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  1. DMH


    @GOP: Of course #FlipFloppinClay doesn't support lowering taxes on all Americans; he's too busy promising NEW taxes to his #SpecialInterest donors. @GOP: #FlipFloppinClay is BAD NEWS for America and WORSE NEWS for Indiana.
  2. Attorney General Patricia Royce (R-IN) -Basic Information- Name: Patricia Royce Gender: Female Age: 56 State: Indiana Political Party: Republican Party Political Ideology: Establishment Republican Avatar: Mary Burke -Personal Information- Date of Birth: 8/12/1962 Place of Birth: Garrett, Indiana Place of Residence: Fort Wayne, Indiana Religion: Baptist Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual -Family Information- Father: Hank Jefferson (b. 1942) Mother: Linda Jefferson (b. 1944) Siblings: Benjamin Jefferson (b. 1964) Husband: Warren Royce (b. 1957 - m. 1984) Children: David Royce (b. 1987) / Lucas Royce (b. 1989) Grandchildren: Justine Royce (b. 2009) / Gabriel Royce (b. 2013) -Educational History- B.A. in Political Science from Indiana University South Bend - Class of 1983 J.D. from Notre Dame Law School - Class of 1986 -Occupational History- Law Clerk (1986 - 1987) Partner in Royce & Prescott LLC (1987 - 1999) Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana (1999 - 2001) U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana (2001 - 2011) Attorney General of Indiana (2013 - Present) -Electoral History- Indiana Attorney General Election - 2012 Patricia Royce (R) - 56.7% Kay Fleming (D) - 43.3% Indiana Attorney General Election - 2016 Patricia Royce (R) - 63.4% Lorenzo Arredondo (D) - 36.6%
  3. Fundraiser #2 - 2017 Type: Email Topic: Protect Christian Values Target: Social Conservatives / Evangelical Voters / Christian Political Organizations (Ex. Focus on the Family and Faith and Freedom Coalition) Dear [Name], The Supreme Court has dealt yet another blow to the moral foundations of this country. A majority of Supreme Court justices have ruled in favor of legalizing homosexual marriage across all fifty states. Such a sweeping decision is the direct result of judicial activism on the part of justices who have thrown our values into the dumpster without a single care for how such action can degrade our society. The intervention by the courts have allowed for the lifestyle choices of a minority to be publicly endorsed and encouraged by our federal government. Our institution of marriage has forever been tainted by the actions of liberal elites. I am a proud defender of traditional marriage and the simple belief that God created marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman. I was the ONLY Senator to forcefully condemn the recent Supreme Court ruling as the judicial activism it was. As the Governor of North Dakota, I championed North Dakota Constitutional Measure 1 that was affirmed by 73% of North Dakotans that defined marriage between a man and a woman. This ruling will no doubt go down in history as one of the most fundamentally dangerous. I am dedicated towards the fight to preserve our Judeo-Christian values in the U.S. Senate and across the country. We cannot allow for the left-wing elites to turn our country and our society away from the message of Christ and the moral foundations upon which our country was built upon. Your support and contributions will help me further the cause of defending Christian values in Congress and standing up against the growing tide of anti-Christian public policy we see coming out of Washington. We need to mobilize now more than ever if we want to preserve the ideals of our Christian nation. Thank you and God bless. Signed, Senator George Maynard Name: _______ Donation Amount: [] $5 | [] $15 | [] $25 | [] $50 | [] $75 | [] $100 | Other Amount $____
  4. DMH

