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    Committee Rosters

    @FrankP is moved up to Chair of the SEC
  2. UC recognized, 24 hours to object
  3. UC recognized, 24 hours to object
  4. Ben

    Theresa Kelly (R-AK)

    I believe (as the person who wrote the guidelines when last on the AB haha, haven't looked at them for awhile though) the standard is that you can pick use Governor in the bottom 10 in terms of population, so you should be fine. Also, welcome
  5. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mr. King (Mr.Kahuhu, Ms.Granger, Mr.Tilsley, and Mr.Seymour for themselves and for others with special thanks to Mr.Rockefeller) introduced the following bill A BILL Section 1.Short title Veteran's Job Training Act Extension of 1987 Section 2: Amend The Emergency Veterans’ Job Training Act of 1983 of hereby amended to include "homeless veterans" and to make them eligible for all benefits granted in the Emergency Veterans’ Job Training Act of 1983 Section 3. Extension The Authorization ofAppropriationsEmergency Veterans’ Job Training Act of 1983 is hereby extended through 1990. Section 4. Application Deadline The application deadline and the job training program commencement deadline is extended by six months. Plain English Summary 72 Hours to Debate.
  6. Debate concludes, bill goes to a final vote:

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