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  1. Yes, please! Would be so much better than Telegram.
  2. Can someone message me with a Telegram or Discord link, please?
  3. Character Name: Joseph Albert Portela Political Party: Democratic Seat Held: Michigan's 12th congressional district Date of Birth: April 16th, 1977 Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico Place of Residence: Ann Arbor, MI Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic (Puerto Rican) Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Avatar: Luis Fortuño Family Information: Father: Dr. Gerardo Portela (b. 1950); Mother: Isabella Betancourt (b. 1952); Wife: Juliana Portela (nee Silverstone; b. 1976; married 1999); Child #1: Edward Portela (b. 2001); Child #2: Madeleine Portela (b. 2004). Educational History: B.A, political science and economics, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor); J.D, University of Michigan Law School (Ann Arbor). Occupational History: Receptionist and Archivist, University of Michigan (1997-2000) Cafeteria Staff, University of Michigan (1997-2000) U.S. Army, 1st Army, 181st Infantry Brigade, Wisconsin (2001-2006) Member of the Michigan House of Representatives, (2007-2010) Member of the Michigan Senate (2011-2015) U.S Congressman for Michigan's 12th Congressional District (2017-present)
  4. Thank you, guys! I totally forgot about this, haha. I'm rewriting my bio and hope to jump back in the game soon. :)
  5. Wait - what reset are we in? LOL. I was just reading the bio info and it mentioned a reset #2 in the 80's... happy to amend. EDIT: Yah, ignore the above bio, rewriting now...
  6. Character Name: Joseph "Joe" Portela Political Party: Democrat Seat Held: Michigan's 3rd congressional district Date of Birth: 19 November 1944 (43) Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, MI Place of Residence: Kalamazoo, MI Race/Ethnicity: White Hispanic Gender: Male Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Family Information: Married to Elizabeth Van Jagt (from Kalamazoo, MI, met her during college, married in 1969), three children: Maura (b. 1972), Ellie (b. 1976), and Theodore (b. 1979). Educational History: Went to high school in Ada, MI, graduated from Forest Hills Central High (1961). Obtained a full ride scholarship to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he graduated with a double major in political science and economics (1965). Obtained a JD from the University of Michigan (1969). Occupational History: Established a successful private practice with two college friends in Kalamazoo, MI: Portela, Johnson, & Owen Law (1970-1977); Deciding to pursue a passion for real estate and construction, he founded Portela Real Estate and Development, shifting focus from practicing law to real estate (1975-1982); Decides to run for Mayor of Kalamazoo after Kalamazoo's first female mayor, Mayor Caroline R. Ham, retires (1982); Wins the non-partisan election to Mayor of Kalamazoo, MI, with 52% of the vote, serves one term (1983-1985); Declines re-election to Mayor, opts to run in the MI-3 district in the upcoming 1986 congressional elections with the Democratic Party, wins election with 60% of the vote (1986); Serving as Congressman for Michigan's 3rd congressional district in the US House (1987 - ).
  7. Signing out. Serious complications at work over the last week and a half have prevented me from playing, and I do not think they will let down soon. I'm sincerely sorry to everyone that vested their trust in me to serve as Speaker. I hope to come back soon if things at work change.
  8. Speaker Portela announces resignation Growing health concerns lead Speaker to resign and pass the gavel GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Speaker Joseph Portela announced today that he will be resigning from the Speakership and from his seat in the House of Representatives. The longtime Representative and recently elected Speaker explained to the press in a brief statement:
  9. The gavel is temporarily passed to the Temporary Speaker, the honorable gentleman from Iowa, John White.
  10. We had two people resign at my office yesterday so now I have to do my job + two other people's at the office. Temporary LOA, probably until next week. Will be naming Temp Speaker momentarily.
  11. Please submit requests for bills to be included in future dockets here. Please note that not every request can be honored right away. But we will do our best to fit it in the schedule or the next docket. Please include a link to the bill in the Hopper, and a set of talking points and arguments for the bill so we can all get on the same page on the bill.
  12. Motion for unanimous consent recognized. 24 hours for objections.
  13. The amendments from the Honorable Gentleman from Florida will proceed to a 24-hour vote - Aye/Yea, Nay or Abstain.
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