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  2. Fundraiser #1: SIG appeal Environmental Advocates 1. As Democrats, we stand proudly in defense of our nation’s great environment. From sea to shining sea, we believe that all of America is worth fighting for the betterment of. While Republicans oppose common sense solutions such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Plan, as well as the existence of the EPA overall, they prioritize helping their big donors in the fossil fuel industry over the wellbeing of our United States and our health. We are constantly pushing to create better policies that will continue to protect our country from environmental ruin. 2. We believe strongly that action must be taken to mitigate global climate change, the dangers of failing to do so will be devastating. Democrats have always believed in science and the unquestionable benefits of understanding the natural world that we live in, and it has been quite clear for decades that humanity’s presence on this planet is not without global impact and subsequent consequences. In the Senate we are fighting to continue to pass comprehensive legislation that understands the intersection of our actions and the global environment and acts to help the world through leading by example as we always have. 3. There are trillions of dollars in green energy, and it is time for the United States to take the lead in the global transition to renewable energy. We have an immense advantage in the massive amount of perfect land for green energy systems, while the diversity of America’s biomes allows us to harvest many different forms of energy. Communities all over the United States will see the benefits of a concentrated push for renewables as new energy systems will need to be built across all the nation. Americans stand to benefit tremendously under Democratic policies. Fundraiser #2 Medium: Email Targets: Health Care Advocates Subject: [first name], help us make a difference. [First name]Do you care about the health of your neighbors? Do you wish to see a world where only the very rich can afford comprehensive medical coverage? Do you want to pay an exorbitant amount for only minimal coverage? If you answered no to the first question and yes to the other two, then stop reading this message right now. But if you answered yes, followed by two nos, then I know you will want to hear what I have to say. We Democrats are proud to unveil a new way of providing healthcare in our great country, MediChoice, a system that will dramatically reduce costs while possibly doubling the number of people who received coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Up to 40 million Americans will have coverage under MediChoice, and that is something I am incredibly proud of. Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid recipients will be able to buy into both Medicare and Medicaid. This much needed reform will ensure access to affordable marketplace coverage options and increase competition in the marketplaces and will ultimately lead to lower premiums. Furthermore, the Secretary of Health will finally be allowed to openly negotiate with approved pharmaceutical manufacturers for your prescriptions, a much needed change that will bring your costs dramatically down. I ask you all to come together and join us as we continue to build towards a more perfect America where no woman, man or child will be left behind and we will continue to rally against those Republicans who only obstruct progress and simply seek to support their big pharma donors. With MediChoice Democrats put everyday Americans in control of what matters most, You. Treat others like you wish to be treated and donate to save Americans. DONATE TO THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE HERE Sincerely, Tucker Bennett, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Fundraiser #3: SIG Appeal Gun Control Reformers 1. Each year, too many Americans lose their life to preventable gun violence. It is a sad reality where mass and school shootings have become a fact of life, and it is inexcusable that it has. That is why Democrats are fighting every day for gun reform that would prevent the loss of American life through common sense solutions. We do not live in a state of nature where one may simply decide to end multiple lives, we live in one where we can use policy to enact much needed safety measures. 2. We believe that all acts of gun violence have unique circumstances behind them, and that much can be done to prevent the horrendous loss of life by addressing the underlying reasons why an individual picks up a gun. From expanding mental health care to solving the issues that force people into a life of crime or gang activity, we can do much to save so many lives. 3. America has a morally reprehensible reputation for gun violence and is a stain on our great nation. Democrats in Congress are acting to ensure that we drop that label through measures that make sense, policies that protects our streets, our schools, ourselves. Nobody should live in fear, and Democrats are committed ensuring that becomes our new reality.
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