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  1. Old Ironsides

    Dutch Savage (I-Illinois)

    Well, I'm now careening towards my competency examinations in the fall, and that needs to be primary and sole focus. So, rather than just taking excessively long LoAs and the like, I'm signing out.
  2. Old Ironsides

    Ironsides Media Network

    Works for me broski.
  3. Old Ironsides

    Tax Incentive for Paid Parental Leave Act

    Mr. Speaker, I have considered several. However, I am open to ideas if the Minority Leader would like to make suggestions. I yield.
  4. Old Ironsides

    TEACHER Act of 2017

  5. Old Ironsides

    STUDENT Act of 2017

  6. Old Ironsides

    Tax Incentive for Paid Parental Leave Act

    Mr. President, I calculated these numbers myself - if anyone would like to see my work or ask the CBO for additional estimates, I would not be offended. My math indicates that this would open up $71,546,400,000 in potential deductions. Considering that the income tax is not deducted, it should be noted that this component is actually a cash injection, which I estimate to be about nine billion dollars, so the total net decrease in federal revenue would be about $62,000,000,000. The majority of this comes from the fact that both parents qualify for parental leave under this schema. If we were to amend the bill to apply only to women - something I would not support but not necessarily oppose - the total potential deduction for businesses would amount to about $22,000,000,0000. Understand, however, that this is only in potential deductions. 43% of women, after the birth of their first child, leave the work force. Of those, only 40% will ever return to the work force. They would not qualify for this leave. This would act as an immediate drop of about ten billion dollars from the total possible deduction. Nothing in this bill would compel businesses to participate in this offer - in fact, many of them will likely decide that the cost of hiring temporary employees to fill a gap while another employee is on parental leave is too great of a cost, or that the deduction in question is less beneficial to them than company policies already in place. I do not believe, in any potential world, that the amount of actual deductions will come close to the potential deductions. I would add that the time is right for paid parental leave. We are one of the few developed countries in the world that do not offer this service, and it will happen sooner rather than later. The question is how we want to go about this process. Do we want to do it in a business friendly way - by my calculations, with the deductions, businesses will save money by offering parental leave under this plan - or do we simply want to wait until the dam of public desire breaks and we get something that is less beneficial to the American economy? I yield. ((OOC: Hey dicks, I'm on LoA. If you have questions and I'm on LoA, tag me in the post))
  7. Old Ironsides

    Ironsides Media Network

    Media Name: Ironsides Media Network Owner Names: T. C. Lee and Mary Keel Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio Type of Media: Ideally, I would like to explore various types of media in an attempt to reflect real world media in the present day. So preferably, Television/Radio/Internet. If that doesn't work, just Internet is fine. After Dutch Savage, the star and CEO of Savage Productions, was elected to the United States Senate, his long-time producer and occasional on-air persona T. C. Lee took control of Savage Productions. After several months, T. C. Lee organized a merger with Mary Keel, the long-time managing director of HighStrangeness.com. Out of the merger came the Ironsides Media Network, which operates primarily as an internet-based media group. If possible, I'd also like to retain the Savage Land bank account.
  8. Mr. Chairman, Yes, the second amendment guarantees the rights of Americans to possess firearms. It also gives the state governments the ability to determine their own laws, and that the ownership of guns can be conditional upon meeting certain legal requirements set by both the state and federal government is something that the Supreme Court has been consistent about. This bill would circumvent the rights of my constituents, through their state government, to set the terms of gun ownership and possession within their community. I will not support this bill, and I do not support the proposed amendment. I yield.
  9. Old Ironsides

    Leave of Absence

    Headed to the wilds of Louisiana and then the wilds of Texas for two weeks. Severely reduced activity.
  10. Old Ironsides

    The Savage Tweet - @DutchSavage

    @DutchSavage: If the #ProgressForward report is accurate, there needs to be a complete and total investigation of the BoP by both the legislative and the executive, and those that would engage in such behavior brought to justice. This kind of behavior can not and will not stand in the United States of America. #AndJusticeForAll
  11. Old Ironsides

    The Savage Tweet - @DutchSavage

    @DutchSavage: With former President Obama's statement and the ordeal back on everyone's mind, I reiterate the call for ASFAJ to hold a hearing on potential abuses in the prison system immediately.

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