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  1. Ben

    Press Office of Abe Saroyan

    Saroyan Blasts "Real Right to Work Act" Congressman Abraham Saroyan of Montana's 1st District has issued the following statement upon his decision to vote against the the "Real Right to Work Act" in the House of Representatives:
  2. Mr. Chairman, I believe the time for debate on this legislation has expired. I yield.
  3. Mr. Chairman, I believe the time for debate on this legislation has expired. I yield.
  4. Ben

    Leave of Absence

    LOA on Saturday and maybe Sunday since my step-mom is insisting I ride out some bad weather this weekend at my father's house for her peace of mind >_> Will be around on TG and for campaign stuff, but pretty limited otherwise most likely.
  5. Ben

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Abraham Saroyan Party: GOP Interviewing Agency: The Missoulian "My Presidential campaign has been one of the greatest and most exciting times of my entire life. I have met many wonderful people from all walks in life, I have been able to spread my message of small government and global promotion of democratic ideals far beyond the borders of Montana's 1st Congressional District, and I have been able to engage with three good men and friends with valuable opinions on this nation's future on the trail. While tomorrow I will give a more formal statement, after going out on the best possible note with the support of my homestate, I am suspending my campaign and will give my endorsement to Anderson Kaine who is a man I may not always agree with on some areas of policy but I believe to the best and most morally suited to be our next President of the United States."

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