    RNC Fundraisers

    Republican Fundraiser #3 - SIG Appeal - 2017 Topic: Financial Industry Reform Targets: Financial Industry Leaders / Fiscally Conservative Organizations (Ex. Heritage Action and Americans for Tax Reform) The U.S. Financial Industry is in desperate need of reform. Democrats have continued to abuse their position within the federal government to further cripple our financial industry with needless regulation and continued efforts to expand the role of government agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Federal policy promoted by the Democratic Party has created a complicated and intricate web of government regulation and bureaucracy. Democrats have shown no intention to lift the current restrictions and the executive orders made by Democratic Presidents from Obama to LeClavers simply furthers the growth of government regulation and bureaucracy. The post-Dodd-Frank era has only yielded further regulation and increased demonization of our financial industry. The regulations of our time have unnecessarily harmed large and small banks across the country at the expense of millions of Americans. Agencies like the Federal Reserve, the NCUA, and FDIC, have all played a direct role in significantly hampering our financial industry. The GOP is prepared to offer an effective alternative that would empower our financial industry and deliver genuine results for millions of Americans everywhere. The goal of our federal government ought to be to boost our national economy and the regulations of the post-Dodd-Frank era have only held us back. We will seek to unleash the potential of the American economy and that begins by strengthening and empowering our financial sector. Below are some of the policies a GOP-led Congress will fight for if given a majority in Congress: The Davis-Bacon Act will be repealed. Dodd-Frank will be repealed. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be repealed. Improve the Truth in Lending Act by modifying the definition of a mortgage originator. Improve the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 by modifying the definition of a loan originator. A GOP-led Congress is ready to fight for freeing our financial industry from the chains of government over-regulation. We need to get our economy moving again and that starts by electing a GOP Congress next November to deliver genuine change to the financial industry. We can't allow Democrats to pile on more and more unnecessary regulation and bloat the already bloasted bureaucracy they have been instrumental in creating. Your support and contributions will help us bring the reform this country truly needs. Signed, RNC Chairman George Maynard
  5. DMH


    @GOP: SML Clay allows his OWN education bills to be killed by his fellow Democrats in committee! #FlipFloppinClay
  6. DMH

    RNC Fundraisers

    Republican Fundraiser #2 - SIG Appeal - 2017 Topic: Energy Reform Target: Oil and Natural Gas Industry / Coal Industry / Nuclear Power Industry Our energy industry is under siege in a way we have never seen before by the current administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate. In their blind pursuit to empower renewable energy industries like wind and solar, our traditional energy industries that millions of Americans actually depend on are demonized and weakened by crippling sanctions and regulations. Democrats have thrown conventional wisdom out the window with their continued empowerment of government organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency that uses every tactic in the book to cripple our major energy industries. Below are just some of the harmful policies implemented by the Democratic-controlled White House and Senate: Circumvented the legislative branch and required fracking chemical disclosures through executive order under the Stevenson Administration. Appointed radical anti-energy sector politician Al Gore as Secretary of Energy where he remains to this day. Directed $2 billion in infrastructure funding to renewable energy development while ignoring traditional energy industries through executive order under the LeClavers Administration. Empowered anti-energy sector government organizations to increase regulation under the guise of climate change through executive order under the LeClavers Administration. Proposing federal legislation that would ban oil and gas leasing off the West Coast of California. Proposing federal legislation that would increase regulations on pipelines built across the Great Lakes. Senate Majority Leader advocates in favor of cap-and-trade policy as a priority in a fundraising email to supporters. Continues to propagate failed and dangerous federal policy like the Clean Water Rule and Clean Air Act. While Democrats have proven that they are not allies of traditional energy industries, Republicans have led the charge in Congress to empower our successful industries throughout the current session of Congress. The GOP understands the need to strengthen traditional energy sources as a means of empowering our national economy and ending our dependence on foreign energy from overseas nations. Below are just some of the policies the GOP has fought for in Congress and will advocate for if given a majority in Congress: Removing the current ban on exporting crude oil via federal legislation. Approving the Keystone XL Pipeline via federal legislation. Repealing the Clean Water Rule and other unnecessary regulations that harm our energy industry. Reining in the scope of the Clean Air Act to ensure that such regulation doesn't negatively affect the coal and oil industries Opening federal land for oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear development. Increasing federal investment into nuclear energy research and removing red tape that limited the construction of nuclear power plants. Opening oil research and development into the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve and the outer continental shelf. Expanding permit opportunities for offshore oil drilling around the country. Oppose Cap-and-Trade policies from being implemented. A GOP-led Congress will fight against the anti-energy sector crusade led by Senate Democrats and the White House. Your support and contributions to the party in the upcoming election next November will help the Republican Party revitalize and empower our energy industry in a way Democrats have failed to do consistently. The war on oil and coal will come to an end with a GOP-led Congress and your support will make that possibility a reality. Signed, RNC Chairman George Maynard
  7. DMH

