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  1. Reed

    Did it happen?

    Curious if something that happened in-real-life also happened in-game? Ask here.
  2. Please feel free to set up your Twitter accounts here.
  3. Reed

    Did it happen?

    Up to Fitzgerald. Uh. Since we just reset and they were just confirmed: Barr; no, a SoD, we'll figure that out. Tag me again in a few days.
  4. Reed

    Game Mechanics

  5. Weird amounts of links but okay. Approved.
  6. Reed

    James Sutherland (R-IL)

    Per usual, denied.
  7. Reed

    Anderson Whitman (D-IL)

  8. Reed

    George P. Smith (R-TX)

    As long as Yale is within the rules, I'll allow it.
  9. Reed

    Grayson Manado (R-WA)

  10. Reed

    Wilson Thornwood Baudin (R-AR)

    I'm disappointed there isn't a deeper discussion of the Faith here. But that works. Welcome back, Padre.
  11. Reed

    Game Mechanics

  12. Reed

    Did it happen?

  13. The Senate will start out at 53 Republicans and 45 Democrats and Democratic aligned 2 independents. The House will sit at 236 Democrats and 199 Republicans, with the NC seat assumed to be going to the Democrats in a special election.
  14. Reed

    Catherine Williams (D-CA)

    Looks good.
  15. Reed

    Chet Winger (D-NC)

    Looks good to me. Welcome to the game! Please consider obtaining a Telegram and joining our Main Chat; of which I can furnish an invite to you.
  16. Reed

    Raleigh Welles (D-KS)

    I can work with that. Kansas is an interesting state for a Democrat to play in and you would be in hostile territory but it can work with the Democrats, the Republicans, and the "Moderate Republicans," who basically form a third faction in Kansas politics. Approved.
  17. Reed

    Giovanni "Gio" Pagnotto (R-NJ)

    Sorry. You gucci now.
  18. Reed

    Colonel Robert Hatfield (R-PA)

    Nah you good. Carry on.
  19. Reed

    Georgia Rose R-FL

    OK. Approved.
  20. Reed

    Colonel Robert Hatfield (R-PA)

    I'm tempted to reject this for being too Call of Duty. That said, it skates on the border between unrealistic and realistic. I'll approve it but tone down the SPRINT THROUGH ENEMY COMBAT KILLING THEM ALL section and edit it.
  21. Reed

    Joseph Dotson (D-WA)

    Looks good.

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