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  1. Christopher Williams

    Rep. Jacky Williams (R-CA)

    Signing out.
  2. Christopher Williams

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Jacqueline Williams Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: Los Angeles Times "It is shameful that the Democratic party appointed a Chair who was not dedicated to the job and brought the committee proceedings to a halt. However, as would be expected of any leader, per the rules, I began the work of moving through legislation that would tackle crime, ban partial-birth abortion, and move forward with a balanced budget amendment in the Constitution. These are measures that most Americans support, and it's disheartening that Democrats - after being wholly inactive in moving any agenda forward - are now all of a sudden interested in the committee and ready to vote against the American people."
  3. Christopher Williams

    Fundraisers of Jacky Williams

    Fundraiser #4 | Jacky Williams Gala Event, Ambassador Hotel Targeting: Wealthy donors; wine, beer and liquor producers, distributors, and wholesalers; Liquor store owners; Businesspeople Location: Washington, D.C. “Thank you all, so much, for being here today. This is amazing. Not every day do you get to address some of America’s greatest minds in Wine! [Laughs] Thank you all so much for this opportunity. Each and every one of you have a great impact on this country. The late-night glass of wine after a stressful day, or with your best friends on girl’s night. Naturally, the evening beer after a man’s hard day’s work. You’ve captured a key piece the American middle-class life - literally. And that is why it’s important for me to be here today. When I decide to run for president, I will stand up for you and the issues you care about so that you can continue to be a staple of middle-class life, every step of the way! I will work every day to tear down the barriers that get in the way of starting businesses. I will offer business tax credits to anyone who recently opened up a firm or a street-corner store. If you're contributing to the culture of our country, you can get support from your government. Now, I hope the liquor encouragement among consumers is modest-intake. [Laughs] Nevertheless, it's not about personal values, it's about free-market principles. Its about the freedom of free-enterprise - which burdensome regulations and unneccessarily excessive taxes get in the way. I won't let that happen, if you stand by me. Right now, before the committee I am currently the Ranking Member of, there’s a piece of legislation called the “Alcoholic Beverage Labelling Act”. It would be another regulatory addition to our many layers of government intervention - and let me tell you, I’ve opposed it when it was introduced, I am on the record as a vote against it right now, and I will oppose it in the future! I will not impose burdening regulatory requirements on any of your businesses as long as I am in power. I will not impose stringent violations as this proposed law seeks to do. Not now, not ever! Additionally, I will propose any law that raises Alcohol taxes. In fact, I will seek legislation that will prohibit states from imposing taxes of Alcoholic beverages. I will fight against states who have passed outright bans on the consumption of Alcohol for particular age groups in the courts and seek to repeal the 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act that outlaws the purchase of Alcohol for young adults between the ages of 18-21. I know how much this industry would value that age group back and I will do everything I can to restore it for this industry. I don’t see the big hoopla. As long as our children, 18 and below, are not consuming, there’s no moral indignity in drinking a nice cold beer while you watch Sunday Night Football with a party of friends. I want you to know that I am your ally and I will fight for you. I hope that you will fight for me. Thank you all, God bless you, and God bless your contributions to this impending campaign."
  4. Christopher Williams

    Balanced Budget Amendment

    Raps Gavel Voting shall begin; 24 hours allotted. C hair votes Aye.
  5. Christopher Williams

    Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

    Raps Gavel Voting shall begin; 24 hours allotted. Chair votes Aye.
  6. Christopher Williams

    Keeping America Safe Act of 1987

    Raps Gavel Voting shall begin; 24 hours allotted. Chair votes Aye.
  7. Christopher Williams

    Balanced Budget Amendment

    Raps Gavel 5 minutes are allotted for debate.
  8. Christopher Williams

    Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

    Raps Gavel 5 minutes is allotted for debate.
  9. Christopher Williams

    Keeping America Safe Act of 1987

    Raps gavel Five minutes allotted for debate.
  10. Christopher Williams

    Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act

    Bangs gavel Tie vote. Amendment fails. Bangs gavel Time allotted for debate has expired. 24 hrs for voting. Chair votes nay.
  11. Christopher Williams

