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    Family and Medical Leave Act

    Bill passes via unanimous consent.
  2. Recks

    Kaine Press Conference on RRTWA

    Thomas Delgrassi, Boston Globe Congressman, how does your pro-worker rhetoric match up with your record of voting against the minimum wage increase, voting against protections for workers in the RRTWA, and voting against protections for the textile manufacturing sector?
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    Family and Medical Leave Act

    UC recognized, 24 hours for objection.
  4. Recks

    Family and Medical Leave Act

    48 hours for debate, followed by 24 hour committee vote.
  5. Recks

    Debate: Workers Protection Act

    Bill passes via UC.
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    Press Office of Douglas Seymour (D-SC-3)

    Seymour Addresses 1988 DNC, Introduces White PITTSBURGH, PA - Congressman Douglas Seymour (D-SC-3) recently spoke at the 1988 Democratic National Convention, where he introduced Democratic Presidential Nominee and fellow Congressman John White (D-FL-18). Seymour began by stating his real privilege in attending the convention was "being able to speak with the thousands of delegates and alternates who have come here to Pittsburgh from across the United States. You are the backbone of our nation, the supporters of our values, the defenders of our liberties, the frontline of democracy!" Seymour then transitioned to briefly introducing John White's qualifications to serve as the nation's 41st President. Douglas Seymour then began to discuss the man he had grown to know on the campaign trail, saying, "First and foremost, John is a man of intense integrity, deep honor, and a commitment to do what is right. He stands on principle, stands above the fray, and stands for the American people!" Commenting on White's vision for America, Douglas Seymour said, "The New Path Forward calls for investment in the future of our nation without tying our children down with trillions of dollars of debt. The New Path Forward calls for combating crime with 100,000 new police officers and winning the war on drugs. The New Path Forward calls for a stronger and safer America on the global stage, with a strong front against anti-democratic regimes. The New Path Forward calls for defending the equal rights of all Americans and promoting a message of cohesion and national unity. And the New Path Forward calls for restoring faith in our government and other social institutions." The South Carolina Congressman then addressed the people who supported him in the Democratic Primary, throwing his entire weight behind White. After the convention, Seymour said, "It was a distinct honor to introduce my friend, John White, to the Democratic National Convention. I look forward to joining this inspired leader on the campaign trail in the coming weeks!"
  7. Press Office of Representative Douglas Seymour Democrat for South Carolina's 3rd District
  8. Seymour Suspends Campaign, Endorses White LOS ANGELES, CA - Today, after the exhilarating final stretch of the 1988 Democratic Primary season, Congressman Douglas Seymour (D-SC-3) decided to suspend his campaign for the Presidency and endorse his former primary rival, Representative John White (D-FL-18). In a statement issued to CNN, after Seymour clinched the final state of California, the South Carolina Congressman said, “I have formally called to congratulate Congressman White on clinching the Democratic Primary, given his delegates from Congressmen Goodman and Blackstone. [...] I wanted to wish him the best of luck in the general election. I also wanted to thank all of my supporters for their backing, and to promise them I'm not going anywhere." Seymour, who won the most delegates throughout the Democratic Presidential primaries, came short in the final pre-convention dealing as both Congressmen Goodman and Blackstone endorsed White, giving the Floridian the needed delegates to secure the party's nomination for the White House. Seymour stated, "I've grown to deeply respect Congressman White throughout our time on the campaign trail. He never engaged in mudslinging, stayed above the dirty politics, and acted as a man of impeccable honor and great integrity. These traits are necessary to serve as President, but I also believe Congressman White's plan for a New Path Forward complements his personal character. He has an agenda to create growth for the working class, to reduce inequality in our society, and to help bring about cohesiveness as a nation. These are things that Anderson Kaine cannot, and will not, be offering come November. The choice is clear: I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse John White to serve as our next President of the United States!" As for his future plans, Seymour said, "I am still eager to see some of my legislative priorities be enacted into law, and I hope to continue to serve as a voice for Democrats across this nation. But for now, I think I'm going to spend some much needed time with my wife, Anna May, down in Anderson, South Carolina."
  9. Press Office of Douglas Seymour for President
  10. Recks

    Debate: Workers Protection Act

    UC recognized, 24 hours for objection.
  11. PES is added to the bill, the sponsor is thanked, and debate continues.
  12. Mr. Blackstone is invited to provide a PES for this bill. @FrankP
  13. *raps gavel* 48 hours for debate, followed by 24 hour vote. *raps gavel*
  14. Recks

