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  1. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mr. Storm (for himself and for others with special thanks to Mr.Brooks) introduced the following bill; A BILL SHORT TITLE. This title may be cited as the ``Drunk Driving Child Protection Act of 1989''. SEC.2. STATE LAWS APPLIED IN AREAS OF FEDERAL JURISDICTION. Section 13(b) of title 18, United States Code, is amended-- (1) by striking ``For purposes'' and inserting ``(1) Subject to paragraph (2) and for purposes''; and (2) by adding at the end the following new paragraph: ``(2)(A) In addition to any term of imprisonment provided for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a drug or alcohol imposed under the law of a State, territory, possession, or district, the punishment for such an offense under this section shall include an additional term of imprisonment of not more than 1 year, or if serious bodily injury of a minor is caused, not more than 5 years, or if death of a minor is caused, not more than 10 years, and an additional fine of not more than $1,000, or both, if-- ``(i) a minor (other than the offender) was present in the motor vehicle when the offense was committed; and ``(ii) the law of the State, territory, possession, or district in which the offense occurred does not provide an additional term of imprisonment under the circumstances described in clause (i). ``(B) For the purposes of subparagraph (A), the term `minor' means a person less than 18 years of age.''. SEC.3. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED PROSECUTION PROGRAM. Section 501(b) of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 3751) is amended-- (1) by striking ``and'' at the end of paragraph (20); (2) by striking the period at the end of paragraph (21) and inserting ``; and''; and (3) by adding at the end the following new paragraph: ``(22) programs for the prosecution of driving while intoxicated charges and the enforcement of other laws relating to alcohol use and the operation of motor vehicles.''.
  2. House Majority Leader Axel Storm Praises the Congressional Passing of the Drug Free Parks Bill Washington,DC- House Majority Leader Axel Storm spoke to members after the Drug Free parks Bill cleared it's passing in the Senate "I am proud to see that the Drug Free Parks Bill passed through both chambers of congress. A bill which started off as being very vague and having many flaws ended up becoming a bipartisan piece of legislation that will help protect our communities and keep the vile acts of drug sale from our communities. This bill is a first step towards many in keeping our communities drug free, and I look forward to working with my Republicans colleagues to keep our communities safe".
  3. New York Congressman Axel Storm calls Iran-Contra hearing a Sham "I fully support both the leadership of the Democratic and Republican House caucuses to form the Select Ethics Committee to investigate the Iran-Contra scandal. A thorough and bi-partisan hearing is needed to ensure that we ask the questions that need to be asked and find the answers to these questions. Despite the efforts of bi-partisanship, I am personally unsatisfied with the hearings. The American people expected answers but instead, we got what looks like a cover-up and pulled punches. If the President is suffering from memory loss on the issue and the Generals were "just following orders", who is to blame for the lack of transparency, and for actively circumventing the Bolland Amendment, which was created to prevent situations just like these. The hearings should be far from over as there as still questions to be asked. Defense Secretary Weinberger should be called to testify about who issued the orders and the Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh should be called upon to discuss his findings once his investigations are over. Any resolution proposed without those testimonies will make the Iran-Contra a sham. We need answers and we them now. The SEC must continue with their investigations and President Reagan as the Commander and Chief of this nations must tell us who is accountable for this scandal".
  4. Madam Speaker, I offer the following amendment I Yield
  5. Democrats Reintroduce the Protecting American Textile Manufacturing Act Washinton,DC- Today House Majority Leader Axel Storm heralded his party's hard work for keeping it promise to protect blue collar workers and the textile industry. Last session Democrats, lead by former congressman Seymour, introduced the Protecting American Textile Manufacturing Act, which will strengthen the position of the American textile industry while also preventing any textile trade from the Soviet union. This bill through both chambers of congress with sweeping numbers but was eventually vetoed by former President Ronald Reagan. The House Majority Leader had this to say "The Protecting American Textile Manufacturing Act is common sense. It not secures the American Textile industry but it deals a big blow to repressive Soviet Union and South African Apartheid Government.. When President Reagan vetoed this bill last session, I was very disappointed. This bill had both bipartisan and public support, but Former President Reagan chose to protect the Soviet Union over protecting our textile workers. I am confident that since we have new leadership in the white house and in congress, this bill will finally become law American workers should never have to compete with people who commit such vile human rights violations. This is why this bill is crucial.".
  6. Storm

