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  1. Recks


    @ZwickND: Like my fellow North Dakotans, I don't want more federal mandates and government control over healthcare. Instead, I want to empower YOU to make choices for you and your family!
  2. Recks


    @Zamora4NM: Senate Democrats are emboldened to go further and further to the left of generally-accepted political discourse. Fortunately, I'm fighting for the same thing as I always have: compassionate limited government. #ConsistencyCounts
  3. Recks


    @Zamora4NM: #HELP update: I am proud to have led my colleagues in rejecting both an unconstitutional firearms ban and socialized medicine w/ unaccountable taxes. #JustAnotherDay
  4. Mr. Chairman, Can you please explain what we are voting on? It is my understanding that the amendment has already been adopted, and then during the final vote, the bill was not agreed to. I yield.
  5. Mr. Chairman, As you have allocated a 24-hour period for voting, I ask that you disregard the late vote cast by the Senator from Indiana. I yield.
  6. Recks


    @ZwickND: Don't get fooled by a wolf in sheep's clothing. Count on an experienced conservative leader. #Zwick2018
  7. Recks


    @ZwickND: Only one party stands up for oil and natural gas. Only one party stands up for coal. Only one party stands for an all-of-the-above energy strategy. Go ahead, take a guess... That's right, it's the Republican Party. #LeadRight
  8. Recks


    @ZwickND: Democrats, even those close to home, are calling for "compromise" tax cuts. I can tell you that I will not give in on my pledge to not raise any single North Dakotan's taxes. #TaxCutsForAll
  9. Recks

    Press Office of Luke Zwick (R-ND)

    Zwick Commits to Tax Cuts, Re-Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge LISBON, ND - From his family farm in southeastern North Dakota, U.S. Representative and Senate candidate Luke Zwick (R) recently announced that he would be focusing upon tax cuts if elected to the Senate to represent North Dakota. "Everyday North Dakotans need a break from the era of big government, from the era of liberal tax-and-spend. That is why, if I earn the support of the people of North Dakota, I will make cutting their taxes a top priority on the national scene," Zwick said. Among the specifics that Zwick has called for in the past - and continues to support - are the elimination of the estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer taxes. "The death tax is not only terrible policy, but it is inhumane. Taxing a grieving, mourning family in their time of distress is the epitome of government gone bad. Here in North Dakota, it is important to protect family farmers and small business owners. That is why the death tax must be the first to go," Zwick stated. The Representative for North Dakota's at-large congressional district also called for cuts to marginal rates and a general simplification of the tax code. After speaking in Lisbon, he produced a document he had signed back in 1994, when he first ran for United States Congress - the Taxpayers Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. Zwick showed his signature on the document to his supporters, and said "Congress has the exclusive power to reduce your taxes, so while top Democrats rule out the potential for cuts for all North Dakotans, I am fighting alongside my Republican colleagues for tax cuts for all." At that, Zwick formally re-signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. "I urge all North Dakotans to look and see who's signed this pledge before casting your vote," Zwick concluded.
  10. Recks


    @ZwickND: Top #Senate Democrats have come out against a comprehensive, across-the-board #TaxCuts that would benefit each and every North Dakotan. I call on my opponent to reject the harmful rhetoric of the @DNC.
  11. Fundraisers for Luke Zwick of North Dakota Republican for U.S. Senate
  12. Recks


    @ZwickND: My dedication is to the people of North Dakota - my fellow citizens of the Peace Garden State. I cannot wait to keep fighting for you in the #Senate! #Zwick2018
  13. Recks


    @ZwickND: I am proud to have been first elected for #NorthDakota on a ballot shared with Ronald Reagan. First elected to the House under Newt Gingrich's Contract w/ America. Re-elected with the Tea Party. Times may change, but I will never waver.
  14. Recks


    @ZwickND: "I believe that nothing is more important for an elected leader than getting to know the people of North Dakota, their stories, and their dreams." - from my campaign announcement

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