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  1. This past day has been very enlightening, in the way a dumpster fire gives off an illuminating glow. Peace out, Girl Scouts. Signing out.
  2. I wasn't here for your time as CA. All I've ever experienced of you is you threatening to run players out of the game, libeling them, and on your good days, just baiting folks. You might have done a great job as CA but having only experienced you this way, I'm honestly alarmed that you're now one of the owners of this site. I don't know what Cyril was thinking. The nice words here would have meant more before you were Co-Owner and people started raising concerns about your behavior as examples of why your status as Co-Owner is questionable. In this context, it just looks like you're saying what you need to say to try to make it ok that you're a Co-Owner after the conduct you've shown lately. And despite all the words I'm still not seeing apologies to anyone, especially Avner. Maybe you're doing that in private. I hope so. But I don't know that apologies are really going to cut it, it would have been nice to see them before you were made a Co-Owner, because now it just looks self-serving to be honest with you.
  3. Well, at least Reed never accused anyone of abusing his wife.
  4. All right. I do think it's something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, because he was apparently just chat muted again as recently as yesterday for disrespectful baiting directed toward Reed. Unless I'm mistaken, this was the final straw, though there were other examples of his baiting yesterday: "Pseudoscience Man #OmnipotentMartiniSkeletor, [12.04.19 20:17] Sorry Reed.... Our resident troll isn't a respected voice" He went from chat muted for baiting to Co-Owner in record time. I can't be the only community member concerned about this.
  5. I've lodged a formal complaint using the Private Admin Contact form, but for the sake of transparency and making sure it's not just ignored: "I'm deeply uncomfortable with MrAnderson as a Co-Owner, given that he was just recently temporarily banned for harassing Avner to the point of serious libel. I don't really know people that well and I haven't gotten along well with Avner in an in-game context, as people in the GOP can attest if you want to ask them, so this isn't about any kind of clique thing or taking sides because of in-game disputes. But I dunno how someone who has engaged in literal harassment and been banned for it is now going to be ultimately responsible for enforcing community standards. The decision for MrAnderson to be a Co-Owner is repugnant to me and I'd like the other two other Co-Owners to reconsider Cyril's decision." I trust this complaint doesn't require any evidence since it all happened in the main chat and everyone has seen it. The decision to abruptly fire Fitzgerald was also ludicrous and I hope since the poll is overwhelmingly in favor of his reinstatement, he's going to be fully reinstated.
  6. Sick with allergies so still reduced activity until the weekend. Hopefully they'll be cleared up a bit by then.
  7. Eighth Docket College Campus Free Speech Protection Act Providing Incentives for Veterans in the Film Industry Act Work Force Pell Act of 2019
  8. The committee will now proceed to a 48 hour vote on the bill. Chair votes Aye.
  9. The committee will now proceed to a 48 hour vote on the bill. Chair votes Aye.
  10. Mr. President, I second the motion and I yield.
  11. It would be inappropriate to hold the Secretary in contempt of Congress, as he was requested to testify, but there was no subpoena. Given the prolonged wait, the hearing is adjourned.
  12. Mr. Chairman, To address the question posed by the Senator from Virginia, it's really quite simple: Wearing a mask makes it more difficult for law enforcement to identify and apprehend these criminals, which is why they're wearing masks. By imposing further penalties for wearing masks in the commission of these crimes, we will not only be adding deterrents to their use of masks but to the crimes themselves. I yield.
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