    Keeping America Safe Act of 1987

    Mrs. Williams, for herself, submits the following A BILL To control and prevent crime in the United States Be it enacted by the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States in Congress assembled, Section 1. Title. 1. This act shall be cited as the "Keeping America Safe Act of 1987". Section 2. Expansion of Capital Punishment 1. The death penalty shall be authorized for an individual in any state or territory in the United States who committed an offense such as the murder of designated government officials, kidnapping resulting in death, murder for hire, fatal drive-by shootings, sexual abuse crimes resulting in death, carjacking resulting in death, and/or orchestrating and/or executing any means associated with the establishment or continuation of a drug enterprise. 2. The death penalty shall be authorized for any individual convicted in federal court of a murder committed while engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise. 3. Each Attorney General of the United States, within one month of taking the oath, shall establish new, or re-authorize their predecessor's existing procedural guidelines for United States Attorneys in seeking the death penalty for death-eligible cases; the appointment of counsel for an individual indicted for a federal death-eligible crime; and procedures related to appeals and clemency for any death-eligible defendant. 4. Within one month of the enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall establish the procedural guidelines under Section (2)(3). Section 3. Protecting Women Against Violence; Combating Sex, Domestic Abuse 1. The maximum term of imprisonment for repeat sex offenders convicted of Federal sex crimes shall be doubled. 2. The Attorney General is authorized to make grants to States to assist States, Indian tribal governments, and local governments in developing and strengthening effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat and to develop and strengthen victim services in cases involving, violent crimes against women. a. A State, Indian tribal government, or local government shall not be entitled to funds under this section unless: (1) it or another governmental entity incurs the full out-of-pocket cost of forensic medical exams for victims of sexual assault; and (2) it certifies that its laws, policies, and practices do not require, in connection with the prosecution of any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense, the abused to bear the costs associated with the filing of criminal charges against the offender or with the issuance or service of a warrant, protection order, or witness subpoena, or it gives the Attorney General assurances that it will come into compliance within a specified time frame. b. $30 million is authorized to the Department of Justice for the purposes of Section 3(2) for Fiscal Year 1988 and 1989. 3. The Secretary of Transportation is authorized to make grants and loans to States and local public bodies to increase the safety of public transportation through lighting, camera surveillance, security phones, or other projects. 4. The Secretary of Transportation is authorized to provide grants and loans to study ways to reduce violent crimes against women in public transit through better design or operation of public transit systems. 5. $50 million is authorized to the Department of Transportation for the purposes of Section 3(3) and (4) for the Fiscal Year 1988 and 1989. 6. The Public Health and Human Services Act is amended to allow States to use amounts transferred by the State under block grant provisions for rape prevention and education programs conducted by rape crisis centers or similar non-governmental nonprofit entities for the following: a. educational seminars; b. the operation of hotlines; c. training programs for professionals; d. the preparation of informational materials; and e. other efforts to increase awareness of the facts about, or to help prevent sexual assault. 7. $50 million is authorized for the purposes of Section 3(6) for Fiscal Year 1988 and 1989. 8. The Attorney General shall establish criteria and develop training programs to assist probation and parole officers and other personnel who work with released sex offenders in the areas of case management, supervision, and relapse prevention. a. $25 million is appropriated to the Department of Justice for the purposes of the previous provision for Fiscal Year 1988 and 1989. 9. The Attorney General shall compile information regarding sex offender treatment programs and ensure that information regarding community treatment programs in the community into which a convicted sex offender is released is made available to each person serving a sentence of imprisonment in a Federal penal or correctional institution for a commission of a sex offense, or of a similar offense, including halfway houses and psychiatric institutions. 10. The Runaway and Homeless Youth Act is amended to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make grants to private, nonprofit agencies for street-based outreach and education, including treatment, counseling, provision of information, and referral for runaway, homeless, and street youth who have been subjected to, or are at risk of being subjected to, sexual abuse. a. $12.5 million is appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services for the purposes of the previous provision for Fiscal Year 1988 and 1989. 