    RNC Fundraisers

    Republican Fundraiser #1 - Email - 2017 Topic: Protecting the Right to Life Targets: Social Conservatives / Pro-Life Activists From: RNC Chairman George Maynard (Republican National Committee) Subject: Protecting the Unborn Dear [name] Every American can agree that our children are the future of our country. It's the responsibility of every American to make sure that the next generation is well-equipped to handle the ever-changing world in the 21st Century and beyond. Why then do so many left-wing politicians embrace policies that don't even give so many of those children a chance at life? Why then do these liberal elites embrace cruel organizations like Planned Parenthood that conduct barbaric procedures on our unborn? The most important question we have to ask ourselves is simple, who will stand up to the pro-abortion activists and protect our unborn? While Democrats have spent the past ten years running our government into the ground with failed policies and scandals galore, one issue they have held particularly close to their heart is their shared love of abortion and the organizations that propagate it. The mainstream media continues to spread the myth of the supposed "Blue Dogs" on the rise within the Democratic Party but even those supposed moderates embrace the killing of unborn children. Just look at the comments made by Senate Majority Leader Jackson Clay in what he deems beliefs every Democrat stands behind. There is no moderating voice in the Democratic Party who will defend the unborn or stand up to heinous abortion practices. We have a duty to protect and defend the unborn from those that would seek to deny them a chance at life. That's why the Republican Party is proud to be the pro-life party in Washington and across the country. We will not rest until our unborn get the opportunities afforded to every human being and are treated with the dignity they deserve. Republicans have done the following in Congress: Successfully blocked the nomination of radical pro-choice nominee Jane Kelly to the Supreme Court. Proposed federal legislation specifically protecting unborn children that are pain-capable from abortion procedures. Proposed federal legislation aimed at banning the practice of dismemberment abortion procedures and punishing those that conduct such barbaric acts. Proposed major healthcare reform that wouldn't require healthcare plans to cover abortion procedures, pay costs of abortion procedures for healthcare plans, and funding not used for embryonic stem cell research. Republicans will do the following if given a GOP majority in both houses of Congress: Codify the Mexico City Policy into law. End federal funding towards organizations that engage in abortion procedures like Planned Parenthood. Guarantee that unborn children that are pain-capable cannot be considered for abortive procedures. Enact adoptive care reform to create stronger alternative options to abortive procedures. Completely end the usage of federal funding towards embryonic stem cell research. Republicans in Congress have been fighting for our unborn and we will continue to protect them against the forces of the radical liberal elite and their pro-abortion activism. We cannot depend on supposed "moderates" in the Democratic Party to hold the pro-abortion forces at bay. We need your help and contributions to take back our legislative branch next November. Republicans are ready to protect our unborn for generations to come and that begins with a GOP-led Congress standing as a bulwark against those who take pleasure in taking the right to life away from millions. Our future generations depend on it. Signed, RNC Chairman George Maynard Name ____________ Donation Amount: [] $5 | [] $15 | [] $25 | [] $50 | [] $75 | [] $100 | Other Amount $____
  8. DMH

