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  1. Evan

    Thin Blue Line Act

    Mr. President, I second the motion from the gentleman from New York. I yield.
  2. Evan

    Press Office of Senator Ellen O'Brien

    Senator O'Brien Questions VP Nomination Q3 2017 For Immediate Release MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - After multiple discussions with fellow Democrats and especially with Vice President-designate Marc Baudin, Senator O'Brien is questioning President LeCleavers' decision to select known Conservative Democrat Ohioan Marc Baudin. Despite her previous inclinations to be a quote "likely yes" vote on whoever the fellow Wisconsinite nominates, Senator O'Brien has signaled her relative uncomfortableness with the nomination. She would release a direct statement. "Marc Baudin has been a dear friend of mine when I first joined the Senate. I am grateful to be considered a friend of and have a friend in the Senior Senator from Ohio. However, personal relationships aside, I believe that there is room for debate as to the qualifications that Marc Baudin has for the office of the Vice Presidency. Primarily, he is eminently qualified in foreign affairs policy. Furthermore, he is has a remarkable record of promoting the people of Cleveland, Ohioans, and of course Americans abroad. Many questions have recently emerged as to his views on social policy, specifically the woman's right to choose. Senator Baudin has recently mentioned his pro-life stance on the issue. While I will not oppose Senator Baudin's nomination on the merit of one policy that greatly differs from my own, I am however uncomfortable as to why President LeCleavers nominated a Vice President that holds views that are contrary to those that the party presently holds. I believe that the nomination needs a thorough debate as well as answers as to why the President chose Baudin over others. Presently, his record and background are promising.
  3. Evan


    @EllenOBrien - @MitchMcCtheEpic I apologize for directly referencing you and the entire Republican Party as race baiters (1/2) @EllenOBrien - After all, it's not like continuing racial tensions were a key point in the Southern Strategy, right? Or was Lee Atwater wrong?(2/2)
  4. Evan


    @EllenOBrien - @MitchMcCtheEpic I apologize for mistaking the GOP for those with tough skin and manliness🐸☕️
  5. Evan


    @EllenOBrien - @Zamora4NM You seem to misunderstand my point. Our colleague from Kentucky has stated that a middle of the road nominee is acceptable for him. #PassKelly (1/3) @EllenOBrien - @Zamora4NM The reality is that Justice Kelly *is* the middle of the road. However, I believe that a record, previous offices, age, and health are very important as well. #PassKelly (2/3) @EllenOBrien - @Zamora4NM Justice Kelly is an eminently qualified nominee whose nomination isn't being blocked because of spurious accusations, but naked partisanship. #PassKelly (3/3)
  6. Evan


    @EllenOBrien - @MitchCTheEpic serious question, what do you consider "middle of the road?" Brett Kavanaugh? Harriet Meiers? Robert Bork? #ConfirmKelly (1/2) @EllenOBrien - @MitchCTheEpic I'll have you know Judge Kelly is in the same league as Merrick Garland and Justice Kennedy. They are actual moderates, not race baiters you claim to be unlike. #ConfirmKelly (2/2)
  7. By the authority invested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I nominate the following individuals: Marc Baudin for Vice President of the United States
  8. Evan


    @EllenOBrien - The further that the GOP push for a partisan SCOTUS, the more likely that the Senate Majority will push through the nominee whether they like it or not. #ConfirmKelly (1/2) @EllenOBrien - What is clear is this: The Republican party is no longer the party that puts America first. Thanks to John Saunders, the good of the party supersedes the good of the country. Make of that what you will. #ConfirmKelly (2/2)
  9. Evan


    @EllenOBrien - After looking over Mrs. Kelly and her qualifications, the more that the GOP opposes her the more I think her confirmation is a drive-by character assassination. #ConfirmKelly (1/3) @EllenOBrien - The Republican party has long decried the polarization of the SCOTUS, yet their rabid opposition of a decent, honorable woman is proof that the GOP has nothing but partisanship to show for leadership. #ConfirmKelly (2/3) @EllenOBrien - The definition of patriotism is not to edge around a clouded version of your own cause, but to sacrifice and compromise for the good of the country. Confirming Justice Kelly is a good start. #ConfirmKelly (3/3)
  10. Official Voting Record Ellen O'Brien Representing Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate Aye Nay Abstain Sponsor Co-Sponsor
  11. SENATOR: Ellen O'Brien CONGRESSIONAL CHIEF OF STAFF: Julian Montez PRESS SECRETARY: Frances Harding Assisstance - Meet Ellen - Contact Ellen Badger State Spotlight - Badger State Newsletter - Your Take Resources - Wisconsin Office Locator - O'Brien Policy Positions - Voting Record - On Wisconsin: An Abridged Guide to the Best State Ever
  12. Evan


    @EllenOBrien Former Wisconsin Attorney General Senior Senator of Wisconsin Fan of All Things UW-M Panthers, Admirals, Bucks, Brewers, Badgers, and Packers
  13. Evan

    George Maynard (R-ND)

    Wrong party

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