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  1. Vince

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    FULL NAME: Madison Carelia Vincent STATE/DISTRICT: AL-3 POSITION: Member REPLACING: Ron Tilsley
  2. Vince

    Leave of Absence

    gf aggro over the weekend
  3. Vince

    Madison Carelia Vincent (D-AL-3)

    I can say fairly authoritatively that Roanoke, Alabama sucks (aside from the nice bit of being in the country), so Roanoke, VA has to be better.
  4. Character Name: Madison Carelia Vincent Political Party: Democratic Faction: Boll Weevils Seat Held: AL-3 Date of Birth: 11/02/1951 Place of Birth: Roanoke, Alabama Place of Residence: Auburn, Alabama Race/Ethnicity: White, White Gender: Female Religious Affiliation: Catholic Family Information: Jimmyl McKinney (Born 1940, married 1971) Allison McKinney (Born 1973) Educational History: Handley High School, Roanoke, Alabama (1968) Auburn University, Bachelor of Business Administration (1974) Auburn University, MBA (1977) Occupational History: Alabama Power, Business Analyst, 1977-1983 Family Research Council, CFO, 1983-1986 Congresswoman, 1986-Present Biography: Madison Vincent, the granddaughter of White Russian emigrés, was born in Roanoke, Alabama in 1951. She experienced firsthand, in high school and college, the fracturing of Southern society as a result of desegregation. A high point, of course, was meeting her future husband Jimmy at a sorority formal in 1969. They fell deeply in love, and decided to build they marriage on God, God, and more God. After finishing her education, Madison worked for Southern Company as a business analyst. Although it was a nice job, she felt somewhat underwhelmed and regretted her chosen career. She became entranced with a man named James Dobson, an evangelical Christian who, like her, shared many beliefs regarding the evil of homosexuality and the degradation of American society. When offered a job at a his new advocacy group, the Family Research Council, she jumped at it. Of course, her husband wasn't happy about her moving to DC, so she quickly moved back home to run for Congress, convincingly winning Alababa's 3rd District.

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