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    Great as an opponent, as an ally, and as an admin.
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    Lewis Clayborne (D-OR)

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    Docket nomination of Jane Kelly.
  4. Sen. Clayborne Pleased with Budget Spending Levels Senator Lewis Clayborne today confirmed that he is 'more than pleased' with the outcome of budget negotiations, pointing to how a majority of the spending changes he pushed for were enacted. "This is a budget that the American people can be incredibly happy with, and one that I am happy to say includes a majority of the spending decisions I pushed for," Clayborne told reporters, pointing to how the final bipartisan budget compromise largely matched the priorities he set out as an initial negotiating position for the US Senate. Once Senator Clayborne ended the GOP practice of only negotiating budgets secretly, a bipartisan compromise was reached between Senators Storm (D-NY) and Saunders (R-TX). Senator Clayborne pointed to three areas in particular where he is happy to see his work has paid off and a large bipartisan consensus has emerged. Firstly, in education, the large increases in investment secured by Senator Clayborne in the Bipartisan Budget of 2014 were secured and built upon. Senator Clayborne has confirmed that he expects this money to go to bolstering the performance of the Department of Education in all areas, and building upon the pioneering new investments created in 2014. This includes universal pre-K; an emergency student debt relief program; supporting affordable textbooks; free community college; and the per-pupil premium, which gives public schools no-strings-attached financing for each disadvantaged and impoverished student they take on. "Thanks to the efforts of my office, in conjunction with likeminded Senators and the White House, we are now investing needed sums in education," Clayborne said, describing increased educational funding as his greatest accomplishment. Secondly, in infrastructure, the bill preserves the $30 billion in annual investments in our nation's infrastructure that Senator Clayborne secured in the Bipartisan Budget of 2014. Thirdly, substantial investments were secured in national security. "I pushed for increases in funding to Veterans Affairs and the State Department, helping give our brave veterans a fair deal and bolstering US power and influence around the world," Senator Clayborne said, speaking to reporters and referring to many of the decisions he successfully championed. He went on to describe other spending decisions that he was happy with, where his pressure and initial proposals were crucial in shaping the discussion. "The IRS retains a strengthened hand to tackle tax evasion and tax avoidance, and key pillars of our safety net and regulatory infrastructure are given the resources they need to produce a level playing field and a strong economy for future generations." Though the final numbers did not wholly reflect the plans the Senator originally set out, the priorities and broad strategies he sketched out were all met. This is a great success for the American people.
  5. Lewis Clayborne


    Zero reason for GOP to oppose Kelly nomination other than blatant partisanship.
  6. Lewis Clayborne


    Involving ALL Senators in budget negotiations works. GOP leadership dogma of past few years proven false.
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    Committee Rosters - 115th US Congress

    HELP Kamaka Nikolao @Bolster Chair Dutch Savage @Old Ironsides Ranking Majority Member Lewis Clayborne Hillary Edwards @Christopher Williams
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    Final vote Nomination of Sri Srinavasan

  9. Lewis Clayborne

    Cloture: Nomination of Sri Srinavasan

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    Not sure what @Gonzalez4America is referring to - no committee reshuffles have taken place
  11. Yes. And it is my understanding that Senators have used this opportunity already to iron out a compromise.
  12. Not what I said. I was merely saying that private negotiations will no longer be treated as sacrosanct, or as the only way to achieve an outcome. That's been the assumption of GOP negotiators for the past few years, that the budget had to be formulated in the Roosevelt Room in a top-down way. I still believe in the value of communication between the leadership of different parties, but it can't be to the exclusion of everyone else.

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