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    Press Office of Abe Saroyan

    Saroyan Blasts "Real Right to Work Act" Congressman Abraham Saroyan of Montana's 1st District has issued the following statement upon his decision to vote against the the "Real Right to Work Act" in the House of Representatives:
  2. Mr. Chairman, I believe the time for debate on this legislation has expired. I yield.
  3. Mr. Chairman, I believe the time for debate on this legislation has expired. I yield.
  4. Ben

    Leave of Absence

    LOA on Saturday and maybe Sunday since my step-mom is insisting I ride out some bad weather this weekend at my father's house for her peace of mind >_> Will be around on TG and for campaign stuff, but pretty limited otherwise most likely.
  5. Ben

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Abraham Saroyan Party: GOP Interviewing Agency: The Missoulian "My Presidential campaign has been one of the greatest and most exciting times of my entire life. I have met many wonderful people from all walks in life, I have been able to spread my message of small government and global promotion of democratic ideals far beyond the borders of Montana's 1st Congressional District, and I have been able to engage with three good men and friends with valuable opinions on this nation's future on the trail. While tomorrow I will give a more formal statement, after going out on the best possible note with the support of my homestate, I am suspending my campaign and will give my endorsement to Anderson Kaine who is a man I may not always agree with on some areas of policy but I believe to the best and most morally suited to be our next President of the United States."
  6. Fundraiser 3: Gala in Hartford, Connecticut Cost: 2 AP Target: Fortune 1000 Companies Centered in New York and Connecticut, Employees of International Corporations, Free Trade Advocates Hello Hartford! Thank you so much for having me here today. As our Presidential campaign season gets underway, more and more we are seeing the lines drawn between the Republican candidates on the issue of trade. I know as I listen to some of my friends who are also in running, I sometimes feel like we are back in the 1950’s hearing a protectionist spiel from Bob Taft on the Senate floor and not the decade of growth within the international marketplace we have actually experienced. Often times, I feel like I’m the only person in the room who knows how vital free trade is to our economy like ours, but lord knows I’m not ashamed to stand by said my belief. Like so many of you who are employed by international companies based either in New York City or right here in the Nutmeg State which rely on smooth international trade and transactions across the globe in order to create jobs at home, I completely reject the idea of selective tariffs and regression back into dead idealism. More often than not, the issue of us losing ground in a world’s marketplace is due to us being unwilling to open our barriers to cultures who would most benefit from high quality American manufacturing and technological innovation, who would line up for miles for a quality but affordable American personal computer or agricultural product but so often have to settle for less because of an “America First” mentality that keeps us from reaching our economic potential. I came here to talk to you today because I think I have earned my reputation as the Republican in this race who is the most willing to stand on a mountaintop and yell the virtues of a trade culture in this nation which values world development and financial growth for domestic producers over old paleoconservative superstitions, and I think you are all the right people to hear it. Between New York City and here lay some of the most notable corporations in the world, who operate every day by injecting fresh life into economies both big and small from home to the seventh sea. Most of you have a car in your garage and food on the table because of these businesses. Each and every one of you, I truly believe, would benefit from having a man in the White House who does not hedge his bets and will not be afraid to stand up for what he truly believes will benefit our nation. A freer world will result from a freer economy, and a safer world will result from friendship tied at the wallet. I hope that I can count on your support tonight and well into the future as we try like hell to achieve prosperity through partnership. Thank you and God Bless.