11. The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act is amended to authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award a grant to a private, nonprofit entity to provide for the operation of a national, toll-free telephone hotline to provide information and assistance to victims of domestic violence; grants for battered women's shelters; select, implement, and evaluate four separate model programs, aimed at primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, and institutions of higher education, for the education of young people about domestic violence and violence among intimate partners; and authorize the Secretary of Education to provide grants to nonprofit private organizations to establish projects in local communities involving many sectors of each community to coordinate intervention and prevention of domestic violence and set forth provisions regarding eligibility, application requirements, use of grant monies, and related requirements. a. $25 million is appropriated to the Department of Health and Human Services and $12.5 to the Department of Education for the purposes of the previous provision for Fiscal Year 1988 and 1989. 12. The Attorney General is authorized to make grants and set forth eligibility, application, and reporting requirements to eligible States, Indian tribal governments, or local governments to: a. implement mandatory arrest or pro-arrest programs and policies in police departments with respect to domestic violence and protection order violations; b. develop policies and training in police departments to improve tracking of cases involving domestic violence; c. centralize and coordinate police enforcement, prosecution, or judicial responsibility for domestic violence cases in groups or units of police officers, prosecutors, or judges; d. coordinate computer tracking systems to ensure communication between police, prosecutors, and both criminal and family courts; e. strengthen legal advocacy service programs for victims of domestic violence; and; f. educate judges in criminal and other courts about domestic violence to improve judicial handling of such cases. 13. $50 million is authorized to the Department of Justice for the purposes of Section 3(12). Section 4. Supporting Law Enforcement 1. The Attorney General is authorized to make grants to States, local governments, Indian tribal governments, other public and private entities, and multi-jurisdictional or regional consortia thereof to increase police presence, expand and improve cooperative efforts between law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and community members, and otherwise enhance public safety. a. Such grants shall be used for programs, projects, and other activities to: (1) rehire law enforcement officers who have been laid off as a result of State and local budget reductions for deployment in community-oriented policing; (2) hire and train new, additional career law enforcement officers for deployment in community-oriented policing across the Nation; (3) procure equipment, technology, or support systems, or pay overtime, if the grant applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that expenditures for such purposes would result in a specified increase in the number of officers deployed in community-oriented policing; (4) the development and sustainability of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams, including the procurement of armored personnel carriers, assault rifles, submachine guns, flashbang grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifles for such teams and/or LEAs. b. $10,000,000,000 shall be authorized for the purposes of the grants in the previous provision over the next ten (10) fiscal years between 1988-1998. 2. An “Office of Police Corps and Law Enforcement Education” shall be established in the Department of Justice. The Attorney General shall appoint a leader of the agency, the Director of the Office (“the Director” hereafter). a. The Director shall award college and graduate school scholarships (of up to $30,000 per student) in exchange for four years of work with a State or local police force upon graduation through “State Police Corps”. Police Corps participants who do not follow through on their commitment shall be required pay back all the scholarship money plus ten percent interest. b. The Director shall establish programs of training for Police Corps participants, which may be carried out at up to three training centers established for such purpose and administered by the Director, or by contracting with existing State training facilities. c. The Director shall decide on all matters regarding training, participant evaluation, and stipends during training, as well as, swearing in, discipline, and layoffs; assistance to States and localities employing Police Corps officers. d. $1,000,000,000 shall be authorized over the next ten (10) fiscal years (1988-1998) for purposes of Section 4(2). e. To promote diversity in State Police Corps, 50% of Police Corps participants shall be of African American/Black, Hispanic, Jewish or Asian descent. 