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  1. Signing out. Time constraints outside of here is the reason why I'm leaving. But recreating history starting with Reagan's last years in office is probably the best idea in a poli sim like this. Take care, y'all.
  2. This meeting is adjourned. A report will be presented by myself and the Ranking Member soon. @MrAnderson
  3. The Assistant AG is welcome to submit a report if he wishes. A copy will be distributed to each member of the committee. @DMH
  4. The vote is 4-2 in favor to extend. There is now a 48 hour extension for any additional questions and debate. (Period ends 10/14 at 12:22 PM EST)
  5. Motion is recognized and seconded. 24 hours to vote for a 48 hour extension.
  6. This hearing is now ajourned. ((Sorry about that))
  7. Tilsley begins role as House SEC Chair with Nepotism, Iran Contra Hearings For Immediate Release Congressman Ron Tilsley (D-WA) has begun his role as chairman of the House Select Ethics Committee by presiding over two high profile hearings. The first hearing focused on the nepotism allegations between House Majority Leader Augustus King (D-CA) and the appointment of his brother Reginald to the chairmanship of the ASFAJ Committee. The second is the hearing investigating the Iran-Contra affair determining if any wrongdoing was made on the part of key players in the Reagan administration. "The hearings have been tense, but we're asking questions, getting the best answers, and we're making progress on getting to the bottom of certain matters," said Tilsley. In the nepotism hearing, Tilsley spoke in support of the Kings, calling them highly qualified in their respected roles. "I've stressed to the committee that qualifications and competence should be qualifying factors as opposed to who's related to who. I do not believe that the House Majority Leader appointed his brother to a leadership position solely because of their relationship. I believe it was done because Reginald King was qualified and competent to hold a chairmanship in a committee where he was strong on the issues." Meanwhile, Tilsley presides on the Iran-Contra hearing and is hoping to get answers of his own surrounding the affair. "I understand that this is based on our country's efforts to ward off Soviet-backed allies. Especially in Central America. But I want to know where Iran exactly played a role in this entire thing. Iran has been an enemy of ours for the last eight years." --30--
  8. This question is directed at any of you that can give me a definite answer. How is Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States for the last eight years, caught in the middle of this? @DMH
  9. Admiral Poindexter, Did you at any point meet with the President about the sale of weapons to aid the Contras? If so, was there also any additional discussion on how the transactions were to be handled? @DMH
  10. Lt. Colonel North, It is to my understanding that you were one of the three implicated in the Tower Commission report. Which of course is why you're here before this committee. What is your connection with the Reagan administration or with either of the other three testifying alongside you today? @DMH
  11. OOC: Duly noted, @DMH. Thank you. The chair has noted the wavier of opening statements from all four present here. We will begin a 72 hour period for debate and questioning.
  12. Name: Ron Tilsley Party: Democrat Interviewing Agency: KING-TV (Seattle, WA) "To be honest, at the end of the day if you're being appointed to a leadership position, it's important that you should be competent on those issues and have the qualifications for the position in question. If you're being appointed to chair the Judiciary committee, your knowledge on judicial matters should far away whether or not your related to someone in a powerful position. Blatant nepotism is frowned upon, that's for sure. But being related to someone of power should not guarantee you anything in American politics. Period, end of story."
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