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  1. I, Fernando Muxo endorse Senator Arroyo for President of the United States of America.
  2. Senator Muxo Speaks at Open Society Foundation Bienvenidos, and welcome, thank you all for being here tonight! I immigrated to this country with my family at the age of 5 from La Barca, Jalisco. The town where I was born was very poor and during that time was undergoing violent conflict between the government and various guerrilla groups; not unlike the situation in Honduras. My family chose to come to this country because they knew that the United States was a place where you could start from nothing, and make something of yourself. Where if you worked hard, you could get ahead in life. Like many people from all around the world, my family sought to lift the lamp beside the golden door and accept this country's promise: as told in The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus. To have their children, and their grand-children, and their great-grand-children; and so-on, to live in a society where their kids can walk to school without the fear of getting in the cross-fire. I may not recall coming into this country as a small child, but what I recall very clearly is the hard work myself and my family put into this country. Now, under the Trump administration, we've seen that golden door strained by the blood of the migrant youth who've died in ICE custody due to the Trump Administration's increasingly abusive treatment of immigrants. The trauma the Trump Administration has inflicted upon our immigrant families will last a lifetime. As Senator, I call upon the Trump Administration to stop separating families, cease border wall construction, and allow this caravan to apply for asylum into the United States, and urge you all to do the same. We cannot allow hate to separate us nor families at the border President Trump, and elements of the Republican Party have hijacked the narrative around this humanitarian crisis and have used it to further their agenda of hate and discrimination. I promise you, President Trump we will not allow you to weaponize the right to apply for asylum. He may say these people are dangerous criminals yet when I hear the stories I hear the stories like my family's; ones of a yearning to contribute and succeed in a free and safe society. We must not allow that promise of the golden door to fall on deaf ears, we must act now and fight back against the Trump administration's attacks on our democracy. Thank you!
  3. Did I do this right? Also- hey everyone!
  4. Character Name: Fernando Antonio Muxo PeñaPolitical Party: Democratic Party Seat Held: OR Class IIIDate of Birth: December 3rd, 1973 (46 as of 2020)Place of Birth: La Barca, Jalisco, MexicoPlace of Residence: Salem, Oregon, USARace/Ethnicity: Hispanic/LatinoGender: MaleReligious Affiliation: Protestant (United Church of Christ)Family Information: Jay Murphy, Husband m. 2008 Adelia Murphy-Muxo, b. 2012 Jaime Murphy-Muxo, b. 2015 Educational History: Portland State University, B.S. Psychology, 2000 Lewis and Clark College , J.D. 2004 Occupational History: Program Specialist and State Government Affairs, United Farm Workers (2000-2005) Legal Director, United Farm Workers (Hermiston, OR) (2005-2010) Oregon Commissioner of Labor (2010-2016) Senator of Oregon, Class III (2017-Present)
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