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  1. by the power herby vested in me by the DNC charter I herby appoint Richard Bauer as Deputy Chair for the Elections and election treasurer
  2. with no other nominee congratulations to our new speaker @DMH
  3. 24 for nominations 24 hours to vote nominated: seconded: accepted:
  4. AP Remaining: 8 AP Starting Budget: 7,100,000 Ending Budget:1,600,000 Stump Speech- 2 AP Thank you *city*, I am running for Senate because I believe in the promise of America. I believe in the American Dream and American ingenuity. I promise you not a radical new approach, nor do I offer another grand new deal, but rather I am running to save the old one. We have strayed too far from what makes our nation the envy of all nations. I am running to fight for the American Dream, to fight for the new deal, to fight for the ideals which this country was founded upon. A nation for the people by the people where all of us are created equal. *Pulls out a one-dollar bill* This one-dollar bill is more than a denomination of currency. In fact, if you flip it over it contains a symbol of one of the promises of our country. The unfinished pyramid is a constant reminder of the ideal our Government and nation must strive for, the building of a more perfect union. The reason this pyramid is unfished is because our nation is unfished. Each generation is meant to build upon the last to create a more perfect America. This promise is tied to the unwritten commandment that all parents strive to fulfill, that we shall give our children a better life than the one we had. That idea of not only a more perfect union but a more perfect life is truly the foundation of the American dream. This dream led the pilgrims to seek out a place in the new world, it led my mother to leave Ireland in hope of finding opportunity and continues to lead thousands of immigrants to our nation fleeing from oppression and poverty. It is the responsibility of government to ensure this dream is accessible for all Americans. Making any dream a reality is hard and the American Dream is no different. That’s the way it should be. Hard work and dedication should make the American Dream a reality for all those willing to work for it. Sadly, that is not always the case. Too often hard-working Americans are held back by the chains of discrimination and lack of economic mobility. Send me to the Senate and I will give Americans the key to unlock those chains. I will fight to ensure that we raise the minimum wage, provide paid family leave, and protect our unions. I will fight to protect social security from privatization, raise the EITC, and cut taxes for working Americans and family farms not the corporations. Most importantly I will ensure a better future for our children I will protect the environment by restoring the Everglades and protecting our beachfronts, and make ensure that college is affordable for all our children. In the Senate, I will expand Pell Grants, end the monopoly on student loans, make college tuition 100% tax deductible for working class Americans, and to bring down the price of community college to Zero, make it free. Community College should be free for all students who work hard to get good grades. A quality education should not be reserved to the few. I am running to build that more perfect union and restore the promises that make America great. I want to build a better American together. An America that we are proud to pass on to our children. An America where we finally establish truth to the ideal that all men and women are create equal. I am running and ask for your vote, because Retirement, a word class education, and the American Dream are not luxuries for the rich, but rather the birthright of all our citizens and the promise to all our immigrants. Thank you all, God Bless, and God Bless the United States of America. 3 Senate Fundraisers 6 AP Talking Points 12: 4 AP 1. A world class education should not be a luxury for a few, but a right for all. Elect me to the Senate and I will fight to make community college free for hardworking students. 2. Social Security is a fundamental promise of the American Dream. Retirement is a right of all Americans. Send me to the Senate and I will ensure that we fund social security for generations to come. 3. Unions brought us the minimum wage, safe working conditions, and the weekend. Now Republicans are trying to strip them of their collective bargaining powers. Send me to the Senate and I will end these attacks on unions. 4. It is time to end the policy of tax cuts for the 1% and cut taxes for the 99%. Let’s raise the minimum wage and give working Americans a tax cut. 5. Our government must ensure that our water and air are clean for our children to drink and breath. Not only will I fight to uphold economic protections I will restore Florida’s greatest natural treasure, the everglades. 6. In Congress I will do everything in my power to stand up to Fidel Castro and ensure that all Cuban refugees fleeing oppression can find refuge in the United States. 7. It is time for congress to stop maxing out our national credit card, and to finally balance the budget. Send me to congress and I will cut reckless spending and fight for a balanced budget. 8. We must finally leave racism and discrimination where it belongs, in the past. Send me to congress and I will fight to make lynching a federal crime and establish stricter penalties for hate crimes. 9. Working Americans have been left behind by congress. I will fight for paid family leave, and job retraining for all Americans who lose their jobs to out sourcing. 10. Family Farms are at the heart of our nation and in this global age it is our job to give them a hand up. Send me to congress and I will cut taxes and increase subsides for family farms. 11. It is time to finally affirm that all men and women are created equal by closing the pay gap, establishing paid family leave, and fighting for the equal rights amendment. 12. Basic Health care is not a privilege for the rich rather a right for all Americans. We must ensure that all Americans have access to quality health care. Total AP spent: 12 Targeted Outreach: 75,000*10=750,000 North Florida Corridor- Unions African Americans: Tallahassee, Miami-Gardens Cuban Americans: Miami Farmers: Central Florida*2 Seniors: St Petersburg, Miami, Palm Beach Women: Miami College Voters: Gainesville Campaign Offices: 750,000*10=750,000 Tallahassee Miami St. Petersburg Tampa Palm Beach Tallahassee Ft. Lauderdale Naples Jacksonville Gainesville Tv Ad #1: Half State Primetime 1 run 2,000,000 Radio Ad #1 2,000,000 Full state morning drive time Total Spent: 2,000,000+2,000,000+1,500,000
