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  1. (The PES does that already and breaks it down by section exactly what is going on)
  2. Storm

    Motion to Suspend and Pass

    Motion recognized .24 hours to vote.Voting will happen in this thread
  3. Storm

    Progress Forward

    Jax Thorn: Good Day America. I am Jax Thorn and I am reporting to you live from New York City in our Progress Forward studios. A few months ago we reported on a police stop gone wrong where 35-year-old African-American Roland Steele was shot and killed by a police officer in Omaha, Nebraska. Shortly after the shooting, the Omaha police department released a statement stating The family of Roland Steele also released a statement at that time stating After a few months of investigations, The Nebraska State Police has finally released the officer's involved in the shooting. The officer is 45 years old Martin Schurz. Martin Schurz has been with the Nebraska State Police for over 25 years. The Steele family are also reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against the state police and Shurz in civil court. The Nebraska Attorney General's office is investigating whether to file murder charges against Schurz. As more information unravels, Progress Forward will be sure to report the News to you first. Remember my friends, stay safe and Progress Forward.
  4. Storm

    Jett Storm (D-MO)

    All I do is win, win, win No matter what
  5. Storm

    Secretary of State Nomination

    With a vote of 84 Aye,16 Present and 0 Nay. Mr. Henry V. Rex has been confirmed as Secretary of State
  6. Storm

    Final Vote: Secretary of State

    With a vote of 84 Aye,16 Present and 0 Nay. Mr. Henry V. Rex has been confirmed as Secretary of State
  7. Storm

    Thin Blue Line Act

    The Motion to recommit has been recognized. Recommit Vote
  8. 24 hours to vote Motion To Recommit
  9. Storm

    Motion to table:Thin Blue Line Act

    The motion table has failed with 40 aye and 60 nay
  10. Storm

    Saunders 1

    This amendment has failed. 52 nay and 48 aye.
  11. Storm


    @SenatorStorm: @JohnSaunders I know you like acting as if there is a chip on your shoulder, but all the bills are updated and it is your job to make the motion for me to move the bills (2) Partisanship hackery isn't in my job description, and you were instrumental in the budget, not the initiator. You denoted that in your own press release by the way.
  12. Storm


    @SeantorStorm: I have work to get done rather than wasting my time tweeting @JohnSaunders @SenatorStorm: I hope everyone enjoys their day!
  13. Storm


    SenatorStorm: Where is @JohnSaunders name on the Bipartisan budget?, in fact, Republican leadership literally went missing from the budget talks

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