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  2. The Official Twitter Account for Maine Senator Jim Lahey
  3. Yes, I’m fine with caucusing with the Democrats.
  4. Character Name: Jim Lahey Character Type: Senator Party: Independent Caucusing with Democrats Ideology: Socially Liberal Fiscally Moderate Date of Birth: April 12, 1946 Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada Race/Ethnicity: Canadian American Sex/Gender: Male Religion: Catholic Family Information: Jim Francis Lahey was born April 12, 1946 in Toronto, Canadian to his mother Lisa Lahey and his father John Lahey. Jim grew up in a Toronto suburb until he was 10 years old when his family moved to Augusta, Maine. Jim graduated from Augusta Central High School In 1964. In 1965 Jim met Randy Wilson in the police academy. Jim never married Randy because of laws against gay marriage, but has stayed with him since they started dating in 1965. Educational History: Jim never had they time or money to continue his education, besides the police academy. Occupational History: In 1966 Jim become a police officer with Randy at the Augusta Police Department. Employment: 1966-1999 - Augusta Police Officer 1999-2005 - Maine State Representative 2005-2013 - Maine State Senator 2013- - Senator for Maine
  5. LOA for maybe a week or two. I need a break from the internet.
  6. Mr. Speaker, I concur with my Democratic colleague and I’ll second his amendment. I yield.
  7. Mr. Speaker, I don’t think my democratic colleague understands how a resolutions works. A resolution makes a statement or shows future intent. Resolutions can not have binding sections. I yield.
  8. Mr. Speaker, I concur with the previous speaker. There is no reason not support a resolution which shows the governments continuing support of our nation’s small businesses. Let’s pass this resolution and move on to more pressing legislation. I yield.
  9. Jklink

    The Gaggle

    Congressman Carl Davis: ”I believe the U.S. federal government should remove itself from education and finally give the power back to the individual states. Plus, we shouldn’t be adding more expenditures to our ever increasing national debt because the debt will eventually become too understandable for our nation’s future leaders to handle.”
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