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  1. Mr. President, I second the amendment from the Senator from Washington. I yield.
  2. PR #11 - Newton's Medical Marijuana Bill Passes in the Senate Washington D.C. - Minnesota Senator Harvey Newton's medical marijuana bill has passed in the U.S. Senate by a wide margin. The Medical Marijuana Research Barrier Removal Act passed with broad bipartisan support in the Senate following the expressed support of various political leaders, including the Senate Majority Leader. Senator Newton's bill is the first pro-marijuana legislation to not only reach the floor of the U.S. Senate but also the first to successfully pass in a chamber of Congress. Senator Newton spoke at an event in Washington D.C. following the successful passage of his legislation. He praised members of both sides of the aisle for coming together and passing the common-sense legislation. Senator Newton also implored the House of Representatives to take his bill up for consideration and expressed his optimism that his bill could become law by the end of the current congressional session. Senator Newton's statement can be read below: "I am extremely humbled by the opportunity to spearhead the pro-marijuana movement in the Senate and the passage of my bill is our greatest federal victory in the movement's history. The passage of this bill will remove the archaic barriers that are hindering our scientists from properly researching marijuana and its medical applications for folks all over this country. I am proud to have had such strong and steadfast bipartisan support for this legislation from members of both sides of the aisle." "This common-sense bill's passage in the Senate is not only a historic victory but also a resounding victory for bipartisanship in the Congress. I implore the Speaker of the House to take up my legislation where I am optimistic of its passage. I believe wholeheartedly that my bill could very well become law by the end of the current session of Congress and I look forward to the day when it reaches the President's desk."
  3. @NewtonMN: Extremely saddened to see GOP block House Infrastructure Bill from being debated on the floor. #FixIt @NewtonMN: The bill was something I hoped Dems and GOP could build on together constructively. #FixIt
  4. Senator Harvey Newton endorses Martin Arroyo for President of the United States.
  5. @NewtonMN: I am honored to endorse Martin Arroyo for President of the United States. See my speech here #2020
  6. Harvey Newton Endorsement Event - St. Paul Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It's an honor and a pleasure to be here with you all today as I speak on the state of the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. I believe we are at a pivotal moment in our country's history. We've had the political norms we've grown used to have been uprooted and over the past few years, civility and political courage have been tossed aside in favor of radicalism and political expediency. Our values have been torn apart in the name of party politics and people across America no longer have any faith in the Congress. The days of bipartisanship are shredded in simple Twitter posts and social media has become a platform of partisan vitriol. I have found myself in careful deliberation over the past few months about the future of our country and our party. I believe America and our party is at a crossroads. The decisions we make in the near future will have a significant impact on generations to come. I'm reminded of a similar time in our nation's history back when I was a teenager. For the younger folks in here, 1976 was a year where American faced a similar crossroads. The economy was in stagnation and our faith in government had been shaken to its foundation by the Watergate Scandal that toppled the Nixon Administration. The Democratic Party also faced a crossroads between moderate and liberal factions fighting for the soul of the party itself. While the biggest names in the Democratic Party threw their hats into the ring to take the fight to Gerald Ford, a little-known governor of Georgia shocked the political world and went on to clinch that nomination. He projected and embodied an image civility, dignity, and moral courage. He believed America's best days were ahead of them and took a stand on the principles and values he believed in. America needs a leader who can embody those traits once again. The current President has degraded the office he holds and has fueled the tainting of our political process. We need a leader that will restore the integrity of the office of the Presidency and restore confidence in our ability to actually produce positive change for our country. We as a party need a leader who will be a uniter and embody the same image of civility, dignity, and moral courage. As I look at the field, I believe there is only one candidate who can make that vision a reality. That is why I am here to announce my support for Martin Arroyo. I do not make this decision lightly. After considering the options that have been presented to Democratic primary members across the country, I believe Martin Arroyo is the only candidate up for the job. I am a big believer in the idea that our party's nominee for president must embody the fundamental values of the Democratic Party. Certain policy positions, including Senator Williams's embrace of NRA-backed concealed carry legislation, have led me to turn away from the senior senator from California. The positions Senator Williams has taken runs directly in conflict with the values of our party. As a gun safety advocate in Congress, I cannot in good consciousness back a candidate who kowtows to the special interest group holding back commonsense background check legislation. Martin Arroyo is the candidate in this race with the vision for our party and for our country that can lead us on a path of success and prosperity. I believe that Senator Arroyo is uniquely qualified to serve as our next President, whether it be as a veteran of the Iraq War or his service in Congress. Senator Arroyo believes that our best days are ahead of us. Senator Arroyo doesn't bend to the whims of special interest groups that are fundamentally in opposition to our party values. Senator Arroyo will fight for the average American and put the average American first every time. I believe that now is the time for us to take our party and our country back. This is a change election whether we like it or not and the Democratic Party must present a vision for the future that lifts up Americans of all colors and creeds. I believe Martin Arroyo is the candidate in this race that can be our party's standard bearer in the fight that will be the 2020 general election and I am honored by the opportunity to fight for the future of our country. Thank you all and God bless!
  7. @NewtonMN: The House passed infrastructure reform at the start of this session. #FixIt @NewtonMN: I motioned to debate that bill in the Senate so both parties can build on it. #FixIt @NewtonMN: America can’t afford for Congress to do nothing. We need to #FixIt
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