    Debate: No Seat Belt, No Sale Act

    Madam Speaker, The Gentlemen from California also asked how do manufacturers feel about seat belts?, well I'll point out that the three=pronged sea belt used in cars was invented by an engineer from volvo, which also spurred the mandatory seat-belt legislation in 1968. I Yield
  7. Storm

    Debate: No Seat Belt, No Sale Act

    Madam Speaker, I am astonished by the minority insistence that protecting the lives of innocent Americans and children is not important or is an overstep in jurisdiction. Requiring that seat-belts be placed in cars, buses or any automobile is not an overreach, it;s prioritizing the lives and safety of Americans all over this nation. the Department of Transportation has already released reports of over 400,000 deaths occurring with the last year due to car crash fatalities and among that over 1,350 children were killed. I would ask the Gentlemen from California in good faith, does he think we should sit idly by and allow the lives of children to be lost when we can take action?, does he believe it is out of the jurisdiction of federal government to save lives?. This isn't the first seat belt law to enter these chambers. In fact the first federal seat belt law in occurred in 1968 with Title 49 of the United States Code, Chapter 301, Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. That law mandated that all seat belts be placed in all designated seating areas, and what this law does now is mandate them to be placed in all vehicles, including the transportation that our children take to get to school everyday. Any accusation of overstepping boundaries, is simply the minority trying everyday to please their donors. In this very chamber we have a sponsor of a bill who proposes that we get rid of speed limits. Madam Speaker, can you imagine what would happen if that bill to get rid of speed limits were to pass these chambers with our current seat belt laws. It will be chaos,car crash fatality rates would skyrocket. let's be responsible and let's be proactive. I Yied
  8. Madam Speaker, I have another amendment i will introduce. I retract my second and my amendment. I Yield
  9. Madam Speaker, i second the amendment offered by the gentlemen from North Carolina, but I offer and amendment to his amendment. I amend (2) ADDITIONAL CRITERIA.—To be an approved Canadian pharmacy, the Secretary shall certify that the pharmacy— (A) has been in existence for a period of at least 5 3 years preceding the date of such certification and has a purpose other than to participate in the program established under this section; (B) operates in accordance with pharmacy standards set forth by the provincial pharmacy rules and regulations enacted in Canada; (C) has processes established by the pharmacy, or participates in another established process, to certify that the physical premises and data reporting procedures and licenses are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and has implemented policies designed to monitor ongoing compliance with such laws and regulations; (D) conducts or commits to participate in ongoing and comprehensive quality assurance programs and implements such quality assurance measures, including blind testing, to ensure the veracity and reliability of the findings of the quality assurance program; (E) agrees that laboratories approved by the Secretary shall be used to conduct product testing to determine the safety and efficacy of sample pharmaceutical products; (F) has established, or will establish or participate in, a process for resolving grievances and will be held accountable for violations of established guidelines and rules; (G) does not resell products from online pharmacies located outside Canada to customers in the United States; and (H) meets any other criteria established by the Secretary.”. I yield
  10. Mr.Chair, I motion to extend this hearing by another 72 hours. I Yield
  11. Madam Speaker, I offer this PES I also motion to be added as a co-sponsor to this bill. I Yield
  12. Madam Speaker, I rise in support of this bill. While i would like to advocate for it's swift passage, I understand the legislative process is long but rewarding one. As written in the book of Proverbs, "Iron sharpens Iron", and I dutifully believe that my colleague from North Carolina objected to the Unanimous consent of this bill because he has an amendment to offer. This bill will do wonders for our Senior citizen Americans who find it hard to afford their medication. For too long have our elderly american have to worry about breaking their wallets and bank accounts just to ensure that they can remain healthy and spend time with their loved ones. This bill is not only commonsense but it is also important to the fabric of our family, an American virtue. So I ask my colleague from North Carolina why did he object and what qualms does he have with this bill. I Yield
  13. Mr.Chairman, I offer the following amendment. I motion to strike section 2 and amend it with . I also motion to amend the PES to read
  14. Debate on this legislation shall commence for 24 hours. I will also be handing the gavel back to Chairman Teddy King
  15. This bill passes committee with a vote of 3 aye, 0 present and 2 not voting.
  16. This bill passes committee with a vote of 3 aye, 0 present and 2 not voting.
  17. Storm


