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  1. As many of you know, previous resets of VGS have allowed for characters to primarily select seats that are of the same partisan affiliation as the real life holder of the seat. This is no longer the case. You are free to select a seat that is held, in real life, by someone with a different partisan affiliation than your character. However, there are two things that need to be noted. 1. If you play a character that is widely out of step with your home state, expect there to be IC consequences for this. This will damage your approval rating and will increase the chances that your character is selected to defend their seat during election season. Play smart when possible and learn your state. 2. This will not effect the membership balance of the United States Senate in terms of game play for the first session. The only way seats will flip is in the event of an election result or if a character jumps parties.
  2. Sweet Daddy

    Game Roster

    These are the seats of the United States Senate, their real life partisan affiliation, and what class of Senator they are. As seats are claimed, character names will be added to this list. Alabama: Republican (III) Democrat (II) Alaska: Republican (III) Republican (II) Arizona: Democrat (I) Republican (III) Arkansas: Republican (III) Republican (II) California: Democrat (I) Democrat (III) Colorado: Democrat (III) Republican (II) Connecticut: Democrat (III) Democrat (I) Delaware: Democrat (III) Democrat (II) Florida: Republican (III) Republican (I) Georgia: Republican (III) Republican (II) Hawai’i: Democrat (III) Democrat (I) Idaho: Republican (III) Republican (II) Illinois: Democrat (II) Democrat (III) Indiana: Republican (III) Republican (I) Iowa: Republican (III) Republican (II) Kansas: Republican (II) Republican (III) Kentucky: Republican (II) Republican (III) Louisiana: Republican (II) Republican (III) Maine: Republican (II) Independent (I) Maryland: Democrat (I) Democrat (III) Massachusetts: Democrat (I) Democrat (II) Michigan: Democrat (I) Democrat (II) Minnesota: Democrat (I) Democrat (II) Mississippi: Republican (I) Republican (II) Missouri: Republican (III) Republican (I) Montana: Democrat (I) Republican (II) Nebraska: Republican (I) Republican (II) Nevada: Democrat (III) Democrat (I) New Hampshire: Democrat (II) Democrat (III) New Jersey: Democrat (I) Democrat (II) New Mexico: Democrat (II) Democrat (I) New York: Democrat (III) Democrat (I) North Carolina: Republican (III) Republican (II) North Dakota: Republican (III) Republican (I) Ohio: Democrat (I) Republican (III) Oklahoma: Republican (II) Republican (III) Oregon: Democrat (III) Democrat (II) Pennsylvania: Democrat (I) Republican (III) Rhode Island: Democrat (II) Democrat (I) South Carolina: Republican (II) Republican (III) South Dakota: Republican (III) Republican (II) Tennessee: Republican (II) Republican (I) Texas: Republican (II) Republican (I) Utah: Republican (III) Republican (I) Vermont: Democrat (III) Independent (I) Virginia: Democrat (II) Democrat (I) Washington: Democrat (III) Democrat (I) West Virginia: Democrat (I) Republican (II) Wisconsin: Republican (III) Democrat (I) Wyoming: Republican (II) Republican (I)
  3. Sweet Daddy

    Character Creation Rules

    Welcome to Virtual Government Simulation, or as most of us refer to it: VGS! After you familiarize yourself a bit with the game rules and forum, the next thing to do is create a character to with which to embark on your digital political journey. As we are a Senate-only game, this process is relatively simple and the following is a step-by-step guide that should help you along the way. Feel free to sign into any seat which is not currently occupied by another player as indicated by the game roster. On years in which one of three classes of Senators (also linked below) are up for re-election, those seats will be locked from sign-ins for the duration of the election process. (My thanks goes out to all of those administrators who have come before, who wrote large portions of these rules. The current of character creation rules would not have been possible without them.)
  4. Sweet Daddy

    Administrative Announcements

    So, we have come to this. I filed my report. It has, to date, been my least favorite thing that I have had to do as a member of this community or any govsim community. While I know this will not be echoed in the back rooms and what not, I liked everyone involved in this dispute and I sincerely wish that I had seen nothing, heard nothing, and learned nothing. This was not something that I relished or enjoyed, and put a weight on my shoulders that I never wanted to carry. People are mad at me. That’s something I hate, but I can not change it. I accept it as a reality. I maintain that my investigation and my findings were as accurate as they could be with the material available to me, but I hated doing that and I never want to do that again. But I also know that hard, alienating decisions are part of being an administrator. If I can not do that and be at peace with myself, or handle the judgment of members of this community, then I do not believe that I am fit to act as an administrator. Ergo, I am pursuing this course of action. Reed has decided that we need two administrators for this coming election in order to prevent accusations of personal bias. I will assist Reed in this election. Then, I will be resigning as an administrator and I will, on my word, never resume such a role again. I love you all as a community, and most of you as people. I hope that, moving forward, we can focus more on love and mutual play than hate.
  5. Sweet Daddy

    Administrative Announcements

    As many of you know, I have been working on an audit/review/investigation pertaining to the 1988 election. I have completed this report, and I have submitted it to both the Administrative Board, the Owner, and now you, the members. Any lasting changes from this will be announced when deliberations and ruminations have concluded. Thank you. Final Report.pdf
  6. Sweet Daddy

