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  1. Clay

    Ron Tilsley (D-WA-5)

    Sorry to see you leave. You've been signed out.
  2. Clay

    Race for the White House - 1988

    Atwater and Trippi Find New Potential Candidates Lee Atwater, a key political staffer on President Reagan's last Campaign, has found his new home for the 1988 election. After talking to many potential candidates, Atwater appears to have settled on Representative Anderson Kaine, a preacher and veteran Congressman. Atwater is said to find the idea of a former preacher, with legislative experience an appealing package to run in the Republican Primaries, and found the pitch from Representative Kaine very persuasive. Rumor has it that Representatives Williams and Fitzgerald made aggressive plays for Atwater's support, but Lady Jackie has had trouble with the investigations she has led, and Leader Fitzgerald has yet to make a conservative splash in Congress. While Atwater's support is an important sign of strength for Kaine's future, the other two potential candidates have much to offer if they decide to make a run. In similar news, Joe Trippi has also made his 1988 plans known, signing on as a strategist to the Seymour in '88 exploratory committee. Representative Seymour, a boll weevil Democrat from South Carolina, has made waves in Congress for his independence from his party on some issues, and for his willingness to compromise across the aisle. Apparently, this was enough for Trippi to join the campaign, in a race that will likely turn out to be a battle of the conservative and liberal wings of the party. Other potential candidates who attempted to win the support of Trippi include Representatives King, Blackstone, Tilsey, and Speaker Welles. All have the potential to be the next nominee, but the support and expertise of Joe Trippi is sure to give Douglas Seymour a bit of a head start in the race for the White House.
  3. Clay

    Race for the White House - 1988

    Gary Hart Out of Presidential Race Over Suspected Affair Washington- Former Senator Gary Hart (D-CO) announced his withdrawal from the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, over allegations that he was involved with a model named Donna Rice. The scandal, started with the release of a photo featuring the model and Senator Hart on a yacht called the "Monkey Business", resulted in an angry challenge to the press from Mr. Hart, saying " Follow me around. I don't care. I'm serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They'll be very bored." The Miami Herald decided to follow Mr. Hart, and confronted him outside his Washington D.C. townhouse, after he appeared to have spent much of Friday and Saturday with young woman, who turned out to be the same woman from the photo on the Monkey Business. This pushed Mr. Hart to announce in a fiery press conference that he would not subject himself to the scrutiny of a press who was determined to dig into the personal lives of himself and his family, and withdrew from the race. His departure leaves the race wide open, with no clear frontrunner. In the coming weeks, top campaign personnel are likely going to start joining potential candidates, so we'll soon get an idea of who has a credible chance at the nomination.
  4. Clay

    Technical Requests

  5. Everyone needs a little cash to run a campaign, but it's hard to make it a long campaign if you can't draw from multiple sources. For this event, all I need is 5 bullet points, explaining the appeal that you could have to a faction that you do not belong to, in your party (if you're a Rockefeller Republican, or boll weevil, we can talk if you're interested in doing this outside your own party.) The prize for this? The chance to double the amount of money you get from a fundraiser of your choice. If you have any questions, reach out to me on TG.
  6. Clay

    Technical Requests

    I think I have fixed it, but let me know
  7. In a few paragraphs, explain why you are a viable candidate for the Presidency, and what your basic strategy would be to win the nomination. I'm not expecting anything too detailed, but the more realistic, the better. Anything turned in will remain hidden for the entire election, so feel free to be honest and forthright in your analysis and explanations. Remember, even if you don't run, you will still be able to give this to whomever you endorse, so even those of who don't care to run in elections, you can still benefit from doing this event.
  8. Clay

    Administrative Announcements

    Thanks to DMH for bringing me on! I've decided to add some fun election-related activities, so run over and check those out. If you have any questions, shoot me a message on Telegram.
  9. It's that time again folks! I know it may seem very early, but I wanted to give you all the opportunity to simulate some of the political posturing, donor communications, and support building activities that occur in elections. These events are designed to be fun, simple, and not super time-consuming. For the time being. For each of these events, it is not necessary to be an announced candidate, or even have any interest in running. The advantages you win by doing well in these events are transferable to anyone you endorse. If you want to build some political capital, these events are a good way to do it. If you have any fun ideas, or suggestions to improve this system, reach out to me on Telegram and I will be happy to hear you out. Complete Rules for all of the goodies you can receive from these events will be detailed in the 1988 Election Rules. Rules, descriptions, and events are subject to change. Event #1- Top Flight Campaign Manager- Due October 12th, Midnight In this event, you will have the opportunity to win the expertise of a well qualified/talented campaign manager. For the GOP, this will be Lee Atwater, for the Dem's, Joe Trippi. Winning this will not only get you a cool news story about your campaign staffing up, but it will also give you a special advantage in a primary election. If you win, you may, once in the primary, take away 5 AP from an opponent of your choice. This must be done at the beginning of the week. In order to win this, you will need to, in a paragraph or two, explain why your candidacy is viable, and what your strategy is. These will not be public, and will not be unhidden until after the election. For example, you would say, I am viable because I am a religious conservative, and that will appeal to voters in Iowa etc. I'm not expecting a long explanation, just enough so that I can evaluate whether your strategy has enough potential to deserve the support of one of these campaign managers Event #2- Suck Up to the Big Donors- Due October 19th, Midnight Everyone knows that money matters, so this event will give you the opportunity to make a little extra dough. All I need from you is a list of 5 bullet points, explaining your appeal to a certain faction of your party, that you do not belong to. This will give you the opportunity to expand your base of support, and get some money while doing it. Your reward for winning this event will be the opportunity to, one time, double the amount of money you take home from a fundraiser. You may only do this before it is graded, so choose wisely. Event #3- Build Your Iowa Organization- Due October 26th, Midnight This is the opportunity every potential President has been waiting for. Want to get a headstart on your rivals? All you have to do is speak at the Harkin (or Grassley) Steak Fry. With a maximum of 500 words, try and rally the party faithful to your (potential) campaign. Whoever gives the best speech will receive 2 free Campaign Offices! You will get them for one week free, and pay upkeep every week after, so make sure you can afford the costs before you use them. This is also a great opportunity to get some positive news coverage, so as long as you don't say something stupid, you're bound to benefit!
  10. Clay

    Passed: Respecting Life Act

    I second the amendment, and we shall move to a vote on it. 24 hours to vote Aye
  11. I motion for Unanimous Consent
  12. Clay

    Vote: Speaker of the House Election

    Congressman Benjamin Welles (D-TX)

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