    Debate: Workers Protection Act

    *raps gavel* 48 hours for debate, followed by 24 hour vote. *raps gavel*
  15. This bill will be on hold until Mr. Goodman provides a PES.
  16. This bill will be on hold until Mr. Goodman provides a PES.
  17. Week 3 Final Primaries  40 APs -6 APs (2 Fundraisers and 1 SIG Request) -12 APs (Stump Speeches - CA) -9 APs (Stump Speeches - OH) -6 APs (Stump Speeches - WI) -6 APs (Stump Speeches - PA) -1 APs (Surrogate - Clay/OH) 0 APs Stump Speeches Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Riverside, CA Well, hello [city]! It is an honor to be out here in the Golden State - home of the Golden Gate Bridge, of Yosemite, and so many amazing wonders - both natural and man-made! I appreciate each of you being out here today, in the lovely California weather! I know that I've certainly enjoyed my time out here. California is certainly a vital state in this primary, and - as home to Ronald Reagan - it has played a critical role in national politics these past years. The California I envision, however, is that of Governor Jerry Brown - a thoughtful leader who led this great state - and not that of Ronald Reagan, the gung-ho cowboy who refuses the hoist the banner of fiscal responsibility or pro-democratic principles. Mark my words: this great state is the one which will decide the next President of the United States! It is up to us, as Americans, to make the right choice. And after eight failed years , the decision couldn't be starker. On the one hand, we have a rehash of ineffective and budget-busting voodoo economics. On the other hand, we have a call for a line-item veto and principled spending, and yes, tax equity. On the one hand, we have a doctrine of division and disunity. On the other hand, we have a message of inclusion and cohesion. On the one hand, we will have more years of funding anti-democratic terrorist groups. On the other hand, we will have sensible foreign policy that meets American objectives abroad. Yes, on the one hand we have Republican Anderson Kaine - and on the other hand you have me, Democrat Douglas Seymour! You see, come November, you're going to want a clear choice. And I believe that I am that clear choice. My campaign is built around a promise - a New Promise. Just like Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, or Lyndon Johnson, I believe that a clear agenda and a vision for the future is essential to running a good campaign. And, as the sponsor of the largest piece of anti-poverty legislation since the Great Society, this is a mantle I am proud to take up. You see friends, the New Promise is about putting an end to trickle-down economics and special interest tax breaks. The New Promise is about promoting the safety, health, and prosperity of all Americans. And the New Promise is about securing our blessings for future generations in a world free of global threats, and a world safe for democracy. My first priority if I am elected as your next President is to bring about equitable economic growth for all Americans; regardless of where you started in life, you should have the same opportunity to scale the ladder of the American Dream. Building an economy on unstable, unequal ground is inexcusable in a nation with abundant wealth, like ours. Instead, we must focus on the working class, the middle American who is working hard every day to put food on the dinner table. That is who I will fight for - the forgotten American on Main Street, not the special interests out on Wall Street. After we achieve a New Promise economically, it is time to heal our nation socially. I was loud and vocal in calling for support for the New Promise, a support that must come from the family, the school, the church, and yes - the government. As crime continues to rise under this Republican Administration, I will lead the way to enhance penalties for offenders and keep felons behind bars. We must provide local governments, like the one here in [city], with the tools is needs to provide public safety, but Washington, DC, must also lead the way forward on educational funding - in the classrooms - and protection of civil rights. Finally, the New Promise must be protected abroad. I support getting tough on the Soviet Union and communist China, calling out their human rights' abuses, and making sure that, as Woodrow Wilson promised decades ago, the world is safe for democracy. When Ronald Reagan sold weapons to Iran - a nation that just eight years ago took our citizens hostage - to fund anti-democratic guerrillas in Latin America, you better believe I was mad. As an experienced legislative leader and World War II veteran, I will be a calculating presence in the Oval Office and the Situation Room, not a shoot-from-the-hip cowboy. Well, friends, I hope that this message, this New Promise, resonated with you all like it has with millions of Americans from coast to coast. This is a message for change, for a restoration, for a revival of American greatness. I hope you will join me, climb aboard, and make your voices heard at the primary voting booth! Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America! Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, OH; Milwaukee and Madison, WI; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA Good evening [city]! It is great to be out here in the manufacturing heartland of America, and I sure do appreciate all of you for being here tonight. I applaud you for being engaged, for participating in our system of government. There’s an old saying that if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. The sad fact of the matter is so many Americans have sat out the last two Presidential elections, leaving us with a Republican President who is working on the behalf of the few, not the many. Up here in [city], just like in states across this great nation, you understand and inherently feel that voodoo economics have failed the working and middle classes of America. You get that the Reagan doctrine of selling arms to our enemies in order to combat democratically-elected governments is the wrong way forward. You feel left behind - abandoned - and in need of a leader who will put the people back into the People’s House. Friends, I too feel the yearning desire of Americans across the United States. That is why I am running for the Presidency of the United States of America! I am running to bring back tried-and-tested, fiscally-sane policies. I am running to promote social cohesion and a society where opportunity is not limited by race or economic background. And I am running to help bring about A New Promise! First and foremost, we must achieve this New Promise by bringing about a new era of equitable economic growth, where every American can prosper. Under Ronald Reagan, we’ve seen a major increase of inequality this decade. That must be reversed, and the way to do that is to fix a tax code that leaves too much with the wealthy while taxing middle income earners and borrowing from our children and grandchildren to make ends meet. I support higher-paying jobs arising from technology investment, and I support an industrial strategy that includes using tariff revenues to go towards new domestic developments. From agriculture to manufacturing, I am the candidate in this race who has led the fight to defend American jobs from competition abroad while expanding access for our exports. Trade must be used to our advantage, just as South Korea, Japan, and China use it. We know that Anderson Kaine is willing to sacrifice American manufacturing, the backbone of our economy, on the same free trade ideological altar that has motivated Ronald Reagan - and John White is complacent in his silence on the issue of trade! Our farmers and ranchers deserve a break, too. That is why I am leading the effort to pass a bill to extend more loans at a fairer rate to family farmers through my committee. Finally, I believe that this New Promise requires a new infrastructure system. When we’re running on Interstates that are 30 years old and haven’t seen major renovations for decades, it’s time to improve our physical infrastructure.  