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  1. I was under the impression you were talking about specific conversations and communication between Reginald and I alone. There is no written communication between us as I indicated. So far as I am aware, you have every right to request documents and materials to be presented to this committee for the purpose of the ongoing investigation through proper channels, Ranking Member. And until the legitimacy and legality of this hearing is confirmed by this committee and the House of Representatives as a whole, I do not believe I should continue answering questions under the current pretense.
  2. Correction, the chairman gave you the committee requests, I can resubmit that to you if you would like?
  3. I certainly would if ther I certainly would if there was communication, but there isn't. However you were the one who insisted that you have the authority to call a hearing and subpoena me. Do you have any evidence,testimonials or information regarding the act of nepotism?
  4. wow..........hmm well Congresswoman my brother and I did not have any conversations regarding the party,elections or appointments. As (5 USCS Appx § 1 2 ) does not list congressional committees as an agency; or legislative establishment. I will also point out that I am married man with kids. A subpoena is a big deal and that last thing I will want is to have federal police running into my house and arresting me for not following a subpoena. I felt like my family would be in distress due to the unhinged leadership of the ranking member.
  5. I understand the concern.You and I both share the same passion for the law and want to defend our democracy. I maintain my innocence as I have not engaged in nepotism. I stand by the legislative code defined in (5 USCS Appx § 1 2 ) that a legislative committee which can be dissolved and and re-created at the need of the House of Representatives is not apart of the listed establishments and agencies under the Nepotism law. I will be willing to further defend myself under the guidance and supervision of the SEC.
  6. No disrespect ranking chair, but I have asked on countless occasions for a purpose and a time length for this hearing. My concerns have gone unanswered. I have been presumed guilty and am being forced to make myself innocent, which is not only a violation of US law but is also a violation of the United Nation Human Rights Charter. I have pointed out on countless occasions of the invalidity of this hearing, its incompetence and its violation of rules and traditions. As the house rules have not been set, and I believe there just be an independent Select Ethics Committee to head this investigation, I demand this hearing be brought to a close, and for transparency, fairness and justice to ring through these halls. I want a hearing with evidence, testimonials and one where the public can see what just and bipartisan politics look like.
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  9. Congressman i am not sure if you are aware of the rules written in the Committe Reorganization Act in 1945 but a chairman must act o all legislation assigned to them. That isn’t much docketing power to me. The chair is really in charge of the administrative duties of the committee and not much of deciding an agenda. That’s more of role provided to the House majority Leader and Speaker. I am also elected out of the Democratic Caucus, your accusations would be much stronger if I was elected out of the house as a whole. but if there is a guideline that dictates how committee members are selected I would ask for that to be shown to me please. I’m not really dancing around your questions, it just that there’s aren’t lot of facts present in this investigation.
  10. At the end of the day, no one including the Ranking member can provide any evidence or proof of nepotism. They cannot produce a guideline of how committee members are chosen. Instead they can only show that they disagree with whom I appointed. They insist on trying to rewrite legislative code on the spot, rather on the codes that were amended just last year. A purpose of this hearing has not been defined, and a time length has not been stated. There are is serious ethical violations in this hearing, as it should be ran by an independent source and not by the people making the accusation. This is a political spectacle instead of being something meant to uphold our Democracy. I am appalled.
  11. Would you like to show me a guideline of rules that states how committee members should be chosen?
  12. It was solely done based on experience and whether or not people were going to serve in leadership. I wanted to spread opportunity around.
  13. As the current Chair is qualified and was the first person to apply to the position, there is no problem with him serving, and I do believe we need to establish a neutral and private investigation into the matter, as there is a lot of hostility in this room and I am not sure where it is coming from.
  14. I wasn't elected in office at the time and I didn't have any influence to establish the definitions on the books, but if you want to establish the committee as apart of those definitions then I we don't do so through the legislative process.

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