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  1. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of the Republican National Committee

    Storm - as a note, do we get background fundraising?
  2. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of the Republican National Committee

    Type: Gala Entity: Republican National Committee. Target: Defense Contractors | Defense Industry Location: Arlington, Virginia | Ritz - Carlton, Pentagon City Ralph Staples Barrett (R-Arizona), RNC Chair:  Michael Contillo (R-New York), Congressman: Michael Marshall (R-North Carolina), Former RNC Chair: Jack Terrus (R-Mississippi), Congressman: Kyle Fitzgerald (R-Texas), House Minority Leader: Abraham Saroyan (R-Montana), Republican Vice Presidential Nominee: Anderson Kaine (R-Illinois), Republican Presidential Nominee:
  3. TheFlyingDutchman

    Reed for Florida

    AP Cost: 0 hours. B. Ad #2 1. Type: Radio 2. Size: Full State 3. Time: 30 seconds 4. Time: Morning Drive 5. Cost: $1.2 million 6. Text [Upbeat peppy music for commuters to listen to as they drive to work] NARRATOR: “Peace and prosperity as never seen before in Florida. It’s really morning in America again. But we need to continue the good times. We need Christopher Reed to lead us in Florida. Here’s what a Senator Reed means for Florida…” YOUNG FEMALE VOICE representing a YOUNG WORKING MOTHER: “I’m a working class mom. Senator Reed means safer communities. He’ll protect families by cracking down on crime so our neighborhoods are safe..” YOUNG LATINO MALE VOICE: “I’m a young Cuban-American Floridian. An anti-Castro agenda that includes cracking down on American companies that do business in Cuba.” MIDDLE AGED WHITE WOMAN: “I’m a longtime Florida citizen. I want Senator Reed so that he can make sure I can have lower taxes so I can save more for my golden years.” NARRATOR: “Christopher A. Reed. A man who will deliver for Florida’s best interests. Vote Christopher Reed for United States Senator from Florida on Election Day.”
  4. TheFlyingDutchman

