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  1. Let me say, I know that Anderson has been less than wonderful over the past few months. However, in my many years of polisimming, he is without a doubt the best CA I have ever played under. He came up with the activity points style of campaigning, and made many other positive changes to the game. If I had any doubt that he would not be the type of Owner that he was as CA, I would not have joined an ownership team with him. I ask that you give him a fair shake, and I’m sure he will exceed your expectations.
  2. I can guarantee that you won’t be punished by him, because this new ownership group has and will continue to make it clear that you are welcome and appreciated. Any punishments will need the votes of the other ownership, and I am very certain Ed nor I will ever vote in favor of punishing you unless it is warranted by some actions you make in the future. As far as I am concerned, everything before this point is of no use to us now, and we need to band together as a community to keep the game alive.
  3. Those who have complaints will be allowed to bring them to us. We're planning to discuss this whole situation with Fitz, and we'd love to have player input when we do that, so please send us your thoughts, and make sure to back up any claims with hard evidence.
  4. We all know this has been a crazy day, and that things have gotten complicated. Because we're trying something different with this triumvirate of sorts, we know that there are a lot of questions on the minds of the userbase. As long as they are respectful, we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask in this thread, or privately if you wish.
  5. Alright, the states that will be up for grabs in 2020 are New Mexico (Bluto), New Jersey (Rangerboy), North Carolina (Russ), Rhode Island (Batman), and Michigan (Open). Sign-ups are open, so make sure to start getting a bio together.
  6. Name: Party: State: Link to Announcement:
  7. The Senate Rules have been posted. Calendar and States up for grabs will be announced later today. We've also decided that House Elections are going to be determined from a combination of Presidential Election margin, Senate margin, House Leadership AR's, and the grades of a platform posted by each party. Each Party will be expected to post a platform of at least 10 planks by April 30th. That is all that is required for House Elections, so make sure you put it some effort!
  8. The Basics Starting Your Race Fundraising Hours System of Campaigning Infrastructure Advertisements Penalties
  9. Arroyo Wins Big, GOP Splits Republicans Iowa Cassius McKnight 46.1% 14 delegates Florian Wood 45.6% 13 delegates Abigail Baxter 8.3% 3 delegates New Hampshire Florian Wood 58.7% 13 delegates Cassius McKnight 35.5% 9 delegates Abigail Baxter 5.8% 1 delegate Delegate Totals: Cassius McKnight: 23 delegates Florian Wood: 26 delegates Abigail Baxter: 4 delegates With Iowa and New Hampshire out of the way, there are clearly two tiers of candidates forming in the Republican field. On top, Florian Wood and Cassius McKnight, battling for first, with Abigail Baxter far behind, playing spoiler. One has to wonder whether she is staying in the race just to push it to a contested convention, but for the time being, she is mainly denying either candidate a majority. These first two primaries were two very different affairs, with one being a nail-biter, and the other being a rout. Cassius McKnight certainly chose the riskiest strategy, putting all of his chips on Iowa and completely skipping the New Hampshire primary. Florian Wood, on the other hand, spread his speeches and funds out. Wood’s efforts in New Hampshire are the reason he is ahead in delegates right now, but he has to be a little concerned about McKnight’s ability to outrun the polls by 9 points. The quality of McKnight’s events could use a little bit of work, and he should maybe look for better policy points than his tax choice act, which many voters saw as gimmicky. In spite of this, his focus on agricultural issues, and just the amount of time