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  1. Brink

    Administrative Announcements

    Everyone who isn't an admin should be demasked, if you are not, let me know.
  2. Economy holding steady for now, analysts watching upcoming budget for guidance on future financial state A look at America's current economic state would tell you that things continue to hold steady. However, analysts are watching the upcoming budget negotiations between Republicans and Democrats as a cause for apprehensiveness. Unemployment numbers have decreased slightly since the beginning of President Kaine's term. At that time they were 5.4%, now they are down to 5.1%. There is little unemployment disparity between men and women. There is considerable unemployment disparity between Caucasians and African Americans to the tune of 6%. Analysts say this is not out of the ordinary however. "The unemployment disparity between blacks and whites has been around for quite a while actually," said former White House Chief of Staff Matthew Hawks. "Since the 'end' of the civil rights movement, these numbers have slowly come closer together. As you can see they aren't equal yet however." Hawks's bigger concern on the economic front however is the upcoming budget talks between Democrats and Republicans. "Look, I saw a lot of partisanship while I was working in Washington," Hawks said. "It is a very valid concern for economists to wonder if Democrats and Republicans are even going to be able to agree to come together on a budget. Not to mention, these guys will have to work in a debt ceiling increase in this budget, making it potentially even more difficult than the norm." ECONOMIC INDICATORS, Q2 1990 Total Unemployment: 5.1% (down from 5.4% in January of 1989) Unemployment among men: 4.5% (base number) Unemployment among women: 4.7% (base number) Unemployment among teenagers (16-19): 14.4% (base number) Unemployment among Caucasians: 4.5% (base number) Unemployment among African Americans: 10.6% (base number) GDP Growth: For now, this stat will be by year (so the next report will include this) Average per hour wage (non-agricultural industries): $9.92 an hour (base number) Farm income: $188.2 billion (base number) *keep in mind this will be over the period of time* (If there are more specific numbers you want, just ask and I might be able to find them)
  3. Samantha Roscoe, PBS: Why were meetings indefinitely suspended?
  4. Brink

    Roy Goldstein (R-FL-18)

    The old John White seat, interesting choice.
  5. Brink

    Administrative Announcements

    The budget sheet has now been made available to the White House and Democratic leadership. The deadline for a budget will be March 1. For the ones that can look at the budget sheet, we have technically defaulted on our debt (don't worry, won't be any IC ramifications at this point). A debt ceiling extension will need to be included within the budget though.
  6. Brink

    The President's China Briefing

    What DEFCON level are we at right now? I would say we don't want to move it any lower than three. Four seems pretty suitable in my opinion if we are currently at five.
  7. Brink

    Supreme Court Judges Talk

    Francis Patrick O'Connor, Associate Justice of Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Pros: Pro-Union Anti-Death Penalty (Broke with party on it) Pro-Life (After IG, helped found Massachusetts Citizens for Life, can't find any direct rulings so far) Wasn't pigeonholed into being a Republican Part of the majority in a ruling saying a viable fetus is a "person" for purposes of the vehicular homicide statute (Source) Cons: Appears to have founded Massachusetts Citizens for Life before he served on the court since organization was around pre-1986 at least (according to FEC vs. Mass. Citizens for Life and Wikipedia article saying he did it as private citizen) Analysis: Anderson: Deal breaker, but he’s worth floating
  8. Brink

    Communication with Federal Departments

    Will bump this for @Reed
  9. Brink

    Supreme Court Judges Talk

    Andrew Puzder, trial attorney, Stolar Partnership - Missouri Pros: Pro-life (known as one of Missouri's leading pro-life lawyers, wrote amicus curiae for Missouri District Court on abortion in Reproductive Health Services v. Webster) Didn't have it all as a kid, worked menial jobs to support family Cons: No judicial experience Fun Fact: Dropped out of Kent State to try to become a rock musician (Source) Analysis: Ben: May not be good to go with someone explicitly pro-life. Brink: Maybe a good name to scare liberals/excite conservatives for a shortlist
  10. Not the shortlist thread, just names that can be considered, either really considered or not considered.
  11. Brink

    Orson Wilder(D-UT-2)

    That's not Sheriff David Clarke
  12. Brink

    Best Sports Championship to Watch

    I will rank my selections since I picked most of them 1. The Masters - There is nothing like Augusta and the potential winner walking down the fairway at the 18th hole. 2. World Series - The long-lasting drama of the World Series is what brings that one to number two for me, going all the way down to the last pitch. 3. Super Bowl - With the spectacle of the Super Bowl, I cannot put it any lower than three 4. The Finals - I enjoy seven game series deciding things a lot. Also, I am down for a good basketball game. Probably this far down due to the dominance of the Cavs and Warriors in the last few. At least one will change this year though. 5. Ford EcoBoost 400 - While not having the best system of selecting a champion and me being unable to watch most of them due to football, I do enjoy watching this event when I can. 6. Triple Crown - While I enjoy watching the races every year, it only really gets good if the Triple Crown is actually in play by Belmont.
  13. In the spirit of the Super Bowl next week, figured I would start this poll. You can select multiple options on it.
  14. Brink

    White House Press Releases

    Charles H. Percy finally takes Secretary of State position The Kaine Administration was ecstatic to hear the news from the Senate today related to the nomination of Charles H. Percy for Secretary of State. Percy cleared through on a 75-25 vote. The White House especially was proud of senators such as Democrat Robert Byrd who were able to look at Percy's record on a whole and decide that he is the right man for the so important job. Percy is scheduled to be sworn in ((ASAP)). Charles H. Percy, the former Republican senator from Illinois, has shown a long history of being a foreign policy leader while in the Senate. Percy served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. He has helped develop a relationship with Saudi Arabia, who is a vital partner on matters relating to the Soviet Union. He also has been a force to be reckoned with fighting the infamous Daley family in Chicago. Percy has been confirmed at a crucial point for the administration, who is handling the China situation, as well as analyzing other situations around the world to see if American can have a positive role in them. The President is now proud to state that all of his cabinet appointees are officially serving in their respective positions. He is already seeing great things from all of them, and he cannot wait to see more.
  15. Brink

    The President's China Briefing

    ((If I may ask questions, assuming I can, just don't want to step on toes)) Is this largely a symbolic move by the exiled Tibetan government? I assume their actual ability to affect anything is nil?

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