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  1. Madam Chair, I rise to voice my opposition to this bill. We do not need to put any more undue pressure and regulations on our factory workers and the manufacturing industry. The case for labeling just isn't strong enough to justify such regulations. Therefore, I move to table the bill. I yield.
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    Rep. Jacky Williams (R-CA)

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    Rep. Jacky Williams (R-CA)

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    James Parker (R-CA-44)

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    Fundraisers of Jacky Williams

    Fundraiser #1 | Jacky Williams Calvary Church Fundraising Event for Lady Jacky | "A Day with Lady Jacky" Targetting: Christian conservatives; Preachers, Pastors, and Ministers; Members of Female Christian Organizations Location: San Diego, California “Thank you all, for joining me today. Every year at this magnificent Calvary Church, we gather here on the auspicious “Day with Lady Jacky”. This year marks our 15th annual and I am proud to be addressing so many distinguished guests. I am so glad to be joined by so many church leaders, Christian conservatives and other men and women of God. Folks, it is quite possible we are on the precipice of a daunting moment of reckoning for this country. We have people in Washington who want to fundamentally turn this country around - and proudly, arrogantly even - propose that American taxpayers should gladly contribute to it. There’s an ideological paving of a road to extremism. This effort began with direct, indescribable corruption. The nepotistic actions we have seen in the Congress this session aren’t just signs of ethical dilemma, but un-Godly. We know what the Almighty Word of God tells us…‘for the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption’, the Bible says, ‘but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life’. Let me tell you something, my friends, we’ve got to ‘sow to the Spirit’. Let’s let the Spirit guide us, no matter what comes our way. Can we do that, together, folks? Can we?! What does that mean in real terms? It means not backing down from our values. We cannot allow a major political faction to lead us down a path of accepting promiscuity and homosexuality. Period. I have opposed the AIDS bill before Congress that will do just that - dedicating millions toward what amounts to the acceptance of un-Godly, down-right immoral lifestyles. I have opposed it from the start, I oppose it now, and I will oppose it in the future! You know why? Because we know The Word. We know what Peter tells us: that we’ve got to ‘become partakers of the divine nature’ and not be trapped by ‘the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire’. I mean really, folks. Don’t you think there’s a message through all of the effects of this gay-related infectious disease? The lifestyle of drugs and sexual partner, after partner, after partner, after partner. We know it is un-Godly - and now look at the impact. I will not bow to immorality - especially not as a leader in our country impacting public policy. And that is why It is vital that we receive your support. That is why it is vital for the people doing the work of God in their everyday lives to contribute to impacting the leadership that rules this nation, that impacts public policy, and spends your tax money. I couldn’t have offered up myself to the House of Representatives without you - and now, as Ranking Member of the Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary - become one of the most powerful women in the Republican party. You all play a vital role in the moral leadership you want to see. And I have stood by my moral and values-oriented roots the day I arrived in Washington. Just recently, I drafted legislation to put an end to what is being called - and I cannot even believe this is a thing - ‘partial-birth abortion’. It is just what it says. A physician, horrifically, aborts a living human being just before they can exit their mother’s wound. This is grotesque and it violates human decency. It is also testing our moral willpower - and let me tell you, my brothers and sisters - we are going to pass that test. And as long as I am representing conservatives and Christians in a position of power, I will not allow our faith to be compromised by indecency! So my honest, passionate plea to you today is to pledge your support and contributions to this effort - our lives and way of living may just depend on it. I’ll be making my way around, having heart-to-heart conversations with all of you while we enjoy the amazing menu of food our amazing staff has prepared. Thank you all so much for coming. And, as always, God bless you!”
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    Press Office of Lady Jacky

    For Immediate Release Office of Representative Jacqueline L. Williams Rayburn House Office Building Press Secretary Tory Reyes Lady Jacky Drafts Legislation to Ban "Horrific" Abortion Procedure Washington, D.C. - United States Representative Jacqueline L. Williams (D-CA) has released legislation that would ban the intact dilation and extraction abortion procedure, which is a surgical procedure that removes an intact fetus from the uterus. The procedure is used in late-term abortions - the first procedure taking place in 1983. The legislation would imprison anyone executed such a procedure. Lady Jacky released the following statement on the proposal: "This new form of abortion - introduced just this decade - is a new low for the extremist secularists who care little about the lives of unborn children through the smug, arrogant vision of 'choice' and 'equality'. Well, all of my life I have been a protector - of my family and the families in my community and especially of children - and I see banning this 'partial birth' abortion procedure another critical step in protecting our children. This form of horrific abortion is on the rise. A fully alive, fully developed newborn baby is killed just minutes after being 'partially' taken out of their mother's wound. This is a sick form of abortion that has the potential to threaten the lives of the unborn for years. We have an obligation to protect these children by making sure any physician who performs this procedure will receive the full brunt of the legal system's wrath for contributing to the death of a newborn. I ask of my colleagues that this bill is shepherded through both Houses of Congress so the protections for the unborn is enshrined in our legal system." Congresswoman Williams is a former prosecutor and decade-long Representative of California's 45th Congressional District. Additionally, Lady Jacky is the First Lady of Calvary Church in San Diego. She also serves as the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary committee. ### For local concerns, please contact the Representative's local office; media inquiries, the Representative's Washington office, or Press Secretary Tory Reyes.
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    FAIR Elections Act of 1987

