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  1. Old Ironsides

    Leave of Absence

    Starting at 1 PM tomorrow, I will be in seclusion until October 20th. I will then surface for a few days before a second LOA soon after. Love you all.
  2. Old Ironsides

    Department of Veterans Affairs Act

    Mr. Speaker, I request unanimous consent. I yield.
  3. Old Ironsides

    Vote: Speaker of the House Election

    Congressman Benjamin Welles (D-TX)
  4. Old Ironsides

    Motion to create the Select Ethics Committee

    Mr. Speaker, I do not believe we need to amend the rules, merely suspend them. I yield.
  5. Old Ironsides

    Motion to create the Select Ethics Committee

    Mr. Speaker, revise and extend. I would also propose that, should any recommendations not be accepted by a majority of the members, that both the Majority coalition and the Minority coalition be empowered, by a vote of their own members unanimously, to be allowed to issue Majority and Minority opinions. Furhermore, it should be codified in this motion that the SEC would not have the ability to levy punishments, per the constitutional powers of the Congress, and when wrong doing is found that is beyond the scope of Congress to handle through either reprimand or censure, that the committee be obligated to forward findings to the Department of Justice or other appropriate legal bodies. I yield.
  6. Old Ironsides

    Motion to create the Select Ethics Committee

    Mr. Speaker, I am worried about having a system where the ranking member has to sign off on a subpoena, as that brings us back to square one on the ability of one party to block the proceedings by simply refusing to sign off on a subpoena. Therefore, I propose that we grant them both the power to individually issue subpoenas, automatically voted on, where they are issued in the event of the committee not voting in the majority to reject them. I yield.
  7. Old Ironsides

    Motion to create the Select Ethics Committee

    Mr. Speaker, Having seen the comments in the media, I support the idea that this committee should have equal representation. However, in order to prevent either party from stonewalling, I suggest that we amend this motion to grant individual subpoena powers to the chair, unless a majority of the committee members vote to reject the subpoena. I yield.
  8. Old Ironsides

    Motion to create the Select Ethics Committee

    Mr. Speaker, I second the motion. I yield.
  9. Old Ironsides

    Press Office of Guy Hughes

    Hughes Concerned About abuse of Ways and Means Legacy “I want to begin this statement by stating that Congressman Marshall is absolutely correct in his claim that the chairman of the House Ways and Means committee has extensive power and authority within said committee. That said, as a former professional historian, I feel a certain obligation to set the record straight and prevent this abuse of facts. The House Ways and Means Committee was the first committee established by the United States Congress. It was given substantial power due to that fact, and that power has expanded over the years. For many years, prior to the establishment of the House Majority Leader, the chairman of said committee served as the de facto leader of the majority party in Congress and acted as a kind of second in command to the Speaker of the United States. However, to take the power of the House Ways and Means Committee and say that said power extends to every chairman or chairwoman of every committee is a gross misstatement – the rules of the previous Congress, the 99th in this case, do not give that same power to any other chair. Across the board, they demand that a subpoena be approved by a majority of the members of any committee. To state otherwise is either a result of gross ignorance about the history and functions of our body or a willful attempt to mislead the American people about a horrific abuse of power that every member of Congress and everyone who pays attention to our proceedings witnessed. To say that the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has certain powers and that those powers are reflected by other chairs is patently ludicrous. It would be like saying that, since the Secretary of the Army has certain levels of control over the United States Military, so does the Secretary of Education. Or to say that the Vice President of the United States, as the second-in-line to the Presidency, is also in line to every succeed to every other government office in the event of a vacancy. It’s nonsense and has no connection to reality whatsoever. We need to treat the people of this country with respect. When we are not honest about how Congress works and spread misinformation – either out of ignorance or malice – we are not respecting them. We are violating the sacred trust that they invest in us when they elect us to the House of Representatives. We need to do better than that, and the American people deserve better.”
  10. Old Ironsides

