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  1. Baudin

    Press Office of Dr. Al Baudin

    Press Entry 005: Speaker Baudin Endorses White, Confident of Democratic House Victories After Apparent Connecticut Senate Flip Washington DC - After a hotly contested Primary, Speaker of the House and Congressman from Maine's Second District, Dr. Al Baudin has announced he is proud to rally behind the Democratic Nominee, Florida Congressman, John White. "What a race!" the Speaker said to the Press outside his Office in Capitol Hill. "I just got off the phone with Congressman White to congratulate him on his victory. Both he and Congressman Seymour ran great campaigns, and we are lucky we got the chance to see them debate the issues that are important to Americans, such as the failing Reagan Economic policies that are uprooting stability across the country. Never before has it been so necessary to put a Democrat in the White House so we can reverse trickle down, and represent 100% of America, not merely one." When asked about the upcoming Congressional Elections, Speaker Baudin expressed his confidence that Democrats would hold Congress, citing the excellent caliber of leadership in the House, and early Democratic surges in major Senate races. In the top five Senate races of the cycle, Democrats are ahead in four of them, California, Connecticut, Montana, and Mississippi. Democrats have already been projected to win Connecticut, a major pick-up that will surely influence House races in the area. Speaker Baudin also touted House Democrat's diligence in debating legislation that truly matters to the American people on a wide array of topics from a fair minimum wage to workers rights legislation. Recently, the House passed legislation that would make the upcoming Presidential Elections more transparent and accountable.
  2. The 100th Congress AYE Rural Health Improvement Act of 1987 The Real Right to Work Act Employee Rights Protection Act of 1987 Fair Minimum Wage Act of 1987 Forcing American Integrity by Regulating Elections Act of 1987 Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act
  3. Baudin

    Rural Health Improvement Act of 1987

    Debate has passed and the House will now proceed to a vote on this legislation, here.
  4. 24 hour vote on the Rural Health Improvement Act of 1987
  5. Baudin

    The Real Right to Work Act

    Debate on this legislation has ended and the House will now proceed to a final vote, here.
  6. 24 hours to vote on The Real Right To Work Act
  7. 24 hour vote on the Employee Rights Protection Act of 1987
  8. Baudin

    Employee Rights Protection Act of 1987

    The motion is out of order as the second was made with less then 24 hours remaining in debate. The House will now proceed to a final vote on this legislation.
  9. Baudin

    Family Leave Tax Credit Act

    This act passes by Unanimous Consent.
  10. Baudin

    The Real Right to Work Act

    Hands the gavel to the Designated Speaker Pro Tempore, Mr. Steny Hoyer Mr. Speaker, The rights of our workers are paramount, and without support for those that make our businesses run, can we really consider ourselves pro-business, and by extension, pro-Capitalist, pro-Democratic, pro-American, if we do not support them? Time and time again, my friends on the other side of the aisle have been quick to say that they are the party of business, but their opposition to this legislation is just further proof that they are all talk, with very little action to follow it up. It is now time, to put our words into actions. The Majority Party is ready to defend the people that make our businesses run. I challenge my friends on the other side of the aisle to show their support not only for business but for the American people who make up business and industry that supports the American Democracy. I yield The gavel is taken back from the designated Speaker pro tempore, Mr. Hoyer.
  11. Baudin

    Employee Rights Protection Act of 1987

    Motion for unanimous consent has been made and subsequently objected to. Debate continues.

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