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  1. Democrats Press Percy on Past Comments in Confirmation Hearing, Percy Pushes Back Reaffirming Commitment to Israel Security (Washington D.C.) - During his confirmation hearing, Secretary of State nominee Charles Percy pushed back against Democratic questions about his past comments after weeks of ridicule in the media. In the hearing, multiple Democratic Senators pressed Percy on his past comments regarding a former Nazi Commander, Estonian Karl Linnas, noting Percy signed onto a letter opposing his deportation to Soviet Estonia. In the hearing, Percy pushed back against that characterization. "I was opposed to the deportation of Linnas, specifically to the Soviet Union, due to the likelihood of him perishing once arriving," Percy told the committee, "I never defended the crimes of Karl Linnas or the man himself." The hearing continued, with Democrats calling on Percy to explain past comments calling PLO leader Yasser Arafat a "moderate." In his response, Percy again disagreed with the characterization of his comments and pushed back against the narrative. "The comments at the time were implied to mean he was relatively moderate compared to another PLO faction which is much more notorious for their nefarious activities." In a follow-up, Percy was asked if he was devoted to the security of Israel. "There should be no question among you, Senators, that as Secretary of State, I serve at the pleasure of the President, who has been unequivocal about his support and devotion to the security of Israel as an American ally," Percy said, doing his best to reassure skeptical Democrats and some skeptical Republicans about his nomination. Commentators called Percy's performance at the hearings "convincing", with political commentator Jacob Olliver agreeing Percy was doing his best to charm his former colleagues, many of whom he served many years in the Senate with. In spite of this, the former Senator of Illinois has seen continued opposition from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The powerful lobbying committee has cited Percy's past foreign policy comments as their prime reason for opposing his nomination behind closed doors. The question remains just how committed AIPAC is to defeating Percy's nomination in the Senate. According to several sources, Republican Senator's are worried about the potential blowback from AIPAC should the vote be a strict party-line vote but many also weight that against hurting a potential working relationship with the White House and President Anderson Kaine. An anonymous Republican aide believed Republicans shouldn't have to deal with any opposition to Percy. "The President has a mandate here, he should have who he wants in his cabinet," the Republican aide said. The push-pull of a former friend and colleague, a President looking to move toward major policy goals such as tax cuts, and a powerful lobbying committee means the final vote for Percy will surely be one to watch with Senator's scrambling together their priorities.
  2. Since 1982, Congressman, the CDC has called HIV an 'epidemic.'
  3. After a lot of discussion, votes, and everyone getting their two cents in it is clear the most desired solution is to rework this round to be successful. So that's what we're going to do. This means several things. Number one, Quarter 4 of 1987 is being extended by twelve days to end on November 17th. This will allow the Administrative Board to easily catchup on any ongoing storylines, rework the Presidential election to make it more engaging and more open to players, and getting the fundamentals of the game back on track. Number two, players will be allowed to switch characters without penalty. This means a character switch in the next twelve days will not count toward your total allowed for the round. The Democrats are really in need of some new blood due to the fact that much of its membership have now come to the AB or have decided to switch parties. And finally, we are taking requests. Anything that has not been addressed this round that you think needs immediate attention, please bring it to us. We will work to make sure it's addressed as soon as possible. With that said, thank you to everyone who provided their input and thank you to everyone who has applied for the AB so far. We are still looking for applicants so please feel free to message Storm or I about joining the AB. Thank you.
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  5. Dr. William L. Roper, Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Since around 1983, we have been learning more about the transmission of HIV and learning how to prevent the transmission of HIV. We know HIV is primarily transmitted through sexual contact, the sharing of needles, and around 1% are hemophiliacs. Because there is no way of knowing who might be infected, the more sexual partners you have, the chances of infection increase. Dr. William L. Roper, Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: HIV is an epidemic in the United States. The CDC estimates that 15,354 people have died as a result of AIDS infection.
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    Dylan Macmillan (R-CA-42)

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    Associated Press Newswire

