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  1. MrAnderson

    FINAL VOTE: Defense of Marriage Act

  2. MrAnderson

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Rev. Anderson Kaine (R-IL) Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: The Chicago Tribune "Yes, I do support the Greyhound drivers. Fighting for the right to send your kids to a good school, to be able to get ahead, for a better future for you and your family. They're right, it is about dignity. They have every right to strike. Hopefully, management can meet with them and cordially come to a new labor agreement by Christmas, as I would hate to see families kept apart over this."
  3. MrAnderson

    AMENDMENT VOTE: Goodman Amendments

    Nay on Goodman I. Aye on Goodman II. Aye on Goodman III.
  4. MrAnderson

    AMENDMENT VOTE: Saroyan Amendment

  5. MrAnderson

    Press Office of Rev. Anderson Kaine (R-IL) 

    Rev. Anderson Kaine Announces Candidacy for the Presidency In downtown Springfield, at the steps of the Illinois State Capital and standing paces away from the statue of Abraham Lincoln that reminds all Americans of the last full measure of devotion our Greatest President gave to the cause of a free America, Reverend Anderson Kaine (R-IL) gave a speech announcing his candidacy to the Presidency of the United States of America. Below is the full text of the speech.
  6. Mr Chairman, The House Rules are very clear on this. In Section IV Subsection 1, it states "The Minority Leader shall select two members for each committee, and designate one as the Ranking Member." At no point in any of the rules does the Speaker have the authority to remove those members and require new submissions to be made by the Minority Leader. And no appointments are to be sunset, as they exist for the entirety of this Congressional Session. It is a gross violation of the House Rules to require otherwise. I remain a member of this committee, as does Ranking Member Jacobs, regardless of the insufficient position of the Majority Party.
  7. The minority leader did place a full roster to each committee during this Congressional session. The Speaker has no right to change those appointments, and they stand until this Congress adjourns and a new Congress is formed. The Speaker's decision not to recognize them is a violation of the House rules.
  8. Pursuant to the rules of the House, only the Minority Leader may change the committee membership of the minority party. The Speaker's decision to clear the minority's appointed membership is not in line with the rules and nothing has been done to remove my prior appointment to this committee.
  9. FULL NAME: Reverend Anderson Kaine STATE/DISTRICT: Illinois 20th POSITION: Minority Member
  10. Madam Chairwoman, I motion to adopt via unanimous consent. I yield.
  11. MrAnderson

    Republican Texas Donor Dinner

    **Reverend Anderson Kaine's (R-IL) speech to donors in Texas**
  12. MrAnderson

    Crystal Ball Game 2018

    House of Reps Q1: How many house seats will each party have following the election? This is the straightforward one. 221D, 214R Q2: How many races will be "too close to call" as of midnight Pacific Time? 20 Q3: Surprise! Which incumbent will be the most surprising person booted from office? The winner is determined by a casual glance at news coverage, so make sure it is a big name! Mia Love (UT-4) will lose by 5+%. US Senate Q4: What will be the party breakdown of the US senate following the election? 52R-48D Q5: Call Each Race. Percentages are optional. Arizona: Sinema (D) v McSally (R) Florida: Nelson (D) v Scott (R) Indiana: Donnelly (D) v Braun (R) Missouri: McCaskill (D) v Hawley (R) Montana: Tester (D) v Rosendale (R) Nevada: Rosen (D) v Heller (R) North Dakota: Heitkamp (D) v Cramer (R) Texas: O'Rourke (D) v Cruz (R) West Virginia: Manchin (D) v Morrisey (R) Q6: Pick a race not listed in Q5 that will be an upset. Bonus: Tell us the narrative we hear from it. Mike Epsy comes in first place in the Mississippi Special Election, but will lose the runoff. State Governors Q7: What will be the party breakdown of governors following the election? 27R-23D Q8: Call Each Race. Percentages are optional. Florida: Gillum (D) v DeSantis (R) Georgia: Abrams (D) v Kemp (R) Kansas: Kelly (D) v Kobach (R) Nevada: Sisolak (D) v Laxalt (R) Ohio: Cordray (D) v DeWine (R) Wisconsin: Evers (D) v Walker (R) Q9: Pick a race not listed in Q8 that will be an upset. Bonus: Tell us the narrative we hear from it. South Dakota goes to Democrat Bill Sutton, where everyone says the GOP fell asleep on spending because they focused their money elsewhere. Other Q10: Predict something absurd. This is open territory. The more specific, the better. There will be a threat of violence by white nationalists in Georgia against black people at a polling station. It will be blamed for Abrams loss, as turnout will be lower than expected in the state. At least one person will be injured near a polling station in politically-motivated violence around the country.
  13. The biggest issue for activity is an unresponsive AB. I know how hard it is to recruit people, especially active people, to join an AB and that is a large part of the problem I think. And I have high hopes... But imho before we consider the r word, we should try to boost activity via an AB that is covering player activity.

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