    Reed for Florida

    Nota Bene: I needed to repost my campaign materials with the AP heading so I have done so accordingly. Storm has deleted my prior materials but they are replicated in the new posts. Here, for easier reading, is a published link to my Google Documents of my Round 1. Christopher Alexander Reed for Florida Round 1 - “Keeping Florida Great.” AP Budget Revenue. 20 AP. Cost. Florida Location for Stump Speech: 4 locations - 8 AP. (See #3) Fundraisers and SIG Appeal: 3 galas and 1 SIG - 8 AP. (See Fundraisers and private message) Talking Points: 5 Talking Points - 3 AP. (See #4) Remaining AP. 1 AP. Financial Budget. Revenues: $7.9 million. Fundraiser No. 1: $1.2 million. Fundraiser No. 2: $1.1 million. SIG Appeal No. 3: $2.2 million. Fundraiser No. 4: $1.8 million. Background Fundraiser: $1.6 million. Expenditures: $1.325 million. Florida Offices (4x): $300,000. (See #5, 2) Targeted Outreach (3x): $225,000. (See #5, 1). Television Advertisement: $800,000. (See: #6) Net Monies on Hand: $6.575 million. Stump Speech and Locations Locations. Naples, Collier County, Florida. St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. Lakeland, Polk County, Florida. Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. Stump Speech Targets. White suburbanite Reagan ‘80 and ‘84 voters. White Southerner voters from Nixon ‘72, Reagan ‘80, Reagan ‘84. Cuban Americans. Speech Text. "Hello! I’m Christopher Reed and I’m running to be Florida’s next United States Senator. We’ve enjoyed eight years of peace and prosperity and I’m here to tell you that we need to continue the good times. And the progress of the last eight years cannot be stopped. You know, back in the seventies, Americans were struggling to find stability and prosperity. We had a sky high misery index. We had unemployment and inflation through the roof. We had high taxes and we had difficult times like that. And today, we are much better off because of President Reagan and his Administration. We have cut taxes, we have stopped inflation in its tracks, and we have led an economic boom for eight years that has seen unprecedented economic growth. We have had over 3% growth on average for the last seven years. We have seen unemployment fall from 7.5% to around 5.70% and we have seen inflation go down to 3% from the highs it was. We need to have changes to make the 1990s even stronger. We need to impose budget discipline on non-defense items and we need to make sure our defense spending is streamlined to ensure the Pentagon is getting what it’s needed without being wasteful. As your United States Senator, that is exactly what I will do. And we will do it without raising one single new tax. I will pledge here right now to never raise your taxes. And while we’re on the subject of the economy - Florida’s orange industry is the pride of the United States, and is one of the leading orange producers in the United States. That’s why as her next United States Senator, I will do everything to protect our industry and will seek to ensure that Florida’s farmers have the price supports and help they need to continue our thriving orange industry. Not only that, I’ll fight for Florida overseas by pushing for access to overseas markets so Florida’s orange growers can reap the benefits of open markets to sell our fantastic oranges. Speaking of free and open markets … let me tell the great state of Florida - I will stand against the Castro regime, full square and stand behind any Cuban seeking freedom. We have to stand up for dissidents fleeing a socialist regime that imprisons and jails dissidents and does it all in the name of a vicious, hideous ideology. As long as I’m in the United States Senate, we will never normalize relations with a despotic regime and we will stand for those who flee the island and seek shelter on American shores. We will help every refugee who sets foot on Florida, and seeks asylum. No questions asked. And we will never let go of the embargo. So let me shift to a talk on crime. I am a tough on crime “broken glass” kind of guy. I believe in cracking down on crime and I believe in putting away criminals for the crimes they commit before they can commit even worse crimes. Let me give you an example. Someone jaywalks or robs a store and steals something, they often will become repeat offenders and go onto commit tougher crimes. That’s why we need to crack down on them and stand up for victims, not criminals. I know the Democratic Party wants to coddle criminals but I am here to tell you we will be tough on crime. And that includes enforcing the death penalty, full bore. Lastly, I want to talk about NASA exploration. With the tragedy of the Challenger incident last year I want to tell you that I am committed to NASA spending. Exploring the stars is a very human initiative and is rooted in our deepest impulses to know about the universe. That’s why as your next - hopefully - United States Senator - I am committing to $8 billion in NASA spending to help launch a new mission to the stars and to continue the great work of NASA. Not only will I stand for space exploration, I’ll stand for defending America’s borders. Even as we reach for the stars, I’ll fight for America’s borders by pushing over $300 billion in Defense spending to protect the United States’ military readiness and nuclear arsenal. The United States stands tall today in the world today because of our defense spending and as your next Senator, I will stand with a President Anderson Kaine to fight for defense interests. So I’m here to ask for your vote, to be your next Republican United States Senator, and thank you very much and God bless you all!” Talking Points. Dade County and South Florida: I will stand firmly against the Castro regime and stand up for Cuba’s freedom and for the embargo that sends a strong signal to Castro’s autocratic regime. We will support and help any asylum refugee seeker from Cuba. Florida Panhandle: I will be a tough on crime United States Senator, seeking to support mandatory minimum laws and to crack down on crime. I support using the death penalty to execute criminals. I-4 Corridor and Pinellas County: I will never raise your taxes and I will fight to cut capital gains and individual tax rates to make sure you keep more of your own money. Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center: I stand for a $8 billion NASA budget to help space exploration and a new mission to replace the ill fated Challenger mission. We must honor those who lost their lives and continue their dreams of space exploration Polk, Glades, Hendry, DeSoto and Collier Counties (Center-South Florida): I stand for the orange and citrus industry and will do everything to help our farmers in this region help maintain our global standing as producers of oranges and citrus fruits. Florida is among the globe’s leaders and I intend to continue that, including opening up new markets for our oranges and citrus fruits. I will support farm bills that help this vital industry. Offices and Targeted Voter Demographics. Targets. Cuban American Registered Voters in South Florida “Southern Dixiecrat” white voters in the Florida Panhandle. White Collar Suburbanite voters in the I-4 Corridor. Offices. Tallahassee, Duval County. Miami-Dade, Miami Dade County. St. Petersburg, Pinellas County. Pensacola, Escambia County. Advertisements. Ad #1 Type: Television. Size: Entire State. Time: 15 seconds. [VIDEO of CHRISTOPHER REED walking across a orange orchard and talking to the camera. He's wearing jeans and a plaid shirt with a brown belt and brown shoes. He turns to the camera] REED: "Hi. My name is Christopher Reed. I'm a former Attorney General for Florida. I'm a man who's worked for Disney. I've Florida roots. And I want to keep Florida Great." [VIDEO pans to a space rocket taking off from the Kennedy Space Center] REED Overhead: "I want to fully fund NASA so we can explore the stars." [VIDEO pans to a community center, with a group of people intermingling, of all ages] REED Overhead: "I want to keep our communities safe by cracking down on crime with tougher penalties" [VIDEO shifts to a couple, middle aged, and white, talking to each other at a kitchen table] REED Overhead: "And I want to cut your taxes so you keep more of your hard earned money." [VIDEO pans to Reed talking in the field] REED: "I want to help keep Florida Great as your next Senator. I'm asking for your vote on Election Day. Thank you and God bless you all." [VIDEO ends with a quick logo of "REED FOR FLORIDA: Keeping Florida Great."]
  5. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of Christopher A. Reed

