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    Official Twitter account of the Democratic National Committee.
  2. Everybody loves talking about their favorite music and be able to share your interests with other people. Feel free to utilize this whenever you feel the need, however try to videos relatively kosher if possible.
  3. I have a full scale written bio written up, but chose not to post it because it ended up being like 2,000 words, but if you any need any details about how some of these transitions and such worked, I'm more than willing to send the more detailed written bio.
  4. Ben

    Benjamin Thomas (I-VA)

    Love y'all, I need a break that seems right now a life couldn't fulfill. Hit me up on Facebook if you have it.
  5. Name: Dixon Marlowe State: North Dakota Party: Independent Date of Birth: 6/9/1961 Place of Birth: Grand Forks, North Dakota Place of Residence: Fargo, North Dakota Religion: Lutheran Educational History: BA in Economics, United States Naval Academy (1983) JD, University of North Dakota Law School (1992) Occupational History: United States Navy (1983-1988) Grand Forks Police Department (1989-1999) Prosecutor, Grand Forks District Attorney's Office (1999-2004) Private Investigator, Fargo ND (2005 - Present ) Private Defense Attorney, Fargo ND (2005 - Present ) North Dakota State Senator (2011-Present)
  6. Ben

    Leave of Absence

    Okay, because its gonna be up and down for the next week, I just wanted a master post so I didn't have to keep doing other posts which I can link in my sig. Full LOA: Saturday the 11th, Monday the 13th, Friday the 17th Partial LOA: Sunday the 12th through Saturday the 18th, except if otherwise noted. I'm almost always around on TG, and I'll be checking in, voting, doing some PRs and all that good stuff whenever I get some down time, but I'm going on a very rare vacation.
  7. Ben

    Leave of Absence

    Meant to extend this yesterday, but yeah, I'm still on limited activity. Expect to be through Thursday afternoon, hope to be back fully by Thursday evening.
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  10. Ben

    Compliment the Above

    Great Admin I've had the pleasure to work with multiple times, and wonderfully salty.
  11. Ben Thomas Comments on SCOTUS Marriage Ruling Upon the ruling by the United States Supreme Court to legalize the right of same-sex marriages, Senator Benjamin Thomas of Virginia offered the following statement in support of the ruling and speaking on the importance of embracing one's faith while also maintaining the vital right of equal protection under the law:
  12. The official press office of Senator Benjamin Thomas of Virginia.
  13. Ben

    Storm 1:Thin Blue Line

    Nay on 1 and 2 Aye on 3
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  16. Ben

    Lance Dunne (R-MS)

    Welcome, welcome, etc.
  17. Senator Benjamin Thomas To Vote Against Baudin VP Nomination As member of the Senate Committee on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary considering the nomination of Ohio Senator Marc Baudin, Independent Senator of Benjamin Thomas who sits as a member of the majority on the committee, has released the following statement:
  18. Ben

    Technical Requests

    Can I have a Private Office pretty please with meth on top?
  19. Ben


    I think the Protect Medical Innovation Act is a common sense bill which will help consumers and boost the inherently American ideal of ingenuity and I'm proud to be a co-sponsor and vote in favor of cloture.

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