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  1. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for the question and thank you to the members of this committee for inviting me. If you are asking about the President’s rationale behind the decision to declare a national emergency regarding the situation on the southern border, I would have to point you to the public statements made by the President on the matter. From my understanding, the President believes that the large amount of drugs which come through our border is a national emergency in this country, especially when it comes to the opioid crisis we have seen affecting so many communities in the United States, with drug overdoses happening at an alarming rate and causing so much harm to so many American families. I believe this, coupled with so many other issues we face on the southern border, was likely the rationale.
  2. Extending this to Saturday.
  3. LOA until Wednesday for Vegas! Maybe longer if I win.
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    @SecOlliver: Met with allies in the fight against ISIS today, including Canadian Defense Minister. As I told them, the United States remains committed to terminating ISIS. Even with our numerous and sweeping victories, we remain vigilant and determined to finish the job.
  5. Disregard, just gonna stay on as Sec. of Defense. Signing out media/Hawkins.
  6. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | MARCH 2019 OLLIVER VISITS AFGHANISTAN, MEETS WITH SOLDIERS AND GOVT. OFFICIALS Olliver spoke with Generals on the ground as well as the Afghanistan Defense Minister (Washington D.C.) - Secretary of Defense Jacob Olliver made a trip to Afghanistan this week, meeting with government officials and troops on the ground to discuss ongoing training and U.S. strategy in the region. During the meetings, Olliver stressed Afghanistan's role in its own future, the United States finishing its mission in Afghanistan responsibly and strategically, as well as a commitment to continue talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan with the goal being an agreement for peace and stability. "Being on the ground here in Afghanistan gives me an opportunity to hear from troops directly, hearing from our Generals directly, and truly grasping the current situation here," Olliver told reporters after meeting with military officials. When asked if the U.S. intended with withdraw from Afghanistan, Olliver noted the current strategy is to continue to make moves toward ending the mission, which include the talks with the Taliban as well as continued military training and support, but assured there "are no current plans for major withdrawals." "I am going to continue to emphasize the need to continue talks, which I think must continue indefinitely to sustain peace and stability here in this region," Olliver said, "at the same time, I do recognize there is a need for continued support and assistance here in Afghanistan as far as the immediate future is concerned." The Secretary of Defense has made it clear he intends to be an active participant in ending the U.S. mission in Afghanistan, alongside President Trump, and made it clear that was the intention from the start. "I am in full agreement with the President's thinking, that our strategies must shift, complacency must be addressed, and we have an obligation to the American people and our men and women in the military," Olliver finished, adding that he remained "optimistic and determined" following the days meetings.
  7. I object. I believe there needs to be a review process, Mr. Chairman, to ensure exceptions aren't being eliminated and violating personal rights. In addition, the legislation offers a far too vague definition of its intentions to spend the allocated $200,000,000 to state health programs that aren't necessarily even asking for it. I yield.
  8. Mr. President, I believe it is also prudent to mention that this legislation’s scope goes far beyond these very specific organizations and services in protecting the right to life, the unborn, and the most vulnerable. I fully believe the well-being of the core fabric of our society will vastly outweigh other potential consequences of doing what is right. I yield my time.
  9. Mr. President, I request the right and honorable gentleman be reminded this prestigious body does not allow such ad-hominem attacks and questions of personal motives. I yield.
  10. Mr. President, Organizations such as Planned Parenthood have done great harm to our deep-rooted values and, in my view, deserve no federal funding in any respect. I reject the notion that we should be providing government funding to organizations which preform abortions. I reject this is some inherent right which cannot be changed. This bill, I believe, if accompanied by the amendment from the gentleman from Ohio, will serve that purpose. For members of this distinguished body to call this "idiotic" in public only shows that they are too ashamed of their own position and instead choose to attack ours, which is to preserve life and preserve the health and happiness of American families for future generations. These are the kind of politics they so often condemn. Well, I condemn them. They so often hold their heads high, claiming to be on the right side of history, but I question how history will see them in their support for organizations like Planned Parenthood. I yield the floor.
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    @BMCNews: Don't miss an upcoming interview with President Donald Trump, courtesy of JB in the Morning, which airs live on BMC Radio 9AM EST!
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    @HawkinsOK: Pres. Trump is right, Robert DeNiro is a total loon and a disgrace.... libs should be more aware of who they idolize & praise, DANGEROUS MEN LIKE ROBERT DENIRO ARE NOT IT!!
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    The official Twitter account of BMC News, a subsidiary of the Ballentyne Media Company.
  14. REPUBLICANS WONDER WHERE TRUMP IS LEADING PARTY WITH LEFT TURNS ON MIN. WAGE, SYRIA, AND GUN CONTROL by john hunter Republicans aren't too happy about the all too noticeable shift in public demeanor from President Trump, who in the last few days has tweeted things such as a suggestion minimum wage should be $10 an hour, that police should 'take the guns' of supposed 'dangerous people' and then ask questions later. President Trump has been known to make comments catching people by surprise, such as when he fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Twitter, or when he surprised former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis by announcing a withdrawal of troops from Syria on Twitter before confirming the decision with the National Security Council. But it appears the President has once again surprised Republicans when he annou...[click to read more] COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL IN SYRIA 'IMMINENT' AS ONLY 500 TROOPS REMAIN TO FIGHT ISIS by jennifer winter After announcing a full withdrawal of troops from Syria in late December, President Trump has announced his decision to leave 500 troops in Syria for strategic reasons and to 'ensure a smooth transition' of a full withdrawal, which the Department of Defense has said is 'imminent.' This has left many Republicans concerned about the future in the fight against ISIS in the country as well as the possibility of Iran having further advantage of exerting their influence in the region after U.S. withdrawal. Whether or not the President took military advice and transitioned into a new strategy is the question man...[click to read more]
  15. The motion for unanimous consent is recognized and objected to. Debate will continue.
  16. *GAVEL* Debate shall now begin on S.5, the Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial Act of 2019.
  17. *GAVEL* Debate shall now begin on S. 4, the CIVICS Act of 2019.
  18. *GAVEL* *GAVEL* *GAVEL* Debate shall now begin on S. 3, the Comprehensive Unborn Life Protection Act of 2019.
  19. *GAVEL* Debate will now begin on S. 2, the Vaccinated Kids Act of 2019.
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