    Fundraiser #4 Location: Tallahassee, Florida. Type: Gala Target: Upper class businessmen, Chamber of Commerce types, longtime Republican business donors. “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to be with you all. My name is Christopher Reed and I’m the Republican nominee for the United States Senate race here in Florida. My opponent is a former Carter alumni and representative of the failed policies that led to the dispirited late seventies and the so called “malaise” times. I’m here to outline my opposition to unions, my commitment to free market principles, capitalism, and the belief that the best engine of economic growth is the free market itself. Eight years ago, when President Reagan was inaugurated, we were coming off a decade of hard times, hard economic struggles, and wonderment if America could ever become economically great again. Well, President Reagan put these fears to rest. I believe that one reason we came roaring back is that we unleashed the potential of America’s businesses and allowed the free market to flourish. Eight years later we see the results. Unemployment at lows not seen in over a decade. Inflation at all time lows. We have added over twenty million new jobs. Consolidation and economic growth has made us more prosperous. And we have done it with the thanks of President Reagan and hopefully, we will continue that with President Anderson Kaine. My opponent, as an alumni of the Carter Administration, would return us to the days of left wing rule and high taxes and stagnant growth. That was the legacy of the Carter Administration and the legacy of a string of failed policies that led to economic misery. He would allow left wing interests and unions to rule the roost and cripple growth in the name of satisfying far left liberal ideologues. I am for deregulation. I am for tax cuts, and I am for right to work. I believe in a Florida where the free market has the power to empower millions to grow and prosper and thrive in the light of economic freedom. With your help – we will cut taxes. We will curb the power of unions. We will stand up for a free Florida. But I can’t do it without your help. You’ve built businesses. You’ve grown entire industries. You are captains of industry, and leaders in your field. You are men who know the fragility of the economy and how terrible policies can undo so many years of hard work in a blink. That’s something our left wing friends don’t understand – but you do. If I’m your next United States Senator, I will back right to work laws here in Florida and federally. I will back cutting the capital gains tax rate. I will back deregulation and freeing up industries from government overreach. I will work with you and friends around this great state to unleash the power of the economic miracle that has made the eighties one of the most prosperous decades on record. Thank you very much. Please donate what you can and God bless you and the great state of Florida!””
  6. TheFlyingDutchman

    Reed for Florida

    See post above.
  7. TheFlyingDutchman

    Reed for Florida

    Per Agreement with Storm, Deleting this so I can put everything in one post with the proper heading.
  8. TheFlyingDutchman

    Funds Transfer

    Republican National Committee to Jack Swanner for California Campaign: $2.5 million.
  9. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of Christopher A. Reed

    @Ironclad Any background fundraisers?
  10. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of Christopher A. Reed

