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  2. The public activities of Senator Tillman will be collected here. Constituency Affairs Director: Peter Gladstone (2003-)
  3. Baghdad Capture Signals Need for Exit Strategy Victory assured, we must begin to determine how to create a long-lasting peace--quickly. Arlington, VA | United States' Armed Forces have captured Baghdad and all but defeated the Hussein regime; this decisive strategic victory means that American efforts must be redirected into creating a long-lasting and stable peace in the quickest possible time frame to allow our boys to come home, says Virginia Senator, Robert Tillman. "The troops have done an incredible job and deserve every praise for their compassionate but decisive handling of the Operations in Iraq," Tillman told local media. "It is incredibly important that we begin to devise an exit strategy which includes the necessary continuing operations to allow stability and peace to persist." Tillman, a supporter of the Iraq war, says that he believes that the administration must devote "every remaining minute" to achieving final victory and "establishing the criteria for a withdrawal" from the war-torn middle eastern country. "What we don't want is perpetual war in Iraq; but we also don't want to leave a giant power vacuum and end up with a devil that is worse than what we had. We need to be careful, considerate, and effective when it comes to the exit strategy." Tillman also thanked the President for his leadership during his difficult term as President, saying that "President Bush has demonstrated unwavering leadership skills over the course of his term and, while I am sad to see him go, I am extremely thankful and grateful to him for what he has accomplished." Following the announcement that President Bush would not seek a second term, Senator Tillman warned that "if Americans do not select carefully their next President, then we run a great risk: either of perpetual war in Iraq or of creating a serious power vacuum that we lose control of." The Virginia Senator says he looks forward to seeing whose names come forward to replace the President. "Whoever it is, I pray to God that he or she will have the fortitude to do what is right--for the American people as well as the Iraqis--even when it is difficult." --30--
  4. 108th United States Congress Aye Nay Present Sponsor Co-Sponsor
  5. The voting record of Senator Tillman will be compiled here. Parliamentary Director: Dr. Mark Glamis (2003-) Constituency Affairs Director: Peter Gladstone (2003-) Chief Policy Advisor: Dr. Barclay Calhoun (2003-)
  6. All press releases issued by Senator Tillman will be compiled here. Press Secretary: Miles Richmond (2003-Present)
  7. Robert Henry Tillman Republican Senator for Virginia Name: Robert Henry Tillman Date of Birth: December 6, 1940 Place of Birth: Norfolk, VA Place of Residence: Norfolk, VA Party: Republican State and Seat Class: Virginia | Class II Avatar: Ken Clarke Family History: Father | Michael Reginald Tillman | b. 1918, d. 1944, m. 1938 Mother | Margaret-Anne (née Stillwater) Graham | b. 1919, m. 1953, d. 2001 Wife | Joanna (née Greaves) | b. 1945, m. 1970 Son | Ronald Henry Tillman | b. 1972, m. 2001 Daughter | Elizabeth Anne Piccard | b. 1974, m. 1999 Son | Michael Reginald Tillman II | b. 1978, m. 2002 Educational History: Phillips Exeter Academy | 1953-1958 William and Mary College | 1958-1962 | Bachelor of Arts | Art History Editor of Acropolis, the art and culture magazine | 1960-1962 President of the American Constitution Society | 1961 President of the College Republicans | 1961 Harvard University | 1962-1964 | Juris Doctor Virginia Theological Seminary | 1980-1983 | Master of Divinity Employment History: Peake & Moffat | Attorney | 1964-1979 Partner | 1971-1979 St. George's Episcopal Church | Vicar | 1983-1990 Norfolk City Council | Councillor | 1991-1995 US House of Representatives | VA-2 | 1995-2002 US Senator | Virginia | 2003-Present Anything Else You Want To Add: Robert's father was very rich, having inherited a fortune from his late father before dying in the Second World War. Although Robert was not raised particularly religious, he had a profound reversion to his episcopal faith while working as an attorney and was ordained a minister. He had a further conversion in 1990 and became Catholic, renouncing his holy orders and running for City Council. Robert enjoys classical art, especially sculpture, and cigars--of which he boasts an impressive and rare collection.
