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  1. I like everything about this character! Best part is being able to call yourself "Brother Rick" in PRs lol
  2. Now that we have had some time to process the last 24 hours, the owners would like to issue a joint statement about the game and how we move it forward. 1. There is a strong opinion among the players that things were handled rashly yesterday and that there was not enough discussion between the owner at that time and Kyle Fitzgerald. This is a sentiment that we share. We do believe that there should have been more interaction with Kyle, and for the lack of that we do genuinely apologize to him as the new owners of the game. He did deserve better than that. 2. Related, this is what we see as the strength of the new ownership model. We know that it has been a source of controversy, but we do believe that there is one particular strength to it: because we have agreed that all decisions must be made unanimously, there is little chance that something like this would ever happen again to any future CA. It is also not our style of ownership. We do intend to take a hand’s off approach and allow any CA to hire their own staff, set their own rules, and handle IC affairs as they see fit. Our only concerns with any CA are to make sure that the liability that we have acquired by taking over the site is protected. Otherwise, we will be removed from in-game affairs unless a CA specifically asks for our input. I believe each of the owners intends to enjoy our retirements from playing and adminning. 3. We also understand that a number of you will have issues with some of the owners, particularly all of them. We do promise that we will not, in any fashion, use the position of Owner to pursue any petty disputes. Our intent is to create the stability at the top VGS has enjoyed under Cyril. 4. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully we can all move forward with a mutual understanding that we all want a community that functions and that we will do our best to provide that.
  3. I'm sorry you feel this way. I am unsure I can do anything to change your mind in the short term, but I hope I can change your mind over the coming months. In the meantime, you're always welcome to reach out to me with concerns, and I'll do my best to rectify any issues with myself as best as I can.
  4. Brady, thanks for feeling willing to voice this concern openly. I think its important to be made publicly and have my response being made publicly, because I feel comfortable assuming you're not the only person with this concern... So I've been debating how to approach this concern, and I think attempting to explain certain moments of behavior and re-litigating the past is entirely not useful in a public forum. I was once really well respected in this community, as a founder of this community and a successful CA, and I've squandered that respect in these last few months in a petty feud. I've let my emotions out in full force, and it's hurt our community. But I don't believe its reflective of who I am nor of what I can contribute to our community. VGS is, admittedly, fragile. And I am partially responsible for that. But I want to make it my top priority to ensure its success. And that is why I offered to take on an ownership stake. I want to point towards my tenure as CA as something that should show my approach to being in a position of authority in this community. I barely leveled any punishments (besides a single case that I won't repeat out of deference to the player in question). I did not intercede in the main chat as a 'policeman' into the behavior of adults. I didn't feud with people. I did my job and left my door open to the players to come to me with issues or requests. And I openly invited people I had previously had several IG confrontations with into my AB to resounding success (Fisher, specifically). This is how I plan to move forward as an owner. I intend to be a resource to the AB as needed, as I've done nearly every job the AB has (including a rarity: creating the base budget *vomit*). I've helped create brand new systems in the past that are still in use today. I've always been best at the big picture things in this community, and I wholly believe that is the best way for me to contribute to it. I don't really intend to be involved with the players, nor punishments, if I can help it.
  5. I nominate: St. Louis, MO Denver, CO Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI
  6. Mr President, I appeal to the Parliamentarian for input @TexAgRepublican. No vote was made on a motion for cloture, as the vote was specified specifically as on the amendments which are a separate motion. I yield.
  7. More than a dozen children died. Multiple law enforcement officers died... Who in their right mind finds that funny? #Waco
  8. Mr. President, The following is read directly from the Standing Rules. In these rules, it specifically states that the Presiding Officer holds votes on "a motion". It specifically denotes the singular. Therefore, combined motions are not within the confines of the rules as passed. In the more than 200 years of this history, this practice has always been in effect. I yield.
  9. Mr. President, (( @Avner )) I rise to a Point of Order. By rule, a unique motion for cloture is necessary to bring a bill to end debate, as that is a separate motion from a motion to amend. Given that, it appears that a vote on the North American Trade Enhancement Act is not in line with Senate Rules, as the motion for cloture was never voted upon. I ask the Well to remove the final vote and begin a separate vote on cloture. I yield.
  10. Jen Williams, ANC Senator McKnight, you’ve promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. Yet, the Republican Party just failed to do so in 2017, and the proposed alternative was opposed by nearly 2 in 3 Americans. What will your replacement for Obamacare look like, and how will you accomplish it?
  11. Whitman Advocates Nationwide Water Infrastructure Bill Chicago, Elsewhere, Have Unsafe Drinking Water With debate continuing over the Remember Flint Act on the Senate Floor, a clarion voice for the rest of the nation has been found in Senator Anderson Whitman. Senator Whitman gave an impassioned speech on the Senate Floor to call for a much wider and more expansive bill, citing national statistics of water safety. "While this bill is certainly a start, we must be doing so much more. Flint has been at the forefront of a nationwide crisis of water safety, but the people of Flint are far from the only ones affected. In my own state, studies show 70% of homes in Chicago have lead in the water. In Cleveland, 17% of kids have elevated lead in their blood because the water of that city is nearly as bad as Flint's. In 2016, we learned that 40% of water fountains in Atlanta schools had high lead levels in the water.... In schools. Dozens of schools in Phoenix, in Los Angeles, in Seattle, in Boston and New York. Dozens of schools have lead levels above safety levels," Whitman said. He continued: "I could list similar statistics in nearly every state in the country. This is a nationwide issue that must be addressed. We cannot simply fix Flint and then walk away as if we had accomplished something. I call on my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to truly dedicate to fixing our national water infrastructure. The time is now." Senator Whitman has previously voiced similar concerns on social media, calling the bill a partial measure that must be improved upon before the issue is put to bed.
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