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  1. MrAnderson

    NFL Conference Championships

    Rams 27 Saints 23 - I think the Rams have been better more recently, and seeing the Saints losing their starting DT in Rankins may let the Rams run buck wild. The Saints haven't looked right since the Cowboys game on primetime. Chiefs 38 Patriots 28 - Patriots aren't good on the road, especially on defense. They won't struggle like the Colts did, because they know how to play in snowy conditions, but the Chiefs are too explosive. I just struggle seeing the Chiefs doing anything but winning it all at this point. And finally, I think the NFL+Refs will lean on the scales to give us a Chiefs-Rams rematch because that MNF game had record-setting ratings.
  2. MrAnderson

    Leave of Absence

    Gonna be LOA until Wednesday, because my work schedule is going to be a mess.
  3. Anderson 5-3 Cyril 5-3 Clay 5-3 Nubbie 4-0 Fitz 4-4 Brink 3-1 Bolster 1-3
  4. MrAnderson

    Rose Garden Events

    Kaine and Ferris Introduce Tax Cuts for America's Middle Class Act *Representative William Ferris of Nevada joins President Anderson Kaine in the Rose Garden to speak to the press* Rep. William Ferris of Nevada President Anderson Kaine
  5. MrAnderson

    White House Press Releases

    Kaine Administration Pushes Tax Credit for the Middle Class The Kaine Administration has asked Congress to introduce the Tax Cuts for America's Middle Class Act, a bill designed to provide tax relief to millions of Americans who seek to access their own investments for life expenses. The tax credit would convert capital gains to regular income, and ensure that the first $20,000 for short-term investments and $35,000 for long-term investments is untaxed in its entirety. The bill was introduced by Rep. William Ferris (R-NV), This legislation allows Middle Class Americans to access their retirements, their investments, at any time without penalty through the Retirement Savings Tax Credit. Whether that is as supplementary retirement income, paying for a child to go to college, a family vacation, or major home improvements, the Retirement Savings Tax Credit will be a boom for millions of Middle Class Americans. This tax credit is small enough to only impact the Middle Class, and allow retirees to access their own wealth with ease. A well-planned for future should be rewarded, not taxed as punishment for being successful. The bill would compliment the existing Social Security and Medicare systems for retirees. Millions of Americans rely on the Social Security and Medicare systems to survive, yet many still have separate savings to help them live more comfortably. These retirees shouldn't be left paying a fortune on money they've already earned. The Retirement Savings Tax Credit was a major component of President Kaine's support in the previous election, a tax cut that assists both seniors and middle class families. The administration is committed to tax cuts for America's growing middle class, and will continue its dedication to policies like that that will grow our economy.
  6. All Rose Garden events are posted here
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  8. MrAnderson

    Leave of Absence

  9. MrAnderson

    Leave of Absence

    LOA tonight and part of tomorrow. Being boozy
  10. MrAnderson

    NFL Divisional Weekend Picks

    Colts vs. Chiefs: I am really torn on this. Colts are better across the board, but the Chiefs are more explosive. I think Tyreek Hill goes off... Chiefs 31 Colts 28  Cowboys vs. Rams: Rams are just a better team. Big win. Really big... Rams 31 Cowboys 16  Chargers vs. Patriots: I hate that I'm saying this, but the Pats are limited on offense and slow on defense.... Chargers 27 Pats 20   Eagles vs. Saints: Screw the Eagles.... Saints 63 Eagles 0
  11. Anderson 2-2 Cyril 2-2 Clay 2-2 Bolster 1-3 Fitz 0-4
  12. MrAnderson

    Ronald Prescott (R-WI-9)

    Prescott! Welcome back!
  13. MrAnderson

    James Parker (R-CA-44)

    Welcome back!
  14. MrAnderson

    AJ Hatfield (R-FL-4)

    Welcome back, Hatfield!
  15. MrAnderson

    NFL Wildcard Weekend

    Glad I changed my call.... Ended up as 2-0!

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