    This bill passes committee with a vote of 2 aye, 1 present and 2 not voting.
  18. Madam Speaker, i motion for unanimous consent. I Yield
  19. Madam Speaker, Is the gentlemen from Nevada insinuating that this bill doesn't benefit all Americans? I Yield
  20. Storm

    Press Gaggle

    Name: Axel Storm Party:Democrat Interviewing Agency:New York Times,Washington Post "I am proud to see that Older Americans' Freedom to Work Act of 1989 passed though he Senate. This means that their is compromise on the issue. I intend on on docketing this bill in committee and on the House Floor as soon as possible. I will be adding amendments to it that will eliminate the means test in it's entirety. While the current bill eliminates the penalty for people who are working at the full retirement age, it will be amended to include all social security beneficiaries, which means Seniors who are also at the early retirement age. We should not punish hard work, instead it should be rewarded".
  21. Washington.DC-House Majority released these comments to the press after he sent House Minority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald an official correspondence regarding the Older Americans' Freedom to Work Act. " I am pleased to see that the Older Americans' Freedom to Work Act has passed the Senate. This much needed legislation is needed to ensure that our Seniors are not bound by the grips of poverty. While I share the same enthusiasm of the House Minority Leader regarding the bill, I must say that I am disappointed in him trying to make an expressed bipartisan measure a political battle between parties. I believe in the legislative process of the house and all of it's committees. When we are able to fine tune our legislation through a vigorous legislative process, we create and pass legislation that stand the test of time. Currently as the bill stands, the Republicans are giving us only the bare minimum. As I stated before I intend on amending the bill. Currently the bill only eliminates the penalty for Senior citizens who reach the full retirement age. I intend on amending the bill to include all social security beneficiaries, which mean Senior citizens who reach the early retirement age will be exempt to. To sum it up all together, the means test will be eliminated all together for everyone who receives social security. That means seniors, widows, people with disabilities, and younger seniors who are at the early retirement age. Americans who want to work should be able to do so without having their Social Security benefits reduced or delayed,” House majority Leader Axel Storm said. “Eliminating this unnecessary penalty on seniors in the workforce is an important, commonsense reform that will reward work and simplify Social Security for those who depend on it. In the future I welcome all of my colleagues,especially the House Minority Leader to reach out to me if they want to see a bill docketed. When we work together, we can go farther and do amazing things for the American people. This is a bipartisan effort not a "run and gun show"
  22. Storm

    Debate: No Seat Belt, No Sale Act

    Madam Speaker, As the sponsor of this bill i will be willing to answer any question. This bill is a commonsense. This is about keeping our highways safe, keeping our drivers safe but also keeping our children safe. While some of my colleagues call this legislation a "waste of time", I think it important that when the mothers and fathers of this great nation send their children too school, that the buses they use have seat belts. I think it is important that we ensure that our fellow loved ones are protected during their trips and that they always get back home to their loved ones safely. There is no better way to ensure such safety other than by requiring our automobile manufacturers to make that change. I refuse to engage in political debate over family values and family safety. If my Republican colleagues choose to do so, then they should make their case to million American families all over America, who want their teen drivers to have seat belts and who want to ensure that their children are always on a school with seat belts. I am standing firm in my conviction on this issue. Family Safety first. i Yield
  23. Mr.Chairman, Dr.Koop, Since Dr.Roper has explained to us that the CDC had HIV listed as an epidemic since 1982, was any federal action taken by you as the Former Surgeon General or the Reagan Administration to ensure that this epidemic was handled?, was there a quarantine?, a state of emergency announced?, was there anything at all to address this epidemic? I Yield @Ollie

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