    Leave of Absence

    Radically reduced activity. I have a throat infection that’s got me down.
  7. Sweet Daddy

    The President's China Briefing

    1. "Understood." 2. Xu Wenli: "Over the last twenty years the nature of Chinese politics has been to allow former political leaders to retire in peace rather than pursue punishment after the fact. This is also the policy of the Zhang administration, as it was the policy of Deng - however, we will not discuss pardons in any official sense until the Deng-PLA stops their advance on Beijing and lay down their arms." 3. Carlucci: "Traditionally Congress has worked to be friendlier to Taiwan than the PRC, and selling arms to the Zhang-PLA at this time would likely be perceived as a violation of both Congressional directives and an affront to South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. We could sell them weapons, albeit we would have to be discreet." 4. Carlucci: "At present, the two most likely areas under Deng's control to rise in additional revolt would be Nei Mongol and Ningxia. We could stoke this tension - especially in Nei Mongol - but we would need to keep in mind that just because we stoked an uprising does not mean that we would be able to direct its trajectory." 5. Lord: "All present sanctions imposed on the People's Republic of China were imposed by the executive branch. We would not need Congressional authorization to lift these sanctions, especially those implemented by President Reagan. At present, the sanctions are primarily related to financial holdings of the PRC outside of mainland China - this was pursued by the Reagan administration in order to make it harder for them to move resources around during the initial political crisis." 6. Lord: "As Deng lacks the support of the Kremlin, I do not imagine very many nations sticking by him during this process. Perhaps North Korea, but that will be of little concern at the United Nations. I think we could pass the resolution." 7. Lord: "Taiwanese report incoming shortly."
  8. Sweet Daddy

    Brazil Economy

    Understood and being carried out.
  9. Sweet Daddy

    Communication with Federal Departments

    Winfield Dunn: "At present, the AIDS crisis shows no sign of slowing down in any meaningful form or fashion. The federal government has severely underfunded research and infrastructure, and long-serving bureaucrats in the department have informed me that this was largely because higher-ups in the previous administration did not believe that direct action was inappropriate, and this was primarily an issue for states and moral correction by individuals. While appropriations from the House and Senate have changed things, these are substantially less than where they could or should be - the situation has barely any real direction and little funding.* The act has been implemented successfully, but this is not a real long-term solution." *(In real life, important appropriations and directives came from the House and Senate by the late 1980s - this was the only bill passed IC, however, so the current situation is drastically underfunded)
  10. Sweet Daddy

    The President's China Briefing

    Lord: "There are individuals within the Deng-PLA who would be willing to communicate with their leadership on our behalf - they still assert that they are the legitimate government of PRC and the former PRC Ambassador to the United States has remained in Washington." Carlucci: "I believe the most important thing we could do at this time is to apply pressure to North Korea, who appear to be providing some transportation and resource backing to the Deng-PLA. We must be very careful about how we push North Korea so as to avoid all out war on the peninsula. Since North Korea has been existing under sanctions for quite some time, something we should consider is reaching out to the Kremlin to act as a broker between the Kim regime and Zhang, encouraging Zhang to reiterate his political support for North Korea in the hopes that it will reduce their involvement, limited military action in the Liaoning province ourselves, or providing logistic and reconnaissance information directly to Zhang - though many of these are likely to antagonize pre-existing allies in the region. There are a myriad of actions we could take in this matter, though I do think the strongest move is to remove the freeze on military assets. As to Mr. Hawks' question, we are presently at DEFCON 5, which is to say that we are at normal readiness. My suggestion on this is that we move to DEFCON 4 if we do move the carrier group into the region."
  11. Sweet Daddy

    Other NatSec Issues

    Carlucci: "At present the United Nations is investigating the matter, though we should consider sending our own investigators to assist in this process. At present know group has claimed responsibility for the murder*. However, our best intelligence operatives in the area are reporting increased chatter from Hezbollah and Hezbollah-affiliated groups, and we do believe that they were at a minimum involved in helping whoever did this." *(This is following real life, where Higgins' murder has never been solved.)
  12. Sweet Daddy

    Brazil Economy

    NSC: The standard interpretation of the crash is that the Brazilian economy had too much credit on the market and no real way to address speculation from a policy or regulation perspective. The Brazilian government is taking steps to correct both of these, but would likely welcome any input the US government had on establishing meaningful changes and advisers that would help them reach a more stable situation. The crash will almost certainly have reverberations, but our fear at this time is that the stock market collapse itself came from larger trends that we are currently facing: the East Asian stock markets are still in complete turmoil, and global growth rates appear to be slowing. The most effective action that could be taken would be to find a way to boost our own economy or provide some stability in Asia.
  13. Sweet Daddy

    Saudi Arabia

    (If you could, I'd like it if you could provide me a bit of background on this - it would help me in determining the response. I'm just entirely unaware of this issue. Thanks)
  14. Sweet Daddy

    Communication with Federal Departments

    (I will do this in the morning. The request has been noted.)
  15. Sweet Daddy

    Discussion of No Seat Belt, No Sale Act

    All are willing to attend. Just give them a (brief) opening statement and let them know what you want to discuss.

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