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  1. Voting Records for Maureen Stormstonre Ohio's 3rd District Representative Democratic Aye: Nay: Present: Sponsor: Co-Sponsor:
  2. Official Statements from the Office of Representative Maureen Stromstrone (D OH 19)
  3. Basic Information: Name: Maureen Stormstrone Age: 58 Date of Birth: 24th July 1934 Gender: Female State: Party: Democratic Party Faction: Establishment. Personal Information: Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland Religion: Catholic Ethnicity: Caucasian Childhood Socioeconomic Status: Working Class. Current Socioeconomic Status: Upper Middle Class. Sexuality: Heterosexual Family Information: Father: Oliver O'Neill (b. 1911 - 1980) Mother: June O'Neill (b. 1912 -) Siblings: Olivia O'Neill(b. 1933)/ Alistair O'Neill (b. 1940 -) Husband: Evan Stormstrone (b. 1935 - m.1958) Children: Rose Stormstrone (b. 1962) Connor Stormstrone (b.1968) Educational History: B.A in Economics and Finance from Iowa University (class of 1952) Msc in International Relations from Yale (class of 1955) Occupational History: - Enlisted in Naval Reserve (Selected Reserve 1955 -1960) - Fundraiser for C.A.R.E (1955 - 1960) - State Department F.S.O. stationed in various embassies (1960-1965) -Deputy Manager for Trade and Economics Division (Council on Foreign Relations) (1965 - 1980) - US Congresswoman from Ohio's 3rd Congressional District (1980-)
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