    Location: Miami-Dade, Florida (59-40% Reagan in 1984) Topic: Castro and Cuba Type: Fundraiser (specifically, a beach one, at the water’s edge) “Ladies and gentlemen. It’s a pleasure to be here. This is the heart of the resistance against a socialist regime that lies 90 miles off our coast. I’m standing here at the edge of the beach. Over there lies a despotic socialistic regime that hates the United States and hates freedom. It is led by a socialist named Fidel Castro, who hates everything we stand for. This is a man who jails dissidents. This is a man who has starving Cubans. His people flee the island every chance they get. They seek their freedom and their prosperity here. They think the cities are paved with gold and in comparison with socialistic Cuba, it is. Many of them settle here in Miami, and the Cuban population here is significant. They are freedom lovers, they are mi amigos, my friends. And I welcome them with open arms. I welcome those who flee the stifling crushing grip of socialism and property confiscation and a secret police that jails dissidents. My friends, I will stand for the Cuban embargo as long as Fidel Castro rules Cuba with an iron fist. He is no friend to liberty. He is no friend to freedom. He is no friend to any sort of proper revolution for the people. He is a friend to autocratic, repressive, and statist regimes from Moscow to Budapest. And listen well, my friends. In Havana, they used to sing and dance the songs of freedom, but now the air is silent and heavy with the mute rancid stench of oppression wafting from the Presidential palace. This island 90 miles off our coast is headed by a friend of Russia, and their satellites in Eastern Europe, and every tyrannical oppressive regime. It is an island led by hateful men, even though it is a beautiful island of paradise. I will tell you something, friends. I will tell you that I will welcome every dissident and make every effort as a United States Senator to make sure that every dissident who sets wet foot on this soil is given free asylum and given an ability to start a fresh life. As long as Castro knows we welcome his enemies and critics, he will live a fearful man, afraid of every shadow in the corner. As long as we welcome the enemies of the revolution, he will walk a haunted and hunted man. This man, who is the embodiment of evil is a man who will go to extreme ends to maintain his power. Friends, the great Ronald Reagan has stood against Fidel Castro and his oppressive regime. The great Ronald Reagan has continued a long bipartisan policy of standing against Fidel Castro. My friends, I will stand with you. I will fight for you. I will be with you until Cuba truly sings the song of freedom. Thank you and may God richly bless you all!” [Mr. Reed dips a foot into the water in symbolic protest of the Castro regime]
  11. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of Christopher A. Reed

    Topic: Tax Rates Location: Naples, Collier County, Florida. Type: Fundraiser “Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to be here with you all. I know that you are all good Republicans of the Reagan Revolution and that you have been with us as we fought the good fight to keep tax rates low. All of you enjoy, today, the prosperity we see today and harvest the fruits of the good fight that President Reagan and Congressional Republicans waged. President Ronald Reagan is the star of our show tonight, even though he isn’t here. The 40th President has been an exemplar, an apostle of tax cuts and supply side growth that has led one of the greatest economic booms of the 20th century. Thanks to the 40th President, we have enjoyed years of prosperity and peace. Thanks to him, we have more money that’s worth more in our pockets. Thanks to him, we have a sensible tax policy in Washington, instead of an out of control tax and spend inflationary set of left wing policies. Let me tell you something. The top tax rate in 1980 was 70%. Today, it’s 28%. The capital gains tax rate was slashed. The corporate tax rate – while still high – has been streamlined. Tax brackets are no longer inflationary – meaning that each bracket is now adjusted for inflation. This is the benefit of the Reagan Revolution, in which we enjoy real tax relief that means more money in our pocket to spend on the economy. That’s a real result that we all can be proud of. And that’s a result of the Reagan Revolution. That’s because all of you stood up and said “enough is enough” to the left wing Democrats who wanted to use your paycheck as an ATM for their wasteful programs. Look, if I’m your next United States Senator, I’ll cut the corporate tax rate to 25% from 34%. Our corporate tax rate remains too high and we need to make it so that businesses can continue to thrive. Ronald Reagan got it and so do you all. And if I’m your next United States Senator, we’ll cut the capital gains tax on long term capital gains to 25%. We’ve seen the capital gains tax cuts produce true economic prosperity and we will see them continue to do exactly that. I’m asking for your donations against my left wing opponent. I’m standing up for conservative values that means you keep your own money in your own pocket. And I know this state – that went for President Reagan twice – will be a state that will stand with pro-tax cut policies, pro-growth policies. This is the state that gave President Reagan 55%, and then 65% of the vote. You have gone Republican exactly twice since 1952 and I hope that this year, in 1988, you’ll continue supporting the Republican Party in its bid to help you keep more of your own money. Thank you very much for listening and God bless you and God bless the United States of America!”
  12. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of the Republican National Committee

