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  1. Recks

    Kaine Press Conference on RRTWA

    Thomas Delgrassi, Boston Globe Congressman, how does your pro-worker rhetoric match up with your record of voting against the minimum wage increase, voting against protections for workers in the RRTWA, and voting against protections for the textile manufacturing sector?
  2. 48 hours for debate, followed by 24 hour committee vote.
  3. Recks

    Debate: Workers Protection Act

    Bill passes via UC.
  4. Recks

    Press Office of Douglas Seymour (D-SC-3)

    Seymour Addresses 1988 DNC, Introduces White PITTSBURGH, PA - Congressman Douglas Seymour (D-SC-3) recently spoke at the 1988 Democratic National Convention, where he introduced Democratic Presidential Nominee and fellow Congressman John White (D-FL-18). Seymour began by stating his real privilege in attending the convention was "being able to speak with the thousands of delegates and alternates who have come here to Pittsburgh from across the United States. You are the backbone of our nation, the supporters of our values, the defenders of our liberties, the frontline of democracy!" Seymour then transitioned to briefly introducing John White's qualifications to serve as the nation's 41st President. Douglas Seymour then began to discuss the man he had grown to know on the campaign trail, saying, "First and foremost, John is a man of intense integrity, deep honor, and a commitment to do what is right. He stands on principle, stands above the fray, and stands for the American people!" Commenting on White's vision for America, Douglas Seymour said, "The New Path Forward calls for investment in the future of our nation without tying our children down with trillions of dollars of debt. The New Path Forward calls for combating crime with 100,000 new police officers and winning the war on drugs. The New Path Forward calls for a stronger and safer America on the global stage, with a strong front against anti-democratic regimes. The New Path Forward calls for defending the equal rights of all Americans and promoting a message of cohesion and national unity. And the New Path Forward calls for restoring faith in our government and other social institutions." The South Carolina Congressman then addressed the people who supported him in the Democratic Primary, throwing his entire weight behind White. After the convention, Seymour said, "It was a distinct honor to introduce my friend, John White, to the Democratic National Convention. I look forward to joining this inspired leader on the campaign trail in the coming weeks!"
  5. Seymour Suspends Campaign, Endorses White LOS ANGELES, CA - Today, after the exhilarating final stretch of the 1988 Democratic Primary season, Congressman Douglas Seymour (D-SC-3) decided to suspend his campaign for the Presidency and endorse his former primary rival, Representative John White (D-FL-18). In a statement issued to CNN, after Seymour clinched the final state of California, the South Carolina Congressman said, “I have formally called to congratulate Congressman White on clinching the Democratic Primary, given his delegates from Congressmen Goodman and Blackstone. [...] I wanted to wish him the best of luck in the general election. I also wanted to thank all of my supporters for their backing, and to promise them I'm not going anywhere." Seymour, who won the most delegates throughout the Democratic Presidential primaries, came short in the final pre-convention dealing as both Congressmen Goodman and Blackstone endorsed White, giving the Floridian the needed delegates to secure the party's nomination for the White House. Seymour stated, "I've grown to deeply respect Congressman White throughout our time on the campaign trail. He never engaged in mudslinging, stayed above the dirty politics, and acted as a man of impeccable honor and great integrity. These traits are necessary to serve as President, but I also believe Congressman White's plan for a New Path Forward complements his personal character. He has an agenda to create growth for the working class, to reduce inequality in our society, and to help bring about cohesiveness as a nation. These are things that Anderson Kaine cannot, and will not, be offering come November. The choice is clear: I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse John White to serve as our next President of the United States!" As for his future plans, Seymour said, "I am still eager to see some of my legislative priorities be enacted into law, and I hope to continue to serve as a voice for Democrats across this nation. But for now, I think I'm going to spend some much needed time with my wife, Anna May, down in Anderson, South Carolina."
  6. Recks

    Debate: Workers Protection Act

    UC recognized, 24 hours for objection.
  7. PES is added to the bill, the sponsor is thanked, and debate continues.
  8. Mr. Blackstone is invited to provide a PES for this bill. @FrankP

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