    Press Office of Guy Hughes

    Hughes Calls for Official Hearing into King Family, Condemns Representative Williams, Calls for Censure “Accusations of nepotism are not to be taken lightly. They have not been taken lightly by the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or the King family – we have seen one of the King brothers preemptively recuse himself from this matter, and the other one willingly appeared before a House Committee to discuss the matter. This, as best I can tell, is the fullest amount of cooperation that someone can give to the House of Representatives when the House of Representatives, either as a whole or as a committee, has not formally convened a hearing. I am, however, deeply bothered by the conduct of Representative Jacky Williams. Individuals are allowed to make mistakes – had Representative Williams simply recognized that the hearing was out of order and taken proper steps to create a hearing in-line with the operating rules of the House, this would not be an issue. It would have involved a simple vote and this process could have continued unimpeded and without becoming a circus. However, that is not what happened. Instead of just fixing the issue at the core of this hearing – a process that I myself launched when I made a formal and proper motion to establish a select committee – we have seen this break down into what is essentially a joke, a miscarriage of justice, and a travesty that is besmirching the credibility of the United States House of Representatives. This hearing was never formally called – that is easily corrected; however, refusing to recognize a legitimate motion made by a member of the United States House of Representatives is completely and totally unacceptable, a violation of every tradition that we have ever had in this body. We need to investigate the situation around the King brothers, but we need to do it properly. If we need to issue subpoenas, they need to be issued along standard legal procedure and not at the whim of someone who seems to have let a modicum of power go to their head. There is a right way to do things in the House of Representatives and a wrong way. What we are seeing in the refusal to recognize legitimate motions or establish a formal hearing is the wrong way. Right now, in the Committee in question, we are seeing nothing more than a Star Chamber, a show trial with no intent on actually following legal procedure and process. This is unacceptable and, dare I say, autocratic. This cannot continue. We are now seeing reports that Ted O’Brien, a Republican member of the committee who clearly wants to make sure that we follow the proper process and procedure, has been deemed a ‘traitor’ for trying to preserve the dignity of the House of Representatives. I call on Representative Williams to recognize the motion made by Representative Lawson and seconded by a member of her own party who bravely stood up and recognized that what was happening in that committee was both wrong and ridiculous. I continue to call on the House of Representatives to organize a formal hearing into the King family and the circumstances around which this appointment happened. However, if Representative Williams does not recognize a legitimate motion made in that committee, I will be submitting a formal censure for consideration by the House of Representatives. This behavior is unacceptable and it must stop.” -30-
  11. Old Ironsides

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Guy Hughes Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: Lufkin Daily News   ”I have heard time and time again during this process of setting up a legal hearing that the Democratic Party is trying to obstruct the hearing. As someone who properly motioned for a hearing under the operating rules of the House, this is about proper process, the rule of law, and the rules that we have followed for decades. We can not throw out our traditions and procedures - designed to guarantee both truth and justice - when the mood hits us. Do this hearing properly and ethically.”
  12. Old Ironsides

    Motion for a Select Committee

    Mr. Speaker, Upon looking at the rules currently being debated, section v authorizes them as operating rules awaiting confirmation for the first seven days of Congress after convening. Since we have convened, these rules are presently our operating rules of procedure. In those same rules, we have very clearly outlined procedures for how to establish hearings: “(2) A hearing is in order, provided it has a valid second, a set time frame, and a simple majority approves the motion for a hearing. Only one hearing, at any time, may be in progress.” To my understanding, the hearing that is currently looking at the nepotism charges facing the House Majority Leader did not receive a second, did not have a set time frame and was not approved by a simple majority of the membership of that committee. There are, in addition, places in the rules where a committee must have a set purpose. None of these qualifications were met, and I do not believe that the current hearing is in any form or fashion legitimate or consistent with our rules./ Therefore, I would like to make several motions relating to this current process: First, I move that the current hearing being performed in the House Committee on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and the Judiciary be deemed out of order for failing to meet any of the requirements laid out in our rules for convening a hearing. Second, it would be difficult under the current rules to establish a Select Committee due to the fact that the Speaker should recuse himself from this hearing. In order to accomplish this, I move that we establish a select committee and suspend the current operating rules regarding the selection process of a select committee and devolve those powers to the senior-most person in each party’s elected leadership that would not have to recuse themselves from the hearing, conforming still to the 2/3 ratio as written in the rules with a total of five members, with the following guidelines: 1) The express purpose of this select committee will be to determine whether or not the appointment of Reginald Jackson King to his committee chairman spot is in violation of federal nepotism laws as laid out in USC Section 5. 2) The hearing shall last 96 hours, unless a motion to extend the hearing is passed by a simple majority of members of the select committee. 3) That the following individuals be called to testify: Congressman Reginald Jackson King Congressman Augustus Robert King Members of the Office of the General Counsel of the United States House of Representatives I yield.
  13. Old Ironsides

    Local Media Quotes

    Name: Guy Hughes Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: Lufkin Daily News “Whether or not nepotism was committed in the appointment of Congressman King to his committee position is an open question that requires examination, preferably by an independent committee appointed by others outside of the King family. However, what is clear to me at this time is that the situation under which this hearing commenced is not consistent with the rules on establishing hearings - we need to reset the hearing in a fair and legal manner, not as an impromptu extra-legal process.”

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