    MAILER #2 Type: Letter Target: Evangelicals Topic: Social issues ________________________ The Republican National Committee 310 First Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003 September 1, 1988 Dear Valued Member, Eight years ago, President Ronald Reagan said that it was morning in America. And now, thanks to his hard work and your support, millions of babies that would have been aborted are waking up every day, alive and well. President Reagan has thoroughly fulfilled his campaign promise to fight to save unborn ch ildren. He has banned charities receiving federal funds from pro viding abortions or promotion abortions. He has led the national March for Live almost every year while in office, and made abortion a focus of his state of the union addresses. Perhaps most notably, he has appointed William H. Rehnquist as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Rehnquist famously opposed the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade. The president has fought hard with the support of the entire Republican Party to deter and prohibit the horrid practice of abort ion. We have succeeded in stemming the tide of abortions thanks to President Reagan's leadership. In 1973, there were 615,000 abortions. Under liberal leadership, that number doubled by the time President Reagan took office. But since then, we've reduced the number of abortions in this country. We've done so even as the number of people getting pregnant has increased, and even as the US population has increased by twenty million. Imagine how many abortions there'd be if President Carter had been re-elected. Imagine how many abortions there'd be if Walter Mondale had been president. And imagine how many abortions there'd be if the American people elected John White, a proponent of abortion. Luckily, there is an alternative to radical liberals like John White: the Republican Party. Under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, we have fought for morality in this country. And under the leadership of Anderson Kaine, we will continue to do so. We will put justices on the court that will reverse Roe v. Wade. We will endorse congressmen that will support a constitutional amendment banning abortion. And we wi ll do everything in our power at every level of government to protect the lives of unborn children. Please, join us once again in the fight for American values and American lives. Help us to do more to preserve our nation's way of life. Please give what you can and thank you very much. God bless you. Sincerely, Ralph Staples Barrett Republican National Committee Chairman FORM TO DONATE HERE YES, I'll donate to help elect a Republican President and Congress! Enclosed is my contribution! _ $25 _ $50 _ $75 _ Your preference here $____
  13. TheFlyingDutchman

    Fundraisers of the Republican National Committee

    MAILER #1 Type: Letter Target: Small business ________________________ The Republican National Committee 310 First St SE Washington, DC 20003 August 25, 1988 RE: We need your support! Dear Valued Member, You have been with us since the beginning! When President Ronald Reagan ran for President as an underdog, you were there for him. For many of you, you cited oppressive regulations, high taxes, and inflation as reasons you couldn't continue as small business owners. The seventies were a tough time for many of us and it's only under President Ronald Reagan that we finally got real relief in the White House. We have slashed regulations, streamlined tax rates, and strengthened America's trade policies at home and abroad. The twin tax reforms of 1981 and 1986 coupled with this, Administration's work in fostering an open and competitive environment for our businesses have led to an unprecedented economic boom that has seen inflation and unemployment at record lows not seen since the sixties. The liberal Democrats don't see it this way. They want to go back to high taxes, high unemployment, and low wage growth. They want to sacrifice economic growth for all to satisfy a narrow subset of liberals who can't see the tax and spend regulatory regime of the seventies as a failure. And you and I know that they certainly don't know how to run a small business. For many of you, even the smallest adjustments in our tax rate or inflation can mean the difference between a profit and a loss for you. When President Reagan cut the individual tax rates and business tax rate, he gave many of you a lifeline to continue doing what you love while growing our economy. Over 50% of our job creation comes from small businesses like you. When President Reagan did the tough work of supporting the Federal Reserve in '82 to combat inflation, it was to help you manage your profits and losses. When President Reagan pushed tax reform in 1986 and trade agreements around the world it was with you in mind. Now, we need your help again. Anderson Kaine and the Republican ticket are fighting for you in November to continue thriving. We're fighting to make sure that the econox expansion continues and that America's unemployment rate and inflation rate continues at record lows. Do you remember President Carter and his "malaise" speech, giving into the forces of defeatism? Do you remember decades of liberal rule and regulation that favored liberals over job creators? Do you remember the frustration you had as far off Washington taxed you and sent the money to agencies that had no business even regulating you? If John White is elected President and if Democrats maintain a congressional majority, these days could come roaring back. We've had eight long years of a Republican President and six years of a Republican Senate and conservative House majority supporting an American revitalization. Let's not stop what's been working. To that end, please donate whatever you can. Please contribute to help elect a Republican White House and Congress to pass our agenda. Thank you and God bless you! Sincerely, [Signature in blue ink] Ralph Staples Barrett Republican National Committee Chairman =================+ FORM TO DONATE HERE YES, I'll donate to help elect a Republican President and Congress! Enclosed is my contribution! _ $25 _ $50 _ $75 _ Your preference here $____

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