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  1. 12 AP Remaining AP:0 Stump Speech Location: Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Helena, Kalispell TV Ad Half-State, 30 Seconds: 800,000 *Man in overalls standing at his job on an assembly line." Man: I work hard, but my paycheck doesn't show it. I am trying to put food on the table, but I just am not making enough to be comfortable Woman: When he comes home, he is tired, but every morning he goes back into work, because we need the money. 40, 45 hours a week, and still life is a struggle Man: If Jack Edwards wins this Senate race, people like me aren't going to get the help we need. That's why I'm casting my vote for Benjamin Clay. He's going to raise the Earned Income Tax Credit, so I can have more of my money back in my pocket. Woman: He's also committed to making sure that our kids get a private school level education in their public schools. He's going to get smaller class sizes, and increase technology and textbook availability in the classroom. Man: For the sake of my family, I hope you'll join me in supporting Benjamin Clay this November Benjamin Clay: My name is Benjamin Clay, and I approve this message
  2. AP: 20 -8 Stump Speeches Stump Speech Location: Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman Campaign Offices: $300,000 Billings x1 Missoula x1 Great Falls x1 Bozeman x1 Targeted Outreach: $150,000 Union Members x1 Farmers/Ranchers x1 GOTV: $150,000 Youth Voters x1 Union Members x1
  3. Aye- Nay- Sponsor- Co-Sponsor-
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  5. White will Chair ASFAJ now
  6. Clay Joins Ticket, Passes Bills Q3 1988 | Press Release #7 Dayton- Leader Jackson Clay, the Representative of Indiana's Second Congressional District, has been selected by Congressman John White as his running mate for the 1988 election. Representative Clay is happy to join a true warrior for the Democratic cause, and to have the opportunity to continue his service to his country as Vice President. He will continue, for the time being, in his role as House Majority Leader, and will continue to advocate for the legislative agenda that Democrats have been pushing in the House of Representatives since the start of his leadership. Under Indiana law, he is also allowed to be on the ballot for both Vice President, and Representative, and he intends to continue his congressional campaign while running for higher office. Under that leadership, the Democratic Party has passed many parts of its agenda into law. These include the Rural Health Improvement Act, which will help rural communities like those Rep Clay represents in places like Winchester, and Daleville, that aren't close to major medical centers. Thanks to House Democrats, these rural towns are closer to getting local medical care than they ever have been. If this bill is passed into law, they will all benefit greatly, thanks to the leadership of Congressional Democrats. Other bills include the Real Right to Work Act, which is a bill that would help workers who are in danger of losing their jobs have the time they need to look for new employment or look into potential actions against their employers if things have been done improperly. Congressional Republicans, including Representative Kaine, the Republican nominee, voted against this bill. Their decision has proven to all the people of this country that they are not as pro-worker as they claim, regardless of their attempts to spin their votes. Leader Clay intends to push more bills that will help his constituents, and to build on the good work that has already been done by Congressional Democrats.
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  8. Kurt Legunn- Chicago Tribune Rev. Kaine, I have a follow-up. What in the bill forces the factory to be closed after the notification is made? If a company did want to weather the storm, as you say, couldn't they just make their employees aware of the possibility of closure, formally, and continue to try and save the company?
  9. Kurt Legunn- Chicago Tribune Rep. Kaine, you have said that you're pro-union, and for the workers they serve. How does voting against a bill that would allow workers 60 days to find a new job line up with that rhetoric?
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  11. Thank you! I'm so glad to be able to address this convention of Democrats for the first time! I've been involved with the Democratic party since I was 5 years old, helping my dad greet people at a fundraiser for the Missoula County Democratic Party. You may think that because of that, I'm just genetically a Democrat. If my father was one so am I. While that may be partially true, what really ties me to this party are it's values. The desire to always help the little guy, to lend to those who are struggling and to invest in our citizens so that we can all share in fair and equitable future. As Montana's representative in the House, I have tried to do my part in advocating for the ideals of this great party. Tonight I'm going to talk to you about the ideals that I and other Democrats, up and down the ballot, will be fighting for in our campaigns. I have long believed that every American has the capacity to succeed, but is only denied the opportunity not because they don't work hard, but because they aren't given the tools they need to capture that success. As a Representative, and, hopefully, as Montana's next Senator, I have been dedicated to making sure that the people of my state have all the opportunities they need to pursue their dreams. That's why I, and our nominee, support increasing the funds given by Pell Grants, so that less fortunate kids don't have to take out loans to achieve a better future. It's also why I support lowering taxes on the middle class, so that the people who do the lion's share of the work in this country can start to benefit from the tax cuts that President Reagan has given to his wealthy donors. The Democratic party has long been committed to these goals, and if we elect John White, and give him a Democratic House and Senate, we can finally reach those goals. The true key, for me, to understanding the differences between the two parties that we have in the country, is to look at the basic message they share. Republicans think that if they succeed, it is entirely because they worked hard, and because they're smarter than anyone else. I don't know about you guys, but I've met plenty of people who work minimum wage jobs that work way harder than the people saying that do. I've also met plenty of people who don't live in mansions or gated communities who are just as smart or smarter than anyone who will speak at the GOP convention. That's why Democrats have always been committed to expanding the opportunity for everyone, for broadly shared prosperity. When Democrats say they want to help you reach the American dream, they'll do it, by giving you the ladder to get there. The only way Republican policies can help you reach your dreams is if you magically grow wings and fly up there yourself. So when you're going to the voting booth this November, remember one thing. If you believe in a future where everyone has the chance to live their dreams, then there is only one sensible choice for when you cast that ballot. Thank you so much!
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