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  1. Let's say that we go with the House. What happens? Usually, we go with a Senate to have younger and/or more inexperienced people play for them. What happens? Many seats (sometimes half) default before the new Congress is signed in. The parties switch out Senators without accountability, in which the game suffers because we can't handle the large player player base needed for a sim. The player base swears to itself it won't do another House-based sim until when the next reset ends when someone has a bright idea that'd make it better. Personally, I'd rather have a functionally-unicameral sim than kid ourselves to think we're able to fit two houses. I'm not at all experienced when it comes to polsimming (December is gonna be my fifth anniversary of it), but I can't help but see us repeating ourselves. Though, I must ask, does a Senate really produce opportunities for new players or are we kidding ourselves?
  2. Unfortunately, I must sign out until further notice. Good night, America.
  3. I second St. Louis, MO, Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX I nominate Miami, FL, Orlando FL, Phoenix, AZ, Milwaukee, WI, and Pittsburgh, PA.
  4. @SenatorSawyer - So how did the Portland Murderers get away with murder again? Clearly it is time to look at how true Justice is reached in this country.
  5. @SenatorSawyer - Journeying on to Los Angeles to speak on the future of our country with Senator Rivera and Senator Arroyo!
  6. @SenatorSawyer - Wait, you're telling me that our President is standing with the nine-and-dime feckless thug from Mockba and not the people that are being abused?
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