But the promise of economic success must be accompanied by a renewal of our nation’s culture, a revitalization of our values, and a recommitment to our safety. That is why I am a leader on the issue of being tough on crime. While my opponent has been endorsed by a candidate who was caught stealing ideas and plagiarizing anti-police propaganda, I’ve been consistently pro-law enforcement and anti-drug. I also have a record of supporting and promoting the Defense of Marriage Act, to ensure that our sacred institutions, such as marriage, are protected. Domestic, social reforms must also be made in the fight to expand civil rights protections and eradicate poverty once and for all. I view these issues as closely intertwined - a perspective I gained when helping South Carolina desegregate in the aftermath of Brown v. Board. We need educational opportunities, we need legal protections, and we need affordable healthcare to accomplish both of these goals, and I believe that, as President, I can deliver for our communities of color and people in poverty. Finally, I would be remiss to come up here and not thank the brave soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who serve America in defending our New Promise. I will promote their well-being and security while strengthening America’s role on a global stage. We must ensure that illegal decision like Iran-Contra are not allowed to take place ever again, and that we place adequate pressure on anti-democratic nations, like the Soviet Union and communist China. It is by working to secure the freedoms of the people of Eastern Europe and East Asia that America can stand strong and help preside over a period of global peace. I will not look askance at diplomacy, but I will not shy away from using America’s willpower to overcome our strategic adversaries. Friends, as you know, this election is critically important to the future of America. We cannot rest on our laurels and continue to allow the rich elites of the Republican Party to run us into the ground. I am running for President to help right the fiscal ship of state, to bring about social unity, and to put my experience on the beaches of Normandy to work for you. I humbly ask for your vote on election day! Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America! Surrogate Majority Leader Jackson Clay (D-IN) Dayton, OH Hello! Thank you so much for coming out today. I am really excited to talk to all of you about a candidate that I truly believe in, Congressman Douglas Seymour. Congressman Seymour has proven himself in the House to be a true friend to the American Worker, the American Family and to every constituent of his, whether they be rich or poor, or black or white. It didn't matter, he would fight for you. In his time in the House, Congressman Seymour has gotten things done. He was very much involved in the passing of the most important poverty legislation since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. He has proven that he can get results in Washington, and that he can work across party lines to make our lives better. I am very proud to be supporting a candidate who believes in the things that I do. Congressman Seymour has been a tireless defender of unions in this country. He supports legislation that we are pushing in the House right now that would allow workers extra time to find a new job or pursue legal action if their employer moves the factory to a different country. He believes that every American worker deserves the right to collectively bargain and he, as your president, will protect that right. Congressman Seymour maybe from the South but he truly epitomizes our Rust Belt values. He knows how hard the people in our factories work, and that's why he doesn't support free trade agreements that will send their jobs to Mexico. He will, as our president, protect the family values that we hold dear. I believe that Congressman Seymour has the right policy positions on every issue that matters this election. If we are so lucky to have him as our next President, I truly believe that we will enter a new Democratic era. That new Democratic era will continue our support for the American worker! It will get rid of the free trade agreements that are shipping jobs from my district and from Dayton to other countries. It will make sure that the middle class isn’t subsidizing corporate tax breaks. I believe that if you cast your vote on in this primary for Congressman Douglas Seymour, you will see the results that you want from your President. Thank you! Spending Targets (2,350,000) California Suburban Voters (500,000) Ohio Blue Collar Voters (500,000) Pennsylvania Blue Collar Workers (500,000) New Jersey Suburban Voters (300,000) Wisconsin Blue Collar Voters (200,000) Arizona Rural Voters (200,000) Utah Rural Voters (100,000) North Dakota Rural Voters (50,000) Get Out the Vote (3,900,000) California x3 (1,500,000) Ohio x2 (1,000,000) Pennsylvania x1 (500,000) New Jersey x1 (300,000) Wisconsin x1 (200,000) Arizona x1 (200,000) Utah x1 (100,000) North Dakota x1 (50,000) Delaware x1 (50,000) Staffing Improvements (500,000) California (500,000) Campaign Offices (2,400,000) Los Angeles, CA (500,000) Columbus, OH (500,000) Pittsburgh, PA (500,000) Newark, NJ (300,000) Milwaukee, WI (200,000) Phoenix, AZ (200,000) Salt Lake City, UT (100,000) Fargo, ND (50,000) Wilmington, DE (50,000) Advertisements (2,500,000) California Mailer (500,000 x1 = 500,000) Link California Full-State, 30 Second Noontime Radio Ad (500,000 x 3 = 1,500,000) [Ominous music plays in the background.] Narrator: Congressman John White has made a lot of promises on the campaign trail John White: I promise to revitalize our farms and fight for fairer trade deals Narrator: Congressman White can promise all he wants, but what has he done? He's spent 4 years in Congress, but he hasn't gotten one bill passed. Can we trust him to stay true to his promises, even though he hasn't kept the ones he made to his district? [Music turns more upbeat, but still serious.] Narrator: When you vote, don't fall for another empty promise. Vote for Douglas Seymour to see the change we need in Washington Seymour: My name is Douglas Seymour, and I approve this message Ohio Mailer (500,000 x1 = 500,000) Link 11,650,000
  18. Fundraisers of Douglas Seymour 1987: Election Launch Mailer Anti-Poverty Gala Textiles Gala 1988: American Competitiveness Gala Tough on Crime Gala Consumer Protection SIG Final Push Mailer Education Gala Trade SIG
  19. Recks