  5. Fundraiser 3- Environmentalists Location Miami Florida On March 1, 1872, President Theodore Roosevelt established the world's first true national park. He did this to protect our natural recourses for the future of this nation. Our nation was built on the idea, the promise of a better nation for our children. He ensured that our nations would protect our recourses for future generations. He established a fundamental promise that our environment would not be plundered by special interests, and that we would ensure that the right to clean air and clean water would be the birthright of all Americans. Democratic leadership has given these United States the clean air and clean water act. However, in this area of deregulation, we need a renewed leadership in congress to ensure that the environment will be protected for generations to come. Elect me to the Senate and I will be that leader we need to protect the environment. One of my top priorities in the Senate will be the protection and restoration of the Everglades. The Everglades are a national treasure and its conservation is paramount to the State of Florida. In 1970, businesses attempted to build an airport in the Big Cypress Swamp, and in 1986 high levels of phosphorus and mercury were discovered in the waterways. Congress must take action today. If we don’t save the Everglades not only will we lose a precious national treasure, but we will lose 15,000 jobs, and 250 million dollars if we don’t protect the Everglades. In my first days in congress, I will introduce a bill which will require the EPA to set phosphorous criteria and establish a plan to restore water quality, provide the state of Florida 200 million dollars to buy land to help restore the everglades, and have congress fund water treatment to ensure the Everglades will remain for generation. Our environment is once again under attack, but together we can build a better America. Thank you all and God Bless America
  6. Fundraiser 2 Unions Location: Jacksonville Unions are the indispensable voices that protect millions of working Americans and stand up for their rights. Before unions working Americans were played a hand with the deck stacked against them. Children were working in coal mines. There was no minimum wage, no work place protections, and definitely no weekend. Unions gave rise to the middle class and made the American Dream a reality for countless individuals. Unions have provided and protection to a middle class in desperate need of a champion. These very unions which have shielded workers from attacks have come under attack during the past congress. The Republican Nominee for President introduced an attack on unions under the misnomer the “Real Right to Work Act”. The only right this bill offers is the right to work for less. Collective bargaining is the backbone of workers’ rights and it is under attack by the Republican party. Right to work is an attempt to stop unions and empower big business. In the face of this attack we need leaders who will stand up to protect unions to ensure the middle class will always have a voice. Elect me to congress and I will be a true voice for working class Americans. The first bill I introduce in the Senate will be the “Workers Protection Act” which would end right to work across the nation and protect unions for generations to come. Our children should never know a nation where workers are at the mercy of corporate greed. We must ensure higher wages, the right to unionize, and ensure we never return to an America where workers are exploited. Collective bargaining is a fundamental right of all working Americans. Together we can build a better American Thank God and God Bless America
  7. DNC Offers Change; RNC More of the Same Washington D.C. — Our Party held their convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week, culminating one of the closest primary seasons in recent memory. We were proud to nominate John White, from Florida, and Jackson Clay, from Indiana, as our President and Vice President to represent our Party in the General Election. Not only were we able to lay out clear policy visions for the next four years, we were able to unify our Party behind one solid message and that is the rejection of trickle-down economics, which has failed us time and time again. Throughout our convention you heard the calls for change, for hope, for unity and for a stronger tomorrow. The stark difference between our convention and the Republican convention is clear. The Republican ticket offers more of the same, despite their rhetoric on the campaign trail. Congressman Kaine, embraced more tax cuts for the rich, leaving the middle-class to fend for themselves. Congressman Kaine embraced a divided nation and rejected equal rights for all Americans with his choice of speakers to represent him. Congressman Kaine stood against the hard-working men and women of our nation, time and time again during his convention. There was no doubt that their convention was a double-down on trickle-down. However, the alternative was clear. Congressman White spoke of a nation united, spoke of placing our economy on a firm foundation for long-lasting growth by investing in our middle-class. Our convention stood for the moment in history our nation can look back on and say that is when we chose a new path forward, that is where we chose to end the politics of hate, fear and division and embrace the politics of unity and hope. One thing was clear from our Party’s convention, that when we come together, we can achieve more and when we come together this election we will ensure that we are promising our nation a stronger tomorrow. The Party is excited to also highlight several key senate and gubernatorial candidates that were able to effectively show why they should be elected as well. The Party is committed to ensuring that Democrats across the nation are elected to the Congress and Governor’s Mansion and that John White is elected our next President of the United States.
