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    Madison Carelia Vincent (D-AL-3)

    Welcome and approved!
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    Administrative Announcements

    Some important things: I have gotten a few concerns from y'all about the article I put out about the nepotism debacle, so I wanted to clarify a few things. This was not a win for either party, and the hearing was not retconned. Accusations of nepotism can still be thrown about and the Administrative Board will factor in all circumstances and all actions when it comes to ARs. We have also not forgotten about the Seymour letter. As stands, the Democrats will not be hit for the resignation of the Speaker, but that does not retcon the original election. The original election did happen, and Democrats will take a small, but not unrecoverable hit for that. Let this be a warning that from here on out, the realism of party breakdown will be considered and watched by the Administrative Board. As for technical issues, if you are still experiencing them, PM me and I will fix them tonight. I apologize for my slowness on this issue. I am in the midst of my first set of exams and will be back to a respectable level of presence by Monday.
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    Karen Boxer (D-TX-18)

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    Leave of Absence

    Should be back to full activity as of now.
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    Administrative Announcements

    I want to address the issue with the Nepotism hearings and the rationale of the AB in response to the process. The hearings were pursued essentially like a witch hunt, which was realistically neither called for nor appropriate. The AB is doing it's best to simulate realism and the conduct of the hearing was... not realistic. I apologize that we did not address this sooner.
  6. Bipartisan Call For End of Committee as Public Fails to React to Nepotism Charges Former Speaker of the House and Representative from Massachusetts, Tip O’Neill has questioned House Leadership’s decision to proceed with a hearing regarding the allegations of nepotism. Former House Minority Leader, Republican Robert H. Michel has echoed these calls. “A severe misplacement of parliamentary priorities,” O’Neill, who retired last year, called the investigation. Many other Americans, have had similar thoughts, and many care little about the nepotism charges at this stage of the process, something largely attributed to what has been called the “political showboating” of Congresswoman Jacky Williams. Congresswoman Williams, who has led the Committee on Standard of Conduct pertaining to nepotism charges against the Kings has been widely criticized as in the Beltway Insider for her handling of the hearings, a sentiment which has been picked up by the American public. “She’s acting like a dictator,” George Washington Professor of Public Policy, Dr. Max Baudin, said. “This level of vitriol and complete lack of decorum make the entire process seem more like Representative Williams is pursuing a vendetta.” Most Democrats reportedly care more about the Democratic Party’s shift to the left, than charges of Nepotism, while less than half of Republicans are happy with the conduct of Jacky Williams. Many find themselves upset over what they call “meaningless problems,” while pundits are scratching their heads on how the situation got this far. Republicans have not endeared themselves on the nepotism issue, and many would rather they focus their efforts elsewhere. Democrats are not out of trouble yet, as the perceived leftward slant of the party has left many dissatisfied, and many Republicans are looking to capitalize on that satisfaction.
  7. Democrats Divided Over Progressive Takeover In Party Washington - Democrats across the country, as well as 208 Congressman in the House turn heads as in a surprising move attributed to the complete disarray within the Establishment Caucus, members of the Party’s Progressive Faction swept leadership elections, angering the larger conservative factions, as well as Republicans. Representative Dr. Teddy King and his brother Representative Augustus King both ascended to the leadership. Progressives representing California’s Thirteenth and Forty-Fourth District respectively, The Kings are ardent Civil Rights Democrats, coming directly into conflict with the Boll Weevils faction of the party. This conflict came to the forefront when Democrats rallied behind South Carolina Representative Douglas Seymour for Majority Whip in an attempt to balance the effect of the Progressive leadership, but successful whipping by the Kings ensured that another Progressive, Thomas Blackstone (D-MA-2), was elected to the position. While a major coup for the progressive faction, the recent leadership elections have been viewed with anger by the Boll Weevils and a few New Democrats. Progressives make up thirty seats in the House. The Boll Weevils and New Democrats represent Forty and Sixty-five seats respectively. “In no world should this have been possible,” one anonymous source from the Establishment faction of the Party said. “Progressives represent fifteen percent of the House Caucus and many are wondering how they will be adequately represented by the Party left. Boll Weevils, in particular, are stirring not so much at their own lack of presence in leadership, but what they perceive as being left behind by the surprising ascension of the Progressive faction. While Democrats internally are divided, Republican cries are being heard with the conservative base coalescing around Minority Leader Paul Cavalieri in what they view as a hardline takeover of the Democratic Party. Democrats will have to do a great deal to show the American people that they are in fact, representing the whole of the party, and reunite what is not a disincentivized base.
  8. Baudin

    Leave of Absence

    Should’ve posted this sooner, but I’m on Limited activity until Rush is over
  9. Baudin

    Pre-1987 News Articles

    1982 - Gorbachev Elected To Succeed Leonid Brezhnev At 51, Mikhail Gorbachev becomes the 4th General Secretary and youngest leader of the Soviet Union. On November 10, 1982, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev passed away, ending an eighteen year period at the helm of the USSR. Reports indicated that the Politburo was divided over his successor, with two factions forming around Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko. Andropov, a former Ambassador to Hungary and Chair of the KGB is largely an unknown quantity for the West, although many are apprehensive due to his reputation as the Butcher of Budapest and his role in Soviet Intelligence. Soon after a Third candidate emerged with Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev was widely considered Andropov's man, and his youth appealed to the leaders of the party. After three weeks since the death of Leonid Brezhnev, Communist Party Leaders elected Mikhail Gorbachev to take the helm of the Party, and with it, their hopes of continuing the Communist Ideology. Gorbachev has been noted as an up and comer by Western pundits, but his accession to the leadership was largely a surprise, attributed to the inability to make a decision between the aged Andropov and Chernenko. Immediately, Gorbachev has initiated economic reforms based upon the Chinese Economic reforms of 1978 begun by Deng Xiaoping, calling it 'socialism with Soviet characteristics.' Such reforms involved the decollectivization of agriculture, similarly to Deng's policies, and forced workers to sell a certain percentage of shares to the government. While similar to China, Gorbachev kept a greater control with the Communist Party so as not to completely alienate hardliners. Gorbachev also ensured increased cooperation with private citizens and state-owned industries similarly to the Chinese model and ensured that these reforms were enacted in all the Soviet Satellite states as well. As the Soviet economy began to grow, internal support among the satellite states began to grow, and Communist hardliners who were wary of the reforms were satisfied with the flow of wealth coming into the country and the support for Communism internally.
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    The American Monarchy

    Alright, Holson, give it a whirl.
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    The American Monarchy

    Would anyone be interested in continuing this?
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    Official Reset 2 Avatar Thread

    Archibald Cox
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    Executive Orders

    Presidential Pardons By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I pardon John Saunders of Texas from being an annoyance to the White House. 
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    What now?

    I’m not campaigning any further.

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