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  1. Christopher Williams

    Catherine Williams (D-CA)

    Character Name: Catherine Diane Grant Williams Political Party: Democratic Party Seat Held: California’s Class I Date of Birth: October 20, 1950 Place of Birth: San Diego, California Place of Residence: San Diego, California Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian Gender: Female Religious Affiliation: Protestant Family Information: Husband, Christopher D. Williams (b. 1950; m. 1975); Son, Christopher D. Williams II (b. 1975); Daughter, Caroline Leanne Williams (b. 1978); Daughter-in-law, Melody Williams (b. 1981); Brother, Robert “Bobby” Allen Grant (b.1945); Sister, Patricia Alexandra Grant (b.1941); Sister-in-law, Karen Christine Williams (b.1951); Sister-in-law, Diane Williams (b.1956). Educational History: B.A. Political Science, Barnard College (1968-1972); J.D., Harvard Law School (1972-1975) Occupational History: Policy Aide, Office of L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley (1977-1979); City Councilwoman, San Diego City Council (1980-1984) Assemblywoman, CA State Assembly (1986-1990); Democratic gubernatorial nominee, 1990 California gubernatorial election (1990); U.S. Senator, (1992-current) Born and raised in San Diego, California, Williams graduated from Barnard College in 1972 and earned a Juris Doctor Harvard Law School in 1975. She moved back to her hometown and married Christopher Williams that same year, having their first child as well; the two had met in high school. Williams began working as an aide to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley two years later in 1977. She established connections within political circles and began fundraising for the Democratic party. In 1979, Williams left her job in the L.A. Mayor’s office to run for city council in San Diego. She was elected in 1980 and served four years on the Council before running for the California Assembly. She was elected to the Assembly in 1986 and spent four years there as well before running for Governor in the 1990 California gubernatorial election. Using her established clout within the California Democratic party, she received the nomination, beating the then-California Attorney General. However, Williams lost her campaign for Governor to the Republican nominee, Senator Pete Wilson. Upon her defeat, Williams later announced her intentions to run for Wilson’s old seat in the United States Senate special election in 1992. Ushered to the nomination in July, Williams was elected as one of California’s first female Senators alongside Barbara Boxer. Williams has won every race for reelection ever since, winning in 1994, 2000, 2006, 2012, and 2018.
  2. Christopher Williams

    PASSED: Increasing Military Pay Act of 1989

    Mr. Chairman, I am proud to be co-sponsoring this legislation. Our service-members deserve to be uplifted in all that we can afford to do and giving them a pay raise so that those who fight hard for our freedom can take care of their families is the absolute least we can do for our nation's courageous freedom-fighters. As such, I motion that this committee moves forward this legislation as quickly as possible by approving it via unanimous consent. I yield.
  3. Christopher Williams

    Announcements from the Speaker

    Rep. Diane Williams (D-VA) hereby resigns as Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  4. Representative Diane Williams (D-VA), Acting Speaker of the House of Representative "Thank you all for being here. I want to start out by recognizing what may be a brief, but yet still a historic moment. I am extremely proud to have been sworn in as the first ever African American female presiding officer of the House of Representatives. In this capacity, with the departure of former Speaker of the House Elizabeth Callaghan, I have restored progress legislatively by getting the procedural floor schedule up-to-date. And I am proud to also announce that I was able to the president over the passage of another HBCU developmental initiative and deliver it to the Senate. The House is back in business. Furthermore, I am announcing today that I have entered into the race to become the permanent Speaker of the House. I have entered this race with the understanding that I will be going up against a political juggernaut in Representative Teddy King. While I respect and admire Mr. King's leadership, I believe that we need to take this government in a fundamentally different direction. We need to renew the virtue of working together. The ills of partisanship are infecting our politics, public discourse. But worse, it is obstructing progress. Teddy King, while a master legislator, was engulfed in controversy. It is no secret that his reputation in Washington among many members is toxic. That is not the direction that this party ought to go in with respect to the leadership of the House. We need to get things done and we need to move forward in a positive direction. I am running for Speaker to get things done on tax reform legislation, healthcare, crime, retirement security, and more family-friendly policies. I am willing to work with anyone to get things done and as Speaker, my office will always be open. I am now willing to take any questions you may have."
  5. The following motion to debate the Tax Cuts for America's Middle Class shall be voted on. 24 hours is allotted. Please vote by post until I am able to set up poll voting.
  6. Christopher Williams

    Debate: Drug Importation Reform Act of 1989

    As well, the following amendment was also fairly proposed and shall be voted on, here.
  7. Christopher Williams

    Marshal II on Drug Importation Reform Act

    Raps gavel The House shall convene on the following amendment. 24 hours for voting. Please vote by post until I have the ability to set up poll voting.
  8. Raps gavel The motion from the gentleman from North Carolina is recognized. Voting shall commence momentarily
  9. Christopher Williams

    HBCU Capital Financing Improvement Act

  10. Christopher Williams

    HBCU Capital Financing Improvement Act

    The following legislation passed the United States House of Representatives unanimously.
  11. Christopher Williams

    Debate: HBCU Capital Financing Improvement Act

    Raps gavel With no objections noted, this bill hereby passes the House unanimously.
  12. Christopher Williams

    Debate: Drug Importation Reform Act of 1989

    Raps gavel While the time allotted for debate on this legislation has expired, the following amendment was proposed beforehand. Therefore, we shall commence a vote on it, here.
  13. Christopher Williams

    Marshal I on Drug Importation Reform Act

    Raps gavel 24 hours shall be allotted for voting on the following amendment: Please vote by post until I am able to conduct poll voting.
  14. Christopher Williams

    Debate: Domestic Violence Prevention Act of 1989

    Raps gavel While the debate on the legislation has ended, the following amendment was offered and seconded before the time allotted for debate ended. Therefore we shall vote on it, here.

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