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  1. Name: Russ @Rusty Russ AB Experience: Novice Playing Experience: (Teddervision experience) = SMW Richard Townshend (D-NC), HmL/HMW John Shultz (D-TX 22nd), Mitch Johnston (D-MO 4th) (VGS experience) = Eugene Chillings (D-NC), HML/Speaker John Shultz (D-TX 22nd) Ideas: Haven't served on AB yet but can learn on the job. Might be limited in what I can do since late May's final's time.
  2. Senator Chillings speaks to Utah State Good afternoon everyone. On a topic like this, I often struggle to balance my commitment to the Constitution with my personal opinions. And it is on days like this that I find myself in the very tricky situation of defending people who's values and goals are repellent. I want everyone here attending today to know of my disdain for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement also known as BDS. This movement seeks to punish a society much like ours for the simple crime of defending itself from an aggressor with none of our values. There is no question in my mind the difference between the state Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israel is a shining example to the world, a miracle of hard work, and a testament to the ongoing resilience of its people. A liberal democracy that emphasizes democratic engagement, toleration for those who are different, and educational attainment like Israel, is a worthy ally for our country. Their opponents espouse none of those values: they are criminals, thugs, and fascists. They punish dissent violently and murder those who dare to question their rule or decisions. All of this is done in their insane quest to destroy Israel. They lie to their people, abuse them, while claiming that all of it will end if Israel is destroyed. That is the difference between the two sides: one side has reached out repeatedly, searching for peace, asking to be left alone. But though their values are wrong, I urge the student body not to block BDS from speaking. There is no question that freedom of speech and its exercise is critical for any free society. No matter how galling or odious a speaker may be, it must be incumbent upon us not to demand that he be silenced. Instead, it is out duty as a society to not give his views any credibility. If we ban one organization, where does it stop? So, to those who like me find BDS repellent, I fully understand your disgust. But it is not only possible to allow them to speak, it is essential. Debate them, humiliate them, and outtalk them. That is how our society is meant to function.
  3. I think the main objection that Bluto, myself, and others have with Fitz is how he's chosen to go about delegating jobs to AB members while playing Trump at the same time.
  4. Honored to speak at @CommonCause about infrastructure. We've been talking about how to begin for too long, its time to start.
  5. Senator Eugene Chillings (D-North Carolina) My fellow Americans, I am honored to be here this wonderful evening. Tonight, I am pleased to be talking about one of the last great areas of bipartisan cooperation: infrastructure. Nearly everyone agrees that investing in infrastructure helps our country. It provides jobs for our workers, contracts for our businessmen, roads for our commuters, and far more. Unfortunately, in our petty partisan squabbles over other issues, we have allowed our infrastructure to fall into disrepair. There is no doubt that we have neglected our infrastructure for far too long. Our roads, bridges, and dams are crumbling. What happened in Hamilton will inevitably happen again. Every day we dither places more of our citizens at risk. An unfixed road can endanger commuters driving to work. An unfixed bridge can engager any who rely on it to get to work. An unfixed dam can flood a town. As we have seen just this month with the unfortunate victims of Hamilton, our time is almost up. Our society relies on effective infrastructure to function daily. Our businesses, communication, defense, and much more relies on our government doing its part to build up our society. Before we begin, however, we must have reliable partners who are ready to treat this crisis with the seriousness that it deserves. I know there are many on both sides of the aisle who are ready and eager to come together to solve this problem. And that is why tonight I am urging them to come forward. Let us move fast to fix this problem before it gets further out of control. It is no longer time to keep talking about how to begin. It is time for us to begin. When the President promised no less than a $1 trillion increase in infrastructure, it was merely the beginning of the task ahead of us. But we were sidetracked. Let us get back on track and start rebuilding our country.
  6. Mr. Speaker, I move for unanimous consent and yield.
  7. Mr. Speaker, With white nationalists currently existing as the paramount terrorist threat to this country, its government, and our people there should be no question that this is an urgent matter requiring immediate action. I move for unanimous consent and yield.
  8. Senator Chillings speaks to Open Society Hiya! How are y'all today?!!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Its always wonderful being back home in the South, even if I am far from home today. Folks, being a part of the society that we're from always reminds me of how lucky I am to be an American. But with that knowledge, I must also acknowledge that there are plenty of people, who do not live here right now, who wish to enter our country for any reason. These people are not bad, nor are they are malicious, but we must acknowledge that they wish to come to this country. In recent years, we've been forced to confront a new problem: that of immigration from south of our border. Many on the other side would cast this as a terrifying "invasion of our country." Our society, our culture being ripped apart by a hostile foreign power. I will state this very plainly: the fears of this caravan are largely unfounded. This is no invading army. These are no brutal conquerers. These are people who, for all their boldness, have no ill-will towards us. So, it disturbs me that the president has chosen to unnecessarily deploy troops to the southern border. These developments seem unnecessary and designed to deliberately provoke fear amongst our citizens. Earlier this week, I also heard the disturbing news that President Trump today chose to cut aid to government of Honduras. Cutting aid to a country currently in the throes of instability is a foolish move. In an instant, the president has guaranteed the crisis will only escalate, that more people will leave to escape the violence and try and come here. That is all that the president's decision has guaranteed. Cutting foreign aid guarantees that whatever solutions the president wants for this country with regards to immigration will not be possible. Regardless of our personal views on immigration, it makes no sense to remove the incentive for non-Americans to not come to this country. I stand here today and promise all of you, I am am not now nor have ever been for open borders. There is no doubt that our country must have borders to remain sovereign and that we must have a more watertight immigration process. We must not allow people in willy nilly. But a wall would not only be impractical, it would suck our country dry of resources. Rather than construct an imposing symbol that broadcasts to the world our fear, let us instead invest in a more practical barrier. Let us take advantage of how far we have come in the past millennium in tackling this new problem. There is no doubt that our system requires reform and we desperately need a new approach to better control those who wish to immigrate to our country. There is also no doubt that we must not allow people in willy nilly. But using this caravan as unnecessary fear mongering is not simply ridiculous, it is anti-American. We ought to praise these people with open arms for their courage in risking their lives and limbs. Perhaps we should not guarantee them citizenship but we should follow our constitutional mandate to offer them asylum, no matter how temporary. Thank you and god bless all of you!
  9. House Majority Leader John Shultz endorses Catherine Williams.
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