3. All Federal penal and correctional institutions operated by the Department of Justice shall be privatized through the establishment of contracts approved by the Attorney General from bids from private firms to operate a prison, jail or detention centers under Federal jurisdiction. These prisons shall be referred to as “Federally-contracted” or “Contract Prison(s)” upon establishment of said contracts; and the Federal Bureau of Prisons under of the Department of Justice shall be dissolved and replaced with the “Office of the General Agent of the Department of Justice” who shall be responsible for oversight of all Contract Prison operations, including the establishment and enforcement of regulations regarding the management and of all Federally-contracted penal and correctional institutions. $1,000,000 shall be authorized for the purposes of the office every fiscal year. Section 5. Preventing Criminal Street Gangs, Youth Violence, Gun Crime. 1. The Federal criminal code shall be amended to provide for an increase of twenty-five (25) years imprisonment for the commission of a Federal felony involving a controlled substance for which the maximum penalty is not less than five years, a Federal felony crime of violence that has as an element the use or attempted use of physical force against another, or a conspiracy to commit such felonies by a person who (1) participates in a criminal street gang with knowledge that its members engage in or have engaged in a continuing series of such offenses; (2) intends to promote or further the felonious activities of the criminal street gang or maintain or increase position in the gang; and (3) has been convicted within the past five years of specified Federal or State drug or violent offenses or conspiracies. 2. The Federal criminal code shall be amended to provide for the prosecution as adults of juveniles age 13 or older for specified crimes of violence and crimes where the juvenile possessed a firearm during the offense. 3. The Sentencing Commission shall promulgate guidelines, or amend existing guidelines, to provide that a defendant at least age 21 who has been convicted of an offense receive an appropriate sentence enhancement if the defendant involved a minor in the commission of the offense. 4. The Federal criminal code shall be amended to establish a mandatory minimum of at least twenty-five (25) years imprisonment each for a person who uses a semiautomatic firearm during a crime of violence or a drug trafficking crime; uses an explosive to commit a Federal felony; uses a firearm in the commission of counterfeiting or forgery; smuggles firearms in aid of drug trafficking; engages in theft of firearms and explosives; engages in the transfer of firearms to a nonresident of a State, except for lawful sporting purposes; engages in the distribution of explosives to a person who is legally disqualified from having the explosives; and/or engages in conspiracies to commit firearms and explosives crimes. 5. The Federal criminal code shall be amended to establish a “Three Strikes” provision which a person shall receive mandatory life imprisonment if he or she: is convicted in federal court of a "serious violent felony" and has two or more prior convictions in federal or state courts, at least one of which is a "serious violent felony". a. Offenses such as murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, kidnapping, robbery, unarmed robbery offenses and arsons that posed no threat to human life or an attempt or conspiracy to commit such a robbery, and any offense punishable by 10 years or more which includes as an element the use of force or that, by its nature, involves a significant risk of force, not including any offense outlined in Section 2(1), shall be considered “serious violent felony” for the purposes of the previous provision. 6. The Federal criminal code shall be amended to establish a “Truth In Sentencing” provision which mandates that a criminal defendant convicted of a felony shall serve no less than 75% of their sentence.
  12. Christopher Williams

    Press Office of the Williams Presidential Exploratory Committee

    Pennsylvanian Republican Congressman Supports Williams for America Athanasius Furlong Montbatten (R-PA) Encourages Lady Jacky To Run for President Washington, D.C. - The Williams Presidential Exploratory Committee has gained support from United States Representative Anthanasius Furlong Montbatten, a Republican from Pennsylvania. "Jacky Williams has shown a toughness in defending the values of the nation and she's one of the best choices to lead this country over the next four years. I think it's fair to say that I am ready for Lady Jacky," Representative Montbatten said. Montbatten has served America honorably in the United States Air Force, serving in Vietnam, and later as a State Senator and the recently-elected United States Representative. As Lady Jacky decides whether or not to run for President, more and more support continues to pour in, as Republican officials encourage her to run for President. Lady Jacky announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee in a statement released recently. She is a former prosecutor and decade-long Representative of California's 45th Congressional District. Additionally, Lady Jacky is the First Lady of Calvary Church in San Diego.
  13. Christopher Williams

    Child Abuse Court Reform Act

    Chair votes aye.
  14. Christopher Williams

    Child Abuse Court Reform Act

    Raps gavel The amendments pass. The time allotted for debate has expired. 24 hours for voting.

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