    Fundraisers of Douglas Seymour

    1988 Fundraiser #4 Format: Gala Target: Teacher Unions, Education Groups, Faculty of USC/UCLA Subject: Investing in our Future  Location: Los Angeles, CA Congressman and Presidential Candidate Douglas Seymour welcomes his guests to the gala. He travels around the room as the guests dine, speaking with them and getting to know them. After dessert is served, Seymour goes to the front of the ballroom, and delivers the following remarks: Good evening, Los Angeles! It is terrific to be out here on the West Coast, and terrific to be here in a state where education is such a key priority. This audience, as much as any other I've been able to speak to so far in this campaign, knows that the future of the American Dream relies upon investment in our future. And nothing embodies our future more dearly - or as literally - as our children and grandchildren. As educators, you have a vital role in the everyday formation of children across our nation. I still remember my high school civics teacher, Mr. Robinson, and the great impact he's had on my life and decision to pursue public service. I know that each of you are a Mr. Robinson in your own field, in your own classroom. That is why I believe teachers deserve to be supported, deserve the right to bargain collectively across this nation, and deserve the right to tenure. I'd like to take a step back, first, however: a step to discuss my broader philosophy of governance and education policy. I believe that government is a force for good in its sphere - from healthcare to education. I believe that we must be prepared for an influx in higher education attendance, something which we must encourage and incentivize going forward. And I believe that increasing levels of educational attainment is the way to ensure a growing economy in the long-run. I join you in fighting for smaller classroom sizes, in empowering our teachers to make the on-the-ground education decisions. And I believe that no child, regardless of economic background or social status, should be left behind! We must promote educational opportunities for all children, because our future is not going to be one-sided; it will be a bright mural of eager faces, passionate smiles, and diverse interests. I am proud of my record in fighting for education. As Chairman of the House Committee that covers education, I am uniquely qualified to serve this community of need and advance the needs of teachers across this great nation. I have championed a law, the Higher Education Savings Act, which will allow greater access to savings for college and university for our children. This bill is more than talk, it is leadership. And I will apply this same type of leadership if you decide to put me into the White House in January 1989. Friends, I appreciate your being here tonight. I know that you have been engaged throughout this campaign, but now we are approaching the final days of the primary. I need your continued support to help win this state, and to take the fight to an anti-education Republican candidate, Anderson Kaine. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America! Seymour then posed for photographs and stayed at the event for about half-an-hour after his speech.

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