  8. Fundraiser 1- AARP Location Tampa Florida There was a time when growing old meant growing poor in this country. Unless you had family to support you, or if you were rich enough to support yourself, there was no retirement you had to keep working. The Golden years were only for the rich, and for the rest of Americans those golden years were more gray. Social security put an end to this grim reality. Our government made a promise to every American that we could all live life to its fullest. That every American would be given a chance to live their “Golden years”. Sadly, this fundamental promise has come under attack. Social Security is running out of funds. We need reform now, but instead we have seen the social security trust fund be looted to pay for tax cuts. This nation was founded on the idea of a more perfect union that every generation would improve to provide for future generations. If we do nothing 50 years from now, we will have failed our children and grandchildren. Social Security is at the heart of our governments promise to America. The epitome of Government for the People. Send me to congress and my top priority will be fighting for a better future for working class Americans. Retirement should not be a luxury but a right of all Americans. Send me to congress and I will be the loudest voice against raising the retirement age, against cutting benefits, against privatizing social security, and the loudest for making all Americans pay their fair share raising the income cap to make social security solvent. Together we can build a better America. Thank you all God Bless, and God Bless the United State of America
  9. Income: 1,300,000 Background Funds 5,800,000 first fundriasers Total: 7,100,000
  10. Over the next three days, history will be made as we nominate the next vice President and President of the United States. However, this convention is about more than a person more than a ticket and even more than a party. This convention is about the ideals which bring us together and the beliefs that we share. Over these next three days we will hear from numerous speakers addressing the vast array of issues which face our nation in this upcoming election. Each of these speeches will be different, but in all of them you will see a common dedication to the values of this great nation. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and equality are the great promises of our nation which we gather here today to defend. Over the past 8 years, we have seen an administration turn a blind eye to these promises they swore to defend. Our working class has been left been as the rich are prioritized over the hard-working farmers, the forget factory worker, and the millions of Americans struggling to achieve the American Dream. After 8 long years of being left behind the American people are ready for a change. Throughout this convention you will hear our vision to return the government to “we the people” from the clutches of special interests. Instead of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and the largest conglomerates, we propose a tax cut for the Middle Class and family farms. Instead of bigger bonuses for CEOs we will fight for better wages for working Americans. Instead of using the social security trust fund to pay for tax cuts, we will ensure that Social Security is solvent for generations to come and that every American has access to basic health care. Instead of turning a blind eye to human rights atrocities and oppression, we will advocate for a world free from the chains of tyranny. We will take action against the AIDS epidemic opposed to sitting idly by as this deadly disease spreads. Instead of turning a blind eye to civil rights, we will fight for equal pay and an end to the discrimination and give all Americans equal access to the American Dream. 8 long years of being left behind. 8 long years of policies written for the 1% not the 99. 8 long years of treating farmers and working Americans as an afterthought. This is not the America we deserve. It is time to change this mentality to bring American together. This convention is about brining America together from coast to coast, from the big cities to the small farms, all races, all religions, to make the American Dream a reality for all who work for it. 8 years ago, President Reagan asked us, were we better than we were four years ago and 8 years later it is time that this party sends a message to the Republicans. The millions of working Americans who have been left behind by this administration have an answer for the President and we will put an end to the failed policies and return the government to “We the People.” With that I declare this convention open *Bangs gavel* God Bless the United States of America and the Democratic Party
  11. Thank you all, It is truly a dream come true to speak before this convention today, but today I am here to talk about the dream of someone else. Imagine being caught in the middle of a storm. The water rushing over the sides of your ship; the wind bellowing as it pushes you back. Being hungry alone and cold out in the middle of the ocean, and not knowing if you will ever make it to your destination. This storm could bring down you, and even if it doesn’t there could be another one tomorrow. You could get sick, you could die of hunger or dehydration but none of that matters. You have risked it all in hope of a brighter future, in hope of freedom. As all seems lost, you find hope in the distance you see a beacon of freedom. A shinning city on a hill where you can leave the past behind. In this strange new land, you will find freedom from the persecution and oppression which you fled. You can find jobs and opportunity and freedom from tyranny and make a better life for you and your family. 