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  1. Name: Dylan Macmillan Party: Republican Interviewing Agency: LA Times What we are seeing in Congress is the difference between governing in the national interest and grandstanding in the interest of one's party. Today the President and other leading Republicans outlined a major set of tax cuts for America's middle classes that will save them thousands of dollars each, on the other hand the House Committee on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary have been considering legislation to introduce term limits on Congressmen and the politicising of our national security. Millions of Americans will benefit from the Kaine Administration's tax policy changes, each of them will get the right to keep thousands of dollars extra of their income if House Democrats take up the legislation, instead we are seeing cheap tricks to appear active and we are seeing legislation that simply would not work. I urge House Democrats to work with the President to pass his agenda for the American Middle Classes rather than using the organs of our legislature for political grandstanding.
  2. Mr Chairman, This bill is populism of the purest and worst sort, in an attempt to appeal to the anti-establishment demographic and in an attempt to do something superficial to appear to be solving issues such as lobbying and corruption the Majority have decided to come up with a half baked scheme that has no more chance of becoming law than I do of becoming Miss America. The Majority has, over the course of this docket, shown itself to be a majority for grandstanding rather than progress. Congress will always need fresh blood, that is a simple fact and a law of nature, but that new blood should not be thrust artificially to the fore by removing the previous generation. The idea that it would be in any way desirable to eject experienced members of Congress via bureaucracy rather than via democracy frankly strikes me as ill-thought out at the very best, especially for the millions of Americans who rate their Congressman or woman highly. Members of Congress should be ejected by retirement or by election, not by bureaucracy. I yield.
  3. Mr Chairman, It is the nature of foreign policy that it requires decisive action and singular vision, it is the precedent of the Supreme Court that foreign policy is to be held as the purview primarily of the Executive. I do not feel that it is in this country's best interests to undermine our constitutional separation of powers by forcing members of the legislature into the executive for this purpose. Let the White House govern, let the legislature legislate, let us please consider something more worthy of the time of this House and the time of our committee. I yield.
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