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  1. Daily Briefing: Congressional Commentary 1 Domestic Violence Prevention Act of 1989: Assuming the passage of the Marshall Amendment, the President is likely to sign the Domestic Violence Prevention Act into law should it pass both bodies of Congress. The issue of domestic violence is one that is all too common in our society and in many places with far too few resources to effectively handle such situations by our police, prosecutors, and health care professionals and President Kaine believes that this bill would be a solid first step to rectify some of the most egregious gaps in current policy. Drug Importation Reform Act: This is a bill that seems to seek a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist to the detriment of American pharmaceutical innovation that outpaces every nation in the world. Whatever price disparity there is between Canadian and American drug prices is owed to the stifling socialistic health care policies of the former and the burden of innovation put on the American pharmaceutical industry by a Western world eager to benefit while they squash their own domestic research and development through over-regulation and nationalistic trade policies. The President believes the most simple solution to any issue of price disparity is simply putting more money back into the hands of Americans such as the widely supported Tax Cuts for America's Middle Class Act which the Democrats in the House still stubbornly refuse to docket in committee. ERA: President Kaine believes firmly that the increased role of women in the workplace and growing number of dual income households is a sign of both a nation and economy growing and should be encouraged, however the equal rights amendment has not yet become law for a good reason: it's language is too broad when considering future judicial interpretation and application, and encourages parity over the performance-based pay scales by which our business culture in this nation thrives. The most important intentions of this proposed amendment are already well covered by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, and while not subject to executive approval the President wishes to make clear that he does not support this proposal and urges Congressional opposition. Small Surface Coal Miners Assistance Act: As a vocal advocate of small business, the continued growth of the US energy sector, and blue collar workers President Kaine strongly supports this bill as a genuine homerun for all three groups and strongly supports its passage by Congress and applauds the Senate Republican Caucus for their good work. Affordable American Gas Act: The President is appalled that the Democratic Chair continues to docket in the Ways and Means Committee bills that even with the majority they are unable to gain approval of while still ignoring common sense legislation like the Administration's Affordable American Gas Act which has garnered genuine bipartisan support. The White House still holds hope, however, that as the session continues the Democratic Leadership decides to join with us and Republican Congressional Leadership in putting good policy ahead of partisanship and ideological chicken in the months ahead.
  2. Meant for quick updates, regular responses to Congressional activity by the White House, and other such matters. Delivered by Press Secretary Rollins F. Culpepper.
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  6. Mr. Chairman, While I strongly oppose the apartheid government of South Africa, I believe that this bill is incredibly short-sighted and ill conceived, and instead of fostering change in the region would only serve to further isolate the South Africans of color both among their own nation and the world at large whose assistance is absolutely vital. A policy of isolation, particularly when done in a singular and unilateral fashion as as we see here, often backfires into outright emboldening those you wish to punish and keeping US interests in being able to enter and contribute to those that most need our help in liberalizing their society. As I such, I motion to strike sections 4 and 5 of this bill in their entirety. I yield.
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  8. Hack Earle Introduces Affordable American Gas Act on Behalf of President Kaine Today, on behalf of the President of the United States of America, U.H. "Hack" Earle had the honor to formally introduce into the House Hopper the White House's Affordable American Gas Act legislation meant meant to use tax incentives for ethanol-based fuels to help lower the price of gas for many Americans, pursue greater energy independence in American energy production, and fight for a cleaner America.
  9. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES Q1, 1989 Mr. Earle introduced the following; with thanks to the President of the United States, Ms. Williams, Mr. Ashcroft, and others A BILL To exempt Ethanol infused fuels from the federal gas tax SECTION 1: Short Name This bill shall be known as the Affordable American Gas Act. SECTION 2: Exempting Ethanol Infused Fuels Through the Revenue Act of 1932, the Internal Revenue Code, and any other legislation relevant, ethanol-infused fuels shall be exempted from the excise tax as outlined in the Revenue Act at the following rate: Ethanol infused fuels at a rate of 3% upon signature by the President Ethanol infused fuels at a rate of 5% by fiscal year 1991 Ethanol infused fuels at a rate of 10% by fiscal year 1995. SECTION 3: Legislation in Direct Conflict Any sections of legislation in direct conflict with this act shall hereby be repealed. SECTION 4: Plain English Summary Permanently exempts ethanol-infused fuels from the federal gas tax at a graduated rate over the next six years.

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