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    Final Vote: Fighting Childhood Poverty Act

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    Theresa Kelly (R-AK)

    Welcomes, welcomes, welcomes!
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    Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

    Mrs. Williams, for herself, Mr. Kahuhu and others, submits the following A BILL To ban intact dilation and extraction procedures in the United States. Be it enacted by the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States in Congress assembled, Section 1. Title. 1. This bill shall be cited as the “Partial-Birth Abortion Ban”. Section 2. Banning Intact Dilation and Extraction Procedures. 1. The surgical procedure known as “Intact Dilation and Extration”, in which the person performing an abortion deliberately and intentionally vaginally partially delivers a living fetus for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered living fetus, is hereby outlawed. 2. “Partially delivered living fetus” shall be defined as “any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother.” 3. Any person who, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly performs the procedure described in Section 2(1), and thereby kills a human fetus shall be imprisoned no less than five years. Section 3. Enactment. 1. This bill shall be enacted upon passage from both Houses of Congress. Plain English Summary This bill bans “partial-birth abortion” and imprisons physicians for a minimum of five years if they execute such procedure.
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    Speeches of Lady Jacky

    Speech to the Concerned Women of America | San Diego, California | Quarter 3, 2018 "Dawn of the Conservative Feminist" "Thank you all for attending this event here today. I remember the inception of this organization, almost a decade ago. Lady Beverly, the founder of this amazing organization, we have so much more in common than being the wives of prominent ministers. We both hold dear to our conservative principles and the doctrines of our great God. And that’s what I want to speak to all of you about today. The work this organization has done in the fight against the National Organization of Women is noble and just. You all have understood the overwhelmingly positive impact of lending your voice, as a woman, in the fight against immorality. Going forward, I believe, we must also recognize the robust potential of women lending their experiences in leadership and governance. Our experiences from being a mother and a sister and a woman of God enables us to - if we can, in any way - offer ourselves up for service to the institutions that will pave a path to our future. Now I know I am not the perfect woman. Many of you may see it as disrespectful to the conservative womanhood to have entered professional life and have gone to college. But let me tell you, I’ve never abdicated my family values. I’ve been a mother, raised and nurtured two beautiful children who are now adults. I’ve been a dutiful wife and the First Lady of Calvary Church. My life’s work doesn’t stop at the front door. I’ve gone out into the World and fought for what I believe in. We, conservative women, should revere those who fight for conservatives principles no matter what gender roles we may think they don’t completely adhere too. Look at the wondrous leadership of the Iron Lady - the first woman British Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher. Her leadership has forged one of the most prolific conservative bonds between our country and theirs - the great conservative partnership between President Reagan and Minister Thatcher! She has established a new conservative movement just across the Ocean and inspired many women to get behind it. We can do that too! The realities of the future require us to lift each other up and not push each other down. We need to support a woman’s choice to choose our own lives for ourselves. Because if we continue to insist that a woman must adhere to the traditional gender roles - when the realities of women in the workforce are before us - we will ensure the detriment of our conservative agenda among America’s women. Instead, we can forge a new woman’s movement - the conservative feminist. Think of having our conservative voice extend to future and current women who wish to be lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, politicians but have thought of us as being restrictive to their ambition. We, as strong and tough female conservatives, have an opportunity to ensure that the values we cherish extend for generations - the values of the family, of God, of protecting the unborn and personal and economic security. It’s time for the dawn of a new movement - the dawn of the conservative feminist! Unlike the liberal feminist movement, we don’t insist on women to abandon marriage. We support a woman’s choice to devote themselves mainly to raising a family and running a home - because we know the family is the building block of society. And that is why we can lend our voices to promoting marriage and the two-parent household because we know the breakdown of the family inevitably leads to the breakdown of the future - of society! Conservative feminists do not believe in rabid immorality: we don’t believe in aborting the unborn, in secular humanism, or victimization of women. No! What we conservative feminists believe in is school prayer, support for Israel, religious liberty, abstinence-only sex education, and marriage. But we also believe our ambitions shouldn’t hold us back because our voices are too important to the conservative movement and to the future of America. This can be the essence of a new, effective, and conservative movement among women - and end the agenda of the leftist feminists, once and for all. We have that ability! We can make this happen! We, conservative women, can change the World! So join the fight! God bless you and God bless the ‘Conservative Feminist’!
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    FAIR Elections Act of 1987

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