    RNC Fundraisers

    Republican Party Gala - 2017 Location: Houston, Texas (Near the Texas Medical Center) Topic: Healthcare Reform / Obamacare Repeal Targets: Healthcare Industry Leaders / Anti-Obamacare Organizations (Ex. Americans for Prosperity and Club for Growth) Senate Minority Leader John Saunders (R-TX) Good evening! Thank you all for coming out here tonight. It's great to be here in the Houston area with all of you. I'm proud to be leading a solid group of talented legislators in the Senate who are ready to fix the healthcare disaster the Democratic Party has created for this country. There is no doubt that the term of Barack Obama led to many disastrous things for our country, and the passage of the Affordable Care Act is seen by many, including me as the biggest. Such a wide reaching piece of legislation that did so much harm to our healthcare sector and the provision of good, affordable care across the country. Remember when we were told we could keep our plans? Well that was the lie of the century. So many businesses ending company plans and forcing their employees onto the market was the result of this law. The passage of Obamacare is essentially one of the biggest train wrecks that our country is seen and that is why I speak here tonight, in front of you, to wholeheartedly reject it. Not only did Obamacare bring major change to our healthcare system but it also made radical changes to our tax code and thankfully some of those were repealed but not all. When the law was passed, the package represented $208.8 billions worth of taxes on the medical and healthcare industry, taxes which are damaging to business and consumer alike, restricting the type of plans that can be offered and thus reducing choice within the healthcare industry. Where would our healthcare industry be without choice and discretion offered to both industry and consumer? Quite possibly in the ditch. These reasons, are why we must support a full and effective repeal of the Affordable Care Act. In the Congress, I have sponsored legislation to repeal the individual and employer mandates within the Act. The Republican Party in Congress will look to replace the Obamacare system with a system more focused on patient choice and access to medical care they need. We also want to ensure that insurers are able to be competitive and open up the markets to compete across state lines and drive the costs down for all Americans. Recently, we have seen the UnitedHealth Group pull out of more Obamacare Markets because they are unbearable for business and for patient care. This is why we take this action. Republicans in the Senate have proposed groundbreaking legislation that will not only repeal Obamacare but replace the disasterous program with a limited government approach that puts power back in the hands of the states and the American People. The Heath Reform Act of 2017 is perhaps one of the most important pieces of legislation I have ever drafted and I am proud to be spearheading this issue because I believe the need for change is too great to continue to ignore. Our income tax deduction for health insurance costs will increase affordability of healthcare for Americans everywhere. Our bill allows health savings accounts to qualify for the expenses of certain health insurance costs while advancing their provisions in other areas such as contributions, over-the-counter drugs and making it so that more and more people will be able to get a health savings account. Our bill creates a grant program that helps states create high-risk pools to help our most at-risk Americans without taking power away from the states because we know the states can better enforce healthcare policy then the federal government can, Obamacare has proven that. We need your help to take the fight to Obamacare. We need your help to repeal and replace it with something that benefits you and something that benefits all Americans. Thank you. God bless the United States. Senator Christopher Donnelly (R-TN) Hello! It’s great to be here in Houston with you all tonight! Today, we come together as Americans to fight against the liberal agenda of the Democratic Party and President LeClavers. If they had their way, the government would be in total control of your healthcare, your paychecks would be minuscule because their massive tax increases and your local government would have little to no say over what happened to its people. Where did this leftward agenda start? With Obamacare! Starting in 2010, the Democratic Party committed itself to a far-left agenda where the government decided to reform Health Care. That’s their polite way of saying the government took over health care. Obamacare was 897 pages long - now you tell me how many Democrats read all of those pages and fully understood their impact. But those 897 pages have put forward over 20,000 pages of federal regulations! These regulations are having a direct and costly impact on our healthcare companies. Take United Health as an example. It was recently reported that they would be withdrawing from the Obamacare exchanges because it expected to lose $650 million dollars! This is outrageous! America has produced the best companies on this Earth, and yet Obamacare is dismantling them because of the massive amounts of regulations that these companies must now follow. They are not good for business and they are not good for the American consumer - Health Care premiums are continuing to skyrocket under Obamacare. What we need now is change. As members of the Republican Conference, we stand united behind one truth: Obamacare was a failure. That is why we favor