he spent in Iowa is what won the day for him. Wood’s events were much better quality, but he spread himself just a bit too thin to win both of the states up for grabs. Wood also painted himself into a bit of a corner with his appeals to the far-right, so he may want to avoid delving into conspiracy theories too much in future primaries. As for the next few primaries, Nevada and South Carolina, Florian Wood will carry an early lead in, considering that South Carolina is his home state, but Nevada remains relatively close. One thing to keep an eye out for is the improvement in the quality of Baxter’s events, which could lead to her tipping the scales for either of the two candidates. Polling Nevada Florian Wood 35% Cassius McKnight 31% Abigail Baxter 10% Undecided 24% South Carolina Florian Wood 40% Cassius McKnight 33% Abigail Baxter 12% Undecided 15% Democrats Iowa Democratic Caucus Martin Arroyo 54.7% 24 Delegates Catherine Williams 45.3% 20 Delegates New Hampshire Democratic Primary Martin Arroyo 50.8%, 12 Delegates Catherine Williams 49.2%, 12 Delegates Delegates Totals: Martin Arroyo 36 delegates Catherine Williams 32 delegates In Iowa, the results were not too surprising. Caucuses naturally tend to attract those who are more politically engaged and passionate about their candidates, and when the many universities in Iowa it often tends to have a younger appeal which were all factors that played into Martin Arroyo's favor as was the ever-growing hispanic population in Iowa. His messaging focused largely on left-of-center populist ideals and appeals to the blue collar played very well here and he invested a lot more into infrastructure, talking points and advertising (with a fairly well received, if a bit bland, television ad that really helped seal the deal) than Catherine Williams whose stump speech was criticized as being messy and seeming to throw stuff at the wall to see what would stick and having too many vague or half-developed ideas instead of focusing directly on the key and better developed principles of her campaign. The poorly constructed surrogate speech by Senator Torkin in both Iowa and NH was very low-rated and had zero positive effect for Williams if not a bit of a negative one. In New Hampshire, both campaigns seemed to struggle some with messaging, with Catherine Williams giving the same core speech she did in Iowa (see above commentary) and choosing not to invest in advertising and only a fraction of the spending on infrastructure as Martin Arroyo did. Arroyo did a couple of speeches here with a surrogate that got mixed reviews because while fairly well constructed, they dedicated too much of the speech to Mrs. Williams and large portions were dedicated to concepts such as federal regulations that are not generally well liked in the Live Free or Die state but did resonate quite a bit with younger voters. While Williams had an early lead and nearly did enough to hang onto it, the more efforts and slightly higher rated quality of those efforts by Arroyo were enough to just barely put him over the edge. Nevada Polling Martin Arroyo 44% Catherine Williams 38% Undecided: 18% Analysis: Martin Arroyo's natural base with Hispanic voters gives him the clear early lead with Nevada along with walking away from a rare IA-NH sweet with the Big 'Mo, but Catherine Williams and her more moderate streak on certain issues like economic policy would be a natural fit with a lot of Nevada Caucus goers so we a concerted effort she could certainly make up the gap. South Carolina Polling Catherine Williams 44% Martin Arroyo 43% Unsure: 12% Analysis: Catherine Williams has put more early efforts into the state, and she has had an edge among the African-American voters who make up a significant portion of South Carolina Democrats due to her frequent outspokenness in the Senate on issues related to them and their natural tendency to lean more towards "mainstream" candidates though Arroyo certainly attracts a fair cross-section of most groups and the "Big Mo" from the IA-NH wins has helped him close to well within the Margin of Error here.