  8. Arnold Tipton (@ArnoldTipton) Verified twitter account of US Senator Arnold Tipton.
  9. Arnold Reginald Tipton Republican Senator for NH (Class II) Press Office Press Releases: Place Holder | Brief description
  10. Arnold Reginald Tipton Republican Senator for New Hampshire Name: Arnold Reginald Tipton Political Party: Republican Party Seat Held: New Hampshire II Date of Birth: October 16, 1967 Place of Birth: Manchester, NH Place of Residence: Manchester, NH Race/Ethnicity: White/Anglo/Russian Gender: Male Religion: Russian Orthodox Family Information: Father | Reginald Branscombe Tipton (b. 1942) Mother | Anastasia Katerina Sergeyevna Durnovo (b. 1945) Brother | Alexander George Peter Tipton (b. 1969) Sister | Maria Katerina Tipton (b. 1972) Wife | Elizabeth Victoria Bennett (b. 1970, m. 1992) Son | Hector Athanasius Tipton (b. 1993) Son | William John Tipton (b. 1995) Daughter | Heloise Anastasia Tipton (b. 1997) Son | Gregory Marshall Tipton (b. 1999) Educational History: Harvard University | BA in Classics | 1989 University of Toronto | MA in History | 1991 University of Ottawa | Ph.D. in History | 1997 Sorbonne Institute | Post-Doctoral in History | 2004 Occupational History: Professor of History (Part Time) | 1992-1996 University of Toronto (1992-1993) University of Ottawa (1993-1996) Professor of History | 1996-2002 | University of New Hampshire Manchester Visiting Fellow | 2002-2003 | University of Ghana Accra Professor of History | 2004-2009 | University of New Hampshire Manchester US Representative for NH-1 | 2009-2011 | Republican US Senator for NH (II) | 2011-Present | Republican Arnold Reginald Tipton was born the sixteenth of October 1967 to Mr. Reginald Branscombe Tipton, a wealthy estate manager, and his wife, Anastasia Tipton (née Dunovo), a socialite and the daughter of an exiled Russian noble family. Reginald converted from Anglicanism to Russian Orthodoxy when he married his wife and the family were raised Russian Orthodox. As a child, Arnold was a capable student and middling athlete who played some competitive tennis at a regional level. His gift was, principally, in the academic sphere. He learned to read from a young age and voraciously consumed books as a child. He earned good grades at Phillips Exeter Academy, where he studied as a child, and was admitted to Harvard University as a result. While at Harvard, Tipton would join the campus Republicans and read to an undergraduate degree in Classics. The world of antiquity spoke to Tipton and he, in turn, devoted the bulk of his professional life to its study. In his thesis at Harvard, Tipton would write of the fall of the Roman Republic. Tipton would pursue further study, this time in Canada at the University of Toronto where he would receive a Master's in History before going on to receive his doctorate in the same at the nearby Canadian University of Ottawa. While at both universities in Canada, Tipton was largely apolitical, preferring to focus his attention on his studies and on teaching. He was a member of the University of Toronto's debating society to which he would frequently give lectures about the traditions and crafts of oratory and rhetoric. At the University of Ottawa, Tipton was far less engaged in extra-curriculars owing to the birth of his first son, Hector Athanasius, by his wife, Elizabeth, herself a convert to Russian Orthodoxy. In the final year of his doctoral studies, in an effort to complete his dissertation, Tipton stopped teaching, relying instead on his family's tremendous wealth to survive and moving back to New Hampshire to write. Upon the completion and successful defense of his doctoral thesis, Tipton was given a tenure-track teaching position at the University of New Hampshire, Manchester campus. He taught history and classics while working on some post-doctoral studies. In 2002, Tipton and his family moved to Accra, Ghana where Arnold was made a visiting fellow and taught history and classics as well. Upon the completion of this one-year job, he returned to New Hampshire where he would continue to teach history and classics, this time as a tenured professor, at the University of New Hampshire, Manchester, serving as Dean of History both in 2005 and in 2007. When Arnold returned to the United States, he quickly rediscovered his love for political life and joined the New Hampshire Republican Party. He served as State Treasurer for the party in 1999 and 2001 and as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republicans in 2007. In 2008, Tipton was nominated to run against the Democrat incumbent in his home district, which he won in a difficult contest with 48% of the vote to 47% for the Democrat candidate. After a single term as a member of the House of Representatives wherein Tipton was relatively unremarkable, he was asked by Republican party officials to contest the senate seat which was left vacant by the resignation of Republican incumbent, Judd Gregg. The primary was difficult, as Tipton saw off a populist with strong grass roots support in Kelly Ayotte, but he was successful in gaining the nomination with the support of the establishment, including key Republican figures from New Hampshire and the surrounding states, by a total of 38% to 37%. In the general election, Arnold was much more successful, winning 64% of the total vote against the Democrat nominee, Paul Hodes (32%), and the Libertarian candidate, Ken Blevens (4%). In 2016, Tipton successfully defended his seat against a popular Democrat candidate and a difficult Republican Presidential candidate in Donald Trump, winning 58% of the vote to Democrat Maggie Hassan's 40% and Libertarian Brian Chabot's 2%. During his first term in the Senate, Tipton served on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee from 2010-2012 and the Select Committee on Ethics from 2012-2016. He has never served in leadership of the Republican caucus or on committee. Tipton is a social conservative with moderate economic views. He leans hawk on defense, but advocates restraint in international dealings. In 2017, the paleoconservative publication The American Conservative ranked Tipton in the top 15 Senators for his traditionally conservative policies and positions, and the paleoconservative Taki's Magazine wrote of him "you would be forgiven for thinking that Arnold Tipton was a regular, run-of-the-mill establishment Republican. He received significant support in his 2007 nomination battle with populist Kelly Ayotte, and has received endorsements from the likes of Mitt Romney. Furthermore, he has been critical of Donald Trump both publicly and, we're told privately. But if you look a little deeper, you'll see that Tipton represents the most acceptable face of establishment Republicanism, a face that represents all that we wish Newt Gingrich could have been. Beneath his establishment sheen, there lies the beating heart of a true paleoconservative." Tipton is close personal friends with Taki's Magazine's founder and principle editor, Taki Theodoracopulous, who is God father to his youngest son. In his spare time, Tipton enjoys sailing and reading. He is a tobacco and wine enthusiast. His wife, Elizabeth, is a homemaker and socialite, and his middle son, William, is a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church.
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