the complete repeal of Obamacare with a replacement that gives you, the people of this great country, the ability to choose what is included in your healthcare, lower premiums, and more choices to ensure increased competition in the market. These priorities will start to fix the horror that is Obamacare but we cannot do it from the Minority. For these reasons, I humbly ask you for your support as we set our sights on the Senate Majority. One of our first priorities will be to repeal and replace Obamacare! Thank you all and God Bless! Senator Diego Zamora (R-NM) Good evening, and thank you for being here tonight to join in a discussion about our flailing healthcare system. You know as well as I do that our system that was done immeasurable by the government takeover under the misnamed Affordable Care Act. Obamacare was a disaster, failing by all objective standards. It pledged to increase competition. Well, now we see UnitedHealth leaving the markets. Obama and the Democratic Party promised to lower premiums. They have increased astronomically, in some states more than doubling in a single year. Friends, it's a fact: Obamacare is a mess, and the only way to clean it up is to start anew. As a matter of fact, even leading Democrats think that Obamacare is insufficient! The problem is they're going even further to the left, even further towards government-rationed healthcare, with their calls for Medicare - or more accurately, Medicaid - for All and their latest public option proposal. As Ranking Republican Member of the HELP Committee, which handles healthcare policy, I've been busy trying to find solutions to the health insurance crisis consuming our nation. Because it's important to note that our doctors, nurses, and other health professionals aren't the problem; it's the way we as a society and as individuals provide payment for their services that's at stake here. The disunited, divided Democrats have put forward two conflicting proposals on healthcare recently. One's a public option, something that was so unpopular even among Democrats in the initial Obamacare bill that they had to remove it before jamming the entire piece of legislation down America's throat. The other is even more dangerous, even more egregious. It would completely nationalize healthcare, implementing a "Medicaid for All" system that invariably leads to rationing of care. Worse yet, the "Medicaid for All" bill - which has the support of far-left progressives in the HELP Committee - would implement unknown tax increases on everything from income to payroll, from investments to stock trading. I've honestly never seen so much rampant socialist doctrine in Congress as I have with "Medicaid for All." You know, while we're in the Minority of the Senate, I've still been hard at work trying to fix the mess caused by the ACA. I'd like to share with you about two of these bills. The first bill would repeal Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB. Now, IPAB is a provision that would allow for arbitrary cuts to Medicare without explicit Congressional or Presidential approval. My Protecting Seniors Access to Medicare Act will repeal IPAB and ensure that the benefits seniors paid for throughout their lives aren't cut or rescinded without consultation. I am also proud to be a leader in the GOP's mission to fix our healthcare industry by having introduced the Commonsense Competition and Access to Health Insurance Act. Now, this has served as a framework for a major component of our legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. This bill allows people seeking insurance on the individual markets to buy insurance across state lines. This should be such a commonsense proposal, but only Republicans are leading the fight to allow a truly national insurance system without undue government intervention or interference. Friends, healthcare makes up 17.9% of our nation's GDP and rising. This multitrillion dollar industry will thrive once we get onerous regulations out of the way and relinquish seized federal control. But we need your support to ensure that a Republican Senate majority is delivered in 2018! So, please, join us in our fight to fix healthcare and repeal and replace Obamacare! Thank you, and God bless! RNC Chairman and Senator George Maynard (R-ND) Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming out tonight! We face an upcoming midterm election that will go down in history as one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Tonight you have heard from the brightest minds within the Republican Party take a stand against the radical leftist agenda of the LeClavers-Baudin Administration and the Democratic Party. We have dealt with ten years of regressive liberal policy at the forefront of our federal government and Obamacare is the apex of their pyramid of failure. Obamacare is falling apart before our very eyes yet Democrats refuse to acknowledge it. Barack Obama always put his own pride before admitting he was wrong and that elitist mentality has taken root within every corner of the Democratic Party. Obamacare itself was built on a foundation of lies and deceit and Democrats have done nothing more than pile on more lies and more deceit at every chance they get. We've got major healthcare companies dropping out of the market and yet the LeClavers-Baudin Administration has yet to even comment on it. Democrats would rather watch Obamacare have a complete meltdown then admit that their signature policy initiative has become a disaster. Despite their inability to publicly admit the failures of Obamacare, their actions say otherwise. The progressive