  10. Polling Update Through 3/31 Republicans National Florian Wood 22% Cassius McKnight 14% Abigail Baxter 10% Rutherford Kong 3% Undecided Iowa Florian Wood 26% Cassius McKnight 18% Abigail Baxter 15% Rutherford Kong 2% NH Florian Wood 24% Cassius McKnight 16% Abigail Baxter 15% Rutherford Kong 4% SC Florian Wood 20% Abigail Baxter 17% Cassius McKnight 13% Rutherford Kong 3% When little-known South Carolina Senator Florian Wood showed up at the Iowa Straw Poll, people took notice of his fiery speech but otherwise didn't think much of it, but after several top potential contenders like Majority Leader Luke Recks and Noah Hawthorne of Texas decided against a run it opened the race wide open. Florian's blunt populist approach has surprised many by shooting him up in polls with its strong appeal with Trump 2016 base supporters. Current polling, held after a strong run of barnstorming across the country, a flurry of sizable fundraising hauls, and a solid debate performance find the South Carolinian currently leading in all three of the key early states though high amounts of undecideds make it clear that anybody can make a race of it. Texan Abigail Baxter too has surprised observers by building a crossover niche for herself between Trump supporters and those who hold more traditionally vigorous views on foreign and military issues, with her strong early infrastructure push and notable moments in the ANC Republican Primary Debate quickly helping her overcome her current name recognition disadvantage. Baxter has found some issues establishing her own identity outside of foreign policy though, with a stump speech riddled with common catch phrases of right-wing base and little to distinguish herself on domestic policy issues from Wood. Senator Cassius McKnight of Georgia has built a solid following from some of the more libertarian minded of the Republican Party with his strong pushes on tax policy and specialty in criminal justice reform, which marked with his legislative reputation and higher name recognition has helped lead him into a tight battle with Baxter for second place in most early states but nationwide his head start has made him the clear second. Analysts believed that he was fairly overshadowed in the ANC Debate by Wood and Baxter, and some worry some of his more moderate and bipartisan positioning on certain issues has limited his appeal but with having done little campaigning on the ground thus far it would be hard to see him gaining ground in coming days. Rutherford Kong of Rhode Island, often coming across as a more Trump-era revival of the Rockefeller Republican brand has thus far not made near as much impact as his opponents with his tendency towards social liberalism in an increasingly more conservative GOP largely limiting his support to straggling moderates turned off by McKnight's bluster and some limited independent crossover. Democrats National: Arroyo : 39% Catherine Williams: 36% Torkin: 3% Undecided: 22% Iowa: Arroyo: 40% Catherine Williams: 37% Torkin: 2% NH: Catherine Williams: 41% Arroyo: 38% Torkin: 4% SC: Catherine Williams: 40% Arroyo: 37% Torkin: 1% Unlike the Republican primary, the Democratic primary has all the candidates we expected. Senators Arroyo and Williams both decided to make bids, and with Senator Torkin polling very low, it looks to be a battle of the Golden State for the nomination. After a few weeks of campaigning, and the first debate, the top two candidates are very close, both in polls, and ideologically. What has been surprising so far is the lack of a clear leftist candidate, with everyone in the field appearing to be to the right of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Even the Connecticut Senator,Elis Torkin, who appeared to be staking out a spot on the left, has released a platform that is remarkably moderate. It’ll be interesting to see where all the candidates end up ideologically as the primary progresses. Senator Arroyo has released a detailed platform, explaining the public investments that he hopes to make. The relatively young Hispanic Senator has made the economy a key focus of his campaign, arguing for a large middle class tax cut, an expansion of the EITC, and increasing the Child Tax Credit. While all of this is expensive, Senator Arroyo has argued for raising taxes on those who make more than 250,000. This definitely won’t cover the costs, but Senator Arroyo probably won’t have to worry about that being an issue in the primary, especially given his relative advantage in specificity. Senator Williams is the other frontrunner in this race, but it isn’t thanks to the depth of her platform. While it includes a lot of ideas, none of them are very detailed, and it has left her open to attacks from Senator Arroyo. She does have an advantage in that she has gotten out on the campaign trail, and started talking to voters, which is why she has a little advantage in New Hampshire. The images she and Arroyo had at the beginning of the race have flipped, but if she keeps building progressive credentials on the trail, her liberal support will come back around. Senator Torkin is the final entrant in the Democratic Primary. After a decent debate performance, Senator Torkin has increased his name recognition, without really increasing support. This is due to his lack of party or political support, very moderate platform, and lack of activity on the campaign trail. It is not out of the realm of possibility that he will get some delegates, but he’ll have to make major changes if he wants to have a realistic chance.
  11. FR#1: 600,000 FR#2: 500,000 "but unfortunately social security is under threat by the erotic spending of democrats who believe that we should give every American a universal basic income, instead of finding ways to make social security solvent." Thank you for this Storm
  12. Let us know who you're supporting (This will help us gauge party support)
  13. FR #1: 800,000 FR #2: 700,000 FR #3: 700,000 FR #4: 675,000 FR #5: 750,000
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