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  2. @MissAmelia: Mom. Wife. U.S. Senator. Gophers fan. In that order. Love my state and my country!
  3. Press Office of Senator Amelia Beyer DFLer of Minnesota Press Secretary: Melinda Petty
  4. Senator Amelia B. Beyer Democrat from Minnesota General Information Name: Amelia Bethany Beyer DOB: April 9, 1974 Place of Birth: Hibbing, MN Place of Residence: Duluth, MN Religious Affiliation: Lutheran Political Party/Seat: Democratic-Farmer-Labor/Minnesota's 2nd Class Educational Information B.A. in Social Work, University of Minnesota-Duluth (1995) M.A. in Public Policy, University of Minnesota-Duluth (1997) Ph.D. in Social Work, University of Minnesota (2000) Occupational Information Intern, Senator Paul Wellstone (1994-1995) Legislative Assistant, Senator Paul Wellstone (1995-1996) Social Worker (1996-2004) Duluth City Councilor (2004-2007) St. Louis County Commissioner (2007-2013) U.S. Congresswoman for Minnesota's 8th District (2013-2015) U.S. Senator for Minnesota (2015-) Family Information Husband, Mark Earnhardt (1971-) Son, Anthony Earnhardt (2001-) Son, Huey Earnhardt (2004-) Amelia is a Subaru-driving, granola-eating Minnesota liberal. Her election to the United States Senate came in the aftermath of former Senator Al Franken's unexpected retirement, in which she was able to defeat businessman Mike McFadden by a margin of seven points.
  5. @SandraBarnettMS: These recent events underscore how important it is that we secure our border and reform our immigration system.
  6. Owner: Thaddeus Andrew Marshall III Media Organization: The American Journal Type of Media: Magazine (South Atlantic) The American Journal is a conservative-leaning publication established by prominent South Carolina Republican Thaddeus Marshall III. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Thaddeus Andrew Marshall III DOB: April 9, 1958 Place of Birth: Athens, Georgia Place of Residence: Charleston, South Carolina Religion: Southern Baptist Political Affiliation: Republican Educational History B.A. in English, University of South Carolina M.A. in History, University of Alabama Occupational History President, College Republicans of South Carolina (1978-1979) Intern, Charleston Post & Courier (1978-1980) Legislative Intern, Strom Thurmond (1980-1981) Field Coordinator, South Carolina Republican Party (1981-1984) Deputy Chief of Staff, South Carolina Republican Party (1984-1986) Chief of Staff, South Carolina Republican Party (1986-1990) Deputy Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party (1990-1998) Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party (1998-2004) Fox News Contributor (2004-) Fellow, Heritage Institute (2004-2011) Owner and Editor-in-Chief, The American Journal (2011-)
  7. Ms. BARNETT, for herself and others, offers: A BILL To repeal the Environmental Protection Agency's Renewable Fuel Standard. SEC. 1. FINDINGS. Congress finds the following: (1) Contrary to its marketing as a cleaner alternative to traditional fuel sources, components of the Renewable Fuel Standard such as corn-based ethanol are detrimental to ecosystems and provide little to no beneficial improvement in carbon emissions over traditional sources. (2) The Renewable Fuel Standard distorts key sectors of the American economy, such as corn and soy production, leading to price increases that harm American families. (3) The Renewable Fuel Standard places American consumers at a disadvantage, primarily benefiting large agricultural companies over everyday Americans at the pump. SEC. 2. REPEAL OF RENEWABLE FUEL STANDARD. Section 211(o) of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7545(o)) is repealed.
  8. Mr. President, Indeed, the time for Congress to make the "tough choices" is now. But as we have seen time and time again over the last several years, as soon as it comes time to piece together a budget, the desire of folks in Washington to make these choices is severely depleted. This amendment prevents Congress from kicking the can down the road any longer. I understand that for some of my friends on the other side of the aisle, the word "cut" alone sends a shiver down their spine. But balancing our federal budget need not come in the form of "butchering" essential government services. Tackling government waste, making federal agencies and bureaucracies more efficient and effective, and growing our economy in a meaningful way, are all ways in which we are able to "cut spending." We have the power, and we have the know-how. I agree with my colleagues: all we have to do now is make the tough choices. The first one is right in front of us. It's as simple as this: our federal government should spend no more than it takes in. Enough with the scare-mongering -- the futures of our children and grandchildren are at stake. Let's pass this amendment and do what we know to be right. I yield.
  9. Mr. Chair, This legislation seeks to reform our criminal justice system in a way that is fair, ethical, and consistent with the principles that ground us as a free and civil society. Across the United States of America, millions of citizens have had their right to vote, a right that is precious and fundamental to who we are as a nation, stripped from them due to having once been convicted of a felony. And while institutional discrimination in our criminal justice system is a serious issue that demands far greater attention and action than can be provided with this bill alone, this status quo of felon disenfranchisement prevents one in every thirteen African-Americans from being able to participate in our democracy and contribute to the national conversation on how to best move our country forward. This bill would alleviate that. The best thing we can do to rehabilitate ex-convicts and reintroduce them into daily life and society is to treat them as they are: citizens of this country. Citizens whose mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, shed blood, sweat, and many, many tears in order to secure the right to participate in our democracy for all people. By passing this legislation, we will be honoring their tireless efforts and taking a step forward in the struggle to ensure a criminal justice system that is, in fact, just. I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this effort. I yield.
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