radicals have shifted the Democrats further to the left with policy proposals like state public options and Medicaid expansions that will never work. Their own "MediChoice" legislation aims to remove some of the harmful mandates Obamacare imposed on individuals and small businesses that we have been railing against for nearly a decade! While Democrats live in the land of make believe, we Republicans live in the land of reality and common sense. We've already successfully repealed the Medical Excise tax despite a divided Congress. Republicans in Congress have put forward a significant repeal effort in the form of the Health Reform Act of 2017 that would implement a constitutional approach to government involvement in healthcare by giving power back to the states with policies like giving states grants to establish high-risk pools. Our signature legislation, spearheaded by Minority Leader Saunders, insures that individual health insurance coverage is governed by the laws of a state designated by the health insurance providers as they rightfully should be. Our party has put forward real concrete legislation that will empower health care providers and Americans alike across the country. The time is now to stand with the Republican Party and fight for genuine healthcare reform. We ought to be pursuing reform now more than ever as Democrats have mobilized in an effort to push our country further to the left. The elites in Washington believe that rather than Obamacare being a failure, they haven't gone enough! How many more healthcare providers have to drop out of the Obamacare market before Democrats end their dismal crusade to socialize healthcare? How many more states have to suffer crippling premium hikes, like my home state of North Dakota that increased by 44% since 2013, before Democrats realize how their actions have hurt Americans across the country? The simple truth that we all know is that they will never correct the errors of their ways because they are too prideful and arrogant to do so! Obama didn't, Stevenson didn't, Kline didn't, LeClavers didn't, and I can bet you Baudin won't either! The Republican Party needs your support and contributions now more than ever as we take on the Washington elite and the coastal liberal machines that continue to perpetuate this failed program. Your support will help the GOP successfully end this failed program and restore the principles of limited government and constitutionality to the states and to individual Americans. The Republican Party has already shown that it can deliver results in the fight against Obamacare despite a divided Congress and your contributions will help empower our efforts to build upon that foundation of success. With your help, we can and will defeat the efforts of liberal elites to socialize healthcare and we can throw Obamacare into the dustbin of history! Thank you all and God Bless!
  9. Fundraiser #1 - 2017 Type: Gala Location: Bismarck, North Dakota Topic: Energy Reform Targets: Oil/Natural Gas Industry Leaders and Keystone Pipeline Proponents Good evening folks! I'm glad to be here tonight to discuss my vision for significant reform in our energy sector that will empower your industry and reinvigorate the American economy. Your businesses have been under siege for years and that unyielding assault remains as strong as ever under President LeClavers. Democrats continue to beat the war drums as they deride a fruitful industry in their selfish effort to destroy the livelihoods of millions of Americans. God has gifted this nation with a land filled to the brim with natural resources and it would be foolish not to utilize the resources at our disposal to increase the wealth of this nation. Our oil and natural gas reserves are under utilized and it is my belief that we ought to be increasing production, not slapping on regulation after regulation. That's why I am spearheading efforts in Congress to lift the current ban on the exportation of crude oil. We are missing out on significantly improving our stake in the global oil and natural gas market by not exporting crude oil and I will do everything in my power to create new opportunities for your businesses to thrive and prosper. An empowered energy industry is a stronger national economy. North Dakota needs to do its part in strengthening the oil and natural gas industry and that begins with approving the next phase of the Keystone XL Pipeline. We are all too familiar with the efforts of President LeClavers and his liberal cronies to block the construction of the pipeline at all costs. They bend like trees in the wind to unhinged environmental activists who don't understand the need to build the Keystone Pipeline and other pipelines like it that can improve the transportation of oil across the country while also decreasing our dependence on oil from overseas nations that do not share our values. The McGinty-led Environmental Protection Agency and President LeClavers will fight against my efforts every step of the way but that will not deter me from doing everything in my power to deliver genuine results. We are fighting tooth-and-nail in Congress to fight against the forces of regression that demonize our energy industry every chance they get. I truly do believe our future is one where our energy industry is strong and vibrant. We cannot continue to sit idly by while out-of-touch elites taint that future and that is why I ask for your support and contributions towards my efforts and the efforts of the Republican Party to make that future a reality. Thank you all and God bless.

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