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  1. Ben

    AMENDMENT VOTE: Goodman Amendments

    Aye on All
  2. Ben

    Press Office of Abe Saroyan

    Abe Saroyan Gets Working for Montana Congressman Abraham Saroyan on Montana's 1st has wasted no time getting right to business as the House resumes activity in full swing with a new Speaker of the House, making clear his current opposition to two bills which while noble in their intent are both guilty of considerable overreach and too little consideration as to the impact of what they propose. The first action was objecting to unanimous consent on the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act whose core proposal to require important health messages on alcoholic beverages the Congressman doesn't inherently oppose, but he has proposed an amendment to strike a section of the bill which oversteps the clear Constitutional boundaries between federal and state powers by prohibiting any state from issuing its own additional labeling requirements. The second was taking the time from his newly appointed position as a member of the House Committee on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary to make clear his strong opposition to the undercooked and overzealous The Stand Against Apartheid Act whose noble intent cannot be reconciled with its sledgehammer approach, issuing the following statement to his fellow committee members:
  3. Mr. Chairman, Due to the wording, I am unsure as to whether than gentleman from Ohio is asking for unanimous consent to be added as a a co-sponsor, or on this legislation itself, but if it is the latter case than with significantly less than 24 hours left the latter request I believe would be out of order. As to the content of this bill itself, while I appreciate the intent behind it with the South African system of apartheid being something I personally find abhorrent, I am also a firm believer that no change can be enacted in this world by isolationist tactics, and that this bill is completely short sighted in many of its attempted provisions such as issuing an absolute blanket travel ban on South Africa which would inadvertently block charity and activist organizations from the United States from doing the lord's work to help those suffering in one way or another there, attempting to withdraw the use of US funds connected to South Africa without the slightest considerations given to the economic impact at home of such a move, and a blanket ban on South African imports which would not only effect those products directly connected to the oppressive government there but all producers of any social stature. I absolutely and completely oppose this bill in its current form, and I urge all of my fellow colleagues to do the same. I yield.
  4. Ben

    Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act

    Mr. Speaker, I motion to strike section 4 in its entirety. I believe that this section is entirety in violation of the sovereignty of the states to govern themselves as they deem necessary, and render what should otherwise be a fairly uncontroversial measure into a shining example of federal overreach. I yield.
  5. Ben

    Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act

    Mr. Speaker, I object to unanimous consent. I yield.
  6. Full Name: Abraham Saroyan State/District: Montana 1st Position: Member Replacing: N/A
  7. Congressman Abraham "Abe" Saroyan (R-MT-1) *With a a perpetual look halfway been a devilish grin and a slight grimace, Congressman Abraham "Abe" Saroyan of Montana takes to the stage with a short stack of papers in his hand and an arm halfheartedly in the air*
  8. Aye Saroyan Amendment on Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act Goodman Amendments I, II, and II to the Forcing American Integrity by Regulating Elections Act of 1987 Nay Present Co-Sponsor Sponsor Saroyan Amendment on Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act
  9. Ben

    Official Reset 2 Avatar Thread

    Brad Dourif
  10. Ben

    Obligatory Music Thread

    The underground is overcrowded
  11. Gonna go ahead and post this, since it seems like the player consensus is in favor of maintaining/reworking the current round:

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