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  1. Looks good. Thanks for changing states.
  2. Scratch that; @DMH and @Mejia36 are the current Minnesota senators. You'll need to pick another state.
  3. It goes without saying but the parties control war room access, party membership, and their Telegram chats. They are entirely in control and therefore for any reason they can ban or deny membership. I don't care enough to regulate the parties internally unless it's a campaign of harassment. Edit: All bans should be renewed reset to reset. I'll allow Conn to stay banned but in the future....
  4. Hi. I understand that you're not welcome in the Democrats and there's a ban on you. Therefore I am declining this. You may not align as a Democratic independent either. If the Republicans ban you you simply will be unable to play pending one of the parties allowing you to play. Thanks.
  5. Reed


    I just love the Good Place references here.
  6. Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee (2017-2018) United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs' (2018- ============= This doesn't make sense ... ? Can you edit it a bit.
  7. National News Attorney General overseeing Investigation Kicks off Firestorm … Early the morning of the 20th, the Department of Justice announced that the Mueller report was being shielded. Oleg Antonov, Attorney General of the United States, for reasons unknown, decided to call a press conference. It did not go well as questions mounted over the policy the Attorney General announced. President Trump was reportedly unaware of the policy declaration or the subsequent press conference and learned about it while on “Executive Time.” 56% of the country trusts Bob Mueller over Donald Trump; with 33% trusting the President. 86% of Democrats trust Mueller more, 57-29% of independents do the same, and Republicans trust the President 74-20%. The latest move is set to heighten tensions ahead of the Mueller report concluding a mammoth investigation into the Trump campaign. The Republican opposition to Mueller and strong support of President Trump also puts GOP senators in a bind. (77% of Republicans back Trump on the National Emergency). Democrats Push Resolution in GOP – controlled Senate to Cancel National Emergency … The Democrats have pushed a resolution condemning the national emergency and canceling it. Should it clear the Senate, the House would automatically vote on it and it would go to the President for an almost assured veto, which would then face an override. Democrats also resumed their call to protect the special counsel in light of an apparently hostile Attorney General who is overseeing the investigation. 77% of Republicans back Trump on the Emergency; with overall, 51-37% opposing it. Senate GOP Blocking Returning Threshold to 60 Votes for Judicial Confirmations … In what appears a party line vote in the U.S. Senate, the Senate Republicans and Democrats voted on a measure to restore the 60 vote threshold on judicial filibusters. That measure is expected to fail, raising questions if the Senate can agree to a set of rules to convene the 116th Congress. The Christian Coalition and the Moral Majority are pressuring Republican Senators heavily to vote no. Measles Outbreak Garners Response from Washington’s Senators … Senator Grayson Manado (R-Washington) and Senator Joe Dotson (D-Washington) introduced legislation called Vaccinated Kids of 2019. “Each and every state who reaches a level of vaccination among children of 98% shall receive a federal grant worth $200,000,000, determined by the CDC and other federal medical professionals,” read the Dotson PR summarizing the bill. Whether it stops the outbreak is another question. Among the extremes, online and elsewhere, a low key anti-vaccination campaign has been circulating causing Americans to lessen their (still overwhelming) support for vaccines. 70% of Americans back vaccinations, down from 80% in November 2008.
  8. I'm going to clarify my announcement and rein it in, since it was a little too free wheeling. The Cabinet can consult Trump and Trump will have a relationship with the Cabinet. But it will be from the perspective of Trump's desires, not what the Republican Party wants necessarily (although some deference will be shown as they control the White House). Secondly, the Cabinet can do what they want, but they cannot take major game-altering and reset-altering decisions without consulting Trump.
  9. So, let me explain the role of FitzTrump. @TexAgRepublican While President of the United States, Donald Trump has never acted like a uniquely partisan Republican President. His coordination with Congress has been spotty and weak - especially at times with his own leadership and party. (See McConnell's desire that Trump didn't declare a national emergency. See, also, Trump's not caring). This makes simulating Trump as an Administrator uniquely easy. The Democrats raised concerns that FitzTrump would operate as a partisan figure ahead of the 2020 elections. And I want to take the opportunity to discuss the role FitzTrump would play. Like in USGS, Trump runs Twitter and generates news. But the Cabinet operates independently of Trump. That means, the Attorney General deciding to shield the Mueller report from the public is not an Administrator-sanctioned scenario. These guys are doing it on their own. FitzTrump may, time to time, meet with Orson Wilder @Wilder in his capacity as GOP Leader but he would probably also meet with Debra Cotes @Holson as Democratic leader. Like the real President Trump, FitzTrump is not beholden to either party. Unlike the real Trump, though, the Cabinet can and should act independently of the God-Emperor, and can do their own thing. Since they're predominantly Republican, the Republican Party has the right to use them but also would reap the consequences of their behavior. FitzTrump will not stop radically insane decisions being made by the Cabinet or make decisions based on political benefit to each party (within reason - Fitzgerald is making his own announcement on how far the Cabinet can go) - that's up to the Cabinet, who can't ask him such. But he will engage them for scenario purposes as the AB would have discussed beforehand. I am still working out how a Democratic House can be operated by the Democratic Party since there's a 236 seat majority in that chamber for them and I would prefer it was more than just blocking Republican - controlled bills in the Senate. As we know in real life, the Democratic House is a huge source of oversight powers and investigatory powers and well, with the Attorney General doing what he is, we will be working on that particular mechanic ... Anyway, just apprising you of what's going on there.
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