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  1. College-aged TPUSA White Male Senator Rabin, time and time again you’ve criticized our President publicly and now you’re actively playing a role in blocking his legislative priorities. Why are you actively opposing the MAGA agenda? When are you planning on announcing you’ve been a Democrat this whole time?
  2. DMH


    @NewtonMN: I voted against passing the Space Force through the ASFAJ Committee. #RejectSpaceForce @NewtonMN: It’s an ill-conceived policy rooted in bravado and not sound defense policy. #RejectSpaceForce @NewtonMN: Let’s keep space about exploration and discovery. Invest in NASA! #FundNASA
  3. DMH


    @NewtonMN: Passage of vaccine legislation is a major win for the country! #Vaccines @NewtonMN: Relief can finally come to our struggling communities in MN. #Vaccines
  4. PR #7 - Newton Fights for Technical Job Opportunities for Youth Duluth - Senator Harvey Newton has proposed new legislation that aims to help students gain access to technical jobs. The Youth Technical Jobs Access Act of 2019 establishes a pilot program to promote public-private partnerships among apprenticeships or other job training programs, local educational agencies, and community colleges. The pilot program is geared towards 10 entities chosen by the Secretary of Education, with consultation from the Secretary of Labor, to determine the effectiveness of such a program on a broader scale. Many of the potential job opportunities pertain to STEM industries like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. After touring a technical college in Duluth, Senator Newton addressed a crowd of students regarding his new legislation. Senator Newton's statement can be read below: "I've had a great pleasure touring this technical college and being able to talk directly to you students about your aspirations. I believe that you all represent the future of the American economy and the backbone of our future economic growth. Without legitimate action from the Congress, we will not be able to make that future a reality. Our industries have fallen behind the global community through bad policies and a lack of focus on the issues that matter to these essential industries. The Youth Technical Jobs Access Act of 2019 is a first step towards establishing a nationwide public-private partnership among apprentices and other job training programs by launching a small-scale pilot program that can be used to review and analyze the best ways to move forward on a national level. I believe we need to take bold action to move our economy and these industries forward in the 21st Century and that begins by expanding opportunities for folks like you to gain the knowledge apprenticeship programs and job training programs can provide. Thank you all for allowing me to be here and keep up the good work!"
  5. Mr. Chairman, I second the amendment. I yield.
  6. DMH


    @NewtonMN: I cannot in good conscious support #USMCA @NewtonMN: Labor and environmental standards are not strong enough! #USMCA
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