368 years ago, this was the dream of a small band of pilgrims who fled a tyrannical government and religious persecution. Today this same dream has manifested in the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees who seek freedom in our great nation. In my great state of Florida over 100,000 Cuban, fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro and the persecution of a corrupt oppressive communist regime. In the 20th century, this great nation stands alone as the only indispensable source of freedom the world has ever known. The American Dream is what makes us this beacon of hope. This is our promise to the world. To the millions around the world seeking a better life, freedom from communism, tyranny, persecution, and death this nation will forever provide a better future for all those who work for it. As the leaders of the free world must stand for freedom of speech everywhere, freedom of religion everywhere, and freedom from tyranny whether in the guise of communist regimes or brutal dictatorships. This moral leadership has been abandoned by the Republican party. Under this President, we have seen an administration willing to arm dictators who attack their citizens with chemical weapons. We have seen an administration willing to break the law to sell weapons to terrorists in Iran and sell weapons to the Contras to overthrow a Democratically elected president. We have seen a President who attempted to block sanctions of South Africa despite the most despicable discrimination possible. We have seen an administration who sat silently as Americans were killed in El Salvador. We will not stand for an administration that supports terrorists, juntas, and discriminatory governments. How much further will they go? It is time to restore our moral leadership on the world stage. We need to send a Democrat to the White House to ensure that the American Dream survives for generations to come. Send John White to the White House and he will end the arming of terrorists, and fight to free the world from Tyranny. Not only will we lead by example, not only will we serve as a beacon of hope but will also end the spread of communism. From the ashes of these failed regimes democracy will rise. We will not only serve as the example for these new democracies but play an active role in helping create stable democracies that will last generations. To the enemies of freedom around the world, I say this: There is no corner on this Earth so remote, no island so isolated, where liberty will not find you. It is time to put an end to the cold war and introduce the soviets to a world with liberty and justice for all. Thank you all and God Bless the United States of America thoughts?
  12. Platform Kaline for Senate Protecting Florida’s Natural Treasures- • Florida is home to some of our country’s greatest treasures. If elected I will fight to restore the Everglades and protect our states national treasures. We must fight for environmental protection to ensure the health of our beaches and our national parks which make Florida such a special state. I will fight for greater environmental protection and funding for Florida’s national parks to protect our biodiversity and tourism. Saving Social Security • When the Social Security act was passed, we promised our seniors that growing old would not mean growing poor. Florida is home to millions of seniors who depend on social security. We must protect social security from Republican attempts to cut benefits and funding as they loot the trust fund to pay for tax giveaways to the rich. Social security should not be used to pay for corporate tax breaks. Immigration – • Florida has a proud history of immigration and we pride our self on this tradition. We must protect the rights of refugees and the millions of Latinos escaping persecution and must ensure that those fleeing communism in Cuba can find refuge in the United States. We must continue to strengthen our border to prevent drugs from coming into our nation, but we should reform our immigration system to facilitate asylum for those fleeing the drug war. Middle Class Tax Cut – • The Middle Class is the backbone of our economy and the American Dream. Republicans have forced the Middle Class to bear the burden of their tax giveaway to corporations. It is time to ensure that the upper class pays their fair share and that we give tax relief to the middle class not the millionaires. Cut the Deficit – • Our nation’s debt and deficit have grown out of control as the Republicans have recklessly cut taxes and will pass on a debt for our children to pay off. I will work to reform the tax code to bring in more revenue by closing loopholes and will cut wasteful programs to balance our budget. Fighting for Human Rights – • We must stand up to the atrocious violations of human right across the globe. As the leaders of the free world we must stand up the violent dictators such as Fidel Castro and promote change via sanctions and end our reckless support of autocrats such as the Contras that we have seen under this administration Education – • Education is the foundation of the American dream and as Senator I will give our children the best education in the world. We must make college affordable for all by expanding Pell grants revising our student loans programs. We must provide more incentives to become teachers and provide more funding to urban schools to close the gap between suburban and urban schools. We must finally ensure that our schools are equal for all Americans. Protecting Family Farms – • Family farms are at the heart of the agriculture industry and our nation. Our government has turned a blind eye to their plight of farmers. When 1/3 of American farmers faced foreclosure President Reagan vetoed a bill that would help thousands of farmers save their farms. In the Senate, I will fight to increase subsidies to family farms and ensure that we expand trade with new markets so that our farmers are able to reach global markets. In the Senate I will be an extra hand for farmers who need it.
  13. Miami Florida- Today in front of the Freedom Tower in Miami Congressman Mickey Kaline announced his candidacy for Senator of Florida the transcript of his announcemnt is below.
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