    AP BREAKING NEWS: Christian Coalition puts out a statement condemning Madonna testifying before Congress, calling it a "circus." Family Research Institute called Madonna's testimony so far "an assault on traditional American values."
  8. (Are all witnesses who were called upon currently present? Going to assume yes.) Frank Edward Young, Commissioner of Food and Drugs: Well, Congressman, the FDA is primarily a regulatory agency which oversees various important areas in preventing the spread of HIV. We are working with private and government developers to research preventative and therapeutic vaccines for HIV. We oversee quality assurance of barrier products to prevent HIV and we've also worked under HHS where grants have been provided for more available testing sites for AIDS and HIV. These are just a few examples, of course, of a large agency which works in many ways in prevention and detection. Madonna: All of those things sound like potentially very impactful ways to combat HIV and AIDS and I do not believe it has to be one or the other. One way which I believe will be instrumental in combatting this disease, not just for the next few years but likely decades, is education and prevention. The discussion around HIV And AIDS need more compassion and less bigotry, more understanding and less insinuating and falsehoods. This, from my view, would be a great first step to preventing this disease and also providing an avenue for more effort to fight against it. Educating people at a young age, making them aware of the possibility, and providing them with resources to prevent it such as contraceptives is what I and ACT UP are committed to and it is simply not happening on a large enough scale. On the government's end, allowing schools to educate teenagers about this is an important step to prevention. Straying from attempts to target certain groups of individuals, like gays and lesbians, is also important. Because as I stated before, this is an equal opportunity disease and HIV and AIDS do not discriminate. Unfortunately, far too often, we see that those WITH HIV or AIDS are discriminated against and written off from society.
  9. With due respect, Congressman, I believe you would be better suited asking someone with knowledge of constitutional law where it says specifically that Congress can authorize federal intervention into anything of any kind. If Congress can authorize wars, surely they can authorize intervention into a national health crisis.
  10. Madonna appears before the committee with a few staff members. She delivers an extensive opening statement touching on her recently testing positive for HIV, the impact it has had on her, and that she was an advocate for others in her position even before finding out she was also positive. Madonna goes on to talk about her new partnership with ACTUP, her intention to advocate for awareness and education, and her belief that prevention can be done through education and providing things like contraceptives to those she believes to be most at risk -- teenagers and young adults. Madonna also briefly touches on the issue of stigmatization around AIDS, saying it isn't a black or white, gay or straight, old or young issue but an issue all American's can benefit from being educated about.
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    Associated Press Newswire

    AP BREAKING NEWS: US New York Southern District Court rules that alcohol labeling bill violates free speech of alcohol companies to communicate with customers, DoJ is expected to take the case to the US Court of Appeals Second Circuit.
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    USA Today Roundup

    A Quick News Roundup from USA Today 1. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Houston Oilers in Super Bowl XXIII in Seattle, Washington 28-21. Joe Montana threw for three TDs and Jerry Rice was named Super Bowl MVP, catching two of them. This will be the final Super Bowl presided over by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. 2. Serial Killer Ted Bundy was executed Friday in Florida by use of Electric Chair. Bundy was convicted on several counts of murder and attempted murder and later confessed to many more murders and assaults after being sentenced to death. 3. Singer Madonna has been on top of headlines this month with her announcement of testing positive for HIV. Madonna has announced she will be partnering with ACT UP, a growing AIDS advocacy group, to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS. She announced her first single from her new album, Like a Prayer, will be released in late March. 4. Boxer Mike Tyson was involved in an altercation outside of a club in Hollywood and cops were reportedly called when security was unable to stop the altercation. Tyson was escorted from the club and reportedly banned for life. 5. The New York Southern Circuit Court is hearing the case filed against the US Government by several alcohol companies this Sunday. The suit was filed over a recent labeling law passed by Congress which they argue violates their first amendment rights.
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    We are going to begin doing regular activity checks again. Many people currently run the risk of being signed out of their characters if there are no posts in the next seven days. I will tag those people below in hopes they'll be notified via Email. I would also urge party leaders to attempt to contact individuals placed on this list moving forward in hopes to bring them back into the fold. @Ashcroft @Rangerboy @Matt @Evan @Vince @Fisher @Conway @Montbatten @Matzkiewicz @Sovereign @Winston
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    Since we do not have players in the Senate (besides the SmL and SML), there will not be simulated hearings for cabinet nominees. The opposing party to the President will be allowed to object to any nominee they wish, preventing immediate passage. The nominee will then go through the process in the Senate as a bill would, with the only difference being that each floor leader can provide key points that they would like addressed in the 'hearings' for the nominees they objected to -- which will simply be covered in the news as having happened, with the AB simulating it based on the more effective points pressed during hearings, press efforts, and other relevant information on the nominees themselves. Make sure to keep in mind, opposing cabinet nominees has been a rare event in recent political history.
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