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  1. Michael Madison in Response to Molly Fowler: That distinction is absolutely ridiculous. A fetus has unique human DNA, its own blood type, and its own organs. It is a human and its own separate being.
  2. Character Name: Michael Madison (R-PA) Newsline: Senate Republicans are working together with reasonable Democrats to ban partial-birth abortion. While many Americans still want abortion legal, even they recognize the brutality and barbarity of this procedure. Birthing a baby only to stab its skull and suck out its brains? That has no place in America.
  3. Mr. President, This procedure involves the almost full birth of what is obviously a human baby. The abortionist will then stab the baby's skull , vacuum out the brain, and crush the baby's skull. That is intensely barbaric. The most delicate and innocent of our species have no business being savaged like that. This dangerous technique must be banned. It has no place in the civilized world. I yield.
  4. Mr. President, While the whole procedure of abortion is itself horrific, partial-birth abortion is particularly gruesome and savage. It has no place in America. That’s why I rise in strong support of this bill, and I encourage my colleagues to do the same. I yield.
  5. Official Voting Record of US Senator Michael Madison (R-PA), per the Library of Congress.
  6. Official Press Office of US Senator Michael Madison of the Great State of Pennsylvania.
  7. NOTABLE VOTES: 2001 - Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 - AYE 2001 - Authorization for Use of Military Force against Terrorists (9/11) - AYE 2002 - No Child Left Behind Act - NAY 2002 - McCain-Feingold - NAY 2002- Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 - AYE (Stole the list from @Fisher. I would say sorry but that’s what you get for trying to sign in to MY STATE as a Democrat lol)
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