  7. Fundraiser 2: Gala in Missoula, Montana Cost: 2 AP Target: Small Business Owners, Healthcare Providers, Abraham Saroyan '84/'86 Supporters Hello Missoula! I have seen so many beautiful places and met so many incredibly interesting people, but being back home where I can meet with all of you, my neighbors and friends, is an opportunity I relish. Whether it be from my service as your Representative, or doing work with me through my company North Star Analytics and Technologies or even through my North Star ranch outside of town that was its namesake, most of you know me and what I represent. However, for those you don’t let me introduce myself: I’m Abraham Saroyan, I’m running for President, and I could sure use your help. Here in Missoula just as in small town cultures across the nation, our Main Street isn’t driven by corporate behemoths or speculation in New York, it is driven by small businesses creating jobs and giving back to their communities and regular, middle class folk they employ and serve. All the talk from Washington elites in our party tends to focus on top-down tax cuts that will trickle their way into our pockets, which is all fine and good because all tower taxes are better taxes, but I think that we all want to know where our piece of the pie is. The majority of jobs in this nation are created by small business owners, and middle consumers drive so much of our economy, and yet too often it seems that the leadership in Washington is more focused on y’all to wait for a trickle when what you need is the right tools to make ends meet. That is why in this campaign I have been hitting the stump to talk about small businesses and building an economy from the middle out rather than from the top-down. I have proposed a gradual easing into tax rates for businesses who employ 500 or less employees during their 4 four years in existence starting from $0, an overall reduction to any corporate tax rates to a flat 20% at the absolute most, and generous tax rebates to all small business owners who provide comprehensive health care benefits for their employees and all families to purchase and maintain private health care benefits for themselves. I have proposed simplifying our tax system so that the founder of the corner store doesn’t need to employ three accountants and a lawyer to simply get the same breaks as the Fortune 500 CEO. I have proposed stripping back Depression-era restrictions on what banks and lenders can do and who with that are dangerously outdated so that First Montana bank has the freedom to work with businesses and individuals in building a community of new homeowners and job creators. I make these proposals not just with the thought of all of my friends such as you in my mind, but the belief in my heart that it is what we all deserve from our federal government and I hope to have your support as we try to make it happen. Thank you, and God Bless.
  8. Fundraiser 1: Gala in Alexandria, Virginia Cost: 2 AP Target: Aeronautics Industry, Private Military Manufactures, National Security Veterans Hello Virginia! As you might have guessed, for all but the most gluttonous of us politicians, asking hard working people to help financially support us is the most dreaded part of the job, but I believe that is also why we must do it. If you want to be President of the United States, you have to learn that sometimes you must do what you may not look forward to but is of vital importance. So thank you for having me. I have spent my life around the military and intelligence worlds from the moment as a young man when I was one of a select few recruited by “Wild” Bill Donovan for the wartime intelligence in WW2 known as the Office of Strategic Services. I have served a diverse group of Presidents including Truman, Eisenhower, and Nixon in the US State Department’s intelligence wing and served as an Assistant Secretary of Defense for President Reagan. Even a large chunk of my time in the private sector was centered around contracts held by my company North Star Analytics and Technologies back home in Montana within the US military and intelligence community. It is due to these experiences that I am well acquainted with how vital you are to what we do. While some people envision a future of lean national defenses so they can better fund Big Government programs, the future I envision is one in which the United States finally takes its rightful place as the promoters of democracy where the call is heard and friends of freedom fighters anywhere who have felt God’s love in their heart, something which would be impossible to accomplish without the vital relationship between private manufacturing and the federal national security infrastructure. As we have evolved from propeller aircraft to jets, from the musket to AR-15s, from a drafted military to a volunteer one, it has always been those who embrace our capitalist ideals in the private sector that drive innovation and give our boys exactly what they may need to survive, and my friends I can tell you that in a Saroyan Administration few in the aeronautics, manufacturing, and contracting business communities will ever be hurting for work as we strip out from the straightjacket of isolationism and into a bold new world driven by free exchanges of ideas and and wares with our allies and a sights set on those who oppress God given rights. Decades of service to this nation in the sphere of foreign policy have taught me how synonymous the term “America First” is with defeatism and turning a blind eye to injustice, and if we are ever going to find any moral let alone literal victory against our enemies abroad we must never endorse atrocity through inaction nor must we deny the folks like you hear tonight the tools and resources you so vitally need to make the future of defense a reality. Thank you, and God Bless.
  9. A Blueprint for Century's Close

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