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  1. MrAnderson

    Leave of Absence

    LOA until Monday. I’ve got a party tonight and then heading DA BEARS game tomorrow
  2. MrAnderson

    Player Media: The Scoop

    Player Media Name: The Scoop Editor-in-Chief: Michael J. Anderson Headquarters: Chicago, IL Description: The Scoop is a political magazine that focuses on summarizing and commenting on the day-to-day happenings of Washington DC and political campaigns. They primarily focus on Midwestern issues and members of Congress, tracking policy and performing interviews. However, they do focus on the House Leadership and major issues as well.
  3. MrAnderson

    Rural Electrification Act

  4. MrAnderson

    Vote on Cavalieri 1

  5. MrAnderson

    Vote on Cavalieri 2

  6. FULL NAME: Reverend Anderson Kaine STATE/DISTRICT: IL-20 POSITION: Member
  7. MrAnderson

    Press Office of Rev. Anderson Kaine (R-IL) 

    Kaine Calls for Select Ethics Committee To Oversee King Corruption Concerns HML King Should Not Choose Democratic Members Reverend Anderson Kaine (R-IL-20) has called for the creation of a House Select Committee on Ethics to handle the concerns that the King family has broken the law in appointing family to leadership posts within the Democratic Caucus. The current House committee with jurisdiction is the ASJAF Committee, which is chaired by none other than Reggie King (D-CA), the person whose appointment is what is under investigation. Despite Chairman King's correct choice to step aside for the hearing, the committee is still flooded by several conflicts of interest, says the Reverend. "The Democrats on that committee are hand-selected by the Democratic Leader being investigated. Even Republicans on the committee will need to cozy up to Chairman King if they want their legislation considered. Neither party is free from conflicts of interest, and we can't have an impartial ethics investigation while the people conducting the investigation are beholden to the people they are investigating," Reverend Kaine said. "We need a Select Committee on Ethics to investigate this, and other corruption charges. And so long as this issue is before the committee, the House Majority Leader should have another Democrat in leadership choose their party's members on such a committee." Reverend Kaine has campaigned extensively on eliminating corruption in Washington from both sides of the aisle, and is considered a leader on good government within the Republican Caucus. In prior press events, he has called for greater House oversight into the Iran-Contra Affair that broke last November on the eve of the election, believing that fully investigating the White House and Defense apparatus is necessary.
  8. MrAnderson

    HR. 1. Rules of the House of Representatives

    Mr. Speaker, I second each of the Cavalieri Amendments. I yield.
  9. MrAnderson

    Press Office of Rev. Anderson Kaine (R-IL) 

    Kaine Declines Request to Serve As GOP Chair Kaine Is Called to Serve Elsewhere Reverend Anderson Kaine (R-IL-20) has declined both private and public requests to serve as the chairman of the Republican National Committee from multiple Republican House members. The Reverend, just elected to his second term to Congress, has been a leader among Evangelicals since his election, and is seen as a rising star of the Republican Party. He released a statement explaining his decision. "I chose to decline the nominations from my House colleagues to serve as chairman of the Republican Party, because that job does not help me serve the people of Illinois nor the American People. I was not called to serve in Congress simply to find new ways to divide the American People for electoral gain. My primary goal is not to serve as a Republican, but as an American. And we Americans are a united people," Kaine said in a statement. "I will continue to work to serve as best as I can to help revive the moral authority of this great country, as God has called me to do much more. And I trust my Republican colleagues have select a strong chairman for the party."
  10. The Vegas of Politics. What happens here, stays here.
  11. MrAnderson


    Everyone else watching DNC Leadership Elections shade.
  12. Sponsor Cosponsor Defense of Marriage Act Responsible Gun Ownership Act Rural Electrification Act Aye Nay Abstain
  13. Press Office of Reverend Anderson Kaine (R-IL) Serving Illinois' 20th Congressional District

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