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  1. Macmillan

    Nomination of Jane L Kelly

    Mr Chair, I regret to inform my learned colleague that I was recently re-added to this committee and having returned to the Senate following a period of illness ((OOC issues)) I am fully within my right to vote on this committee. I yield. OOC:
  2. Macmillan

    Thin Blue Line Act

  3. Macmillan

    Motion to Suspend and Pass

  4. Macmillan

    Nomination of Jane L Kelly

  5. The National Telegraph is a print publication with a podcast that it is possible to listen to on YouTube, Spotify, and other podcast providers (think 538 but from the right). It is a conservative-leaning publication but it strives for balance by hiring leftists as well. The lead writer and host of the podcast is Nicholas Eden, a British born man who moved to America in his mid-20s to be a journalist. The main base of operation for the paper is Virginia but it covers news stories from across the country and occasionally from the wider World as well.
  6. Macmillan

    Kyle Fitzgerald (R-IN)

    Hey Fitzy!

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