in a traditionally conservative state like Indiana. To them I say, I'm doing it because it's right, I'm doing it because everyone in this country deserves health care and because this bill just might get us there.” Senator Storm, meanwhile, played a more pragmatic card while maintaining an uplifting pitch to his liberal base. “We believe that all Americans should be guaranteed an affordable and quality healthcare system that meets their everyday needs. With the Democrat-proposed “MediChoice” Healthcare Reform, we believe in putting everyday Americans back in control of what matters most, You. With MediChoice, we will continue to build upon our promise of building a healthcare system that works for all Americans no matter who they are.” While the rally undoubtedly helped raise awareness and increase support for the proposal, most pundits agree the appearance felt awkward. With Senator Storm’s opposition to Senator Baudin’s confirmation as vice president looming over the event, as well as the surprising Blue-Dog support of such a progressive proposal, many analysts agree the overall event felt staged and a bit forced. “It’s a good sign that perhaps the party is coalescing around common policy goals, but the clear and evident divisions within the Democrats still made this whole thing feel a bit strange,” said pundit Ken DuBois, political analyst. “It’s a step forward. Shaky, strange, but a step forward.”
  8. Fisher


    @BBCBreaking: "Reports coming out of Syria of multiple airstrikes against major air bases under control of the Assad regime."
  9. Fisher


    @BBCBreaking: "Explosions reported at military bases in Syria. #Developing"
  10. Fisher


    @NYTimes: “Reports emerging of mass arrests of Kurds in Turkey. #Developing”
  11. Fisher

    Administrative Announcements

    Everyone, make sure your voting records, press offices, and side pieces are taken care of and updated. Working on ARs tonight.
  12. Fisher


    @BBCBreaking: "Authorities in Istanbul have arrested four alleged members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party for involvement in today's attacks. #IstanbulAttacks"
  13. 49 Dead in Istanbul Terror Attack Explosions at Airport, Taksim Square, & Park ISTANBUL -- Turkey was hit with a devastating terrorist attack yesterday morning as three explosions ripped through different areas of Istanbul. At 6:05 PM, local time, a bomb went off at the international terminal at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Exploding at the main hall for check-ins, the bomb killed forty-one travelers including three Americans. Sixty were rushed to the hospital from the airport. Then, just fifteen minutes later, Taksim Square was struck as a bomb detonated in the back of a parked Toyota Camry, killing seven more and hospitalizing dozens. A third explosion occurred at Macka Democracy Park with no casualties but four people sustaining injuries. A fourth potential explosion may have been averted when police were alerted to a suspicious package. Authorities promptly evacuated three downtown blocks so a bombsquad could address and take care of the situation. All flights out of Istanbul were cancelled and planes already airborne were immediately grounded. The NIO (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) has investigated numerous leads and is reporting that progress has been made in discovering the culprits. A source has reported that three pieces of luggage have been seized from the airport and eyewitnesses report there was an NIO raid on an apartment in Istanbul this afternoon. More on this story as information comes in.
  14. Fisher


    @AP: "Authorities in Istanbul have evacuated three blocks downtown after finding a suspicious container on sidewalk. #Developing" @AP: "Turkish fighter jets reportedly spotted over Sanliurfa in southeastern region of country."
  15. Fisher


    @BBCBreaking: "BREAKING: Third explosion reported in Macka Democracy Park near BJK Vodafone soccer stadium. #IstanbulAttacks" 12:12, October 4, 2017 @BBCBreaking: "BREAKING: President Recep Erdogan declares a state of emergency in Turkey." 12:54 October 4, 2017

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