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  1. Name: Alexandra B. Peterson Party: Democratic Interviewing Agency: Miami Herald
  2. The Press Office of Congresswoman Alexandra Bell Peterson
  3. FULL NAME: Alexandra Bell Peterson STATE/DISTRICT: Florida's 17th congressional district POSITION: Member
  4. Income: $300,000 Expenditures: Net Total: $300,000
  5. Official Voting Record of Congresswoman Alexandra Bell Peterson (D-FL-17) Aye: Nay: Present: Sponsor: Cosponsor: AIDS Prevention and Information Act of 1987 National Community College Technology Education Act of 1987 Social Security Preventative Care Act of 1987 Youth Entrepreneurship Act of 1987 Fair Minimum Wage Act of 1987 Higher Education Savings Act of 1987 Responsible Gun Ownership Act of 1987
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